Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Goals

A couple of days into January Ambot tells me our sponsor has summoned us to a very important meeting to go over our Amway goals for the new year.

Uh, is now a good time to say my new year's goal is we get out of Amway before we lose any more money?

So the first thing the arrogant prick does to piss me off is choose a restaurant I don't like. S L O W service and not a whole lot of choices on the menu that I like. What's wrong with going to Krispy Kreme, I ask Ambot. The booths are more comfortable and it won't cost as much money. And I can drown my sorrows in a chocolate cream filled donut while putting up with the asshole. And if I'm really lucky the featured donut will be something I like and I'll have a couple of them too.

But no luck. The arrogant prick wants to go to that restaurant and because he's our upline and according to Ambot that makes him some kind of a god, that's where we're going for our very important meeting.

I don't remember much what was discussed that night but I do remember the arrogant prick asked us what goals we'd set for PV that year.

Ah ha! NOW is my chance to save money. I know Ambot is still going to buy Amway shit so if I can put in a lowball goal hopefully he'll stick to it. Yeah I wish! So I say 5 PV a week is our goal. Well, you can't blame me for trying! Ambot is still going to do whatever the hell he wants and rack up the credit card bill with as much purchases and PV as he can no matter what I say.

Later on Ambot tells me after I set a 5PV a week goal that the arrogant prick was ready to get up and leave the restaurant.

So what else is new? That fucking asshole has many years history of stomping off in a snit and then Ambot doesn't hear from him for months. So what's so unusual about the fucker getting mad at my 5 PV/week goal and threatening to storm out of the restaurant?

So go! Good riddance you troublemaking son of a bitch! I hope the door hits you in the ass on the way out!

Unfortunately for me that scenario didn't play out but I can always dream can't I? After all that's what this business is all about - dreams.

My dream is for Ambot to quit wasting his time and money on the Amway cult.

Although my 5 PV/week goal did not come true, much more importantly my first choice new year's goal did! That would be the one about getting out of Amway. Unfortunately not before Ambot dropped a few thousand more dollars into the cult's coffers over the next couple of months but we made our break.


  1. Your ambot hubby was lame with racketing up the credit card to meet a goal. Im sure they are all taught to do this. I had ibofb/bridget slam me on another forum for suggesting people buy no products. Just recruit people to consume and sell products to keep your cost down.

  2. Hi Anna, IBOFB frequents this blog but he's got a stupid friend named Bridgett Baron. They're both so paranoid that they not only think my name is Steve, but they also think that I run your blog. Check out Bridgett's post on IBOFB's blog:

    Re: JoeCool & Rocket are obsessed idiots - as if we didn't k
    by Bridgett » Thu Dec 30, 2010 8:05 pm

    Multimillionaire wrote:
    IBOdude, what would be the absolute worst that could happen if u simply ignored these buffoons?

    I can't speak for all of them, but I do think Steve should now be in the same category as "Tex." There is something wrong with him, like on a mental (or spiritual) level. And hence perhaps he should be ignored.

    248 blog posts? Wow. And you are right. Those aren't the total numbers for Steve, since he does have different personas. I think Anna Banana, the foul-mouthed clueless wife of an WWDB IBO, is his new character.

  3. Hmmm, Joecool aka Rocket aka Steve aka Tex aka Anna. Some more Amway fairy tales.

    Nope don't read IBOFB's blog. Not interested in reading about people who like Amway and think its a good business that doesn't destroy lives. In other words I don't read negative! Ha ha.

    If they're all reading our blogs then they're not listening to their upline's advice about not reading negative. As for Multimillionaire thinking I have a foul mouth he can get in line! Ambot's said for years that I could make a sailor blush! Obviously he doesn't think its negative to read a blog devoted to cursing out their former upline. Ha ha!

  4. For the record, Steve, aka Joecool, is not in the same category as me. I am FAR more fact based, coherent, accurate, and logical. Always have been, always will be. However, jc is right: Bitchett is stupid. Beyond stupid. Remember, I met her in Prague as well.

