Friday, December 17, 2010

A Recession Proof Business

I can’t tell you how many times I heard the upline Platinum spout off that Amway is a recession proof business. He would follow that statement up by saying even in a recession people still need to eat, drink, and use toilet paper.

I have a recording by our sponsor where he says “people running around with their heads cut off about the recession and getting laid off.” He follows that by saying how he starts putting fear into people about their job and how he hopes they don’t have all their eggs in one basket because they’ll be finished. He continues with the scare tactics saying he hopes they have more than one way of making money because if its slow now before Christmas, what’s going to happen after Christmas.

Smarmy son of a bitch.

So what happens when families incomes are disrupted due to lay offs or hours getting cut? Do they look for ways to save money or do they go crazy buying expensive products?

I can’t remember the price of Amway’s toilet paper but it seems to me it was around $60 but I don’t know how many rolls, maybe 48. Whatever many rolls that’s still too high. Get 48 of a well known brand for $15, $20 at the grocery or drug store.

OK, glossed right over that. The Platinum sack of shit also mentioned eat and drink, everyone has to do that.

Sure but when I want food and drink I want it probably that same day not wait a few days for it to be shipped to me. I always shop at a local produce store that’s open year round for my fruits and vegetables. I find they’re fresher and much lower priced than grocery stores. My shopping list might vary with local produce that’s in season or a recipe I’m making but I can go to the produce store and buy a sack of potatoes, a bag of onions, tomatoes, carrots, celery, mushrooms, peppers, bananas, grapes, oranges, apples and get change from a $20 bill.

What kind of fresh vegetables and fruit does Amway sell? Would that be none? Oh wait some IBO is going to argue with me that who needs fresh produce when they can buy Nutrilite vitamins. Ah yes there’s a healthy choice. Not to mention an expensive one. When you’re hungry munching an apple might fill you up a bit. Pop a vitamin and you’ll still be hungry afterwards!

Does Amway sell eggs? Hmm, would that be another no? But my neighbor sells them for $1/dozen.

There’s a warehouse bakery that supplies all the grocery stores around here. They have a shop at their warehouse. I’ve been going there for years and buying bread for half price or less than what’s charged at the grocery stores. I can stock up my freezer for a month on less than $20 and that’s gourmet grain bread, garlic bread, bagels, and hamburger buns.

Who can tell me what kind of bread Amway sells? An IBO might argue Amway sells crackers and I should change my eating habits.

I bet those crackers cost a lot less at the grocery store than what Amway sells them for.

Then I hit the grocery store for the rest of my shopping. Now is when IBO’s will try to convince me that just about everything I want to buy at the grocery store is available from Amway. What about seafood - fresh or frozen? Does Amway sell that? Oh god some IBO is going to spout off about Nutrilite with Omega 3.

Drinks? Um I don’t drink energy drinks and XS is disgusting so I’d never buy that! Perfect Water at a per bottle price of $2 each. I can buy a case of bottled water at Wal-Mart for $2 or $3 depends if its on sale. I don’t normally buy bottled water anyway. Our tap water is good. I tried some chocolate flavored Amway drink once in a tetra pack. Tasted like chalk. Don’t know what it was. Ambot thought I liked it so he ordered more and when they arrived they’d already passed the expiry date so I wouldn’t drink them. Really good quality control there Amway!

Recession or not people like to get good deals and they’ll shop where they can get good prices and get their money’s worth. When money is tight some people will even forgo quality for price. I can fill my fridge, freezer, larder for a month with good healthy choices for under $300 the minimum amount that IBO's have to fork out each month to stay in qualification to get a less than $10 check. That $300 worth of PV isn't putting hot, tasty, healthy meals on my table. Not to mention the ice cream for dessert that Amway can't sell me.

Amway IBO's can claim all they want that Amway is a recession proof business but can you find customers or sign up new prospects when money is tight?

Whether or not Amway’s a recession proof business is debatable - depending on whether or not you’re an IBO! - but selling to customers who’ve been hit by the recession and are watching their pennies is a tough sell. Why  pressure these people? They’re already struggling financially why push them on a business with a 99% failure rate.


