Saturday, December 18, 2010

Walking Away from Ambots

Women can tolerate a lot when it comes to Amway thinking this is just a phase their husband is going through and as soon as he figures out its a scam or has run out of money or fights with his upline, he will get out.

The longer it takes the more pissed off the wife becomes and that’s when she hits the Internet looking for more information or support.

There’s a good post on the BWW/Amway Lies about Amway Women posted recently that gives some insight.

I found a couple of posts on the Internet from women who decided to leave their husbands. They have almost identical stories even though they’re written 7 years apart. Hell I nearly wrote an identical story last year. Things don’t change that much.

And before IBOFB shows up to suggest its not true I’ve supplied the links where these stories can be found. The second story has some huge typos in it. I have no idea if thats how the web page formatted it or if she was so pissed off she wasn’t typing so good. But I’ve left it as is instead of trying to clean it up. Wouldn’t want IBOFB to show up and accuse me of doing anything wrong.

I have left my husband of four years-- the man I love more than anything in this world.
I am positive my story is not a unique one, nor am I the only person suffering because of Amway. I found myself searching for someone who might understand.
My husband's boss came over one day about 2 years ago to "show us something". I didn't like what I saw then--and I hate the person it turned my husband into. I watched as we lost friends and our home. My family asked us less and less frequently to come visit. Then in utter horror [I watched] as he tried to "contact" [recruit for Amway] someone at my eleven-year-old sister's funeral.
I endured two years of being called "negative", "unsupportive", "non-Christian", and basically a bad wife--by both my husband and his "upline". I finally told him he had to choose [between Amway] and me--even if he only stopped for 6 months. I had already packed--because I knew which was more important to him.
Now I sit feeling sick at what my life has turned into-- wondering if I am wrong. I never doubted my decisions before. I went from being an outgoing person to practically a recluse. I have panic attacks--because of [this experience] and have withdrawn increasingly from the things I once enjoyed.
I do believe I started writing this with a point in mind. I was wondering if there were specific support groups for people in a situation similar to this? I can't seem to find one--though I have run into several other people whose stories are frighteningly identical to mine.

Quixtar has ruined my family... My husband decided to joined this cult over 2 yrs ago, I went to a couple of meetings myself and I just couldn't believe how stupid all these IBO's are.. they worship all big guys, such as Larry Winters. My husband has turned into a robot, he sounds like his upline, he dresses like him, he no longer watches T.V, he no longer listens to music, he Breathes Quixtar all day and night ... 2 yrs in.. all he has in returned is DEBT.. He has to buy his own points to make to special meetings, "THE MEETING OF THE YEAR".. 1000 Points and above... so there goes my husband and buys everything he can buy to make the points.. Things that we don't need, things that we don't use. My husband has a full time job and does this "business" ( which I prefer to called "hobby") every afternoon, regardless of what we have going on.. B-days, anniversaries, emergencies... He just doesn't care and goes out and "contact" people. He has completely pushed the family to the side.. I asked him to make a decision….. I can't even buy regular COLGATE toothpaste without him going nuts about it and throwing it in the garbage... I don't need this kind of attitude around my children. He said he would keep on doing this business with or w/out me... He made his choice very clear.. I left him.. I took my children and left him.. it's been 4 weeks since then and I have not heard back from him... He has obviously decided to married Quixtar and forgot about his wife of 8 years and his two beautiful children of 6 and 3.


  1. It's sad how the scam has broken up so many marriages. I had a friend who the man threaten to leave his wife unless she quits the business....which she did choose him instead of this lousy scam.

  2. I'm glad she chose him instead of counselling with upline on that one.

  3. Some moron ambot will come in here and say, "Well, my upline isn't like that. How could you have let yourself get taken advantage like that? Are you stupid, or what?"

    blah, blah, blah

    There it is in a nutshell: they always say 'winners never quit' when what they mean is, 'winners never quit amway.'

