Thursday, February 24, 2011

Loud and Clear?

A few years ago Ambot and I were eating at a restaurant and three motorcyclists pulled into the parking lot. One of the bikers had a spike instead of a back seat behind him. That message was loud and clear: “No passengers!”

How about the messages we got from our upline? Were they loud and clear?

Every Amway meeting we attended whether it was at someone’s house or an auditorium our sponsor and upline would be hanging around with cell phones plastered to their ears or sending text messages. They’d glance at us and turn their backs. The message is loud and clear: “The other end of my phone is more important than you!”

How loud and clear was it when our arrogant prick sponsor said that even if you don’t make money at Amway you will be a better person from the associations you make from the Amway business and be a better person. And that fucker wasn't the only one who said shit like that.

I mean what the fuck? Why would I want to become a business owner to not make money? Why do I want to become a better person from associating with people in the Amway business? I can become a better person by volunteering at the hospital. And maybe I’m about as nice a person right now as I’ll ever be. I don’t need Amway to show me any more sickening nicey nice.

Is this line our sponsor used loud and clear? “We’ve got something that’s recession proof, are you interested, we can go for coffee.”

No that ain’t loud and clear. Its pretty vague. And I don’t like coffee so fuck off.

How this for another Amway line? “I can’t promise you nothing but would the potential of an extra 70 grand a year interest you?”

Well yeah most people would be interested in an extra 70 grand a year. But the most honest thing you said was not promising nothing. That part comes through loud and clear to me. Nothing in Amway is still nothing except for a whole lot of debt.

How about when our sponsor insulted a prospect of Ambot’s because he’s 45 years old but due to his age he’s a hard sell due to his previous knowledge of Amway.

That’s loud and clear to me too. If the prospect (who is younger than Ambot) is “too old” at 45 THEN SO IS AMBOT!!!!

How come the arrogant prick sponsor isn't getting my message loud and clear? I don't like you and I don't want nothing to do with you!!! How have I failed at communicating that to the arrogant prick for 20+ years??? Or is he just that fucking dense? Or is he nothing more than a fucking troublemaker, accelerated by Amway.

One thing that is loud and clear to me is the number of bloggers and commenters who take to the Internet getting their story out there. Hopefully Amway recruits are doing some research before they plunk down their $150 registration/starter kit fee. It seems that more people do their research after they’ve been involved in Amway for awhile and aren’t making any money to see if there is actually any hope at this business. And then they see it. Story and story about people who have lost money, lost their homes, got into huge debt, divorces all thanks to their involvement in Amway.

The message is loud and clear. Stay away from Amway. It will poison your life.


  1. Hey Anna,
    Loved reading your post. I haven't been in Amway but have been 'prospected' on one too many times (recentmost just under a week ago). I'd done a breif search the very first time I was 'prospected' and somehow it's now become a habit. Every time I'm tried on by an Ambot (no pun intended), I check out what new blogs have surfaced on the subject. Its really surprising how decent people are so easily exploited, as you pointed out, not many seem to check out and research stuff before they get into it.. Hope it changes sooner than latter.

  2. Anna...You obviously do not want further contact with these people and they obviously refuse to respect your wishes with regards to this fact. Why don't you report them to the authorities for harassment - LOL. But whatever you do, don't alter your lifestyle to avoid them or they will continue to maintain influence over you for as long as you do.

    Each time that you see one of these people remind yourself that it is they who are the losers, in all honesty, they're much worse than losers because they're bothering you in addition to being a loser! When you see them, treat them exactly as what they are, be tactful, but demonstrate through your professional actions and words that you're fully aware of the farst that they represent. I wouldn't lower myself to their level if I were you, but certainly they're not deserving of your kind consideration - LOL!

    Perhaps you may do something else, but your level of anger does not make you free from these people, it makes you captive to them. You don't strike me as wanting that? These Amway people appear to still maintain a great deal of influence over you.

    You have won, you got out, but for some reason it sounds as though that you still wear the psychological chains that they have forged for you. Please understand that I certainly don't mean to sound critical of you, I really don't and that's not my intent, but I guess that I just don't get it? Hate is not the opposite of love, indifference is. When you can treat these Amway people with absolute and complete indifference, then your coping will be at an end.

    I do like your blog, I'm sure that it's been of help to many folks.

  3. Cont....

    Let me relate a quick story to you. I knew a guy who was/is in Amway as well as being associated with an AMO. Generally, he was a nice guy. He has never achieved anything beyond the 4,000PV level. He has worked tirelessly to achieve that. He has worked a series of menial, low paying jobs over the years and has never had an excess of money because whatever money he did have went into keeping his Amway business afloat. He did this while he worked towards his dreams of financial independence by way of becoming an Amway Diamond. He's done this for 20 years and I'm entirely certain that he not taken any stock of just how much time and money that he has lost.

