Sunday, May 8, 2011

Franchise Yourself!

Our Platinum always tried to convince us at Amway meetings that owning an Amway business was like owning a franchise and as business owners we were franchising ourselves. He compared being a business owner of an “Amway franchise” to being a franchise owner of a McDonalds. And then he would put down those idiots who own McDonalds franchises because they spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in start up costs compared to Amway where you get started in owning your own business for $150.

Another comparison to McDonalds was made by former WWDB Lemming that 20 years ago his upline made the comparison saying all McDonalds franchisees follow the program, duplicate what other McDonald’s franchise owners ahead of them did, and that’s why were successful. The comparison being that if you duplicated your upline you too would be a successful Amway “franchise” business owner.

Comparing Amway meetings 20 years apart. Still teaching the same thing and using the same owning a McDonald’s franchise to owning an Amway business because its not a franchise no matter how hard those Platinum bastards try to brainwash us into believing.

I have another comparison to McDonald’s. The McDonald’s owner is making thousands of dollars a month more than an Amway IBO. And that includes the income from the IBO’s day job tallied with their Amway (lack of) income.

Who made the better franchise investment? McDonalds owner or Amway IBO “business owner”.

I have Entrepreneur’s top 10 list of franchises for 2011. They go a little further with the top 10 homebased franchises, top 10 lowcost, etc. To see the list

Nowhere anywhere on their top 10 lists do I see Amway!

I do see what looks to me like much better business opportunities!

Owning a franchise is another lie bestowed upon us by our upline. Its to give IBO’s a sense of importance. Not only do they own their own business but they own their own franchise.

Well whoopee doo!


  1. Anna;

    All these topics on your blog have got to drive ambot Kingpins crazy. Nothing has changed no matter what they say.

    Can you imagine how astonished some poor 'bot is when he/she stumbles onto a site like this? They think that what they've heard is miraculous! New! Cutting edge! Paradigm changing! Sugar-sharp! World-changing! Make that I'm-gonna-be-rich-you-lazy-nonambot-J.O.B.-lover-world-changing!

    They read that we were hearing and doing this crap 15-20 years ago and they fall off their chairs.

    Gotta be so shitty.

    Keep it up, Anna. Make my day!!!


  2. No Kingpin is going to be reading my blog!

    The truth hurts! They don't want to know how their cult leaders are abusing the downline. I mean they know about it they just don't want to read all the details.

  3. ambots do not own nothing! no residual income, nothing that can be willed, etc. keep in mind the opposite is what the new ambot are told (they will have will-able residual income etc a fat lie) then see how the web is full of stories of how numerous diamonds and up "businesses" have been terminated/not renewed after they differed with amconneted amcrooks or amway itself and you realize the truth - ambots clutch tightly onto empty sacks! this realization shocked me.

    i was also shocked at how whimsical and casual amway will just execute its terminate decisions with a finality usually after battling the beleaguered diamond to the ground if they can. so the message becomes clear the higher up the totem pole you go the more you have to conform to whatever is shoved down your throat, whether you agree or not, whether it's right or not therwise ones risks just being cut off. in this regard amway is itself just as much a cult as it's AMOs.

    and so the emeralds/diamonds are in a catch. they can't speak their real minds if anything is contrary and most if not all will not just say this is wrong, fix it or i, and others, will decamp. minute few though have and i give them credit. so they just smile, conform and take the money from poor ambots. another reason why i am never impressed by diamonds or any success in amway. they can all kiss where the sun don't shine right down the middle!

  4. Ambots own nothing. At least most real franchise owners have something. And a real franchise owner has a better chance of residual income if they have a manager and employees who can take care of business while they do other things. A real franchise owner can will his business to an heir or sell it to someone else.

    Amway can cut people off at any time. And maybe they have a good reason for doing that. Maybe they finally acted on a complaint from someone downline. Amway is no different from a job in that way because Amway controls everything and they can terminate you immediately for any reason.

    1. Every business needs each and every strategy in the market to make their position. Usually business wants only profit and it does a matter to tie up with popular franchisee.

      franchise success


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