    They set your husband up to make an impossible choice. From day one his upline makes it a point to tell you to dump EVERYONE who does not back you (aka buy your overpriced crap) and that means EVERYONE. Spouses and kids, too.

    It's absolutely sick.

    We have and had a good strong marriage; but amway nearly destroyed it.

    My daughter would sneak out and buy popular hair care products and I was required to report her if I caught her. What the hell is this? the friggin' amway gestapo?

    Yeah, that contributed to family cohesion - not.

    These are the kinds of true stories they are desparate to shut down. They happened and now people are finding out about it. Well, what did they think would happen eventually witht the internet and all?

    They can no longer keep the cult hidden from public view.

  4. Anon,

    You're right, someone will come here and say their uplines' behavior is completely different, and try to shoot down your information. However, their uplines' tool scam is IDENTICAL to virtually every other upline, and that's another reason I focus on this issue.

  5. Take it from a former ambot. My husband and I thankfully got out of this cult about 8 months ago. We made the decision to leave together. We were part of the team for over 4 years, and were completely brainwashed. We are still trying to get our lives back together. We were told that we couldn't have date nights together on a consistent basis. We were made to feel like complete losers if we stayed in one night to watch a movie together instead of going out contacting to Publix, or Target, or wherever. We felt guilty for going on our honeymoon because we were letting the team down by missing an open meeting. SICK. You are told all the time by your upline and the CD's that you should delay your gratification until you become a diamond. What this means is that you either give up your entire life ( family, friends, activities, TV, music, the news etc...) or you will be shunned from the group. I actually witnessed my "hero" upline make fun of a guy in front of 200 people because he hadn't earned his freedom yet. He was publicly humiliated and this was our upline's way of motivating the guys. This is how ALL of the men are motivated. My husband, being the incredible guy that he is, went out night after night to shake hands with total strangers so that he could be a "winner" and get me free from my job. He did it not because he wanted to, but because his awesome upline told him over and over again that if he really loved me, he would put everything else on the back burner and meet people every day. Just to give you some perspective. These men can't get enough of the edification when they do these heroic things. You see, even if deep down you don't want to go meet strangers, the public edification is addicting. All of a sudden, you are a hero. A winner. A warrior. Then, slowly but surely, every time you "prove yourself" you are made out to be "the next big thing". "Oh, well this is John Smith and he is the next Platinum on the team. You want to listen to him." Now you have a fan club, and of course you don't want to let them down. Then when you do fail by taking a night off from the business, you not only get the cold shoulder, you get to be told you are a loser. So obviously being called a winner by your upline Diamond hero is better then being called a loser. So you keep doing it. Over and over, regardless of any other circumstance in your life.
    I was a single girl building the business before my husband and I met. For single people its just as bad. They tell you that you shouldn't date until you are a platinum because dating is a distraction. The reality is that they don't want a non- brainwashed sane person to convince you to quit. After all, that would be one less CEP in their group. When I met my hubs, I was doing a minimum of 10 QI's a week and my upline told me I didn't need a guy to go platinum and that I should stay focused and, essentially, stay single. What he really meant was that he needed a single lady on his team to edify for "doing the work". I sure did do the work and I got sick of it real fast. But then I had my warrior husband to do it for me. What I didn't realize was that as soon as we returned from our honeymoon, we wouldn't see each other. So then we became complete weirdos together and went to Publix TOGETHER to meet sharp, ambitious, no kids couples. YES, that actually is what they teach you. Have you thrown up yet?
    I guess the miraculous thing is that we were always on the same page about everything. We were excited together, and we were disgusted together so we quit together. It was the best thing we could have done. I am truly grateful that this cult didn't tear our marriage apart and that our family still loves us, despite our temporary insanity. You may ask how we got out alive...see next post...

