Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Checks Payable to Cash

Whenever we attended an Amway meeting held in an auditorium where a Diamond or an Emerald was speaking we had to cough up ten bucks apiece. A mere price to pay for the knowledge and wisdom we were going to learn from them.

Yeah right. Rip off! Rip off!

Usually Platinums were in charge of selling tickets at the door and they’d want checks payable to Cash. You’d also have to write in the name of your Platinum in the memo line in case the check bounced the Diamond would know whose ass to ride for the infraction.

Probably not too many people know that checks payable to cash are not always accepted by financial institutions. Checks are supposed to be made payable to the person whose name is on the account its being deposited into. I worked in a bank for many years. It was the policy years ago and according to one of my friends who still works there she confirms checks payable to cash are not always accepted. Rejected if they go through the automatic banking machine. Better chance if the person goes inside to a teller and explains why they have a check payable to cash drawn on someone else’s bank account. This is because anyone who gets their hands on a check payable to cash can cash it because its not payable to an actual person. Checks payable to cash can be legitimate and simply a case of the check writer being unaware they shouldn’t be doing this in case the check gets stolen or goes missing. The reason checks payable to cash may be rejected is due to the suspicion of possible fraudulent activity.

Hmm. Checks payable to cash. Possibility of fraud. Amway. Kind of all fits why the cult leaders want checks payable to cash.

That aside, even though its a legitimate reason for a bank to refuse to accept the check it can be hit or miss if a check payable to cash is accepted by the teller.

The cult leaders want checks payable to cash because multiple people may be splitting the proceeds. At least two people receive these checks.

First off the school needs to be paid for the rental of the auditorium so someone probably an Emerald or Platinum takes care of that. The rest of the checks are handed over to the Diamond speaker as payment for showing up to bestow wisdom on the masses.

There was a local hotel booked for meetings where the upline Emerald spoke. Ambot found out that one of the IBO’s relatives managed this hotel and they’d get the meeting room for free. The $10 checks payable to cash would them be handed directly to the Emerald to deposit into his account. The last meeting I attended in this hotel there had to be over one hundred people there. Very few were guests in attendance who got in for free.

That’s a quick $1000 the Emerald just earned for showing up to brainwash the cult followers for a couple of hours.


  1. Not to mention checks payable to cash make it very difficult to track income earned through the IRS or Revenue Canada.

    Can you imagine how much income has been generated through cash sales of tools and function attendance?

    I wonder how much is actually declared as income?

  2. Cant people rat on these emeralds/diamonds about undeclared income to IRS or revenue canada? Might be even better than suing these people.

  3. Good idea Colin. I'll probably put that into play too. Already reported some of them for their Amway-is-a-good-tax-shelter declarations. What's another audit for the upline?

  4. Would be possible to get some of this on film or video? Of them asking to put payable to cash or have a hardcopy of a cheque as proof. I know people report grocery store operators for not ringing in items etc.

  5. My upline didn't do this, but you should report all the details you have to the IRS. Many "bad guys" who couldn't be brought down for other crimes were nailed for tax evasion.

  6. Tex, that is true. Also many years ago I remember some actors protesting about not wanting to work in Canada because their salary was taxed by the Canadian tax dept and then also taxed in America. Though I'm sure the salaries they negotiated took all that into consideration. So they got double whammied on taxes when they worked out of country. These Diamonds go up to Canada and other countries too and are getting paid in checks payable to cash so I wonder if they are skipping paying tax in other countries.

  7. So, are you going to report the apparent tax evasion to the IRS, or just complain online?


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