  1. Amway USED to be more recession proof, when they had more emphasis on cleaning items. Now the emphasis is on high end nutrition and personal care, and I believe they have taken a BIG hit the past couple of years, not to mention the shellacking they are taking from people like us.

  2. Why rely on memory when there's this marvelous thing called the internet?

    Amway's meadowbrook toilet paper is $36.96 for 48 rolls at full retail. It's even cheaper for it's target market of IBOs.

    Amway's Kleenex offering is $36.96 for a 20 pack - comparable to other stores

    And yes, you can get fresh fruit & vegetables through Amway, via partner stores like

    And you claim that some IBOs would claim you can just get your fruit & veg from Nutrilite is pretty idiotic considering Nutrilite is spending big bucks on research and telling people to eat fresh fruit & veg!

    But you're right on one thing. No business is recession proof, including Amway.

  3. Tex you may be right if they stuck with just cleaning supplies at a reasonable price. I can tell you I did not like the dish soap because the soap suds didn't last very long. I didn't like the dishwasher soap because I ended up with too many rejects that I would have to wash in the sudless sink. I didn't like the laundry detergent - didn't get our clothes clean enough. Now that I've gone back to my normal brands I don't have any of those problems. Cleaning products for the kitchen and bathroom I'll say are about the same as anything else I use. No better or worse. The only thing I didn't like was the plastic spray bottles you had to buy because the cleaners came in these refill things. Once Ambot put them in the plastic containers I didn't have a clue what was in there and made it tough to use. I know, I know, it would have been much easier for me if he'd wrote on the spray bottle what was inside but he didn't. I had to guess. Easier for me to buy what I liked from the store that was properly labeled.

  4. IBOFB I really have no interest in going to Amway's site. Perhaps the toilet paper came down in price. All I remember is our Platinum told all of us that we didn't have to buy it because it was too expensive. So if the Platinum's not buying it that tells me you can buy the same amount in the store for half the price, typical price comparison with most Amway products. Never heard of fromthefarm but I can tell you when I want fresh fruit and veggies I can get them in 5 minutes from the produce store instead of waiting a few days to get them shipped. I also get to pick the apples that aren't bruised, the tomatoes that aren't mushy, etc instead of relying on somebody else's decision. I listened to several Amway speakers telling the audience they did not need to eat fresh fruit and vitamins because they could get the same benefits from Nutrilite.

  5. IBOFB your comparisons are all based on regular retail prices. You can find toilet paper and kleenex on sale almost anywhere for much less than Amway without the hassle and the wait.
    From the Farm is over priced just like Amway $12.95 for 10lbs of potatoes, get real.
    Amway sales are going backwards in North America mainly because they do not have competitive pricing compared to the Walmarts and other big box stores. You will not save money shopping at Amway.

    ***Former WWDB Lemming***

  6. Holy shit! I can get 10 pounds of spuds regularly priced for $2.99, sometimes $1.99 if I catch a sale when its harvest season.

  7. Steadson, the point is, it's still higher priced with no real added value.

    Period. Oh, and this was nice point you made:

    "And you claim that some IBOs would claim you can just get your fruit & veg from Nutrilite is pretty idiotic.".......

    Yet here we are because it still goes on with IBO's in North America.

    Just because it makes Amway look stupid does not mean it's not going on.

    Your feigned indignation with any negative about Amway does get old rather quickly. Maybe try a new tactic in your quest to repair their pathetic reputation?

    you should talk with other official spokespeople from other companies to learn how to do it properly.

  8. Or perhaps ibofb should duplicate his hero and get throat cancer, then maybe he'll shut up as well:

  9. lol very lame response from ibofb. You're losing your touch.

  10. You can walk into Costco (not online) and purchase Kirkland toilet tissue (good quality), 36 rolls for $11.99.

  11. joe, most ibo and their supporters dont live in the real world. They'd always think amways prices are fair and competitive.

  12. Joecool, You simply dont understand. The toilet paper ibofb mentioned are prestige products and cost a bit more LMAO. The Ching Ma newspaper in china rated amways toilet paper as top 5 prestige toilet papers in the world. :)

  13. Anna, if everything you say about your upline is true, such as them saying you don't have to eat fruit & veg, then quite frankly your upline are a bunch of utter idiots who haven't got a clue about what Nutrilite (and Amway) stand for.