    As someone who actually was a sailor, Anna doesn't make me blush at all. In fact, her constant cussing not only blunts the impact of using the words and bores me, it demonstrates she has little command of the English language.

  5. Tex you're hardly the first man I've bored. For starters you'll have to get in line behind our former upline!

  6. It doesn't sound like your former upline was bored with you, rather they felt you were a threat against their tool scam profit.

  7. I think they did. Anyone who is "negative" (i.e., does not always agree with them) is the enemy.

  8. lol i like the fouled mouth anna banana:) Hope joe doesnt get offended but anna might be the coolest critic online.

  9. Ha ha Colin! Thanks. I think Joe will be good with your statement though I'm sure Tex will disagree and be back to tell you why!

  10. Tex I'm sure these days I no longer bore my enemy. They will always be my enemies because of their active role in attempting to destroy our marriage. I'm sure I will always be their enemy because of my role in cutting off one of their revenue sources.

  11. Tex...why are you always arguing with those who have a similar point of view. Aren't you on the same side? You did this on Rocket's site, now putting down Tex and Anna? You are trying to recruit for your lawsuit, yet come off as crazy as those you are trying to sue. What exactly are you trying to accomplish?

    Maybe the Tex is a alias for ibofb which is an alias for Bridgett trying to stir THE SHIT UP! *please don't miss the sarcasm in that last sentence*

    PS...Anna, don't change the language. I find it hilarious and informative at the same time. Keep it comming!

  12. Thanks Anonymous! I plan to keep blogging for awhile longer.

  13. I'll take accurate over "cool."

  14. That's what I thought as well, you were NOT boring your upline.


    I don't argue with those who have a similar point of view. Those who have a similar point of view understand ALL issues other than the Amway Tool Scam are merely a distraction, because, by definition, the Amway Tool Scam (ATS) is the largest problem, as it creates several times more profit to come from the tools than from Amway AND about 99% of IBOs operate at a net loss as a result of the ATS.

    I don't put myself down, and would you rather I be dishonest with Anna instead of honest? That sounds like an upline LCK (Lying Cowardly "Kingpin").

    What have I said that makes me as crazy as those I am, not trying, to sue?

    I'm not surprised you like the overuse of the cussing, you can't even spell coming! LOL

  15. Tex, how logical is it to buy amway products while you're suing them? You can come on the blog like ibofb knowing every amway stat but you're far from logical. Can you tell us which products you buy? Also why do you continue cause im sure you can find a comparable product at the local stores.

  16. Tex, Also it's not very logical to continue to buy products when amway stopped shipping to your address. They want nothing to do with you. But you dont seem to get it. Im sure you're better than all of us with numbers and percentages...i'll give u that.

  17. OK Colin I don't get that but I'm guessing you're referring to something that may have been brought up on another blog???

  18. yes it was brought up in another blog. Where i coulda swore Tex was telling us he was continuing to buy the products even though amway corp refuses to ship products to him. Maybe i got the wrong person? I didnt think the products where that great where someone had to go on ebay to buy or get hold of. I brought it up cause Tex told us he's one of the most logical.

  19. colin,

    I don't buy Amway products from Amway, I buy them from IBOs selling them at a large discount. Amway doesn't make any money from my purchases, they made their profit when the IBO bought them. How is that not logical, colin? I buy Double X, Omega 3, Fruits and Vegetables, and the water filters. I also buy some other products when they are at a large discount. You can't find comparable items at stores. For example, you can't compare Centrum to Double X, or a Pur water filter to eSpring. These are simply superior products.

    I could have had the products shipped to another address, but I didn't want to go to that trouble. The main reason I was a customer was to keep in touch with the IBO pricing. You aren't very logical to criticize me when you don't have a clue why I do the things I do. Instead of criticizing, you would appear FAR more intelligent by asking questions first. I don't care whether Amway wants anything to do with me, that has NOTHING to do with my efforts to shut down the Amway Tool Scam. YOU don't seem to get that. I am aware I am far superior to you with numbers and percentages, you have proven that beyond doubt.

