Wednesday, November 24, 2010

No TV watching allowed!

Our Emerald distributor once used a whiteboard where he drew a quadrant based on how much TV IBO’s were allowed to watch. All new IBO’s - or maybe it was IBO’s under 2500 pin levels - were in the square where no TV watching was allowed.

I’m not a big TV watcher but I do like a couple of reality shows. The only other TV viewing is the 6pm news if I’m home and almost always the 11pm news.

I probably watch 10 to 15 hours of TV a week so I’m not much of a watcher. Ironic numbers isn’t it. I’m sure any IBO would say I could take those same 10 to 15 hours I spend watching TV each week and turn it into earning $100,000/year.

Yeah, right, been down that road a couple of times.

Nothing any upline said to me was going to change my TV habits. Ambot would sometimes walk into the room when I was watching Survivor and sneer at me something to the effect of how is watching that show going to make me money. Here is a good time to point out that Ambot watches more TV than I do. He likes watching what he calls adult animation. I call them as I see them. Cartoons. How is watching Southpark or the Simpson’s making him money in his Amway business?

Getting back to that quadrant for the life of me I don’t recall what pin levels the Emerald put in each quadrant. I was only shown his expert mathematical equation once. Wherever he was as an Emerald he was allowed most of his free time to be spent watching TV. I guess what was never determined was how much free time he has in a week.

The bigger picture is the real reason the upline don’t want IBO’s watching TV is because they want to control the information sources their downline IBO’s receive. Any news or current affairs or stock market advice the IBO’s receive should all be coming from their upline.

You upline bastards can say whatever you want about watching TV. I watch less than TV than most of you and I’m not going to stop. At least if I’m home watching TV I’m not losing money throwing away $10 going to an Amway meeting to listen to the latest bullshit.


  1. Sleeping and having fun with family and friends don't make you money either. I remember my sponsor always told us not to engage in things that do not benefit your financial future. I used to think what's the point of this business? To take all the joy out of your life?

  2. The last go-round took a lot of joy out of my life. Nothing but misery once you get involved in Amway and the LOS.

  3. Anna are there any rules with the internet? Like how many hours you can be on it or what sites not to see? They should have a new rule with no sex unless you're a emerald and above. Cause it takes time away from the business.

  4. Colin I don't recall any rules regarding the Internet. I do recall the Platinum telling everyone to use the Internet to find prospects. He suggested everyone start finding "friends" everywhere on Facebook and snipe all their friend's friends. Ha ha there's probably a lot of spouses out there that would be OK with the no sex rule!

  5. I thought your platinum or diamond would tell people to advoid the internet unless they are placing orders or answering emails from prospects. Cause they are so many negative sites out there.

  6. As usual, both you and your upline are taking the extreme positions, when the message does have some usefulness to it. If you really are putting in effort to build an Amway business, you will need to take time from another current use of your time, which for most people, at the time most logical to build the Amway business, is watching TV. The upline goes overboard by insisting on ZERO TV, probably knowing most people will not go to zero, but may reduce their TV watching. You go overboard because you hate everything about Amway.

    Regarding the internet, it got interesting when Amway turned into Quixtar in 1999, because the upline constantly "preached" the internet was like the bathroom walls, had a lot of garbage, we should listen to the upline, as they had our best interest in mind, etc., while they were ripping us off via the Amway Tool Scam. Of course, we now had an online business, so natural human curiosity took precedence over "no crosslining," and "get your information from your upline, not other sources," etc., and because it is so easy. I'm sure a LOT of IBOs shake their heads over that "advice." I've never done it, but I think sometimes you really can can a good BJ if you call the number on the bathroom walls! For instance, this site and many others complains about things that have some truth, with mostly pure bitching and complaining. My site has facts, with some humor thrown in. It's up to you what you want to read, but if you watch "reality" shows on TV (which are the exact opposite of reality), I suggest you stay here.

  7. Also, the upline uses the "no TV" and many other issues (read at least 15 minutes every day, listen to a tape/CD every day, attend ALL functions, etc.) to shift the blame to the IBO when the IBO fails. If the upline says "no TV" and you glance at the TV, then don't make it in the Amway business, the upline is quick to point out YOU didn't follow the "no TV" edict, among many others, and therefore it isn't the Amway Tool Scam's fault you failed, which results in over 99% of IBOs operating at a net loss, but it's YOUR fault.

  8. Tex, no TV watching or any other alleged time wasting activity - the same can be said for any homebased business out there. It takes a lot of discipline and determination not to get sidetracked by distractions.

    I don't hate everything Amway. I don't like most of their overpriced products. People could say the same thing about Sears, Safeway, or Lowes or wherever. If someone came to me a few years ago and asked what I thought of Amway I would have said its a waste of time. Its very difficult to find customers to buy their overpriced products and hard to recruit others to sign up as IBO's. Beyond that I wouldn't have had much of an opinion. It was the last stint in Amway that brought out my anger. Mostly that's because of the upline and their cult tactics, brainwashing, and abuse. I can't stand our upline more than I can't stand Amway. My feelings towards Amway are a direct result of our former upline.

