Saturday, April 23, 2011

Using Your Dreams Against You

When recruits are being prospected by IBO’s they are asked about their dreams.

Often that is met by silence. Most people don’t know how to respond to “what are your dreams” because its kind of private only to be shared with people you’re close to.

A person might not know exactly what the IBO is asking or be a little confused about the direction of the question. Or they might not have thought about putting their dreams out there for other people to know about.

A good answer might be “none of your fucking business”. Especially if you suspect its an Amway IBO!

If the prospect says they don’t know or haven’t thought about it the scumbucket IBO will try another tactic.

“Imagine you won the Powerball. What would you do with all that money?”

A windfall of money drops in your lap. Millions of dollars to spend. What do you buy?

Be very careful with that answer because if you sign up with Amway your upline will use that answer against you for as long as you remain in “the business” and taunt you and torment you and dangle that elusive dream over your head.

There is a charitable organization that is close to our hearts. Doesn’t matter which one. Most people have a cause that they support and I’m not identifying ours because of the hits my blog gets for Amway searches and I don’t have the charity’s permission to associate them with a pyramid scheme. So when asked about his dream Ambot made the bad decision to tell the upline he’d like to build or buy a hospice for dying patients or a home where family members can stay near to the hospital where their loved one is being treated. A dream like that would take a good chunk of money to build and operate.

Bad Ambot! Badddddd mistake telling the fucking upline about his dream to have a home where dying patients and/or their families could stay. Then he was ferociously tortured by his upline because he was unable to find any prospects to bring to meetings, sign up any downline, or get customers. The upline held it over his head taunting him about how all these people were going to die and it was going to be all his fault because he wasn’t working hard enough to build them a place to live.

Bunch of sick bastards accusing Ambot that he’s responsible for people dying because he’s not working the Amway business hard enough.

That’s part of the Amway cult. That’s part of the brainwashing process.

Don’t let what happened to Ambot happen to you. Whatever your dreams are keep them to yourself and NEVER EVER share them with someone involved in Amway. If you let anyone involved in Amway know what your dreams are you will be tortured and tormented and ridiculed and made to feel like shit.

“I guess your dream just wasn’t big enough” was the familiar quote from the fucking upline because they’d been given the ammunition to use Ambot’s dreams against him.

So one more time I send a big fuck you out to our sponsor and our Platinum and any other IBO’s who tormented us during the Amway penance.


  1. I am very sorry for your experience with your Amway upline. In reality, and as someone who has been involved in the Amway business, i think your experience has all to do with the group you aliened to, and nothing to do with Amway as a company.
    I would like people to remember that this business deals with many different types of people, and anyone can be an upline, so the important thing is to chose your upline correctly and go to more than one group before you decide with whom to join. All groups are not the same, and whoever has a complain about his/her sponsoring IBO, please call the number at the back of your licenced card from Amway, and talk directly to the corporation. They will know what to do about the people involved and will give you a chance to do the business in the way you like, not in what your upline tells you.

    Always remember, you are your own IBO and have the same rights as any other IBO, upline or not. You are not an employee of any upline, so do not let them direct your moves. If you want to make the business but do not like your initial sponsoring group, simply call Amway directly and they will help you with YOUR OWN business.
    It is your franchise, so do not let others boss you around. Amway opportunity is not lisening to everything the upline says, No, on the contrary, it is a mathematical equation + product distributer at your service, and you use it how ever you want as long as you follow the governmental laws. The reason it does not work for everyone is because it deals with people, and dealing with people is not a job for everyone. If you do not want to deal with different people and different personalities, do not even get in. If you do not want to make your own orders and prefer intead to follow orders, do not get in.
    If you want to have money and time after a period of 4 to 5 years approximately, then get an Amway licence number and create your own plan to success using their products and services. Amway is just the distributer and a computer paying you according to volume moved, the rest of the questions, you can always call the corporation just like you would call a distributor if you had a store or another company where you have a membership. Use it for your advantage, not for the advantage of your upline. The corporation will take care of the rest. And never spend more than you have because someone else says so, no matter what.

  2. You are exactly right, Anna. If you dare speak of what you'd like to do and then *gasp* don't end up making enough money from amway to do it, you are the worst kind of loser.