  20. lol ya he's a bit 2 loyal. Especially how amway has bend him over and did him in the arse. Amway is still making money off his purchases ...even though it's from the ibo where he buys it from. If im suing mcdonalds i wouldnt be sending in my friends to buy their crummy burgers ....even if these guys are getting me a discount and are employees. There's something Tex dont seem to get ...even after quitting or being forced out of this scam. Amway products arent that good lol. You have to go through so much bs to buy them. I think rich n jay should go over to tex house and give him a big hug. Im sure they wished every ex distributor would be buying their products from some ibo.

  21. Tex, i love taking vitamins also but apparently you have me beat with product loyalty. The double x use to make me burp Alfalfa. Maybe you can recoup some of your amway losses by having amway corp sign you to a infomercial for nutrlite.

  22. I'm with you Colin. If I was suing a company or vice versa I would not frequent their business or purchase their products indirectly. I'd have zippo to do with them no matter how superior I thought their product was.

  23. Anna,

    It has NOTHING to do with loyalty, it has to do with QUALITY. Most of the products I buy are from IBOs who quit and are trying to get some return on their purchase.

    The products I buy are high quality. Note I buy only a few of them, not a wide variety. It's easy to buy products from eBay.

    Jay can't give me a hug - he's dead.

    The Double X doesn't adversely affect me at all.

    I'm afraid the nutrilite commercial would have to include a tirade against the Amway Tool Scam, so don't look for that happening any time soon.

    Anna, you're entitled to your opinion. So am I.

  24. Tex, how logical is it for someone who is apparently suing Amway to still be supporting Amway by buying product? You seem to be sitting on both sides of the fence. Perhaps you should choose a side.

    ***Former WWDB Lemming***

  25. Anonymous Lemming - Tex is getting hung up on opinion and how we're all entitled to one which is true enough but not what the rest of us are not getting - this wacky sense of loyalty. He's too close to the situation or too set in his ways or whatever. The rest of us are sitting on the side of the fence that takes the view that no matter how good of quality an item is, if we're involved in legal action with a company we aren't going to buy it - directly or indirectly.

  26. Former WWDB Lemming,

    See above, I find it extremely logical to buy superior products that have already been purchased from Amway at less than IBO price. If I don't buy them, someone else will. I consider YOUR position to be one of a "wacky sense of (dis)loyalty." Again, you are entitled to your illogical opinion.

  27. Yeah everyone can have their own opinion but if it differs from Tex's opinion then that makes them illogical, stupid, idiotic, uneducated, etc.

  28. When you make unsupported accusations - yes.

  29. That's all you do Tex...unsupported accusations. How does better math or spelling make your opinions any more valid?

    Besides your credibility is questioned by all reading your comments simply because you continue to purchase products produced by the company you are trying to sue. This makes your opinion seem illogical, stupid, idiotic and uneducated.

    ...queue moronic Tex response...

  30. Anon,

    There's another unsupported accusation. Name a single unsupported accusation I've made. Better math and spelling makes my input more accurate and thorough, two aspects of being more valid.

    You are free to believe my credibility is damaged by me purchasing high quality products below IBO cost that have already resulted in profit to Amway. This makes your opinion illogical, stupid, idiotic and uneducated. LOL

    ...queue moronic Anon response...

  31. The Idiot Rule: If you identify 10 unrelated persons as idiots within any one month period chances are you have overestimated the number of idiots by 9 and the guilty party is not one of the 10.

  32. Nice "rule," but it is meaningless.

  33. Tex;

    Exactly what IS your position?

  34. See

  35. Tex;

    Your 15 minutes of fame was over an hour ago. Please go find another sandbox.

  36. Anonymous, he won't do that. He won't go away. He's got the hots for me!

  37. Anon,

    What's the matter, can't read something that isn't full of expletives? LOL


    What does Ambot think of your opinion that I have the hots for you?