    There was a time when he tried to recruit me into the Amway business. I had no interest in it because I was busy with my own work and real investments. I never looked down him, but what he was proposing was something that I just wasn't interested in doing with MY LIFE. I am now financially secure in every respect, but I wouldn't be surprised to hear that this guy may have referred to me as a loser behind my back; if for no other reason than because I showed no interest in following his lead into Amway business. More specifically, I had no interest in being mandated to purchasing the hoard of books and tapes that he wanted me to consume.

    I've bought self-help books in my life, I've listened to professional motivational speakers, I've attended business seminars before, but I've done these things inaccordance with my life plans and not inaccordance with someone elses. Am I worried about him or others like him? Not one bit! I'm completely indifferent to his plight.

    He knows all of the lingo, sounds very professional, has a response for every objection, yet he still drives the same old beat-up car, works the same old types of beat-up jobs (which he verbally bashes at every opportunity), and claims that all others are ignorant for not following his lead. Everyone is negative according to him, they're losers.

    Am I concerned with it? Hell No! He's laughable and I'm absolutely and completely indifferent to his pursuits. In truth, I don't wish him failure, I hope he makes it some day because he's worked a hell of a lot harder than I have, but I was the one who ended up with what he was going to show me how to accumulate. I ended up with a lifestyle and he ended up with stacks of tapes, CDs, books, puched seminar tickets, and has yet to generate a profit IMO.

    It's laughable! Unfortunately, for many who succumb to the pitch, it's also a tragedy.

    Cheer-up Lady! You're doing alright.

  4. Hello Deep. Thanks for stopping by! I'm not sure what lines you've had used on you but I've covered a few in previous posts to let people know when they're probably being prospected by an Ambot. I'm glad you're doing your research. Next time you get prospected ask to see the IBO's profit and loss statement and their income tax files for the past 3 years. That'll probably shut them up. Well, after they tell you its private....

  5. Hi Anonymous, thanks for stopping by! Well I probably won't report them to the authorities as in police, but I have reported them to other authorities and am hoping they'll get audited on their income taxes! Ha ha.

    Its not so much that I alter my lifestyle. When they come over I won't let them in the house, and here I'm just talking our sponsor and his sponsor. We're not in contact with anyone else who were in our LOS. They're not allowed in the house. You'd think they'd get a clue!

    They bothered me for many years prior to any of them getting involved in Amway. I use this blog as a warning to active IBO's who visit here how its a really, really bad idea to sponsor someone if their wife can't stand you!

    I exorcised most of the Amway demons with the fuck you IBO post last month. I still have some stories left but I've already covered most of our Amway experience and how much I dislike our upline. Eventually the stories run dry.

    The idea is to turn these blogs into an ebook. Kind of a Julie and Julia thing though I doubt it will get picked up for a movie option! Unless it was a horror flick!

    Glad to hear you're not involved in Amway. Too bad your friend is still grasping for an elusive dream.

  6. Anna...I do believe that he is still grasping for that elusive dream. I fear that he will never come to his senses in so far as Amway is concerned. But it was his choice to have walked the road that he is now on, the problem is his own. I suppose that I might have an ounce of sympathy for him if I didn't find his constant sales pitch so utterly annoying. It's as if he believes that there could not possibly exist any other mechanism for success in the world than the Amway business. His position is really kind of demeaning to all other professions. He attempts to use friendship as a means of closing the sale, but he wears his friendship on his sleeve and provides it only to those who are unfortunate enough to fall prey to his babble. His behavior is unprofessional and silly! I take his sales pitch with a laugh and a grain of salt.

    If he were to just call himself what he is, a salesman, then I think that I would be fine with him, but he has never done that!

    I am curious about something though, your Ambot (pardon the pun), is he cured? Or do the Amway hooks remain secretly attached to him? Be very careful with this may just sneak back up on you and provide you the opportunity for a more lengthy E-Book. Your husband, he may no longer be in Amway in the flesh, but is he still in Amway in the heart?

  7. Anonymous, the way you've described your friend you could have just described any IBO out there. That is why they're all become Ambots after the brainwashing process.

    My husband read Merchants of Deception and that answered a lot of questions for him and he understands that a 1% chance of success is a poor business opportunity. He had professional counselling because even a few months later he was still having doubts he'd done the right thing leaving Amway. That's where the brainwashing comes in. There are other people who have left comments on my blog that say similar things about how difficult it is walking away from these people who they thought were their lifelong friends.

    There has been no contact with anyone who is still in Amway. But yes the fear is always there that one day he might run into the Platinum when he's out and about and if that happens I sure hope I am there and can let the sack of shit know what I really think about him. His association to that dangerous man and that possibility that he might get his hooks into my husband again is terrifying.