    You gave up your dream.
    Your dream wasn't big enough.
    You are a panty waist, can't hack it, loser.
    You throw like a girl.

    You know, all those loving positive amway comments thrown at you by all those loving positive IBOs.

    What was my dream when I worked at Wal-Mart? Was quitting there to get a much more lucrative waitressing job a bad idea? Or was it economical? While waiting tables one day (this was during the lovely and vey deep recession of the early 80's) I was offered a job in a real estate office. Hot dang. Anything to get out of slinging steaks. I didn't make as much, but I had better visibility and opportunities to get an even better job.

    WAs I a loser, once again, for changing jobs?

    I worked for several agents and picked up office cleaning at night. I was a go-getter.

    When this company moved out of state, we started our own business (not real estate) and it has been the best decision we ever made.

    Enter the Dragon, er, amway. Life was great until we got tangled up in that crap for then next 6 years. Nearly lost our daughter. Winning? By an definition? Not.

    But, boy, did we learn a huge lesson. We are winners b/c we got out of amway. We got back to doing what we know is best for our family and our financial futures.

    I don't regret quitting amway for even one nano-second.

    Yours truly,

  3. First Anonymous - you must have missed my post where I said we did complain to Amway's head office about our Platinum. They didn't give a shit. "We're not responible for what is said at meetings." Its also widely documented all over the Internet about people who have complained about their upline only to receive a similar response or something to the effect of they will investigate it and nothing is ever done.

    I agree that we're not employees of the upline but brainwashed IBO's will disagree with that statement. You probably also missed my post about how IBO's are free labor for their upline.

    The scary thing is I don't believe our upline are all that much different from other lines out there.

  4. Second anonymous - our upline, particularly our Platinum, were the most negative people I've ever met!

    When I was a teenager I worked at McDonalds and I dreamed about getting a nice job in an office somewhere. Which eventually I did. And then it was always about getting a better office job with a better company with better pay. I think I read somewhere that most people will have 15 to 20 jobs in their lifetime. I think I've had about 10 jobs - glad my days of working for others are behind me. I don't think anyone's a loser for changing jobs or changing jobs often. People try to better themselves and their financial position. They don't like their job and move on. All kinds of reasons. This day and age of employee loyalty is long gone. People move on to where they get better pay, better benefits, better hours, better working conditions.

    I'd say our life was pretty good too until almost being destroyed by Amway.

  5. Anon#1 Contrary to your comment, you are not your own IBO and you do not have the same rights as any other IBOs because your upline Diamonds are allowed to run their own business within the Amway business selling useless motivational material and brain washing events where the real money is actually made. You are an employee of your upline, they direct your moves, they keep you brainwashed and in turn you edify them, you worship them and you let them bleed you dry of money and time.
    Try speaking to Amway directly, they do not give a shit about you unless you are a Diamond with a large group, then you can do anything you want and Amway will most always turn a blind eye because they do not want to lose the sales volume.

    ***Former WWDB Lemming***

  6. Former Lemming you are correct. Amway won't do anything to rock the boat for IBO's whose lines are bringing them money. Although Amway supporters like to think head office will take action against rogue IBO's, the reality is they won't. Maybe that's because most IBO's are rogues and would keep head office too busy dealing with the landslide of complaints!

    Its a nice thought that Amway will actually take action or suspend rogue IBO's when it receives complaints but it does not happen. Head office turns a blind eye and downline abuse is allowed to continue all in pursuit of the mighty buck.

  7. It always cracks me up when we get the usual, "Well, why didn't you just call amway and get it all straightened out?" (and then they give you the number)

    Oh, WOW!!! Hadn't thought of THAT!

    It's always assumed we were too dumb to take care of business.

    We are the go-getters of this world. Educated, mature, extremely hard-working folk, for whom it is insulting to think we did not know what to do to save *swoon* our amway businesses.

    It's so obvious the ambot newbies are the ones on here 'really giving it to us losers.'

    Ever notice we don't get dino Kosage, Brad or Greg Duncan, Brad Wolgamott, etc. accusing us of being lazy losers. These men are the extremely heavy hitters of amway and they KNOW what we went thru for years. They know to stay the hell out of this and hope we will just get bored and move on. They don't need the publicity.


  8. P.S.

    It's a lot more fun the bat around these ambots if and when they have the guts to come back.