    I don't think "married to an ambot" is an appropriate title for this blog, "Amway-bot" is clearly not what he was. Again, if what you say is true (and to be frank, I have my doubts) then he pretty much never read the Amway website, never read the Nutrilite website, never seemed to learn anything at all about Amway and it's products.

    Whatever he (and his upline) was doing, it wasn't an Amway business.

  14. IBOFB and I agree on something! My upline are a bunch of idiots!

  15. Colin - prestigious toilet paper! Ha ha ha! Yup that's the main reason why people buy tp - prestige!

  16. ibofb,

    I think you're a liar as well.

  17. jc,

    No, I don't think - I KNOW.

  18. Wow, that's as close to understanding the problem as Steadson have ever come!

    Just think, another decade or so and he'll maybe have a handle on what's wrong with Amway!

    Hey Dave, Amway allows this crap to continue. They are the only ones who can stop it, and choose not to.

    Ambot's husband isn't the only idiot. People who can't understand simple facts like yourself are also idiots.

    Get real. You can't tell me this is news to you!

    By the way, uplines were calling this a recession proof business back in 1995.

    Oh, but things are different now!

  19. Yes, things are different now. The diamonds still pretend they buy homes in cash, they still do not emphasize selling of products, they still pretend that the business is recession proof, they teach that the system is fool proof. What else is still the same now as in 1995?

  20. rocket,

    Amway is not the only ones who can stop it, so can the governments they operate in, such as the UK and India, both have already stopped it.

  21. hahaha Prestige toilet paper too funny

    you almost forgot that ibos get paid for using their own product my rough calculations at the 1000 pv level is 1.30 in bonus not even enough to pay shipping

    whats the bonus on the prestige potatoes? 40 cents?

  22. RocketCoward, what are you babbling about? I've been campaigning against idiot IBOs since I started my first pro-Amway website in 1999 or thereabouts. I've continued to do so both on The Truth About Amway and Amway Talk, and also did so on QuixtarBlog.

    Amway has kicked out dozens of diamonds in north america the past decade, gotten independent assessments of tool contracts and BSM operations, standardised and formalised BSM rules, linked higher award bonuses to following these rules, done extensive market research to establish which direction is better for the company and field, dramatically increased retailing training and supported it through millions of dollars of advertising, developed entire new categories of cheaper products to appeal to those with less cash, setup multiple blogs to allow people to comment and talk about problems, publicly taken responsibility for not monitoring the field better (and even offered to refund everyone who thinks they got ripped off)

    Oh yeah, Amway just keeps on keeping on, same old story.

    Why haven't they done anything about Anna's particular idiots? (a) How do you know they haven't? (b) She admits she won't file a complaint!

  23. Let's see. I filed a complaint with Amway head office on the phone and in writing. Any other suggestions on how I can file a complaint and get a different answer - and here I'll paraphrase - "We're not responsible for what is said at meetings."

    Not all of us live in Fantasyland and believe the Amway fairy tales!

  24. This was in the last few years since accreditation was implemented?

    Could I get a copy of your complaint and the response? I'm more than happy for you to remove your details of course.

    I'm also more than happy to give Amway a slam on my blog if I think they're being derelict in their duty.

  25. In the last year.

    You will see the complaint and response when I organize this blog into chronological order and put it up as an ebook. Kind of like a Julie and Julia thing.

    You can slam Amway all you want on your blog. My blog exists to slam my upline.

  26. Really Steadson? Amway has kicked out "dozens of diamonds"

    Go ahead. I'm all ears.

    I can't wait to see the DOZENS that have been "kicked out"

    Once you clarify that we can then proceed to taking the reast of your claims seriously.

    Good Lord.......

  27. And just how does IBOFB have access to information on disciplinary action taken by Amway?

  28. Maybe one of my readers from Ada, Buena Park, or Missouri City could leave a comment giving us that information! Or at least tell us where disciplinary action can be found on an Alticor website.