  6. Continued from last post...
    In the last year we were with Scamway, I mean Amway, I became very ill. In 4 years we had never missed an open meeting, hence the brainwashing, and all of a sudden we weren't able to attend because of my illness. Like clockwork, every Tuesday night we would be in the hospital or my head would be in the toilet or I would be recovering from another hospital stay. I was so ill we had to move in with my parents so my sweet mother could take care of me while he worked. Suddenly, we realized our "best friends for life" didn't care that I was ill. They wanted our 150PV and our perfect attendance. In fact, not one of them so much as called to see if we were okay. My maid of honor stopped talking to me. I don't blame her since I wasn't 100% committed anymore. We decided that the conditional love we were receiving was no longer welcome in our life. When I had to make the dreaded phone call to my "best friend" to tell her we were moving on with our life, lets just say it didn't go too well. We haven't spoken since. Some friend. But I don't blame her. She is just as brainwashed as we were. I don't know what is worse: the loss of your dearest friend or the realization that your friendship was a transaction all along. It took a life threatening illness to make us snap out of it. I'm pretty sure it was God. Or maybe just my body's way of revolting the toxic parasite that is Amway. As soon as we quit, I got better. I haven't thrown up since. And that my friends, is a true story.
    I just have to say, I am sincerely sorry for you ladies and the terrible outcome this cult has caused you. I promise I will pray for you and your continued healing. I just thought maybe if I told a bit of my story, that someone could get perspective on the way these men are being treated. Once you are in it to win it, it is extremely difficult to break free. I got into NUMEROUS fights with my family because of their need to get me out of the business. In the end I chose my family and I am so grateful to the Lord for leading us gently in another direction. We alienated ourselves from our families because we were told that they were negative losers, to be frank. We were told that our real family was our team and upline. Isn't it ironic that my parents were the ones to take care of me and our cult family disowned us when I got ill? My guess is that if they were making any real money, they wouldn't need our 150 points that bad. Just to end on an extremely humorous note, we found out through another ex-ambot TODAY, that our former upline free hero man just had to go back to work after 6 years of "freedom". I'm guessing he won't be making fun of any more losers for having jobs...

  7. Wow! That's a powerful story. Thank you for sharing!

    I'm glad to hear that you are feeling better. Isn't it funny what our bodies tell us and yours was rejecting Amway!

    How true about our best friends forever and ever once we stop going to Amway meetings. Even more so when people are sick and they are more concerned with if you'll be loading up on products and PV than how you're feeling and if there is anything they can do to assist while you're under the weather. Under that sickening nicey nice act they are a bunch of phonies that we've seen in action. I have no doubt who are the real losers.

    Anonymous, you might want to have a look at this free ebook called Merchants of Deception. Its a PDF file that you can download. I found it very helpful when getting out of Amway. Other than the author of this book actually reaching a fairly significant level of Emerald, he could have described our experience, even though it was years apart. He was in Amway in the 90's. Things never change. Here is the link.

    Good luck to you and your husband. I might want to suggest you go to the library and check out some books on starting your own business, becoming an entrepreneur, business ideas and that sort of thing. If you can hold on for 4 years in Amway you probably have what it takes to start your own legitimate business. Find something you love to do and figure out a way to make money at it.

  8. Anonymous-Former Ambot that was truly a very powerful story and one that is very similar to our experience in Amway over 17 years ago.
    The story does not ever seem to change, the same cult tactics still exist as they did 17 years ago. Other than my downline, my so called upline friends disappeared from our lives after we left the business though they were happy to take over our line.
    I hope that stories like yours will help people to make an educated decision before joining.

    ***Former WWDB Lemming****

  9. Anon, great post!! We need more people to talk about their experiences so that the dirty truth gets out there. The chances of breaking even after tool expenses as taught by the system are 1% (platinum+) and the "business" is a terribly expensive hobby from a time, money and energy standpoint.

    I grew quite quickly to the point where I was always being talked about, but then plateaued as turnover balanced the influx of people. The manipulation of the male ego and the mind games are unreal. I finally gave up after 15 years of being oh so close to "retiring".