  38. Ambot says that's who keeps jumping out the bedroom window when he shows up at home.

  39. What a man. He stays with you even though he thinks you're cheating on him. You 2 must have a very "special" relationship. LOL

  40. Hey Tex,
    I agree with your math based arguements and the basis of your quality point of view.
    However, on a water system (and I work with water purifcation systems in labs and with major cities, so I know what I'm talking about), an eSpring is vastly overpriced and doesn't produce any better water than a simple inline system, so unfortunately you're the victim of some slick marketing here.

    Here's what I mean. You could get a dual inline filter system and filter the water to your kitchen tap for about $105, with replacement filters about $10 each for a carbon filter and a graded 5um sediment filter. The whole thing about the UV light killing bacteria in the system is bullshit, since the requirement for drinking water is <1 Colony forming unit of bacteria per mL of water (basically none there). I had an eSpring when I was in WWDB, costing a lot more than $100 upfront and more than the $40 in filters that I go through in a year now, and my water is better than the eSpring ever was.

    I do agree that the vitamins are a decent value as the compounds used by Nutrilite as more easily absorbed by the body, resulting in you actually getting the nutrients that you're purchasing.

  41. Graham,

    Are you saying the independent testing certifications are meaningless?

    That bacteria is constantly measured in water systems, and can never occur?

    Is all of this made up: How many gallons can you get from the filters?

    You have to compare cost based on dollars/gallon, especially after the first year, when the cost is admittedly higher.

  42. Tex,

    Independent testing certifications are questionable. You are looking at the performance of a laboratory who is certified to analyze a certain parameter. That certification process has a lot of allowed variation in it. For instance, if I gave you a certified reference standard with pH of 3.43, you could very well pass with a reported value of 3.57, if it fell within the statistical limits of the testing group. That doesn't mean that you can consistently get the correct answer, just that you can analyze close enough once per year (what about the whole rest of the year?). I have a client that analyzes trace PCB's and Dioxins in the parts per quadrillion level, but the performace test for certification is in the ppm range and they have to clean their equipment to eliminate cross contamination after dealing with such a dirty sample. So, you have to take the certifications with a grain of salt.

    Bacteria IS constantly monitored for in municipal water systems, at least in Canada. Water systems here are required to have some sort of sanitization process as a final step, involving either chlorine or chloramines. There are always small amounts of this in the water within the delivery system (low parts per million) to eliminate any bacterial growth. Get a Chlorine test kit from Hach (, test your own unfiltered water and you'll see what I mean.

    Can bacterial growth occur? Sure!! If the protocol at the municipal plant isn't properly followed, then you're very likely to get bacterial growth as these are hardy little buggers. Will you ever get in a car accident? Will you ever get robbed? Will you ever get struck by lightning? Lots of things CAN happen, but it doesn't mean that they will.

    Crypto - This, nor any other water borne pathogens and parasites are made up. However, Vancouver, as an example that I'm very familiar with, uses a filtration and a UV system as the primary filtration method and chlorine/chloramine as the secondary backup method. So, all of these are being taken out before the water gets into a sealed delivery system. If I was really, really concerned, then I could add a third filter housing with a 0.2um filter (for another $50), which would eliminate all bacteria and viruses (alive or dead). I'm much more likely to ingest bacteria from a food source than I am from the water in my house.

    Gallon ratings on filters are another load of bovine excrement, as the rating is for some arbiratry amount of filtation load, which varies tremendously from one area to another. That being said, the filters I have are rated for 500 gallons and I change them every 6 months. So, my cost is $40 per year versus the $194.16 on Amway's website for an eSpring replacement.

    I could keep going, but I'll stand with my initial post that an eSpring is an overpriced water filtration system. You SHOULD have a filtration system of some kind, but like I said before, you can do a lot better for less.

  43. Graham, our buddy tex is still a ambot. He's still getting ripped off overpaying for water filters & vitamins. But what isnt overpriced in amway?

  44. Colin didn't Tex say he buys them on Ebay for a couple of bucks? His argument is he's not overpaying for them. Everyone else's argument is he's still supporting a company directly or indirectly that's suing him. If Wal-Mart was suing me I wouldn't be buying their Great Value products either by going into their store or buying from someone else even if it was marked down.


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