Monday, May 23, 2011

Amway IBOs Craftmanship Versus Getting Permission

When you’re an Amway IBO you have to get permission from the upline about everything.

After our car got broken into - nothing taken because I interrupted the thief just busted the window - Ambot decides to get an alarm installed. He asks the Platinum’s permission. I mean what the fuck??? Would he have decided not to get an alarm if the sack of shit said no? The sack of shit says he knows someone crossline who can install an alarm for us. He moonlights installing alarms and sound systems. He comes out to install the alarm. I’m at home and I get the impression he doesn’t know what he’s doing. It takes him all day, like 10 hours or so. But then he’s an IBO and spends a lot of time on his cell phone talking and texting. At some point later on another guy showed up to assist him but left after a couple of hours. I doubt all the phone calls were Amway related. I think he was phoning someone for advice on how to install the alarm.

Eventually he gets it installed. I think Ambot had arrived home by that time. We each got a remote control. It sets/deactivates the alarm and locks/unlocks the doors at the same time. Beep. Beep beep.

Except its intermittent on the door lock/unlock thing. The alarm always sets but we have to double check the doors and often use the key if it didn’t automatically lock/unlock. It’ll work for a few months then stop for working for awhile. For the past 2 months the door lock/unlock has not been working. Maybe one day it’ll start working again.

The remotes attach to our key rings. Except Ambot’s ring broke so he has to carry the remote in his pocket. Last year I picked up my key chain and realized the remote was missing. Ambot had decided since he usually drives the car that he should have the one where the ring is still intact and put it on his key chain. I have the broken remote sitting in my purse for those times when I might need to drive it. Of course I never seem to have the purse with me when I open the door not realizing the alarm was set and the doors just didn't lock. Yeah that can get kind of embarrassing.

So the craftmanship and quality of the system and install is not good. But what else do you expect from someone who’s involved with Amway. Ambot should have known better and got it professionally installed at a shop. Saved himself $100 maybe by getting this kid to install it.

We’ve been having various issues with the car ever since the alarm was installed. Sometimes the car needs a jump start to get started. Other times we take it to the mechanic. And of course once we take it to the mechanic it fires up just fine when he’s witnessing it! Our mechanic says he thinks the kid who installed the alarm did something wonky with the wiring and patched it in where it shouldn’t have been and that explains why the door lock/unlock isn’t working and possibly why the truck won't start sometimes. Its just one of life’s unexplained mysteries.

A friend of ours - who has NOTHING to do with Amway - knows someone who’s wired alarms and knows what he’s doing and will come out for a look. Hopefully we’ll get it fixed by someone who doesn’t suffer from Amway shitty craftmanship syndrome.


  1. Not sure how your hubby can ask for permission for such a simple thing. Does your hubby sit down with the scummy platinum and go through all his bills,how much he has in the bank account,daily spending,and every little detail? I wonder what would happen if your ambot decide to stay home during a function or a meeting?

  2. Colin - I'm sure I only know a fraction of what happened between Ambot and the Platinum when it came to getting permission and sharing private financial information.

    What happens when you miss a meeting or function is that the sack of shit or one of his flunkies phones to berate you. Read my post about the chair incident. Happened within a couple of months of Ambot quitting.

  3. Anna, im sure you've heard that you cant go to a funeral unless you get permission. Heard from some speakers on tapes that they miss bday parties,funerals,aniversarys,etc to attend meetings and functions.

  4. Oops that link should read

    Darned auto correct!

  5. It's got to embarrass the crap out of IBOs when we share these details about their cult.

    Getting permission to attend funerals (we were told the ONLY funeral we were allowed to attend was our own - they were 'dead' serious), children's events (you can spend forever with them when you're rich!), hospice (really, what can you do for the old bat that the attendants aren't already doing?), weddings (what for? they'll just be divorced if they aren't in amway), vacations (only losers get away with their families before they are rich), work (tell you boss to take a hike if he won't give you time off 4 times a year to attend functions - never mind you coming into work totally exhausted from getting in at 2 am from a night owl meeting and being danger to everyone else on the crew - you've got workman's comp, don't you?) and on and on.

    If an IBO has the gumption to come on here and tell us off, they will not mention any of these details b/c that's where it gets tricky.

    YOu mention these life-meddling deatils and their pucker factor goes up.


  6. Everything about Amway is embarrassing! IBOs don't want to fess up and say they're in Amway. You'd think if they were so certain this is the secret to financial success they'd be excited to get the word out there instead of being secretive.And can you imagine telling any recruits that once you sign up you must ask your upline permission to do everything! No thanks, I don't want any part of your cult!

  7. There are plenty of successful business people who go to weddings,funerals,aniversaries,bday parties etc. I remember being in amway and skipping every event cause they cost money. My diamond/platinum couldnt do a dam thing about it. When i showed up at the house meetings they where still all smiles.

  8. Colin those successful people are not part of the Amway cult!

    I would have preferred not to go to any function that cost money but when Ambot is being pressured by the cult leaders he must obey.

  9. Anna, I wasnt a member of the cult even though i purchased the kit. So they had to be somewhat nice. Cause they wanted me to buy into the tapes,meetings,training etc. I did see platinums and other distributors who where treated like shit.

  10. The other thing i didnt agree with was the signing up of a kid from highschool in the early 90s. I think the kid was the youngest 1000 pin at the age of 16. This was in the rod jao downline in wwdb.