    After I quit, I read Merchants of Deception and nearly threw up. It was so close to home that it was disturbing. I'm rereading it right now to see what a few years has given me for perspective on the experience. PLEASE read it, it will help you understand that you never really had a chance, all of the soap income gets sucked into the diamonds' pockets through tools.

    It's truly amazing that the only people who ever reached out to even say hi were my upline EDC and my upline Emerald's wife. Not a peep from the entire rest of the organization, for whom I was supposedly a source of inspiration. I guess quitting and enjoying a balanced and successful life isn't the goal!!

    I'm really interested to see how the multiple lawsuits focussed on the pyramid nature of the tool systems are going to go in the next few years. I hope that the entire business collapses, but one can only dream.....

  10. Thanks so much AnnaBanana for getting back to me! I have actually considered going into counseling for ex-cult members to relearn how to function in the real world. After I wrote all that last night, I realized the enormous scale of your blog and I couldn't get enough! It's freakin hysterical. I was laughing so hard I woke up my husband. I can't WAIT to show him all of your posts when he gets home from work:) I feel like we have the exact same sense of humor about all this cult Scamway nonsense. I have been thinking about starting a blog of my own for some time now as a way to cope with my experience. You have totally inspired me to do that. I'm so glad that your husband snapped out of it:) My family is relieved that we did as well. I'm still laughing out loud about your Fuck You IBO blog. Brilliant. And I concur!!!!

  11. your friendship was a transaction all along...

    no kidding been there done that

  12. Graham thank you for sharing your post. I had no idea you were in for 15 years. You could have been in another 15 years and still be struggling to retire.

  13. Anonymous, counselling for ex-cult members might be useful. I didn't require it. If you've been reading my blog then you'll know I tried to keep my Amway contact to a minimum and most of the time when I was at functions I was pissed off and not retaining anything. I think I said it earlier when our Platinum complained that I wasn't coachable, I read that to mean I was not brainwashable. However my husband struggled for some time afterwards, mostly I think because his best friends forever were no longer in his life. Also because he'd been conditioned to think a certain way so it took awhile for him to accept that not being part of Amway did not make him a loser.

    Although I've seen a few posts on the Internet from women pissed off about the Amway scam I think I'm the only one who blogs about it. What really happens at Amway meetings, how we're treated by the upline, and chasing futile dreams. Emotional and financial distress. There are several men who blog about their Amway experiences but they tend to focus more on the business aspect and why its a bad business rather than the emotional toll it takes.

    I'd love to read a blog that you write. If you do start a blog, be sure to come back and post a link so we can get more readers to your site to read your story. Writing this blog has been helpful to me to let go of anger. Not to mention for some bizarre reason on many searches for Amway products my blog shows up high on the search, right behind Amway propaganda. I have a lot of horrified IBOs who end up here by mistake!

  14. Anna,
    Again thank you for providing so much comic relief for me today. I showed hubs a bunch of your posts and we were in tears from laughing so hard.
    I was so surprised to see that my story created any kind of response. Then as I read it to myself again, I was horrified that the story was my own. My mom would always try to get me to read similar horror stories all over the internet to try and make me see what kind of mind control I was under. Of course that didn't work because I started yelling at her about her "negativity" and refusal to support me. I would always tell her that MY upline had integrity. MY upline could never ruin someones marriage.
    Honestly, just writing that little bit last night was so helpful. I can't imagine what writing a whole blog could do for me. We have so many more stories where that one came from, and as I process my new found realization that I was in an abusive relationship with cult leaders, I'm sure my rage will surface pretty quickly. Stupid Scamway.

    Thanks to everyone on here for encouraging me to tell my story. I can't believe I might become the "negative blogger" that I used to despise! That's good stuff. And I'm damn proud of it!! Amway sucks a big fat one!!!!

    Love always,
    Former Ambot

    PS- I have already bookmarked your blog on both of my computers:) I will definitely keep in touch....

