Monday, November 15, 2010

A Diamond comes to Town

Once or twice a month a Diamond would come to town to show the plan. Usually an auditorium at a school was booked for this event that was scheduled to begin at 8pm. IBO’s got ripped off $10 each to listen to these cult leaders.

Good IBO’s who are “serious business builders” must show up at least an hour in advance so my husband was usually in a panic to get there by 7pm.

Ambot enjoyed mingling beforehand with the other cult followers. I did not so I’d bring a book (fiction, not on the required reading list) choose a seat and sit down and read while the room filled with IBO’s excited to hear the Diamond say the same old same old.

It pissed off the Platinum sack of shit that I didn’t mingle beforehand. He’d get after Ambot and criticize him because I wasn’t hanging out with his wife and doing what she was doing, sticking close to her if I wanted to be like her.

Um, no, I never said I wanted to be like her or hang out with her. She was an OK person and I’d usually say hi to her at some point in the evening like when we were leaving.

The mingling lasted until 8:30 or so because the Diamond was always delayed somewhere so the Amway meeting never started on time at 8. The Diamond would finally show up and the cult followers would jump to their feet cheering and clapping. I was one of the few who remained seated and silent.

Usually these meetings would last over 2 hours. Each Diamond’s speech was a bit different but most of them spent the first half hour to an hour talking about themselves, pretending to be a comedian, or talking about news events. Then they’d spend an hour to an hour and a half giving the business plan presentation on a Powerpoint presentation on a white screen.

Some of these Diamonds never mentioned Amway. Other times the A word came up towards the end of their presentation. They’d all talk about the training system and the tools must be purchased and to bring people to the functions. They’d all do a bunch of real fast talk when it came to the compensation.

I remember one Diamond said if the IBO finds 6 people, and they find 6 people, and so on and so on, that in 6 to 9 months you’d earn $78,000 a year working only 10 hours a week. Two minutes later he’d upped the ante to $250,000 a year. By now he’s got the cult followers whipped into a frenzy so then he goes for it a couple of minutes later. $750,000 a year in 2 to 5 years working 10 hours a week! The cult followers are shrieking with this good news totally lapping it up.

When the Diamond finally finished, the IBO’s would rush the stage wanting to meet him and he’d have a group of admirers hanging around for 20 or 30 minutes.

Occasionally the Diamond stayed for some worthless “teaching”. You know the kind that involves telling all the IBO’s in attendance to sign up for Communikate, buy a premier monthly membership to World Wide Destructive Bastards, buy CD’s, buy books on the reading list, attend major functions. Buy tools and when you’re done buy even more tools so you can give them away to prospects. That’s the only way to become successful is buying the tools needed to succeed at an Amway business.

Oh wait, they got that wrong. The only way to succeed at making your upline Diamond rich is to buy tools. 

If we were lucky we’d get out of there by 11pm. If not so lucky, midnight. Usually the Diamond couldn’t rattle on into the wee hours because the school was only booked for a set period of time. Probably the janitor was off shift around midnight and had to lock up.


  1. Why did you even attend these events?

  2. Yeah really I had better things to do with my time than go to those meetings so at least I could kill time by reading a book inbetween getting interrupted by the screaming cheering mob. Ambot constantly accused me of not supporting his business (true) so I tried to show a teensy bit of support by showing up otherwise I was a total rebel due to the financial losses. Ambot was probably pressured by his upline to have me attend but after they saw me continuing to read the latest murder mysteries and ignoring the other attendees they gave Ambot permission that I didn't need to go anymore. Yay!

  3. My sponsor would want his group to go to a coffee shop after these meetings and he would keep yapping all the way until 2:00.

  4. Ambot is brainwashed and stupid. He should not attend any of these meetings. Spend as little as possible. Only time he should attend something was if he had a signup or prospect....which is a free house meeting.

  5. Colin, Ambot actually brought a friend to one of these Diamond meetings. Not even halfway through she got up and said "I can't take any more of this" and walked out! Ha ha! Good on her. I went out with her and we sat in the lobby until the meeting ended and Ambot joined us. That was really rude of him. He should have joined her outside and offered to drive us home immediately. But, no, being rude is all part of being an IBO.

  6. Joecool - if I wasn't there sometimes Ambot joined them for those late night after meeting meetings. In fact the Platinum would want him to buy the coffee. Maybe a snack too. And yeah 2am. If I was there I'd say no way. I don't want to hang out with them. Sometimes he'd arrange for someone to drive him home and he would go, but I think he liked having me as an excuse to get home.

  7. The distributors should be out showing the plan and retailing. Hanging out with a diamond or platinum till 2am doesnt really accomplish much. Doesnt seem like these cult members care about results.

  8. Did he speak Spanish?


  9. Tex - No lo se!

    Didn't we all learn it in high school?

  10. Colin this Amway cult thing also becomes like a social club to the followers. They can always brag they were out with a group of friends all night. The point of the late night meetings is when people are tired their brains are tired and then its easier for the cult leaders to brainwash them.

  11. Most of the brainwashing I'm aware of needs deprogramming. Was your husband or the other former IBOs deprogrammed? Probably not.

    That's why I prefer the term "lied to," and the late night sessions didn't brainwash them, they got them to put in extra time and feel as if they belonged to a team, and do not want the extra effort to go to waste. When NFL players stay up late at night, are they also being brainwashed?

  12. I didn't know NFL players stayed up late.

  13. I remember how after a house meeting a bunch of platinums and diamond wanted to go watch a movie. One of the platinums asked me if i wanted to come along. Since we gotten along so well. The diamond threw a hissy fit and hinted i havent earned the right. Later on i did run into them at the theatre which pissed off the diamond more. Not many theatres in that certain area. I choose to sit right infront of them which i thought was funny. The other thing which ticked off our cult leader was me getting a free ticket from my sponsor and going to dream night in jeans and leader jacket. I didnt see a point to dressing up to such a stupid event.

  14. Ha ha! I would have gone to the movie too but sat behind them and tossed popcorn at them. Or accidentally spilled my cola on the floor so it would have run under their seats and got their shoes sticky.

  15. Only the best ones:

  16. Another one:

    What is getting past you and many others is that those who excel in their field apply themselves. However, with Amway, the Amway Tool Scam makes this dedication evil, not enviable.

  17. I had the same exact experience. The meetings never start on time and always run till after midnight because all of the brainwashed IBOs gather around the diamond and listen to his advice for at least an hour after the presentation like he is some kind of God. At my first meeting I thought it was kind of disturbing how everyone admired this guy so much and he hasn't done anything good for society, he just makes a lot of money so they all love him.

  18. Yep IBO's are brainwashed into thinking these Diamonds are God and they should be worshipped because they make money at Amway. Driven by greed or blinded by greed?


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