Friday, November 12, 2010

Dream Night Dishonesty

I see there are some blogs around about Dream Night and some IBO’s saying that the event is sold out when others are finding out there are still tickets for sale.

I haven’t the slightest idea why some IBO’s cagily avoid answering when asked what the cost is for Dream Night tickets, directing people to look on the World Wide Destructive Bastards website. According to some bloggers that information is not available to outsiders for viewing. No purchase WWDB premier membership = no password to view top secret information on their website.

Lying about whether or not an event is sold out is a little weird. I mean really who cares. But lying is all part of playing the Amway game pretending things are going good when the reality is the IBO is drowning in credit card debt, has no outside customers, and no downline. Fake it till you make it. “Business is going great” is a standard IBO response.

So what’s the big secret about how much tickets costs?

Back in 1994 the Eagles were doing their Hell Freezes Over reunion concert tour. I managed to get tickets - $95 apiece. Around the same time tickets for the Rolling Stones Voodoo Lounge tour went on sale and I also purchased two - $35 apiece. My husband wanted to know why there was such a big difference in price. I pointed out the Eagles are a better band so their tickets cost more. In actuality it may have had more to do with the venues. The Rolling Stones were in a larger stadium, more people more money. I have no problem saying how much I paid for tickets if I can actually remember. For some reason those two concerts stick out in my mind.

It seems to be a big dark secret how much Dream Night tickets cost this year. Two years ago the tickets cost either $65 or $75 I just don’t recall which but there you have it within $10.

I don’t understand why IBO’s can’t reply honestly: “My Dream Night ticket cost $75. The price might be different in the town where your function is being held. Would you like me to look into that for you?”

Sounds easy enough. Just like someone from another part of the country will say: “Hey I shelled out two hundred bucks for my ticket to see the Eagles.” 

We weren’t even allowed to buy our own tickets to Dream Night. We had to tell the Platinum sack of shit how many tickets we wanted well in advance, give him the cash, and he bought them. Its my guess he got some free seats based on how many tickets he sold and was pocketing the excess cash.

Probably Tex has some insight on why the upline wanted to handle all the Dream Night transactions instead of letting the downline buy through the web page and will leave a comment.

I’ll write more about Dream Night another time. I just want to find out:
1. why the ticket price is such a deep dark secret.
2. why IBO’s direct people to the WWDB site to find out how much a ticket costs when that information is unable to be viewed.
3. why lie about whether or not the event is sold out?


  1. I had commented the other day about I did not join do to my wife's lack of interest and my doubts on the business and your comments on this reiterate something else that always bothered me. It seems there is very little "independence" for the independent business owner. They seem like they need to get permission from upline to use the restroom. I am also always amazed at how much obscurity these folks put on everything in answering questions about their "business."

  2. Apparently it is sold out. Shaun doesn't seem too eager to have both sides shown, nor does he feel the need to explain that the info he claims "discredits" me is only available to WWDB members (who undoubtedly pay a monthly subscription fee for the priviledge of buying more motivation online).

    I will be updating my post, along with a comment I left at his blog. Just want to give him a chance to post it first.......

  3. There's no honesty to anything in this lousy partime sales gig. Cant even be honest with the pricing of seminar/function tickets. People cant even say they are involved in amway. They have to give some lame company name like moore corp or worldwide.

  4. 1. why the ticket price is such a deep dark secret. - I don't think it's a secret, the upline should gladly tell any IBO what the tickets cost, so they can sell them the tickets. Just because they don't show the price to the general public doesn't make it a "deep dark secret."
    2. why IBO’s direct people to the WWDB site to find out how much a ticket costs when that information is unable to be viewed. - I'm not convinced they do this, but if they do, it is a ploy for the IBO to start buying access to the website, which makes more...cha-ching for the upline LCKs.
    3. why lie about whether or not the event is sold out? - This is designed to create excitement and interest - how can YOU be so stupid not to buy a ticket when everyone else has, and the kind and wonderful upline has now expanded their reservation to make more room, just for YOU!

  5. Anonymous, its good you didn't proceed further after your wife showed no interest. I wish Ambot had the strength to have done that. Asking permission from upline was one of many things I rebelled against in some pretty colorful language. None of my upline liked me or my honesty. That is being honest about the way I felt about them! Real business owners who own their own business choose their own hours, put their own price tag on their products and services, and don't ask anyone for permission for life decisions such as getting married, buying a car, or starting a family. That's what life in a cult is all about.

