Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone has a safe New Year's Eve.

May 2011 bring prosperity to those who have escaped the Amway nightmare.

To my readers who are stuck watching their partners dig themselves deeper into the Amway cult, I hope your loved one sees the light soon and quits. Until then I wish you peace and hope.

Best wishes to everyone and Happy New Year!


  1. Thanks Colin. Best wishes to you for 2011!

  2. Anna: Happy New and prosperous New Year to you. All without Amway of course! Ain't it great? I'm intersted in what your thoughts are on why nobody from the LOS tries to rescue those who have gone astray or quit. I know the mentality that those that quit such a great business are tabbed losers, have stinkin' thinkin' and are summarily banished from the group. All because they are unclean and might introduce negative. But their sponsor and upline LOVES them...right? It would seem to me that it is in the best interest of the sponsor to rescue the lost IBOs. Afterall, didn't Jesus risk the lives of 99 sheep to bring the lost one back into the fold?
    This might be a good topic for a blog. It would be interesting to read some Amaspeak on this topic from those Amway apologists who monitor your blog.

  3. Thank you David. I wish you a Happy New Year and a prosperous 2011. With the Amway albatross gone it can only be a fantastic year!

    I've mentioned in a couple of my previous posts how "our best friends forever" are nowhere in sight after we quit Amway. I'd say they did try to persuade Ambot to buy more products and come to meetings and functions but after a month had passed and he didn't buy anything and stopped associating with them contact stopped. My upline knows I'm the reason we quit. I was the one looking up information on the Internet and finding the truth about the business opportunity. As far as they're concerned I'm Satan's spawn!

  4. David,

    Who would you rather scam, someone who knows about the scam, or someone who is trusting someone scamming them?

    I think your Jesus analogy goes a long way to explain the answer - the upline LCKs are the direct opposite of Jesus - and identical to the Devil.

    Regardless, Anna has apparently "argued" with your point that the upline doesn't keep trying to keep in touch. Does that mean Anon will be upset with her as well? LOL

  5. My experience when I quit was that I had no contact with my direct upline (an emerald). He didn't call, email, nothing to try to persuade me to give it another shot. That made quitting easier. Our PV was plummeting, I quit going to opens and functions. All I had to do was to call to cancel books, kate and standing order CDs. They criticize jobs, but at least with a job there is an "exit interview" when one quits or is fired.
    Part of what I was trying to do with my comment was to try to make up a spoof promotion for LOSs to have and that would be to call all former IBOs to try to get them back into the fold. I guess there is enough "fresh blood" out there that they don't have time to rehabilitate the IBOs who have quit.
    Tex: True the upline LCKs are like the devil in their deceptive tactics. Satan tries to hide who he is by disguising himself as Jesus.
    Thanks for letting me vent a little bit.

  6. David I'm not sure if you've read this previous post which was pretty much Ambot's exit interview!

    Ambot challenged the beloved cult leader and that pretty much cut all ties which in our case is probably why no one upline chose to contact us/him afterwards. I'm sure the Platinum - who is a pompous sack of shit - is still waiting for Ambot to contact him to apologize!

    Uh, it should be the other way around! The Platinum should be apologizing to us for the emotional and financial distress he played a huge role in causing.

  7. Thanks Anna for pointing me to Ambot's exit interview. The posts and the comments here are all a good read. Quite unlike the boring stuff that's supposed to be good for us, according to Amway apologists. I'm not a lawyer, but from reading that post where everyone was told they couldn't leave until they gave the upline a check for the next function sounds like a case for unlawful imprisonment could have been made. I don't know.
    I guess my direct upline, though he says he served as a Marine Corps Officer in Vietnam, didn't have the guts to face me for an exit interview. I just quit very quietly, which I guess is my style.

  8. David,

    You didn't answer my question.

  9. Tex: To answer your question about whether I would scam someone who knows about the scam or someone who is trusting someone scamming them, I think the amaspeak response is "you must have seen something good or something you wanted out of this business (had a dream) or you would have never gotten in". Also, there are a number of people who have quit and have gotten responsored with different IBO (myself included). I can remember one time when I was feeling really "low" about my business and was on the verge of quitting. My sponsor called me and we talked about how great everything was going to be and how now is the time, blah! blah! blah! ad nauseum. He was able to appeal to my emotions then and keep me in for a while longer, despite my logical doubts that kept coming up in mind since I first saw the business. What was logical was that I was losing money! But one must put all logic and critical thinking skills aside when building the biz, because "this business is different from conventional business".
    I always wanted to make money in the biz, that's why I personally got in. Not to be a better person, help cure leprosy or spread The Gospel of Jesus Christ. Simply to MAKE MONEY! I kept on telling the person who showed me the plan the first time "I don't understand how you make money by simply signing people up in this and self consuming the product". Finally he said "The best way to learn how to do someting is by doing it...right?" That is what got me to sign up. I know the best way to learn how to do something is by trial and error and "by playing", but this "business" is something no one should be playing with and from what I've read and experience for myself its financial, emotional and spiritual are long lasting. Fortunately, I have been able to recover the financial losses, being a professional who can command a high wage. I marvel at the financial losses others have incurred and can only say WOW!