    For the most part they are just cowardly drive-bys.


  9. "James Allen"April 26, 2011 at 5:09 PM

    Just some quotes from a philosopher published 1903:
    -James Allen, As A Man Thinketh-
    "All that a man achieves and all that he fails to achieve is the direct result of this own thoughts."

    (My vision of "Free" never out of the mouth of an upline..): "He who has conquered weakness, and has put away all selfish thoughts belongs neither to oppressor nor oppressed. He is free."

    From his second book, Eight Pillars of Prosperity:
    "A lying tradesman will tell you that no man can thrive and be honest in these days of keen competition.-Moreover, such a man has no knowledge of honesty, and his statement, therefore, a statement of ignorance, and ignorance and falsehood so blind a man that he foolishly imagines all are as ignorant as false as himself."

    Do your research, make your own decisions for yourselves and find your 'why'. People will respect you for that.

  10. They asked me if i would like a pretty wife,kids,and a big house. Told them i had no interest in ever getting married and having a big house wasnt for me(cause cleaning it or hiring peop cleaning it would be a bitch) lol. Then they went off on me saying my gf at the time probably wants to get married but we had no money. Actually it was funny how far t hey would go to tell us our lives sucked.

  11. Colin - its all about the bigger houses with those greedy bastards. We own a 5 bedroom and the upline thought we needed a bigger place. Hunh? I'd like to downsize to a 3 bedroom. What do we need a bigger place for? To fill it with people apparently. So all our relatives can move in with us. I mean what the fuck?! I'm not running a commune here. Most of our relatives own their houses. Like they're really going to sell and move in with us. And if not relatives then I suppose just needy IBO's who need a place to crash. I need a big house so I can share it with the world? I don't think so. And the losers telling us we need a bigger house haven't even bought their first house yet! Maybe they wanted to move in with us??? I could probably get rid of them fast with my language skills! You should have heard me in the garden today when I dropped a rock on my hand! Ambot said the whole neighborhood didn't need to hear my potty mouth can you believe it!

  12. James Allen - have you been smoking something funny tonight?

  13. Anna, the worst was the diamonds/platinum telling us our kids should be home schooled. So we can control the crap that is taught to our kids. All this nonsense about hiring a retired school teacher and paying her a full wage. I rolled my eyes when i heard this bs. They told me the minimum i should have for my future kids is private school. Told them i thought private school was a waste of money. Usually they are catholic prvt schools and im not a christian. They didnt like my answers to any of their comments. They also hated my comment about how we didnt want kids or a big house. That i didnt need to give money to our aging parents cause they can take care of themselves.

  14. Colin - I don't know why Amway's cult followers are so intent on children being home schooled or private school. Friends of ours put their children in private school but its a Christian school and that's a huge part of their lives. Public school was good enough for everyone I know. I remember when I was a junior and my lab partner in chemistry class had come from a private school. We had to get the supplies for an experiment the teacher had assigned. I said I'd get the ingredients and asked her to get the bunsen burner. I knew we were in big trouble when she asked what a bunsen burner was! How do you get to be 16 years old and not have used a bunsen burner at some time during high school????

    My upline didn't like any of my answers either. Mostly I answered their questions in ways that I knew would piss them off.

  15. Anna, Some people told me the children of the kingpins dont ever hold any real jobs. Since their parents usually put down working for someelse. Almost like the chilren of the owners of amway where they do jack shit.

  16. Colin - I can see where they wouldn't want their children to work - got an image to keep up you know! Don't most of them say their kids started their own Amway businesses and are all real successful anyway? I know of one Diamond who was not in WWDB. His son tried an Amway business for all I know he could still be an IBO but he works a job now which is how we ran into him. He has a family, bills to pay, etc. Even the old man's success can't help him be free in Amway.

  17. “I guess your dream just wasn’t big enough”

    Was the exact quote my old upline used on me when I told him "I'm done with this."

    So it's not just WWDB that uses those lines. Larry Winters is fond of that one too.

  18. Secret Agent - The insults and abuse haven't changed much over the years either. They didn't try to convince you that you can't quit now because success is right around the corner or that you're just about to go big?

    At the next meeting you did not attend the cult followers would have been told that you're a quitter, a loser, a broke loser, etc. The main topic of that evening's rant.


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