Friday, May 13, 2011

How to Qualify an Amway Prospect

What are the criteria for qualifying someone to become an Amway IBO? Does anyone really know?

You would think qualifying an Amway prospect would be similar to going to a job interview. Someone looking to hire an employee wants to bring in the right person. Sometimes the person has to be experienced other times enthusiasm and the right personality may be what a hiring manager is looking for. They don’t want to bring the wrong person into the company. Some people have difficulty learning new things and that can slow down other employees. Sometimes people just don’t have the aptitude to do a job no matter how badly they wish they could succeed. Hiring an unlikeable person can lower moral.

Logic would dictate that should hold true in Amway but reality shows differently. The reality is IBOs are so desparate they'll take anyone who shows a teensy bit of interest.

Many times I heard at meetings to “qualify your prospect” before bringing them to a board plan meeting but the speakers dropped the ball and didn’t say what qualifying a prospect entailed.

So I’m here to tackle that question based on my observations of being stuck hanging around and listening to these bastards.

1. Be a good liar.
2. Be a good salesperson - or have the aptitude and desire to become one.
3. Open to being brainwashed.
4. Be willing to put Amway as the most important thing in your life.
5. Be good at sucking up - your upline expects you to worship them as gods
6. Have disposable income
7. Have a credit card with a high limit
8. Desire to stay up late at night listening to meaningless bullshit from cult leaders
9. Willing to drop everything if upline calls and demands to have their ass kissed.
10. Able to devote 100 hours a month to Amway related events
11. A strong desire to fail (less than 1% of IBO’s make money)
12. Be a home owner so you can sell the house and use the equity to invest in Amway
13. Enjoy listening to CDs with cult leaders spouting off dribble and bullshit
14. Enjoy hugging everyone you meet.
15. Ability to fake being all sweetie pie nice
16. Enjoy looking out of place wearing business suits
17. Enjoy stalking people in malls

If people don’t possess the above qualities or have the desire to learn to do so, they will never become part of the 1% who make money as an Amway IBO.


  1. Was told by someone in mlm who's some what successful. That people should go to no events. Key is to just show the plan and sell products. I guess that's why most avon ladies do so well. The sales material is a waste of $.

  2. Avon has a pretty good reputation. When I was a kid they used to have commercials on TV - ding dong its the Avon lady. It was touted as homemakers making a little extra money selling cosmetics around the neighborhood. Their products are decent quality and well priced with frequent sales. I can usually buy Avon products for much less than similar products at the drug store. Its known as a friendly business and hasn't drummed up a lot of controversy and resentment. Most of the people I know who sell Avon do it because they like the products and probably know a few people who want to buy Avon too. They're not usually in it to recruit other salespeople.

  3. Colin;

    How about no events and absolutely no CASSETTE TAPES/books/and whatever-the-hell else they can con you into buying.

  4. Thanx! now i know why i never made it just like the other 99%! where was your list before i signed up i could have disqualified myself right at the beginning.

  5. here's another one i heard from a jim brooks tape/cd - "put a mirror under their nose if they have a breath show'em the plan!"

  6. Perhaps ibos should also be required to disclose about the MLM Negative Cash Flow Quadrant to give the prospect a choice as to which quadrant they desire to engage in. see the link below this is good!

  7. ExAmbot - Maybe I can prevent a few others from making the mistake of signing up as an IBO with that list of how to qualify to be an IBO!

    I heard the mirror one too - I think in Merchants of Deception.

    Good one on the negative cash flow quadrant. I never knew Robert Kiyosaki was an IBO. I especially liked the bucket carrier story at the end. Thanks!

  8. Did Robert Kiyosaki make diamond or platinum level?

  9. The article suggests he only signed up to get his foot in the door in hopes of meeting someone that could get his books on the recommended reading list. He might have had to sell a house and buy a Platinumship to catch someone's attention.