  15. Thanks Anonymous. Its posts like yours that keep this blog going. I'd say pretty much most of the readers here have similar stories to yours. No one likes to hear of anyone going through turmoil in their lives especially when Amway is the cause of it. I'm glad your husband is enjoying reading it. I see posts from husbands who've gotten out of Amway and many of them apologize for what they put their wives through. I still see posts from IBO's who say their uplines are good people who don't abuse them. And for the benefit of the doubt I'll say that possibility might exist. Not in my case and not in the cases of many who post online about their Amway experiences. IBOs are brainwashed into the whole negativity thing and can't tell the difference between negative and the truth. Instead of listening to people, such as your mother, who care about them and are trying to give them good advice, they accuse them of being negative. Just part of the brainwashing. I don't think of myself as being a negative blogger though any current IBOs would disagree. I'm a truthful blogger. I tell what was happening to me and what I went through watching my husband go through the brainwashing process that is part of belonging to Amway. Some people don't want to hear the truth.

  16. Hi Anna,

    Sad, but true. I ran 4000+PV every month for 10 years, but never broke through into the big pins. I ended up leaving as I couldn't justify the time and effort I was spending, and I was making a Ruby income in a job (so I decided to focus on that instead). I regained some balance in life and looking for some answers about why I never broke through, I ran across Merchants of Deception and started looking into the tool pyramid business. I was very glad that I didn't manage to break through as I couldn't have been part of an illegal pyramid tools business (although the soap business is NOT an illegal pyramid, the tools business pretty clearly IS). However, I'm no Tex and I don't have the time or energy to run a holy crusade against Amway and the AMO systems (I'd like to have a life instead). But, I wouldn't be sad at all if some of the mind control tricks got exposed and the systematic fleecing of unsuspecting IBO's was slowed or stopped.

    I do enjoy reading your blog, as you capture the essence of the Amway experience quite accurately. You've managed to keep the "crusade" out of your writing, unlike some other bloggers who seem bent on Amway's destruction (good luck bringing down a billion dollar corporation on your own). Keep up the entertaining work :-)

  17. Graham, thanks for the note. I'm glad you're enjoying reading my blog. I don't have a crusade as much as letting go of the anger caused by our former upline and telling everyone what was going on around us as lower level IBOs. 4000 PV does sound impressive after 10+ years and not breaking Platinum it must have been really aggravating. You must have had to spend a lot of time trying to convince your downline not to quit! That's 10 to 15 hours a week right there! There was someone like you in our upline at that level. They are still in and trying to become Platinum but I think they float between 2000 and 6000 PV each month depending on how many IBOs below them are quitting. They lost a lot of their downline in the months after we quit. Our upline Eagle quit and everyone in that leg quit. He said the same thing. The money that he was told he'd be making at that level just wasn't there.

    I ran into Merchants of Deception after reading about it on one of the blogs I'd be following while I was trying to figure out how to convince Ambot to get out of Amway. When I was pretty sure he was thinking of leaving I had him read it and he said it answered all the questions for him that his upline had refused to answer. The book is an eye opener and shows how the odds are stacked against you in Amway. The lies that were told back in the 90's are still being told today.

  18. I (Former Ambot) just started reading Merchants of Deception last night...its incredible and disturbing. Thanks for the suggestion Anna!

  19. It is hard to put it aside once you start reading it. I hope the book helps you as it has helped so many others.

  20. Hi Anna,

    4000PV is not fun at all. I had a lot of responsibility in the group, and was pretty much break even after system expenses on an Eagle 4000PV business, so there wasn't any money in it. 10-15 hours is one of the biggest lies of the systems. I worked pretty consistently between 30 and 40 hours a week on top of my job and my upline Ruby was on a 7 day per week schedule.

    I did have one month that I did a little over 8000PV, but was conselled to move orders around to move some volume into the next month as I didn't have the recommended parameters to be a solid platinum (10 legs, 40 on tape of the week, and 60+ at functions). I had 5 legs with 50 on tapes and over 100 at major funtions at the peak, but quitting brought it back to the core group of about 35 people. I think that it was the most frustrating enterprise that I've ever taken on, and certainly the biggest waste of time.

