Friday, March 18, 2011

Trading Hours for Pennies

“What are you doing working a J.O.B.? You’re trading hours for dollars!”

I’ve heard that phrase sneered at the audience countless times from the speakers at Amway meetings. Platinum or Diamond they all put down anyone who works for someone else.

Trading hours for dollars = holding down a job. The cult leaders say job is a 4 letter word - the bastards can’t even count! 3 letters boys. Count ’em again. 3!

In one way or another we all trade hours for dollars.

Except in Amway where we trade hours for pennies and still end up in the hole.

Ambot spent approximately 100 hours a month in Amway related shit. This would include 3 or 4 board plans in living rooms each week, countless hours studying Amway literature and products on their website, 2 or 3 Amway events a month where a Diamond came to town, a day long rally once a month, not to mention all the time spent trying to recruit new IBO’s or finding suckers to buy the overpriced shitty Amway products. What about countless phone calls and text messages each day from the upline where he was expected to drop whatever he was doing to give them his undivided attention for an hour or so?

What about my hours? And here I probably put in the required 10 to 15 hours a week. So combined we put in between 140 to 160 hours a month. Wasted time that we'll never get back.

OK to make the calculations easy lets knock off my time and focus on Ambot's time and call it 100 hours a month. In return if we did 100PV that would be a check from Amway for the month of about $10. So Ambot is earning .10 cents an hour.

Ambot is trading hours for pennies.

Lets not even get into the cost of tools, attending functions, and their related costs (travel, hotel, food) because he’s now in the hole hundreds of dollars each month.

So how about that $10/hour cashier job compared to an Amway income? The cashier earns the same amount in 1 hour working a job as Ambot does after trading 100 hours on useless Amway bullshit.

If the cult leaders were telling the truth they’d call it trading dollars for pennies but that doesn’t sound so good when they’re insulting prospective recruits.

Any business owner trades hours for dollars but hopefully most business owners have a legitimate business earning them real money and they’re not settling for a paltry Amway income that isn’t even a wage one could live on in a 3rd world country. That’s something to think about. A worker in a 3rd world country is trading hours for dollars and still making more than most North American Amway IBO’s.

If I had to make a choice about going back to work or going back to Amway, I’d rather trade hours for dollars working for a legitimate employer than working more hours being a Scamway IBO and scamming others to lose their money chasing hopeless dreams.


  1. Anna, the cashier has a good chance at getting paid. As for amway dont your upline pay you if it's 100 pv/bv? That's was how things are in my day. I heard some people who had their upline not pay them or where late with getting paid.

  2. Hi Colin. The first time we were in WWDB our Platinum paid us whenever we were eligible for a bonus. Round 2 and Amway paid us. Maybe that's why Amway had to take over the payments because IBO's were getting ripped off by their uplines. The IBO's probably got pissed off enough to complain to head office. Its my guess there are still people waiting to get paid from the old days!

  3. You know what I think is sad? I read all of these "Scamway" and "Ambot" and all the other posts that degrade the hell out of IBO's with amway and think to myself: What the hell are you guys doing wrong?????????
    I spent $217 total on my IBO registration in the second week of Feb, I put in maybe 10 hours AT THE MOST the entire month and somehow managed to earn a paycheck of $330. I spent another $180 on multi vitamins that I was spending at GNC anyways (About the same, maybe a little cheaper at GNC). Our platinum upline holds info sessions for free at local restaurants for anybody that wants more information. He gives us CDs and books for free. The ones that are not the motivational types but ones that speak of investments and techniques on all successful businesses, not just amway.

    My point exactly, if your lazy ass gets a gym membership card and goes their twice a month and doesn't see results, lets not post a blog ridiculing going to the gym and how your trainer is douche telling you to do all these situps and talks about the shit your supposed to eat and the gym is wast of time, energy, and money. Just because your dumbass hubby is doing something REALLY wrong does NOT mean that the entire Amway is a total screw over. Im in business with 4 other friends that got started and all saw the same if not more (one made $650) profit. Let me remind you, that was my FIRST month in business. My second month is getting even more results.

    Just thought I could give somebody a reminder that somebody is doing something wrong in this story, it is not the corporation itself.

  4. I remember you mentioned your platinum didnt have money to buy a sandwich or coffee in some other blog. My upline was the same where they where constantly broke. Some of the 100 pins where never paid out. Most people dont last very long in the scam and would give up on not getting their few dollers commission.

  5. In the beginning, your upline will loan you tools. Later, you will be told that serious business owners buy their own plus some extra for their downlines.