    Yup this blog serves no other purpose than to bitch about my former upline which means Amway gets dragged in too. Eventually I'm going to stop blogging and put it all together a free ebook.

    A lot of spouses live vicariously through this blog.

  9. Your upline is the face of Amway. Amway has known about these abuses for decades and has NOT addressed them.

  10. And Amway will never address them. They read about these abuses - the face of Amway - on blogs such as mine and pretend its not happening. Too many similar stories out there. I read other people's stories and it could have been us telling it.

  11. Yes, they WILL. Pokorny's $155 MILLION settlement will result in some changes, and my lawsuit will clear the decks. Count on it.

  12. Maybe - if it had fully gone through the judicial system and a judge had found Amway guilty and forced them to make some changes. Before it got that far Amway settled. Seems to be their pattern. That's why I know you'll finally make your fortune in Amway.

  13. The judge IS forcing them to make some changes, it's part of the proposed settlement. Have you even read it?

  14. Then you shouldn't make the statement you made about the judge forcing them to make changes. When you are wrong, it damages your credibility.

  15. Uh...Tex, Amway will never make CHANGES because without their proved method they'll never have a conciderable income for the top KINGPINS. They'll play the 'word-games' and settle with WHATEVER with in-between-the-lines reintroduced policies which will allow for loopholes necessary to continue the growth of the company. There is a reason Amway is not a pyramid scheme in this country. There are top-dogs somewhere in the elite group safe-guarding this entity. Without the current and traditional 'Independent Business Owner' system, Amway can't exist. See, this is the way I see it…since Amway can’t prosper from a regular clientele base (as other corporations can), they had to device a formula by which the customer would not only come to them, but would remain a customer and formerly an investor with the promise to retrieve a hefty capital in the long-run. Amway is a LOTTERY-CASINO organism composed of manufactured variables depicting/illustrating an unfit profit-plan which self-sustains only. There is no recognizable margin for success because Amway was designed to provide the services of a casino. I guess I would as well admit I can’t blame the company, but instead the IBO’s for their own misfortunes. When you actually believe you’re going to retire after five years of investment in any company, you’ve got to have been born retarded.

    1. Uh Anonymous - Tex stopped following my blog some time ago.

      Even after what he's gone through with Amway he still thinks their pruducts are wonderful and its a great company and that he's the only person that can turn them around and make them legitimate. He removed his blog posts and doesn't post anywhere online that I can see so Amway must have compensated him pretty good for his silence.

    2. Hi Anna

      Thanks for your blog, unfortunate but true. I believe so, as Amway is one of the outmost connected industries to date. As for the scarring in ‘tex’, once you’ve been infected with this Amway virus, there’s no vaccine available out there that would come close to the cure. One of my buddies has of recently been infected and he has become someone else literally over night! I feel for him because he just got married last year, and I know that his wife was not so open to this company from the beginning (she dislikes anything MLM). She’s also the type to move on and continue with her life if something can’t be fixed (and she doesn’t stick around for long). He called me a couple of nights ago and invited me to a barbecue this upcoming weekend. I told him I would have to see, since my schedule is almost unpredictable at times. He assured me he’d call on Friday to confirm and if I couldn’t make it, they’ll be having another barbecue on Sunday (who fucking has a barbecue everyday). Anyway, I just hate losing him because we’ve been the “friends-since-diapers” type. The fact nothing can be done makes me feel so powerless against this, I know that now I’ve become “the enemy” since I’m on the outside (and I’ll never be on the inside). Oh well, Life goes on right! =(

    3. Hi Anonymous - nix that BBQ! It is an old Amway trick. One my Ambot used once too! At least at our BBQ I went shopping at Costco and we had real hamburgers, condiments, chips, salad, cake, pop - the usual stuff one might see at a BBQ. At Amway BBQ's you may or may not get stuff that is typically purchased at the grocery store to BBQ or you might be in for a real nasty surprise and have a bunch of Amways shitty products greeting you. The tables will be set with Amway product placards and brochures. Although we didn't have 2 BBQs in a row some ambots use this method for people who say they can't make it then they throw in another date and say come then for the BBQ.

      Yup Amway destroys people how you knew them and replaces them with brainwashed ambots who become really nasty sneering bastards who look down their nose at everyone who has a J.O.B. and isn't in Amway or is too stupid to see what a great opportunity Amway is. I've written other posts that some wives will stick it out for awhile and hope the husband sees the light and quits. After all we have a huge emotional investment in the relationship not to mention probably financial investment too depending on assets. Hopefully he'll get out of the cult before its too late. You might want to suggest to the wife that she reads a free ebook called Merchants of Deception and try to persuade the husband to read it too.


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