    I'm a little better than halfway through MOD again, but time definitely does not heal the brainwashing and programming. I still feel like I'm going to puke as I read his experiences and relive my own.

    I've got one to add to your fuck you IBO list.

    65. For not standing still long enough for me to kick you in the balls for lying to me and getting me into a massive system of fraud and deceit.

    I'm not sure that kicking a 40 yard field goal with a left testicle would really "help" anyone, but it sure would feel cathartic somehow......

  21. Yeah thats a good image!

    I can only imagine how it would be frustrating. We never even got close - except in the amount of hours Ambot invested. Stories like yours are so good. It shows that even with the amount of downline you had you still weren't earning the money that the upline and the Amway literature said you should be getting. That's a big clue to people who have no downline or only one or two. Its not going to happen.

  22. GRAHAM WROTE - You've managed to keep the "crusade" out of your writing, unlike some other bloggers who seem bent on Amway's destruction (good luck bringing down a billion dollar corporation on your own). Keep up the entertaining work :-)

    Graham, I am one of those people - or at least, WAS - I would do anything to shut Amway down.

    It's NOT because I have some kind of 'crusading' mentality.... it's just that after I was prospected a few times I did some research on the internet and ended up reading HUNDREDS of stories like anon's story above. And it made me FURIOUS, that this scam had been destroying SO MANY people's lives, marriages and finances, and the government had not done anything about it.

    That RAGE.... was what drove that crusade...

    AND - the SHEER unprofitability BUILT into the business by the prices and the products... that galls me no end!

    For the record, I DISAGREE STRONGLY with you that the 'product' business is not an Illegal Pyramid Scheme.


    How many IBOs keep buying Amway products after they quit - Tex-the-retard aside? The ARTIFICIALLY INDUCED PRODUCT DEMAND BY IBOS TRYING TO REACH PV GOALS, is HIDING a "PRODUCT-BASED-PYRAMID-SCHEME".

    Here's another thing - a lot of critics also think that Amway is not really guilty, it is just the Big-pin IBOs at the top of the pyramid who have corrupted the business and turned into a venue to suck money out of lower level IBOs in the form of USELESS tools. I disagree strongly. I can show you multiple incidents/policies by the "Amway Corporation that actively and tacitly supports this fraud". THEY are the REAL thieves. The Devoses and the VanAndels.

    RAGE? Yes, I still have it. And reading this blog, and this particular thread, just re-ignited it.

    When I proposed to my girlfriend, she happily said yes - BUT - made it conditional... I couldn't visit any critic sites anymore, no more commenting, no more updating my blog, no more spending time on amway...

    Quit cold-turkey. Here I am now with a wife, and a little boy, on our annual vacation, traveling... and just out of the blue visited forums, and ended up here. Literally read through the whole blog - just couldn't resist! My wife would kill me if she found out ;-).

  23. Perceptive - you are on a family vacation and you are reading my whole blog???

    You are going to be up shit creek if your wife finds out!!!!

  24. Anna,

    It's a 100% certainty she will skin me alive ;-) if she found out...

    But I couldn't stop reading... most of it I did when I was supposedly checking my emails/reading the news / uploading pics to FB etc...

    Dang, it's going to be tough now... quitting again.

  25. Perceptive, good to see you! I am still fighting the good fight!

  26. Joecool - Perceptive hasn't been back, or at least not leaving comments if he's been back to read! Maybe his wife caught him!

  27. Hi Anna,

    I just recently started reading your blog and wow, does it hit home!

    A few years ago I was engaged to a wonderful guy. We were friends in high school and dated when we were in college. We got engaged and were looking forward to the future. He was an IST major and was great with computers. He was a great guy and was always supportive of the things I did. The only issue that he had was that he was easily influenced, mainly by his older, hypocritical, macho brother. He's the one that introduced my then fiance to Amway...