  10. Oh don't get me started, Rich Dad, Poor Dad what a useless crock of shit. No wonder Amway has hitched their wagon to this guy, or vise-versa. He has written one of the dumbest financial advice books I have ever read. It contains many factual errors and numerous extremely unlikely accounts of events that supposedly occurred. He is a perfect fit for the fantasy world of an Amway IBO and his books are no doubt required reading.
    Kiyosaki is a salesman and a motivational speaker. He has no financial expertise and won’t disclose his supposed real estate or other investment success.
    A review of his book basically sums up his flawed advice " Kiyosaki basically ignores the concept of risk. In Kiyosaki’s world, there is no risk, or at least it’s not a big enough factor to ever worry about. His books encourage people to start working for themselves, but the individuals who would be attracted to Kiyosaki’s work are individuals who generally don’t have the backbone, the salesmanship, the acumen, or the pre-existing network to make such plans work." Oh and I love this quote from one of his books, “I do not recommend looking into a network marketing business primarily for the money.”
    I ask you this Kiyosaki, Why in hell would you look into or invest in a business if it wasn't with the intent to earn money? Worst yet, in Amway, you will more than likely lose money.

    ***Former WWDB Lemming***

  11. I remember seeing Rich Dad Poor Dad on our bookshelf. I'm not sure if we still have it or not. I never read it. Not sure if Ambot ever read it either but I'm sure the only reason he would have for buying it is if it was on the recommended reading list. He bought 3 or 4 copies of The Slight Edge too. Gotta help make his upline richer!

  12. I remember seeing on tv where they questioned whether where was a rich dad in Kiyosaki life while growing up. I heard many mlm companies pay him big $ as a speaker.

  13. If anyone wants to pay me big bucks to be a speaker I'll sign up. I wonder if that means I need to write a book first!

  14. Worse than Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki has cds/books in which he promotes network marketing in general. A point to note: in these cds/books,he never mentions the name of the network marketing business he promotes. He would generally say things like "Your business is great because", so he can market these tools to a bunch of MLM type businesses.

    Worser than Robert Kiyosaki are idiotic authors like Bill Quain and Steve Price who have written pro Amway books like "Quixtar Price is Right", "Prosumer Power", "Household Gold." The things you learn(if at all you learn anything) from these books are applicable only the bubble world of Amway. These books are like drugs which help you believe in an illusionary world. Please note on, you can buy these books for 99 cents....but we were too dumb (Read: Sharp, Young, Ambitious in Amway world) to pay the full price for all this crap

  15. Funny reading this story about this fake diamond who did anything to get the big bucks at a speaker. Very typical scummy amway type.

  16. Anonymous - there are others who write books on financial advice and some of them say network marketing can be a source of income for a few hundred bucks a month. They all stop short of recommending any company. Or a list of companies one should not sign up for. That list might be more helpful!

    Yup we weren't allowed to look on Ebay, Amazon, or Craigslist for tools.

  17. Colin - that doesn't surprise me. Successful IBO's already have it ingrained somewhere inside them to be scammers and con artists. People who are honest and have morals and are not good liars can not make it in Amway.

  18. AnnaB - thank you some that summation. it's dead on!
    For example - beside not being "allowed" to look on ebay/CL/amazon, the same books were available at BN for less and we were not allowed to buy from there either, yet they told us to go hang out over there to contact, i mean harass people. they gave a shity reason that i don't care to remember but of course upline diamond was a scammer and needed to make $$$ from poor DL!

  19. Collins : i remember the first time i came across diamond scammers i was shocked and you have to excuse me. prior to that i existed in the amabubble and diamonds were gods who cared for their people and could do no wrong blah blah blah. but later i found it was liberating and helped my mind to let go of the cult without regret. here is an exhaustive list of shame.

  20. ExAmbot - that goes back to the brainwashing about being a serious business builder and buying the tools from your upline instead of some loser who quit and is flogging them off cheap on the Internet.

  21. ExAmbot;


    good one!!



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