Friday, March 25, 2011

Amway River House *Fun* (Go Diamond)

OK this video is kind of funny. A couple of goofballs with a dirt bike and camcorder and a desire to crash the Puryear's house. If it wasn't for the music it wouldn't be quite so entertaining.


  1. Oh, he's gonna get it now! Why that little pipsqueak has dishonored the great 'River House.'

    Guess he didn't listen to enough CASSETTE TAPES to learn to always edify and worship and suck up to and take a bullet for and speak no evil of and prostrate oneself for and write odes to and swoon in front of and get a case of the vapors for and move heaven and earth for and put all else aside for and face bankruptcy for and swear allegiance to and...............well, I think you get the idea.

    All I ever heard about was this house. After all these years, I'm still not impressed.

    With this economy, my guess is, it's becoming a tougher sell to get people to wet themselves at the idea of actually selling their souls for the chance to stand inside this amway castle.

  2. I believe this was the house that our former Platinum was pissed off that I had no interest in seeing.

    I've been to Hearst Castle many times. This river house doesn't even come close.

    I love the clown music on this video. Fits perfectly!

  3. That's the theme song to the Benny Hill Show!

  4. I don' deny it's a beautiful house. It was just so sickening the way it was supposed to be the end all to our desires. Seriously?

    How do the amway diamonds square with not coveting?

    I live in a large house (we build custom homes) and I can't wait to downsize. It's not all it's cracked up to be. We have zero debt so that's not the issue. It's just that when you finally get one, it still leaves you empty. Only God can fill that void.

    Trying to talk better half into putting in on the market 3 months each year and just see what happens.

    Things just don't move me. I couldn't care less about fancy cars, houses, baubles, etc. It was always such a disappointment to me at dream night or any other function when they paraded out the material crap and everyone would faint. Sickening actually.

    All I've ever cared about is rescuing Jewish children from Soviet countries. That is my mission in life.

    Funny how the CASSETTE TAPES never touched on it.

  5. I'm sure the Puryears have an army of IBO's offering for free housecleaning, landscaping, and maintenance for the privilege of spending time with them in their house.

  6. Anna;

    I think the era of opulence is over. Everyone with a brain is downsizing. It just makes good sense.

    Gotta wonder how the kingpins are dealing with this new reality at majors. That was their ace - huge houses, cars, boats, etc.

    I follow real estate across the country. Movie stars and star athletes are desparately trying to dump their *castles.* It's understandable. It's a little unnerving that the new wave is renting. For those of us in the construction business, this is a true paradigm shift.

    We subscribe to Professional Builder, Phoenix Home & Garden, Small Business periodicals, etc. and it's fascinating reading. We are staying light on our feet to be able to roll with it. It's actually an exciting new venture.

    People are remodelng with efficiency (no so much square footage) in mind these days. Yes, we are still building new homes and doing additions, but there is a new purpose in the air. The homeowner is rethinking what will sell in the future.

    We built our home with family in mind. Where we live, many people buy 2 bedroom homes (retirement area). We built a 3 bedroom as we want to appeal to a broader group. It feels too big to me, but it will be ideal for a family. They won't feel it's too big.


  7. Whether its building a new home or renovating an older one people have to think about resale value or whether its something that will enhance their lives while they live there but may not have any value when selling or make it more difficult to sale. Location is important. No insult to anyone from Idaho but the video shows average houses on an average street. Why would anyone build a monster house on this street other than to show off their wealth? The house belongs on a street with similar sized opulent houses perhaps in Beverly Hills next door to Aaron Spelling’s mansion not in the heart of potato country. A house on a river? Been there done that. Mosquito city. Not everyone likes sharing their homes with bloodthirsty buzzing critters. It was originally listed for $20 million so they’ve come done in price and still trying to sale. Their dream house has turned into a seller’s nightmare.,520,waterfront

  8. Not to belabor the point, but I just read that a house (mansion?) on the east coast was for sale for 100,000,000. It finally sold for 13,000,000.

    That is sobering.



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