Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Why won’t those cult followers leave us alone?

I know when Ambot stopped attending Amway meetings that the cult leader got the word out there that no one was to have anything to do with us. And yes, absolutely no doubt about it. More than one person told Ambot he was blacklisted.

That’s good with me!

If those fucking Amway cult followers would actually leave us alone.

The majority of them have. I haven’t seen the Platinum sack of shit, Emerald, and the majority of their assorted downline and crossline in ages.

Unfortunately our sponsor, the arrogant prick, is still hanging around Ambot. Wanting money, wanting to borrow stuff, you name it the bastard is still pissing me off.

To this day I still don’t talk to him. Not once has that fucking asshole ever apologized for the hell I went through while Ambot was being brainwashed by the Amway cult. Not once has that fucking asshole ever offered any financial compensation for the losses emotional and financial that we suffered thanks to him not minding his own business. When Ambot tried to return unopened CD’s to get a refund the fucking asshole refused. He said he didn’t have the money and he wasn’t doing the Amway thing anymore either so tough shit on Ambot.

Ambot went higher upline to try to return the unopened CD’s. No one wanted to refund him, though one person offered ten cents each. They cost about $2 to $5 each. All destined for the garbage dump.

Then there’s the former eagle who also won’t leave Ambot alone calling him, another money grubbing greedy bastard who’s now with another MLM and trying to get Ambot interested in that. Fortunately Ambot learned his lesson (hopefully a lifelong lesson!) and hasn’t signed up.

Ambot still has some of his former upline/crossline on his Facebook but I’m guessing that’s because they just don’t bother keeping up with who they have and haven’t got around to defriending him.

Another former upline who still is in Amway, though he lost his entire leg when the eagle left and all the various downline in there quit too, still calls Ambot every few months. Doesn’t talk to him about buying anything or coming back to Amway just calls to chat. Yeah right. He’s up to something, not sure what. We have absolutely nothing in common with this person and I can’t think of any reason why he’d want to shoot the shit with us. Amway line of sponsorships teach their IBO’s to turn their back on former IBO’s - they’re losers and quitters after all - so kind of makes me suspicious of this one’s intentions. He’s considerably younger than Ambot, no common interests, no reason for this person to call just to say hi.

Anyway I have nothing to do with them. That fucking arrogant prick still wants to hang around Ambot even though he knows I can’t stand him worse than ever before because of the Amway stint. I ignore him. He’s not allowed in our house but Ambot will allow him to come over and talk to him in the driveway or street.

I mean really wouldn’t most people get a clue?

Picked the wrong person to fuck with didn’t you, you arrogant prick?


  1. The former upline who just calls to chat with your husband is "stirring the pot". He's probably trying to see if something he says stirs an interest in your husband again with regards to Amway.

  2. Id wouldnt continue a friendship or hang around if the persons spouse cant stand me. Too bad you werent blacklisted by the cult leader earlier

  3. That former double eagle is probably stirring the pot. Ambot has been deprogrammed so he's wasting his time.

  4. I did everything I could to get the cult leader not to like me. Too bad he didn't blacklist me earlier. I might not be writing this blog now! I'm sure he didn't like me. Just had to pretend to in order to keep pressuring Ambot to buy more products and tools.

  5. Have you asked them not to contact you again?

  6. LOL Indeed he DID pick the wrong person to fuck with! I can't believe your husband's friend still hangs around when he knows you can't stand him. Honestly, your husband should be the one to tell that guy not to come around anymore. From what I've read, he has other, better friends, and this guys is trouble..Amway or not.

    1. Jessica - our Amway sponsor has not stopped by our house (to my knowledge) for several months. The last time I saw him he was standing in the driveway talking to my husband and I came out on the sundeck and made sure everyone in the neighborhood knew there was a fucking Amway asshole on our property and I didn't want him there. Of course I used a lot more colorful language than that! Probably embarrassed the hell out of him that I revealed him to be in Amway. Nobody wants to admit to that! He still phones from time to time and I know it because my husband will send the call to voice mail if I'm with him. The only reason he calls is to borrow something like money. No no no! Not until you refund us every penny we spent on Amway! Seeing as how that will NEVER happen!


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