    Everything that you said in this blog can be related to what I went through. The meetings, the expensive products, the extreme "Christianity" (he was all of a sudden a Christian, after years of being agnostic) everything. I can remember him threatening to leave me if I didn't become Christian, or if I didn't join the business. He wanted me to send him lists of my friends so he could solicit them. He wanted me to actually go to meetings although I was in college, had a part time job, and internship, and several activities. I had no time to even think about developing a business! Then he began to say that my career in college was useless, and that my dreams of "getting my doctorate, getting a good job, continuing to play French Horn, and having a family" weren't good enough. He was never happy with anything I did. He would belittle me because I wasn't trying to build the business, or that I wasn't like the other girlfriends or wives in Amway. He thought that I lacked common sense and would get mad over the tiniest things. The one time, we were at a convention, and I walked down one of the aisles to get to a seat. He actually yelled at me because I went down the aisle away from everyone else! It was absolutely horrid to see him insult my friends, family and my life. I couldn't believe the person he had become. I was a victim of emotional abuse, too weak to see (or not wanting to see) how crappy things had become.

    Eventually I told him that I absolutely could not be with him if he was in this business. He at first had no problem with it, until I handed him back to ring and walked out of his apartment. He then claimed that there was something wrong with me but we could work it out, blah, blah, blah. Eventually he just got angry with me and left me alone. He tried to rekindle the relationship but I refused. No way was I getting sucked into that again! I loved my freedom of being able to buy whatever I wanted from wherever I wanted. My new boyfriend and I go to a discount grocery outlet and I can't help but think about how badly my ex-ambot would have flipped out if he found out I went e there. I cherish the little things like that, LOL.

    He eventually left Amway and joined the Navy, because he was so badly in debt that he couldn't do Amway anymore. His asshole brother is still in it, driving him and his new wifey into debt everyday (BTW I pity this girl. He was such a womanizing, mean, arrogant jerk and Amway has done nothing to help this. Maybe he stopped boning every girl who looked his way, but that's about it.)

    I am so happier to be out of my Amway life!I should have gotten out of it sooner than I did, but at least I realized before it was too late. I love your blog Anna, and I thank you for writing it and helping others who have gone through living with an Ambot. It's blogs like this that helped give me the strength to leave my controlling, emotionally abusive ex (in fact I remember reading a blog right minutes before I actually broke up with him) It's eerie how everyone's stories are so similar.

    1. Hi Anonymous - I'm glad you found me! At least you found you're not the only ones who have the same feelings you do. I read a few comments other women who'd been married to ambots had left on other websites, and there are several bloggers who write about what a bad business opportunity Amway is and why, and I realized there was no woman writing a blog what its like putting up with a husband who gets brainwashed by the cult, what its like putting up with the assholes in Amway, and what its like putting up with overpriced useless Amway shit in the house. So here I am!

      Writing made me feel better but I've had several women write and say they were through the same thing. Its the personality change in the significant other due to being brainwashed by the Amway cult that is really difficult to deal with and a lot of women don't put up with the bullshit anymore and just become more statistics in how Amway destroys families and relationships. Its a truly evil company.

      The majority of ambots do quit mostly because they've gotten so far in debt thanks to Amway that they need to quit and find income to pay off their debt. I've had people leave comments on my blog that they lost tens of thousands of dollars.

      Your ex-s upline was bullying him and pressuring him to leave you probably within a month of him signing up for Amway. That's how this cult operates. They separate their cult followers from "non-believers" because those are the people who are dangerous enough to reason with the cult follower to get out of Amway and that stops the money flowing to the upline.

      Most ambots quit within a year of signing up with Amway. What does your ex have to show for his hell in Amway? The usual story. Debt and a destroyed relationship.

      All us women have the same story in how we were treated by our ambots and their upline. I'm sorry to hear your relationship was destroyed thanks to Amway but that's great you've got your life back on track and have found a new boyfriend. Its really great having someone in your life who puts you first instead of Amway first!


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