  29. What Diamonds have been kicked out of Amway Steadson? The Diamonds in the largest line of Sponsorship in WWDB are still in the business 17 years after I left (Puryear, Moore, G. Duncan) and they had and probably still do have one of the largest tool businesses. They learned how to make money selling tools from Bill Britt who is still in Amway and probably still making money from the tool business, as a matter of fact he was referred to in a Amway inter office memo about how motivational organizations are distancing themselves from Amway and running their own motivational business for profit This was way back in 1983 along with quite a few diamonds that are still in the business today and unfortunately the kingpin Diamonds continue and have not been kicked out of Amway. Once again Steadson is incorrect and the Diamonds that line their pockets selling "motivational" tools and functions are still doing so today with NO interference from Amway. Why would they interfere when they have so many IBO's continuing to buy overpriced product because they are brainwashed to think they will be financially free some day.

    ****Former WWDB Lemming****

  30. On a side note, many Diamonds have left Amway on their own accord or have fallen out of qualification. So much for residual income and a recession proof business. The sad truth is if these guys don't keep cultivating their downline to sponsor more people who will buy into the motivational tool scam they cannot maintain the lifestyle or the pin level. Just take a look through and click on a few diamonds for additional information, you will find a large percentage have fallen out of qualification or have disappeared completely further proving that the business is not sustainable because of the large IBO turnover.

    ****Former WWDB Lemming****

  31. You're wasting your breath Lemming! IBOFB might come back to read the comments but once he's challenged he cowers off and won't provide the statistics to back up what he says. Although its plausible that Amway has given the boot to some Diamonds over the years there aren't that many diamonds out there so kicking out dozens in the past decade would probably delete most of their supply! Therefore dozens of Diamonds being kicked out by Amway headquarters doesn't sound plausible. It would make more sense for Amway to kick out IBOFB because he really makes their company look even worse - if that is possible! - by cluttering the Internet with his silly comments.

  32. Here's a great link that shows big pins that have quit or have been released by Amway. It is very interesting to see that so many walked away from a business that is portrayed as residual and something you can leave to your children and their children. What a bunch of crap new IBO's are told.

    ****Former WWDB Lemming****

  33. The dozens and dozens of Diamonds listed in Anon's (Former WWDB Lemming) link are the proof dozens of Diamonds have been booted. Many of those who "resigned" merely did it to keep from getting terminated, so you can add those to the list.

  34. That link showed some Diamonds who'd been terminated, others who'd quit, others who fell out of qualification but dates weren't entered for all. Some of those names could be going back 20 or 40 years. Either way it blows our upline's theory of a passive income coming in forever from Amway. People wouldn't just quit if they didn't have to do anything and still have thousands of dollars rolling in each month.

  35. Greg & Laurie said from stage that while they were going diamond, sometimes they would have upwards of 300+ standing order tapes that had been cancelled by downline; but being the true north champions that they are, they just ate the loss week after week - and whala- look at us now.

    WWDB diamonds are famous for addressing obvious problems in amway upfront. They try to make you feel silly and small for even considering dropping SOTs if your downline has bailed.

    Any serious financial challenge you have is made to appear almost silly, i.e., $0 in your checking account - that's O.K., sell one of your kids to get to the next function.

    $0 in checking account: that's O.K., skip the next few months house payments - adequate shelter for your children is so overrated anyway!

    $0 in checking account: only a wimp needs utilities on a regular basis.

    $0 in checking acct: you don't need to see a doctor for a serious illness - pop more XX.

    $0 in checking account: don't tell me you're still giving to charities?

    The degrading talk was endless. We were constantly bashed over the head for having any concerns in our lives save for amway.

    Jimmy Head used to run back and forth on stage crying and holding up a copy of the lasest amway product catalog (back in the 90's they were as big as JC Penney's - seriously) and yelling and pleading with us to use everything in that book.

    I dressed in their (extremely limited) bus. suits, shoes, sox, coats; we bought and ate everything we possibly could out of that book.

    We went Double Eagle and it about killed us. After a while I got so sick of them saying (yelling) from stage, "It's easy to go Direct. What are you waiting for?"