  6. Anonymous - I think you got ripped off on your $217 registration kit. It used to be $50 or $55 to register (sorry I don't recall exactly which) plus the "optional" intro pack, around $90, so around $150 to register and get an intro pack.

    Don't feel so bad. Our upline ripped us off too on that one!

    Usually in the beginning is when you can make the most amount of sales to friends and family. After that its harder to meet your 10 customer per month in order to get your bonus. That's because someone buys laundry soap or shampoo or makeup and they probably buy this every few months not on monthly so it gets harder to make sales to meet your 10 customers per month minimum. The good thing is that neither Amway or your upline questions you to ensure you have those 10 customers per month.

    As Joecool said in the beginning the upline is willing to loan you tools. Afterwards they put the screws to you and say if you're a serious business builder you need to buy CD's, books, tickets to functions.....

    The only thing my husband did wrong was get involved in the cult and believe the lies of the cult leaders and willingly hand over his money. He's not the first person to get sucked in by a cult and sadly he won't be the last.

  7. anon, why dont u use your real name & pin level? What are you ashamed of? Since you are making all this money. I think you are a troll and giving us nothing but lies. The 180.00 of vitamins from amway would only cost half or less at some reputable vitamin store.

  8. Don't waste your breath Colin. If they're anonymous they're too embarrassed to admit that they're associated with Amway. They're also brainwashed enough to counter with the old "they're fairly priced because they're high quality" line. Give him/her a few months. He/she clearly has doubts about this wonderful business opportunity where only a quarter of 1% of IBO's will make money and is doing some research. In the meantime will return with another "line" about how the people who left Amway are losers or didn't try hard enough.

  9. So you spent 397.00 on amway and was paid 330. That means you made 67.00 for 10 hours of work which is 6.70/h. That's nothing to get excited about. Next month when your uplilne stop letting you use the support materials'll be lucky to make 1.00 a hour. Maybe u should go back and finish highschool so you can make more than 6.70/h LoL

    Anon says:
    "I spent $217 total on my IBO registration in the second week of Feb, I put in maybe 10 hours AT THE MOST the entire month and somehow managed to earn a paycheck of $330. I spent another $180 on multi vitamins "

  10. exambot in recoveryMarch 19, 2011 at 8:58 PM

    i came across your blog today and i love love love it. i am a recovering ambot. 7 years in. i had this thing drilled in me for 7 years. i am now reading all the "negative" sites and i am shocked at the truths in them that are really setting me free. all this reading is providing deprogramming and exit therapy for me. it's very liberating! i will be writing more later.

    For now i just i could not help to state to annon there saying he/she buys multi-vitamins that he/she used to buy anyway...that's a really tired and worn out line. i have said it many times as i did my STPs. truth is prior to joining this cult as a single guy i never had a need to consume $250+ of crap every month. after joining you create an artificial need in earnest pursuit of the monthly 100PV. i agree "Give him/her a few months..." i would like to say run but they are armed with a ready made canned response. but

  11. exambot in recovery - thanks for stopping by! Its incredible when you start reading everyone else's Amway experiences and realize you could have been the one writing that. 7 years is a long time to spend in this cult and I'm happy that you've found a way to deprogram yourself. I hope to hear more of what you have to say.

    Its hard to say what's more devastating. The financial damage caused by Amway or the financial AND emotional damage caused by the upline.

    As for the vitamins - did no one in Amway ever hear of eating fruits and vegetables? Oh wait, don't the Diamond speakers tell you from stage that you can skip those and take Nutrilite instead? I go to a local produce store each week and rarely spend more than $20. For that I can get a 10 lb sack of potatoes, 5 lb sack of onions, bag of carrots, tomatoes, peppers, celery, mushrooms, bananas, grapes, oranges, and apples. I might mix it up a bit depending on what's in season. Though I don't usually need to buy those potatoes and onions every week! I eat healthy meals and I don't take vitamins.

  12. BTW, Anna, I'm a physician. There is absolutely no compelling evidence of any benefit for multivitamins for the typical American. It doesn't matter what kind of vitamins you take. There's no benefit. Multivitamins are only beneficial in people with poor nutritional status (homeless, alcoholics, etc) or child-bearing women.

    So $180 bucks a month for something that confers no health benefit? I'll pass. If you are going to take a multivitamin, though, why not spend 8 dollars for a 3 month supply of One-A-Day?

  13. John, wished you where here to tell Tex this. He'd probably tell say you're illogical and have no clue what you're saying. I rather buy 180.00 of groceries than buying overpriced amway vitamins.