    There's more to our story that I haven't covered in the blogs other than maybe touching on it once or twice but would be included when I get the ebook together.

  8. Anna...One more thing before I bring my visit here to a close. What I said was that I know a guy, in fact, over the years I've come to know him rather well, but I never referred to him as my friend, you did that for me.

    I only raise this point because I don't honestly feel that friendship was ever in the cards, he simply wanted to recruit me into what he was doing and he attempted to utlize the pretense of friendship in order to pursue his aims.

    Now, I'm not really sure that this matters, but it strikes me as being a noteworthy distinction. Good luck to you and your husband - So long.

  9. You have an advertisement on your blog site that links to an Amway products sales page...are you sure that you're still not in Amway? Come clean Anna... ;-) Bye bye!

  10. Hi Anonymous! That’s a good point and made me think about it. Just because someone has known a person for years and knows them quite well does not necessarily make them a friend. And you are absolutely right. Friendship was never in the cards. Amway IBO’s look at everyone as a potential prospect. They’ll offer friendship as long as you continue to be an IBO or buy their products but once you stop doing that, the friendship is over.

    As for the ads on my blog I’m not able to choose what shows up. I have had an Adsense account for a couple of years (not on this blog) and the way it works is they pick up keywords on the blog and then they insert what they believe to be related ads onto the blogger’s page. When I started this blog I didn’t want to monetize it (put Adsense here too) because I knew it would pick up Amway or similar ads and I didn’t want to help out Amway in advertising. It was only earlier this month that I made the decision to monetize. You’ll see some comments between me and Joecool about monetizing our blogs in the first week of February as I was trying to decide if I should monetize this blog too. As Joecool pointed out we are now finally making money off Amway! And not outlaying any cash to do so. We already have computers and we already have Internet access and we’d still have these things whether or not we allowed Adsense to put ads on our blogs. The Adsense ads I see for Amway are IBO’s portal pages. They buy ad space or more than likely they use one of those free $75 or $100 coupons like I get a couple of times a year from Adsense. Everytime someone clicks on an ad, the blog owner gets some money deposited into their account (usually around $1) and the ad owner gets that money withdrawn from theirs. So I ask people before they leave my blog to click on an ad, though they don’t necessarily have to click on one for Amway, I see other ads showing up too. So would you like to help me out here Anonymous and click on an ad everytime before you leave? Just try to resist the urge to buy anything if its a portal page! I make more money a month than the average IBO and this my fun money, maybe penny stocks or ride the bear or the bull. Money’s gotta work for you even when its for fun!

  11. Hey Anna, did you can Tex from your blog or did he leave voluntarily?

  12. Hi Joe. Tex is a little upset with me right now so I gave him a time out. I don't know if he's left completely.

    At first I was kind of wondering if the above Anonymous might be Tex but I don't think so. Whoever Anonymous is he's kinder, less radical, not overly passionate about Amway, doesn't appear to have any agenda, and is more rational. I don't think the same person could be two different personalities!

  13. Gotta admit, I was starting to wonder if anon was Cult, jobless wonder, or Ryan S. As soon as someone tells me to 'move on,' I get suspicious; especially when the posts become ethereal.

    Anna, I thought you were very polite to anon.

    O.K., back to business. CASSETTE TAPE, anyone?

  14. I don't miss Tex, even though he seems to be someone you love to hate...

  15. Hi Anonymous, I have no idea who the other Anonymous is. If I had to guess I'd say he/she has a relative in Amway and has a good idea of what goes on in Amway but is smart enough to keep it at arm's length and find their own way through investments, home ownership, their own business, etc. Contrary to what we learn in Amway, there are other businesses where one can earn a living at and there are other venues for us to invest in. No reason for me not to be polite to Anonymous. Her/his posts were always polite and well thought out.

  16. Hi David. Well I've seen Tex's comments on Amway related blogs for a year or so now, whenever I started researching. He usually gets banned from posting for the same reason and then moves on to another site where he can post. He doesn't change much. Everyone is stupid. All posts/comments are stupid. Everything revolves around the tool scam. He's obnoxious to everyone and then getting pissed off when the people he insults don't want to join his lawsuit. That aside I wish him the best in his lawsuit and would like to see him win. I'd like to see everyone win who has a lawsuit against Amway. Tex has been leaving comments on John's new blog. The link is on my reading list, Ambot.0, where he's insulting John's "stupid" posts right now!

  17. John will end up banning him or his blog will be littered with tex's crazy rants.

  18. and here I thought only our Platinum sack of shit had crazy rants....

    I'd almost think they're the same person except our Platinum is still in Amway. Or maybe they are the same person and he's only pretending to still be in Amway....


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