  11. Colin they're always fakey nice! Until you stop buying and stop going to meetings. Then they'll scold and punish you like all cult leaders do to make sure their followers remain obedient. Yes they allowed high school kids to sign up. I saw 2 or 3.

  12. Anna, That's why the more tools,meetings,seminars,products you buy the worst they treat you. Some of my buddies where college students and the platinums/diamonds where always nice to them. Hoping someday we'll buy into the system or cult. We saw how bad some of the ibos where treated once they baught into everything

  13. Colin I'm not sure if it's the more you buy the worst they treat you as opposed to the longer you've been in Amway the worst you get treated by the upline. Could be interchangeable because the longer you're in the more you're buying. You get treated badly by the upline because you're not sponsoring anyone or don't have any customers or not enough customers. Whatever you're doing it's never good enough for the upline and that's why they abuse the downline. Insult them, make em feel bad, etc and then say "but we still love you"..... That's how good cult leaders operate. Punishment and love. You don't dare do anything to disobey or displease the cult leaders.

  14. they are only nicey nice to new people. what i heard was that the new people are yet to change their way of thinking/adopt or see things the amcult amo way. to accomplish that they are given time and cds and requested, made, whatever, etc to plug into the amo system-listen to cds, attend meetings, etc (this is taught repeatedly in BWW, just give cds to new people).

    once that happens slowly but surely the new person's thought process starts to conform to and gets replaced by amo's own. then they have got him/her. this is couched in the 9 CORE steps language of being teachable. sounds innocent but the truth is it's very harmful. at this point the new ambot is prone to all the mind control games that upline can exert on them.

    another way - the ibos used to say they would rather their upline spend their time/xs i mean energy, convincing a prospect of theirs to attend a function rather than on him/her as they are already confirmed for it (by this time they already gave their upline a check for the next function ticket on the last day of the current function). so if a new person is to duplicate this upline you can see how they will adpot the same mentality and thought process. so they are now hooked for the function whether him/her and the upline manage to bring a prospect to the function or not. this is underhanded and very manipulative. i know i did it and regret it it.

  15. Nobody in my upline was overly nice to me not even when we were new. Tolerated me because they knew they had to keep Ambot engaged to keep getting his money and that I really had no interest in Amway. But some of our cross line were fakey nice to me.

    Yup they always wanted us to pay for the next function while we were still in town for the current function. I know Ambot paid for FED while we were still at Family Reunion. Its their way of trapping IBOs for another 3 months.

  16. You were the type simply referred to a as negative wife or that you didn't see it, but that eventually you will come around (you know when the money come flooding in! watch out now!) in fact i remember some diamond wife - renuka reddy - talking about how negative/against the "business" she was until the bucks came rolling on. Lame.

    i bet you were quite a pickle for them and the fakey xlines. must have been a priceless look on their faces not knowing what to do or say to you or about you, you know like no negative upline or crossline!

    anyway i'm glad amcult didn't get a hold on you - every diamond reps a multitude of messed up lives, the numbers don't lie and the identical horror stories are too numerous to except!

  17. ExAmbot I'm sure they called me a lot worse than that. The biggest difference is they aren't writing a blog about me! Maybe if these were people I actually liked I might have been more receptive to Amway. Either way the money would not have come rolling in. Not with a business that has a high failure rate.

  18. Ex & Anna;

    You are on to somehing HUGE!!!!! Why DON'T ambot write blogs about us loser amway quitters?

    Because they can't. What are they going to say? Everything we post is a personal experience and they can't refute it.

    We out outting them and they are scrambling to overcome the backlash. Can you imagine some abmot newbie asking their upline, "Um, I read that you make money ~lots of it~ from tools. Is that true? And is it true that 99% of ambots lose money? And has any upline ever in the history of amway counseled his/her downline to not pay household bills in order to attend a function? And are we supposed to skip funerals, and weddings, children's school events, our anniversaries, our parents' anniversariers, vacations and stuff to attend functions? And am I not allowed to see your Schedule C for the last 5 years? And am I supposed to get permission from you to buy/sell my house, take a vacation, buy/sell my car, mow my grass, speak to my neighbors, attend my church and stuff? Are all these things and many more that I have been reading bout on the internet ~that rascally bathroom wall of society~ really true? I mean some of these lazy quitters were diamonds, and emeralds, and rubys, and platinums who claim to have worked the business 24/7 for years. Can you explain all this to me?" ~doe eyes~ blink blink

    This is too rich!


  19. CT that is very true. You come up with such good stuff you should be writing your own blog or book! That's why ambots don't usually post on my blog because they can not dispute personal experiences. They can not dispute that my upline were a bunch of assholes and the Platinum sack of shit is a trouble making cult leader. We should all be printing out what you just wrote and use it for asking any IBOs who try to prospect us.

  20. My husband is under the spell of this amway cult people....what are you guys doi ng about yours? Did you guys sue?

    1. Anonymous - sorry to hear about your husband. So many of us have been in your shoes. Most of the time we wait it out because most ambots quit after a few months when they realize they're not making money and no one wants to buy their shitty overpriced Amway products or go to Amway cult meetings so they don't have a hope in hell of recovering their losses.

      With what I know now, I wish I had sued the assholes in our Amway upline for fraud, theft, alienation of affection. The thing is people in Amway are broke. You'd get the victory in court but you'd probably never see any money.


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