  6. Rocket, as of last year WWDB premier membership was $49.95/month. For that you got a web page portal and a small discount on CD's. There is a cheaper monthly membership for $5 or $10/month, I don't recall which seeing as how Ambot had subscribed to the more expensive one. The lower fee was a basic membership and didn't include a discount on tools and I'm not sure if it included the web page. The odd thing was when I just checked what the monthly membership was I saw the price recorded for Dream Night and it says $250, so the tickets may have been $125 each. Rip off!

  7. Colin, you should have seen some of the business cards IBO's were handing out. Had all kinds of wild business names and slogans like "global opportunities for a changing world". And these morons calling themselves "president" on their home made business cards. Well I guess you can call yourself whatever you want when you're running a pretend business.

  8. Thanks Tex. I still don't see why IBO's can't answer a question about how much a ticket costs. Secrecy.

  9. Amway ibos are constantly lying. Im sure you heard of the perfect water lies people where saying.

  10. Colin, those phoney tests they did with the Perfect Water - same results can be used with any water. My father referred to the product as snake oil. Yeah him and many others! As far as water goes it was OK. No better or worse than any other bottled water I've tried except that it costs about 4 times more than a case of bottled water you can buy at the grocery store! So the pricetag alone is what makes it worse than other bottled waters.

  11. They lies because the truth would not get them results? i.e. Is this Amway?

  12. The truth would get them results...everyone would QUIT! LOL

  13. The tickets were $66 for this years Dream Night and the dinner alone was more than worth that small fee. I am not sure what makes you think that IBO's are not willing to disclose the cost of these tickets... I am one myself and have no problem telling anyone what I paid... and my upline told me straight up well in advance what it was going to cost me.

    This thread just goes to show that you really can't believe everything you hear on the internet. Most posts do talk negative about this company and the reason is... it is all from people who have either given up too soon and failed, or don't have the ambition to make it work.

    I have been successful in this business and have met hundreds of others that have also had their lives completely changed by it.

    To all of you who have nothing positive to say... well I feel sorry for you all, but in a few years I will be say... "Wow, I'm glad I did" while you are looking back thinking "Darn, I wish I had" .... that simple.

  14. Anonymous, So you say you have been successful in this business and have met hundreds of others that have also had their lives completely changed by it.
    You spouting typical Amway crap. I will ask you the questions that I have asked many many times before and have gotten no logical answer from the self proclaimed "successful" IBO.

    Q#1) What is your profit after busniness expenses? (This defines success in the REAL business world)
    Q#2) What percentage of your sales are to Retail (non IBO) customers.
    Q#3) Is Amway your sole source of income?
    Q#4) If you are that successful tell us who you are and your line of sponsorship.

    The above questions are simple business questions that one would ask of a business owner before venturing into the same business or franchise yet no one will answer because it will disclose the fact that people that say they are successful really are NOT.
    I doubt we will receive a logical business answer from any of the Ambots out there.

    ***Former WWDB Lemming***

  15. Anonymous Lemming you are wasting your breath. Anonymous from January 10 was one of those poor lost souls looking for information about Dream Night in Vancouver. (S)he was from some obscure city in the middle of BC and only spent enough time here to read and comment on this post and didn't stick around to read anything else. I doubt (s)he'll be back.

    But if this lost soul returns - this post is in reference to a post by someone named Shawn on Expeditions of Truth, a link and another post are on Rocket's site a few days before I wrote this. Shawn refused to say how much the tickets are. It seems that it would be easier to say "Dream Night costs $66 in my city. I have no idea if the price is different elsewhere." Instead he ran a back and forth banter with Rocket refusing to say how much it cost.

    The above anonymous poster had no problem divulging that information. And why should he? What's the big secret?

  16. O.K. To the ambots;

    If they served you SOS, you'd look up adoringly at those at the big-panty tables and tell them how delicious it is. yummy yummy

    Yeah, they used to taunt us about how they were eating seafood and all the gloriou fixins' while we sat there eating rubber chiken and fighting over the butter pats and cream.

    And who was the brilliant idiot who decided to give us broccoli? Hello? Great. Now we got 1000 ambots w/gas.

  17. I always thought everybody was eating the same thing!

    We always had to stop at McDonald's on the way home for a burger cause we were still hungry!


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