    Well, I used to wonder, what the hell are YOU waiting for? Show us how east it is, Dave Severn. You've been a lowly diamond for decades - wha the hell are YOU waiting for?

    We attended the vitamin clinics, Artistry clinics:

    a note about the Artistry clinics: I've sold MK cosmetics for decades so I was good at skin care classes and closing the sale. As soon as my upline heard that she put me in charge of teaching all of everyone's group about slin care classes (I was not happy about that). Well, on Sunday afternoons - when you are absolutely dizzy from exhaustion from yet another major function, they would parade out the diamond wives for their take on an Artistry class. It was positively horrible. I wanted to run up there and say, "For gosh sakes, here's how you do it."

    THEY WEREN'T DOING IT! THEY HAD NEVER DONE IT! It was so obvious. I lost all respect for them after that.

    We were killing outselves and they weren't doing what they screamed at us to do.

    They can kiss my grits.

  36. The worst advice particularly financial I've ever heard in my life has come from Amway speakers starting at the Platinum level on up. This business leaves a lot of financial destruction in its path. You're right about the endless degrading talk and at all levels. I don't know if I ever heard any of the people you mentioned. Wouldn't matter anyway. They all said the same thing. These were the most boring negative people I've ever come across in my life.

  37. Anna;

    Greg Duncan was always referred to as a 'computer on legs.'

    And everyone would swoon when he would walk into a room. We would wait endlessly for him to show up. I was so not impressed. My kid was back in the hotel room vomiting his guts up from serious food poisoning and here I am cheering for Greg D.

    That is the hardest thing for me to admit about the lows I went to to build Amway.

    Is that not just the sickest?

    And I'm supposed to let it go and move on? How do I do that with this kind of sick guilt?

  38. Anonymous there are stories all over the Internet about IBOs missing births, funerals, weddings, leaving loved ones alone in the hospital, etc so they could attend an Amway function. Occasionally I even see a comment from a husband apologizing to his wife for what he put her through during the Amway dark ages.

    You should have a talk with your kid about Amway and the brainwashing and cult influence that you were under at the time. And show your kid this post. They don't always understand at the time, and I take it this was a few years ago, but when they get older and gain knowledge about Amway they have a better understanding of what the parent was going through. I'm sure your kid will tell you its time to let go of the sick guilt from the dark period when you chose Greg over him.

  39. Anonymous, thanks for the great post. I am thankful that there are blogs like this that allow people to get their stories out. This is a Cult that we were involved in and were brainwashed into thinking we needed to follow our upline to the end of the earth at any cost in order to become "financially free" like them. Greg Duncan (was my upline Diamond)is a liar and a hypocrite who criticized people for having a mortgage and told us how he bought everything with cash but lost his house to the bank. These guys are crooks and hopefully blogs like this will warn other people before they get in over their heads.

    ***Former WWDB Lemming***

  40. To all those who want us to shut up and move on;

    WE are grieving and we've never had a place to do that before. When the zombies quit amway, they tried to just disappear and pray that everyone would forget they had ever been involved; but the anger and grief was simmering just below the surface.

    With the internet, suddenly we have a voice and it is screaming loudly and clearly. We have been deeply wounded, many for life.

    Lost marriages, children, relationships beyond repair, finances, etc., it's all too much to bear.

    My heart breaks for those who are in so much pain they can't even talk about it. How's that for the 'opportunity of the century?'

    We've been out for almost a decade and we still can't talk about it in our home. How is that possible? We don't dare bring it up - it causes the same fights.

    Have I mentioned I hate amway?

  41. As long as Amway destroys lives people will hit the Internet to tell their stories in hopes that we can help people not sign up or get out before its too late to salvage their marriage and finances.

    I can tell you still have a lot of pain so feel free to show up here and curse out your former upline. Or start your own blog where you can call them anything you want. Your story from 10 years ago is no different than people 10 years before you or people from today.

  42. I have learned a significant amount of useful information from your post. Thanks for this wonderful share!.. really appreciated..

