Friday, April 15, 2011

The Platinum’s Mouth Moves!

So who watches Judge Judy? Whenever she has teenagers on the show she asks their parents how they know their teenager is lying. The answer: “Every time their mouths are moving.”

That same answer applies to our sack of shit Platinum. How do you know when an Amway Platinum is lying? Answer: his mouth is moving!

I posted a link to a transcript a couple of days ago about an expose done by NBC Dateline in 2004. For anyone who hasn’t seen the video, its posted on Youtube in 2 parts:

I showed that expose to my Ambot when I was pretty sure he’d gotten tired of dealing with Amway. Or perhaps to be more accurate he’d had enough of being abused by the sack of shit Platinum.

I never heard anyone at Emerald or Diamond level mentioning the Dateline piece about Quixtar/Amway but our Platinum brought it up often at the meetings he led. These Amway fuckers have an answer to everything and he would say “how come Dateline did this piece years ago and then they must have learned the truth because now they run Amway’s commercials on NBC”.

To be honest I haven’t the slightest idea which network was running Amway’s commercials. In this day and age of 200 TV channels who remembers which commercial is playing on which network. Could have been several networks running that commercial. Whoever wants to make a few bucks selling advertising is more likely the answer rather than the sack of shit Platinum’s claim that NBC had a change of heart in their attitude about Amway and were therefore making it up to them by airing their commercials at no charge.

Its the same thing with a stadium owned by the city of Orlando, Florida. Our sack of shit Platinum opened his mouth and out came the lies that Amway owns this stadium. The truth is whichever company coughs up the most bucks to the city can put their name on the stadium. Selling the marketing rights to Amway caused a lot of controversy with people who’ve been hurt by the company but a city employee shrugs it off saying if people are stupid enough to get involved with an MLM she’s sorry for them but its not her problem. A buck is a buck when it comes to the city of Orlando.

If any lying IBO tells you that Amway owns this stadium, tell them to read this article and quit lying.

Another lie our Platinum told bothered me even though I’m not Catholic - neither is he by the way. No kidding on that one! He tells the cult followers not to read stuff on the Internet about Amway because its all lies. He said if you search I hate Amway you’ll get X million hits. I think he said 80 million but I don’t really recall. In the tens of millions, lets leave it at that.

OK, now this next part that he used for comparison I am not going to use the person’s name because it would really bother me that any hate hits pointed to my blog. I will describe her in terms that most of my readers will know who she is. If anyone comments on this post and puts her full name in comments I won’t publish it. Sorry. Even though some controversy surrounded her and her opinions on certain subjects I’m not putting any hate to her on my blog. I’ll call her by her initials of the name she was known as, MT, a nun who died about 15 years ago and spent most of her life working with the poor and dying people in Calcutta and won a nobel peace prize many years ago. Our sack of shit Platinum says if you type I hate her into Google you’ll get twice as many hits as people who hate Amway.

I decided to put it to theory and typed in “I hate Amway” and got 6,360 hits. And yes I used quotation marks otherwise you probably will get millions of hits with people using those words but not in that context just those words that appear in the article but not necessarily strung together. And then I did the same thing using MT’s name and I got 3,220 hits.

This is the reason why I am not using the name this nun was known by. Some of the Google hits are people who loved her or otherwise supported her and quoting someone else who said they hated her and now all of a sudden they are included in that tally.

So putting it in context, our Platinum opened his mouth which means if his mouth is moving he is lying, and he was off by millions in his calculations. And is wrong in saying she got double the hits of Amway. By my calculations the people who hate Amway double the number of people who hate MT. Even without the quotation marks, Amway's numbers are higher than hers.

So to sum it up, if the Platinum’s mouth is moving, he’s lying. And he’s lying because he’s driven by greed. He has an answer to everything and he lies out of desperation to keep the cult followers from learning the truth. If he doesn't constantly lie to IBO's then they will leave Amway and stop funding his dreams.

Evenutally IBO's leave, so the Platinum's lies are all about keeping them in for just a little bit longer and get more money out of them. People get fed up with the abuse and lies and quit. Its not that they didn’t try hard enough - another lie the Platinum will spout off - they got fed up with the abuse from the lying bastard.

Remember that mantra:

Mouth moves, Platinum is lying.

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