Friday, May 13, 2011

Maintenance - blogger was down

This post has nothing to do with bitching out my Amway upline.

Blogger was down for about 24 hours about mid-day Thursday May 12 until mid-day Friday May 13 for posting and comments. Blogs were still able to be read.

I'm not sure what time it went down. Blogger was working before I went out yesterday morning but by the time I came home late in the afternoon it was unavailable. They are still working at bringing back missing posts and comments.

I didn't post anything new on Thursday and as far as I know nothing from Married To An Ambot is missing.

However if anyone posted comments yesterday - they are not sitting in the queue to be approved. Whether or not they show up in a few hours or are lost forever I do not know. I'm not ignoring your comment if you posted one. Its just not there anymore. Gone to the twilight zone.


  1. Phew! For a while there, I thought it waas amway-big-brother.


  2. Ha ha - no! Although I'm sure Amway would prefer I didn't post about what a bunch of assholes my upline are and the overpriced products that I don't like, they don't really seem to care a whole lot about my blog. You know - just like that "who cares" attitude that IBO's get!

    I was one of the luckier bloggers. Judging by their support forum many bloggers lost posts, comments, some even lost their blog altogether. They're still trying to restore everything.

    I just wanted to give a heads up to anyone who might have posted a comment on Thursday morning or afternoon that I'm not ignoring them. There is nothing in the queue. If anyone posted a comment waiting for moderation it has disappeared. I don't know if it will show up again in the queue.


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