  43. Some dear friends we made during our nightnare called amway, told us on yet another plane ride home how after 15 years of sold-out-to-the-c.o.r.e-ass-kissing, doing-whatever-it-takes, money-out-the-wazoo, fired-up-at-all-times bullslhit business exhaustion, they were nowhere pin-wise and they had sacrificed their children to build it; now their children's lives were slow trainwrecks, etc.

    We couldn't believe it. We had watched them be so happy and positive for many years (they were cross-line) and I endeavored to be like them. It was all a sham. They had reached the end of their finances, their family was torn apart, and they were shells of their former selves.

    So sad.

    goin' to the river, my ass

  44. Your dear friends were typical IBO's. 15 years of being CORE and they had no $$$ to show for it. Just goes to show the power of being brainwashed in this business. Putting on a happy face and lying about their success is all part of what we're taught in Amway meetings.

  45. No matter how bad things are in the world, my motto is, "You can't scare me. I did amway."

    Maybe that should be my new license plate.

  46. I did Amway with sheer dedication for a year with my partner supporting me (no matter what).

    We were full time students with full time jobs and aspiring to build a future.

    Any spare time we had, it was Amway, when in fact it was Amway that slowed us down by a year.

    Thousands of dollars wasted using expensive products and buying mandated business (so called education) supplies.

    Dozens of good relationships lost with friends and family.

    I am speechless now when someone mentions Amway. Don't know where to start.

    Driving 100 miles each time (thrice a week) with products, tool kits, aaaawwwwwwhhhhhh

    The tip of the iceberg was when I had a deer accident while doing 73 trying to make it to a meeting my upline wanted me to so attend when in fact I had lectures the same day. A few days after the meeting with no car, my upline wanted me to take a cab and travel the 100 miles. (We lived outside the city)

    Long story short, Life has been good since we walked away. We did financially well, bought a house, have 2 cars now and live within our means. No, it is not Amway... its within you... let no one tell you any better.

  47. Hi Rey. Thank you for stopping by to share your story. Proof that there is life - and a good life! - after Amway.

    I'm glad to hear you weren't seriously injured after the accident. What a wake up call!

    Its just amazing how we all have different stories but they are so similar at the same time.

    Well, maybe not the part about the deer....

  48. It's simply shocking the crap you are asked to endure to *prove* you are loyal.

    Any boss (which amway constanty hammers against) would have been very concerned for your safety after an accident; and would never have asked you to take a CAB?

    Where do you start with a biz like that? It is totally defenseless.

    CASSETTE TAPES are great for target practice. A .38 would do the trick. Heck, a BB gun would be great fun for the kids.

  49. This has got to be one of the best posts ever.
    i really got amazing ideas...
    Thanks for sharing the information.

  50. Oooookkkkkaaaayyyy. Thanks for stopping by and good luck to you!

  51. if you're not going to be brainwashed into being a success, then you've been brainwashed to be a failure the rest of your life which you make blatantly obvious with this pathetic attempt at amway bashing. 50 years, 11 billion dollars. you never had a double eagle business because youve obviously never picked up a book before. im sorry you got losers limp now because you tried and failed. i really hope you get over that in the future

    1. OK Joe from Mobile Alabama who found your way here after doing a search for "Dave Severn pain" what the fuck kind of search is that anyway?

      So what if Amway made 11 billion dollars last year? Its not your money. What the fuck do you care?

      Amazon made $40 billion last year and they're only been around 15 years. Talk about a better business plan and better products!

      Amway doesn't give their employees a benefit plan. What kind of fucked up company goes around flaunting about the billions they make can't even treat their employees right? Decent businesses that make money offer health coverage and probably some kind of retirement savings plan. Those would be companies who care about their employees. Amway does not fall into that category. All it does is spread misery across the world.

      99% of people who try Amway fail because its a business plan set up for failure. Why don't you pick up Amway's literature and read the small print yourself instead of believing what the cult leaders tell you.

    2. "Got losers limp". Amspeak at its best, I guess. I'm sure the remark about brainwashing to be "losers" came from upline trying to counter all the documented brashwashing techniques Amway uses to brainwash it's people. I don't think there are all-night seminars (sleep deprivation), daily CD's or books to read to get a "loser" brainwashing. But there sure are those techniques in Amway.