  14. I love your blog! I am not involved in amway, but I have family members who have been completely sucked into it. They are the textbook case of ambots you describe throughout your blog. Unfortunately, we no longer have a good relationship with them because they consider us "dream crushers" or say that "we don't believe in them." I just wish they would wise up like you guys did. They've already lost their home to foreclosure, declared bankruptcy, and have ruined credit. What did it finally take for you guys to get out? They are so brainwashed that they can't see what's really going on!

  15. Colin - I'm sure Tex will be reading John's note. He just can't reply.

  16. Hi Anonymous! Thanks for stopping by. I'm sorry to hear about your ambot family. How much more abuse are they going to take before they figure out they won't be getting rich? Their upline has instructed them to cut people like you out of their lives. It's very sad the destruction Amway leaves in it's wake. My stories are kind of running out but I'm still keeping the blog up and writing as I remember things.

  17. Maybe both the husband and wife are ambots which makes it harder to get out.

  18. The hard part is when one finally sees the light and tries to convince the other.

  19. I have a family member in amway as well. He's been in it for 5 or so years. His wife is it in too but doesn't like it. She's just along for ride. I've thought about showing her your website but she wouldn't like some of the language. It doesn't bother me but she would cringe. However, thanks for writing this blog. It gives me hope that maybe one day he'll make it out.

  20. Anna, i knew this one person who lost their six figure high paying job cause of this cult. Ownership was annoyed at this guy for trying to recruit people during work. He ended up in debt and working a minimum wage job and doing partime amway. This was over 10 yrs ago and he's still with amway lol. Some of us have retired,had kids and moved on with our lives

  21. Yes Colin, both the husband amd wife are Ambots. The husband got out once before, but when they got married, they got back into it and she's sucked in 100%! It's really sad to see...especially for the kids. The wife is "free" although they can't afford for her to be out of work and the husband can't wait to be "free." They drop of the kids to the grandparents all the time. How is that free? I guess they consider sacrificing precious family time as a necessity to get ahead in Amway. The husband has already said that one of their daughters (3yo) will not be going to college. He says it's stupid and a waste of time. I guess he wants her to take over the family business? I could go on and on about their mixed priorities and illogical statements, but I feel my blood pressure rising again, so I should stop! I'm really glad you wrote this blog to give us a place to vent.

  22. Has anyone watched this movie? It looks absolutely hilarious.

    ***Former WWDB Lemming***

  23. Thanks everyone for the comments. I'd respond individually except I'm having Internet connectivity trouble. Stay tuned. I have Spring Leadership stories coming up in April.

  24. Lemming, I SO want to see that film. We should all have a Married To An Ambot movie night. Ironical snacks on me - Amway popcorn and Active 8 for everyone - and have a ball!

    -----Daniel-------Montrose, CO

  25. The worst thing I've had said to me from an ambot family member was that I am persecuting them the way Jesus was persecuted because I don't believe in their dream. They also told me that I'd rather support other families (such as the Walton family - Walmart) rather than support my own family by buying from them. Although these are ridiculous comments, it's sad to see how brainwashed they are.

  26. Anonymous from March 22 - I also hope that your friend's husband makes it out of Amway. 5 years is a long time and the longer one has been in the more difficult it is to get out. There's so much money invested and they have that hope or dream that success is right around the corner. The upline tells them they can't quit now not when they're about to go really big. Yeah I can see how some people don't like to come to a blog that is mostly focused on cursing out the upline. But others love it. They can come here to vent. Swearing is OK. Feel free to come here and curse out the upline. I draw the line at racist comments. This blog is not to incite hate or put up with bigotry.

  27. Lemming, I haven't seen that movie but I have seen some trailers. It looks hilarious!

  28. Daniel - I can see it now. "Married to an Ambot - the movie". A horror film that makes any Stephen King script look like cotton candy.....

  29. Anonymous from today - Amway meetings are full of bibilical references. I've been to many business meetings and none of them had any participants talking about god or jesus or anything in the bible. This is very common for upline leaders to throw bible passages at their followers and to use it against people who refuse to buy Amway products or become IBO's. Those are typical ambot comments your family member is throwing at you. They have an answer for everything. Trying to make you feel guilty for not buying from them. Why would you want to buy overpriced products? They'll throw back at you to support their business or because their products are high quality. Standard IBO answer. Amway products are regular quality same as what you can buy in the grocery store. In many cases they're lower quality. And you're very right. It is so sad how brainwashed these people become. They believe everything their leader tells them. Doesn't matter if its true or not, they believe unconditionally. Jim Jones reincarnated anyone?

