Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pursuing the Almighty Dollar at Spring Leadership

Seeing as how its Spring Leadership time for Amway WWDB IBOs here's a link to an article from a reporter who shelled out a few hundred bucks to see what the Amway scam and Spring Leadership was all about. This is a partial transcript of an NBC Dateline documentary. Its always worth a read even though it took place in 2004 and Amway was doing its Quixtar scam to fool people that it wasn't really Amway. Just shows how the lies never change.

In pursuit of the almighty dollar
Dateline presents a year-long investigation of the inside story behind elaborate events that attract hundreds of thousands of people every year with the promise of easy money, selling products like vitamins, cosmetics and home appliances.


  1. I think i watched the dateline story about amway almost 20 times. Use to show it to all my ambot friends. What was more interesting was the amway response to the dateline story. Amway are very bad at putting their spin on things.

  2. Hi Anna. It's me (the one who always says I have a family member involved in Amway, but have never been involved myself). I've commented on several of your posts, so let's just call me "FM" (for family member...clever, I know). We showed this video to our family members that are involved in amway, and their response was a predictable one...that the video was bogus. Really!?!?!? Dateline NBC? The same people who catch sexual predators? I wish they'd do another segment on it...maybe I'll write them and ask them to!

  3. Colin - I showed the Dateline story to my husband around the time he was getting disenchanted with his beloved sack of shit Platinum. He was very intrigued and astonished that the exact same things were still going on at meetings today. Amway might be bad at putting their spin on things but IBO's are even worse.

  4. Hello Anonymous FM! Amway IBOs have an answer for everything! Bogus, fake, you can't believe anything you see on TV....

    You should ask Dateline to do a follow up and tell them how you're trying to get your family members out of the cult.

  5. Hi FM, it is unfortunate that even the most vivid proof is ignored by people that have been sucked into the Cult Of Amway. It is amazing to me as I read people's stories on this and other blogs, how similar they are my experiences almost 18 years ago.
    There is a great writeup titled amcult here that might be worth reading...

    and a couple of important items from the site that Dateline failed to mention during their 2004 documentary.

    The Corporation's complicity with the systems
    Dateline mentioned the suit against the Corporation by Crown IBO Kenny Stewart, Double Diamond Brig Hart, and Diamond Charlie Schmitz. The suit filed in Missouri alleges the corporation conspired with and helped certain king pin distributors take over BSM profits from the plaintiffs. The suit focuses on anti-trust violations between the corporation and the various kingpin distributors within the tools business.

    Additionally, Dateline NBC never did mention the Blakey report Professor Robert Blakey was instrumental in the drafting of racketeering legislation.

    "It is my opinion that the Amway business is run in a manner that is
    parallel to that of major organized crime groups, in particular the Mafia."
    Professor Robert Blakey

    ***Former WWDB Lemming***

  6. That's funny that IBOs claim the video was bogus. They filmed it at an actual BWW function.

    They show guys who want diamond so bad that they have tears in their eyes. Later on when they are up to their ears in debt, they again have tears in their eys, but for a different reason.


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