      I guess we should feel lucky he didn't start parroting the "stinkin' thinkin' ", J.O.B., dreamstealers brainwashed phrases.

      P.S. I wonder if he was really looking for "Dave Severn Plan" and just can't spell.

    3. Dave - its that time inbetween functions where brainwashed ambots lose momentum and start searching on the Internet and feel the need to attack anyone who has nothing nice ti say about the geart Amway gods.

      Ha! I never thought he might have been looking for Dave Severn plan instead of Dave Severn pain. I just figured Dave Severn has some kind of illness that's causing him pain and ambots like gruesome stuff like that judging by all the searchers I get looking for information about the Ganesh and Neha Shenoy divorce and the Brad and Leslie Wolgamott divorce. And just look at all the key words I now have on this post! Plan, pain, and divorce. Kind of sounds like the Amway cult leaders method of destroying marriages!

  52. By the way, if you feel you were "brainwashed for success", why is your bank account draining fast and your credit cards maxing and your friends and family avoiding you like the plague?

    You might ask "how can you assume that of me?". Well, given the statistics on average Amway "success", I figure I have a 99% chance of being right. I'll take those odds. Only a deluded fool would take Amway's odds.


    1. Dave, I doubt Alabama will be back. They usually show up back to my blog within a couple of hours to see if I approved their comment and replied. Its kind of that ego thing that all brainwashed ambots have! He's probably still surfing the net trying to find information about Dave Severn's pain. Maybe he'll be back tomorrow cause I've put in some more keywords for him in these comments!

    2. Here's some keywords he can look for... Amway, great, wonderful, enrich, top, goal, money, friends, successful.

      As in "AMWAY is a GREAT way to drain your bank account and a WONDERFUL way to ENRICH folks at the TOP of the pyramid where you have less than a 1% chance of ever getting close enough to even see it. If your GOAL is to lose all your MONEY and FRIENDS, with Amway you will be SUCCESSFUL at it."


    3. Thanks Dave. I can always use more keywords. That's why I once wrote a post called something like Amway is the best business opportunity. NOT! Gets tons of hits! You'd be surprised how many show up here after googling Amway is awesome. Brainwashing! Cult! Yeck!

  53. Amway/Quixtar - One hell of a business. Literally.

    I felt god had given me a job one day and became crazier than a lady carrying a sack full of cats the next 2 years.

    it's been 7 years since I've been to the show and tell seminars/mansions. I don't "plan" on going back. However I "plan" on working my own craft with my vapor venture.

    props to the guy with the bumper sticker idea of "you can't scare me, I've been in Amway!" I'd buy that!

    Good luck and goodnight.


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3. Naming names? Public figures like politicians and actors and people known in Amway are probably OK – the owners, Diamonds with CDs or who speak at functions, people in Amway’s publicity department who write press releases and blogs. Its humiliating for people to admit their association with Amway so respect their privacy if they’re not out there telling everyone about the love of their life.
4. Gossip that serves no purpose. There are other places to dish about what Diamonds are having affairs or guessing why they’re getting divorced. If you absolutely must share that here – don’t name names. I get too many nosy ambots searching for this. Lets not help them find this shit.
5. Posting something creepy anonymously and we can’t track your location because you’re on a mobile device or using hide my ass or some other proxy. I attracted an obsessed fan and one of my blog administrators attracted a cyberstalker. Lets keep it safe for everyone. Anonymous is OK. Creepy anonymous and hiding – go fuck yourselves!
6. Posting something that serves no purpose other than to cause fighting.
7. Posting bullshit Amway propaganda. We might publish that comment to make fun of you. Otherwise take your agenda somewhere else. Not interested.
8. Notice how this blog is written in English? That's our language so keep your comments in English too. If you leave a comment written in another language then we either have to use Google translate to put it into English so everyone can understand what you wrote or we can hit the Delete button. Guess which one is easier for us to do?
9. We suspect you're a troublemaking Amway asshole.
10. Your comment got caught in the spam filter. Gets checked occasionally. We’ll get to you eventually and approve it as long as it really isn’t spam.