  10. David,

    That was a very long answer. However, I don't know whether you picked a or b:

    Who would you rather scam,
    a. someone who knows about the scam, or
    b. someone who is trusting someone scamming them?

  11. Tex: Let me try to condense my answer for you by picking both a and b. I would try to scam someone who knows the scam, which is what happens with someone who is sponsored a second or third time. The worst thing that can happen is that I would either "get an earful" or be avoided by that person. That would lead me to assume they truly understood the interdependence of The Corporation and the various LOS. In that case, "The jig is up" and I move onto my next prospect.
    I would choose b also from the standpoint that they are naievely trusting me and are easy targets. It's all about trust. Winning back the trust in scenario a, while simply winning trust in scenario b. What also helps in both cases is to present yourself as an authority figure in some way shape or form. Hope that answers your question for you.

  12. David,

    You failed. You need to pick a OR b, not both.

    Let's try again, with the question asked a different way - would you have rejoined a second time if you understood the Amway Tool Scam results in the upline making several times more from the tools, and as a result, most IBOs less than Platinum operate at a net loss? This also means Amway doesn't share as much of the product profit, because the upline is making several times more from the tools, and Amway can also get lazy on competitive product pricing, because the tool prices are FAR more abusive, so the upline doesn't complain about this issue either. That's what I mean when I refer to a scam.

    In this case the answer is "yes" or "no," not both yes and no. LOL

  13. Tex you're being repetitious. That's even more boring than swearing.

  14. Tex: Let me make one thing perfectly clear: I would not have rejoined a second time had I fully understood that the kingpins get most of their income from the tapes (oops! CDs), books and functions. I was always given the impression that The Amway Corp. was a very benevolent company that rewarded hard work by their IBO's. Also, that the majority of the money came from the corporation and not from the sale of books, tapes (oops!CDs) and functions.
    You may want to go on YOU TUBE and watch a video of Dexter Yeager receiving a check along with other accolades from a representative of Amway for some accomplishment. From watching that video, doesn't that give you the impression that the majority of the money comes from Amway?
    To answer your question most succinctly: NO!!! F--K NO!!!

  15. My ambot also said he would not have signed up again if he'd known the truth that the real money in Amway is made from tools only available to IBO's of high levels.

  16. Anna,

    Repetition is the mother of learning.

    You and David BOTH made my point. You have both quit and rejoined Amway. However, you both quit for a different reason than the real reason you should have quit, the Amway Tool Scam - and you didn't realize you were being scammed via the Amway Tool Scam - and therefore rejoined. Now that I've educated you regarding the REAL reason for quitting, both of you will not rejoin. This is ALL well documented above. QED.

  17. The Amway Tool Scam.....
    Thank you Tex for educating us all about the Amway tool scam now I can finally live again. Give me a break... I mean Really. Do you think everyone else is stupid? Tex, is the "Amway Tool Scam" the only reason you quit? The whole system is a scam not just the tool system. The tool system is a method of supplementing the the business income of most of the large pins and probably the only reason they are still working the business. Most people's reasons for quiting the business are not just because of the tools and their costs but because they discover that the chances of achieving any profitability are slim to none regardless of how C.O.R.E. they are or how many tapes they listen to or functions they attend.

    ****Former WWDB Lemming****

  18. Tex: The reason I quit the Amway business was not due to any education received from you. It was due to all of the negative numbers I came up with on my profit and loss statements! True, these losses were attributable to all of the money spent on tapes (oops! CDs), books and functions. It was as simple as this: I was losing money, with no end in sight! The fact that my direct upline was a jerk and all of the deceptions and verbal slight of hands merely affirmed my final decision.
    Don't exaggerate your own importance Tex. I didn't even know who you were when I quit.

  19. Yeah Tex what an ego. I never heard of you when we quit. And neither are you the reason we'll never join Amway again.

  20. Anon,

    BOTH Anna and David admitted they rejoined Amway, but wouldn't have done so if they had known about the Amway Tool Scam.

    I never claimed the Amway Tool Scam is the ONLY reason people quit, but it is the root cause, whether they are aware of it or not.

