Sunday, May 22, 2011

Searchers are Thinking about Suing their Amway Upline

I'm getting a lot of searchers checking my blog while looking for information to sue their upline in Amway.

Not sue Amway. Sue their upline.

Here I want to say "Whew!" We never signed up any downline!

Unhappy customers and potential lawsuits are part of business. This is one of the reasons that business owners buy insurance to cover them and their business assets and buy errors and ommissions insurance should they fuck up.

How many "serious business builders" in Amway purchase insurance to cover their asses in case their downline sues them? Not many is my guess. I never heard it brought up EVER at Amway business meetings where a lack of real business advice was always the order of the night.

Sad to inform you I have no advice to give searchers who are thinking about suing their upline. Though I say "way to go!"

I found some lawsuit information on the AmQuix Info page though nothing more recent than 2003 and nothing that follows up with the outcome of the lawsuit. Aside from the brief summaries I have not taken the time to read them.

Sorry I can't be of more help but this isn't something I've really spent much time on other than updates I've read on other blogs.

Lies, deception, abuse, and fraud is all part of running an Amway business. Piss off the wrong person and they'll sue you. Is running an Amway business really worth the fear of getting sued by a former downline?

I admire anyone having the guts to take that route.

Good luck to anyone suing their upline bastards!


  1. Anna, maybe you should sue your sack of shit platinum. The one who tried to prevent you and your hubby from leaving a meeting. Even the kingpins sue each other for system money.

  2. amway will just fall back on the old, 'they aren't employees, they are independent contractors.'

    Except ambots are allowed no independence. They must counsel upline to breathe.

    A real catch-22.

    This is just delicious, Anna!


  3. Ha ha Colin! That sack of shit would be absolutely outraged that anyone would dare sue him because he's the best cult leader thats come along since Jim Jones!

    I was not at that held hostage meeting. Only Ambot was. I'd refused to have anything to do with the sack of shit by that point. Ambot told me later that was the same meeting that the sack of shit led a prayerfest that I would find another man and leave Ambot because he wasn't man enough for me because he wasn't building an Amway business.

    I mean way to go to promote moral!

  4. CT - that might be why there are downline out there looking for resources to sue their upline and not Amway. Amway might sell them overpriced useless products but the upline is more responsible for the emotional and financial damage and the abuse.

  5. I'd like to see this happen and then find out what the court ruling was.

  6. Me too. We read about some of these lawsuits on web pages that report on upline being sued but we never hear an update on the court ruling.

  7. CT - ibots need permission to breath. that was LMAOL! reminds me everything was check upline, it's unbelievable people accept to live like this. but then again it's a mind thing and who get's to it or who we allow to get to it.

    AnnaB - your scenario is amcult classic - it might just as well have been our group. what a joke these ambots are!

    i just don't understand how ambots can be deceived that they are independent ("business owners") and also so fervently deceive themselves of the same - that's a biggie! yet in case of the slightest disagreement amcult will hound them to the ground or to an arbitrator of their choice who's obviously biased towards them (amcult).

    but i was there too and never saw it so i guess someone stepped into my shoes for now and the cycle sad.

    yeah uplines should be sued because as far as amway cult is concerned they are independent of them. that should serve them well to keep their act on the straight and narrow with everybody. this should have been happening and maybe there would have been less horror stories.

  8. Exambot - it's absolutely eerie how just about everything out there that I've read from former IBOs could have been written by me. Everyone has the same story but some people went through a lot more abuse and financial losses than others. Deprogramming from the cult teachings is a huge process for some people. I never drank the Kool aid so I had a very clear picture of what was happening around me. If there was more information on the Internet about people suing their upline, the result, the lawyers who succeeded and are willing to take on more clients to sue their upline, it's very possible it might keep Platinums from operating as cult leaders and abusing their downline.

  9. A successful lawsuit would change everything. Oh, wait. Crap, then amway would just sell you the latest and greatest 'lawsuit insurance.'

    Lemonade from lemmons, right?

    And if they were ever successfully sued, they would settle out of court and you would magically never hear a peep.

    But just the threat would make a rational person rethink what they are peddling.



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