Friday, May 6, 2011

How Many Amway Meetings in a Night?

Its bad enough on the night of an Amway meeting to actually have to attend but the horror of horrors is that there are usually several meetings planned for the evening and some ambots have the misfortune of attending all of them. The first is a “pre-meeting” with the Platinum but that’s only if you’ve scheduled an appointment and if the fucker deems you worthy of his attention. This appointment could be between 5pm to 7pm lasting 15 to 30 minutes or longer. This is usually held at a coffee shop where the meddling bastard wants to see a budget, a phone list, or ride everyone’s asses why they weren’t bringing prospects to meetings and lack of customers. If we were “privileged” to have the first appointment we were expected to buy the Platinum a coffee and snack. Even if we weren’t first sometimes the Platinum just turned to Ambot and asked him to get him a burger. No cash exchanged hands and of course Ambot hopped into action because the cult leader had stroked his ego and called him a server. Yeah in more ways than one!

The board plan meeting was either held at the cult leader’s house or at the home of someone else in our line. They started at 8pm.

I’ve got better things I can be doing at 8pm like some good TV shows are on then. Ambot used to challenge me and say “how is watching TV making me any money?” Well at least we weren’t losing any money by staying home and watching TV! Can’t say the same thing about time and money wasted at Amway meetings!

The pompous sack of shit Platinum loves the sound of his own voice. He’d spend the first hour telling the same old bullshit stories mostly about himself and what a wonderful cult leader he is or about something going on in the news. Ranting and raving mostly with a good dose of religion thrown in.

Maybe take him an hour or longer to fess up and mention the dreaded Amway word. He’d use a whiteboard and flash cards to present the Amway business plan. Eat, drink, and duplicate. Find other people and teach them to do the same. Find enough people and you'll be earning $300,000 a year.

The board plan drags on for 3 hours because he keeps getting sidetracked and goes off on various rants usually something negative that's happening in the news. The sack of shit loves spreading negativity and scaring his ambots into submission.

I was ready to go home before I even arrived. By 11pm I just want to get the hell out of here. Go home. Go to a bar. Go to Denny’s. Anywhere but listening to the sack of shit!

Then the cult leader finally takes a break. Yay! We can go home. Then horrors! It ain't over yet! Anyone who’s not a “serious business builder” or anyone who brought guests can go home. The rest of us unfortunate bastards are stuck for round 2 or maybe round 3 if you were unfortunate enough to be part of the pre-meeting bullshit. Sometimes Ambot can catch a ride home with someone else and tells me to go home. Yee haw! I don’t stick around in case Ambot or the cult leader changes their collective brainwashed mind.

I have stayed for too many late night teachings. These meetings last another hour or two. Very typical for Amway cult meetings to last well past Midnight. When cult followers are tired its easier to brainwash their minds. Now is when the pompous sack of shit criticizes the way people dress, the car they drive, their haircut, the people they hang out with, etc. Mostly he criticizes the group for not sponsoring anyone or bringing prospects to meetings. He'll talk about the movers and shakers in his downline and sing their praises for the rest of the meeting gabbing on about how those are the people going Platinum, going Diamond. Not so far! Including him the fucking loser!

No teaching. No business advice. Lots of rants. That sums up what people are really doing late at night at Amway meetings.

Getting brainwashed!


  1. lets see
    -the meeting before the meeting (winners get there early)
    -the meeting itself
    -the meeting during the meeting might happen (platinums & up have to attend to vital matters here and there behind the scenes and may call upon you, what an honor)
    -the meeting after the meeting i.e. training (for the ones who want to move on to the the next level)
    -the meeting after that meeting (i.e. night owl-check upline for attendance qualifications)
    -the meeting after all the meetings at the hotel lobby or ihop to hang around a diamond/emerald (this for only the really committed ones from that LOS; winners stay late!)
    don't worry about sleeping you have all the time to sleep in the beaches of the world and in peter island.
    and one more meeting, woe unto you if this is the night you "need some time from upline to counsel."
    since you are really CORE don't forget to listen and empty your kate messages and read at least 15 min.
    The cult is firmly in control, commies would love this scenario.

  2. Ambot went to a lot of those excess meetings. I went home. Or back to the hotel room because most of those all nighter meetings took place during major functions when we were away from home.

    The Amway cult leaders are firmly in control of these brainwashing methods.

  3. Exambot;

    You are spot on! The endless meetings that get you absolutely nothing.

    We have employee meetings and I can promise you this, it is profitable. We tackle real issues. My husband can't stand to waste one minute. As soon as it's over, it's back to work,

    Amway meetings do nothing but force you to prove your undying loyalty over and over and over. The lack of sleep is terrible; and yes, it can have devastating consequences, regardless of what they tell you from stage.

    They always scream at you, "You can sleep when you're dead."

    Well, thank you for your thoughtfulness. People fall asleep at the wheel all the time; often with disastrous outcomes, you dumbasses!!

    They hate it when we finally quit and walk away b/c they know we have finally figured it out, and we are on to them.

    We went to countless meetings. Sheer waste.


  4. CT;

    "Amway meetings do nothing but force you to prove your undying loyalty over and over and over."

    now am reading this and thinking oh yeeees... that is it right there. the meetings say the same thing over and over. after sometime when you are not so new anymore there's nothing new to learn. the quotation marks encapsulate the real intent of the meeting. boy over 7 years that's an expensive $$$ exercise to prove loyalty.

    "They hate it when we finally quit and walk away b/c they know we have finally figured it out, and we are on to them."

    that's right and i suppose it's part of why the love ends and we never hear from them again. they can keep that kind of love i don't need it.

    well now my undying loyalty is first to me and my family beyond that they encounter my thinking logical mind. it feels so good even to say/write that!

    P/s ana.b please consider a topic about ambot encounters since quitting! should be fun.

  5. ExAmbot - my husband was always first in line to profess his undying love and loyalty to his upline. Um, excuse me. Shouldn't that be shown towards your wife?

    I haven't had any ambot encounters since quitting. Saw a couple of former upline/crossline. I've mentioned that somewhere before either in a topic or a comment....


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