  21. Tex: I wouldn't join Amway again even if the Tool Scam was abolished. I hate door to door selling and "direct selling" from catalogs, fliers, etc. The reason I got in the second time was that "direct fulfillment" was something being tried in The Gooch Organization. Now, I'm pretty sure "direct fulfillment" is available to every Amway Organization. The first time I was in, I never knew how long it would take for me to receive my product order from my long distance sponsor. My downline (and customers) were getting plenty P.O.'d at how long it was taking, especially when I took their money upfront.
    Even now, the products are overpriced and not of any better quality. $90.00 a month for DoubleX for my family? I don't think so! Especially, when I can buy NAME BRAND Centrum Silver for pennies a day? And I only have to take 1 tablet daily instead of 6, thereby improving my compliance with the prescribed doseage regimen?
    I agree with you that the kingpins are always trying to deflect attention from the amount of money they make on the books, tapes (oops!CDs) and functions. They are always trying to get you to focus on The Amway Corp. itself. Also they try to downplay how much they actually make on the sale of books, tapes (oops!CDs) and functions by saying they only receive what amounts to a "royalty paid on copyrighted material, much like those paid a musical artist, or an actor." And then in the same breath say that these "royalties" do not constitute the majority of their business income.
    I was losin' money! I lost time that I can't get back. I quit! So what if it was due to the tools scam. I always had "bad feelings" about being in the biz, no matter how hard I tried to rationalize and quiet them. All we can do is try to help educate people thinking about getting into Amway to ask themselves and their upline the tough questions and demand concrete answers.
    I am finding that commenting on these blogs to be "psychologically cathartic".

  22. Why didn't you check out the prices before you rejoined, if that was such a problem?

    Comparing Centrum Silver to Double X is like comparing a Yugo to a Porsche and saying both of them are cars, so they should cost the same amount of money.

    You've been in Amway twice, and STILL don't understand the difference between Double X and Centrum Silver? Sad. Very sad.

    Once (if ever) you realize how significant the Amway Tool Scam was to your results, you will have a different view.

    You not only lost money. You lost a part of your LIFE. No amount of money can get that back.

    I am finding that commenting on these blogs to be "extremely enlightening," especially when it comes to the lack of intelligence many people exhibit. LOL

  23. Tex;

    You're taking the fun out of these blogs. Please find a hobby.

    anna - happy new year! Love your blog.

  24. Thank you Anonymous! Happy New Year to you too!

  25. Tex: Do you have and clinical double blind study data that shows that Double X is superior to Centrum Silver? The only benefit I can find is that in the renal tubules Double X causes the formation of and excretion of very expensive urine!
    Anon is right you take all the fun out of these blogs. You need to take up a hobby! Maybe learn to play a musical instrument. Quit taking yourself so seriously! Chill Tex Chill!

  26. Anon,

    I'm having a great time, what's your problem?


    No, I don't have a double blind study that shows Double X is superior to Centrum Silver. However, I have read the latest guidance regarding optimum amounts of various nutrients, and Double X is usually exactly, or very close to those amounts, and Centrum Silver is generally lacking. Also, there is a LOT of evidence isolated vitamins are not absorbed and used by the human body as those from natural plant materials, which Double X comes from.

    As I said above, I already have a hobby: educating others regarding the Amway Tool Scam. I don't take myself seriously, I take the Amway Tool Scam seriously, because it has caused literally millions of former and current IBOs to lose literally billions to tens of billions of dollars over the course of literally several decades. If you can't take THAT seriously, you need to go back to sucking your thumb! LOL

  27. Tex: Name the publication that contains this "latest guidance" information for Double X. It had better be objective and it better be replete with biostatic comparisons proving their claims.

  28. IBOFB and his band of merry idiots at Amway Talk are still accusing me of being this blog's author because there "used to be" a bar near the University of Hawaii named "Anna Bananas".

    Talk about a bunch of losers with no life.

  29. Joe they probably really love it when they see 2 different blog identities having a conversation when its really the same person talking to themself!

    The next thing you know a blogger named Cafe O'Lei will show up and that will be you too!

  30. David,

    You can easily search the internet (NOT your Concordance - LOL) for the latest guidance on the optimum amounts of various nutrients. I never claimed the guidance mentions Double X specifically, just that Double X typically has the amounts recommended, and Centrum Silver typically does not.

  31. You must have really committed some heinous, unforgiveable sin to have been terminated by Amway, Tex. That probably explains why you have such an axe to grind with them. You know what The Bible teaches about forgiveness don't you? I am not being one bit sarcastic or facetious in that last sentence either.

  32. David,

    You're right - I kept talking about the Amway Tool Scam - that's my "sin," bringing attention to something Bernie Madoff would be proud of!

    You know what the Bible teaches about anger, justice, and righteous indignation, don't you? I am not being one bit sarcastic or facetious in that last sentence, either.


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