  30. anna, amway distributors are like ibofb and they'll do anything to prove their products are high quality. They'll quote some euro newspaper or say we dont know how to take a certain supplement or night cream. I had one ibo tell me i gave up on double X vitamins to soon and should take it for a min of 6 months to see results

  31. Well Colin the proof is in the pudding. I know when I used the expensive Amway brand dishwasher soap that at least half the dishes and cutlery I pulled out of the dishwasher were still dirty and I'd have to wash again by hand. The Walmart brand dishwasher soap costs under $10 for the package and is a green product I don't have the same problem. I'd say maybe every 2 weeks I'll get one dish that I'll have to wash again by hand. What kind of quality is that? But then quality is subjective. Or some IBO's don't think twice about dishes that need to be washed more than once. Of course IBO's want you to try the XX vitamins for 6 months. Cha ching! Vitamins and night cream quality are subjective too. Different body types get different results. My preference would be to start with a lower priced option and if that didn't work then to work my way up and try other products. There are a couple of night creams that work well for me in the $10 to $20 range, well below the $60 cream Ambot insisted I buy from Amway. Not saying the $60 cream did nothing for me, just similar to the lower priced products. Why pay 5 times the price for a product that has the same results as its lower priced competitor?

  32. I was searching around the web for some information on Amway's popularity in the new emerging markets, specifically China and came across a site that not only sells Amway product but also sells the official Amway Mascot costume. Too Funny!!

    ***Former WWDB Lemming***

  33. Anon of March 19th, 2:56;

    Do tell what pin level you have achieved and how long you have been in your beloved amway.

    We worked our asses off for years, sponsored in excess of 50 personal businesses; were double eagle, went to movin' up weekend (a joke), 6 nights a week, up to 40 contacts a week, showed the plan sometimes 3 times a day, never EVER missed a function, had personal face time and dinners with Greg Duncan, etc., etc.

    I'm here to tell you amway is a joke and you have been had.

    Get lost. If you read this you are propably in bad need of more CASSETTE TAPES.

  34. Anonymous, that other anonymous won't be back. We've already pointed out he/she got ripped off. Hopefully they're thinking about that.

    That's incredible the level you reached. Most IBO's don't sponsor anyone, let alone 50. If you believe the propaganda you should have been making around 80K.

  35. Lemming - I didn't know Amway had a mascot.

    I bet the mascot makes more money than IBO's!

  36. We were CASSETTE TAPE freak-a-saureses! I get fighting mad when someone dares tell me we were too lazy to work our business. That's all we did. We ate, breathed, and crapped amway.

    But it is the only defense these poor fools have against our stories. It's like denying someone was in a car wreck when they have all the proof to back it up.

    It's fright that makes them lash out at us.

  37. That's a standard IBO answer for those who didn't make their millions in 2 to 5 years.

    "you didn't try hard enough".

    "you weren't in it long enough"

    "you were lazy"

    "I guess your dream wasn't big enough"

    "I guess you don't love your family enough"

    But mostly its too lazy or didn't try. Like those brainwashed parrots must believe they're the first ones who've ever said that to anyone!

  38. Anna;

    So true. Its just plain boring to keep going over all the old ground again. Guess they'll just have to find out the hard way.

    Meanwhile, I have 2 things to sell to them: 1. beach-front property in Arizona

    2. much-used CASSETTE TAPES

  39. Anonymous the real question is - is it boring or is it infuriating?

    Why can't those ambots see what is happening to them?!

  40. amway powers that be count on us getting tired of the fight and giving up and going away. Not gonna happen.

    Ambots make for great sport!


  41. When some people go away others show up to continue getting their Amway story out there.

    Hey I think that's how Amway operates. As IBO's quit they recruit new young ones who've never heard about Amway.

    Its a never ending cycle on both sides that will never end until Amway closes shop.

  42. amway taught us to never give up cuz' the facts don't matter if the dream is big enough, right?

    Well, amway, how do you like us now? We took your lessons to heart. We're not giving up, not no way, not no how!!

    I find it extraordinary that amway obviously has to pound it into the heads of the newbies about how those of us on the web are lazy losers. It's all they've got. How else can they possibly explan us away?

    Problem is, our stories are damned compelling; and what do you do with so many of us telling those stories?

    It's gotta be a real pisser for amway.


  43. I don't know that Amway the company ever taught us the facts don't matter if the dream is big enough likewise with being lazy losers. I think that's the upline talking. But splitting hairs. The upline is speaking on Amway's behalf when they run Amway meetings. Our upline used to take people's dreams and use them against them. Twisted bunch of bastards.

    There are more people on the Internet who are former IBO's who are telling what happened to us than current IBO's telling us what is happening at meetings, how much money they're making, and how wonderful their upline is.


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