Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Duncan Family Reunion 2011?

I can see my work is not done yet when it comes to Amway WWDB Family Reunion for 2011. I have a few more IBO’s I need to lure here with promises of information on the Duncan Family Reunion 2011. How many Amway Family Reunions does WWDB need to hold anyway?

And here I’ll say Shit! It is really hard to find out about WWDB  Family Reunion events. Talk about secretive! There’s something wrong with this picture. Most legitimate businesses want to get the word out there for marketing and recruiting opportunities. The Amway cult wants to keep things hush hush.

It is going to be held Friday July 22 until Sunday July 24 2011 in the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, Oregon. Look at the events calendar in July. It is there. I can’t find out how many seats this place holds or how much it costs to rent the place. Hmm... isn’t Former WWDB Lemming good at that? Be interesting to find out if the Oregon Convention Center holds more people than the arena in Boise. If its a bigger venue the Duncan Amway Family Reunion 2011 could potentially put more money in the Duncans bank account than what the Puryears are earning.

Aside from location and date I can not find piss all information about the Duncan Family Reunion 2011. Not even listed on the WWDB web page where all they’re promoting is the Puryear Family Reunion 2011. Doesn’t Puryear own WWDB? That could be why he’s not promoting other WWDB Amway Family Reunion functions. Wants to send as many IBO’s to his Family Reunion as he can. Doesn’t want to take the cash out of his pocket and put it into Duncans!

At least Portland, Oregon makes a whole lot more sense than Boise, Idaho. Again no disrespect to any Idahoans out there but Portland has a better location for access and is not off the beaten path. Portland is on Interstate 5 a major highway between California and Washington and easily accessible from these states. I don’t know that its any easier to fly in to compared to Boise because neither airport is a hub to any airline that I know of. Though I suspect that one can get to Portland from just about anywhere in the US with fewer plane changes than it takes to get to Boise.

I can tell you one thing. This post is probably going to get to the top of Google searches really fast seeing as how there is no other information readily available for IBO’s searching for information on WWDB Amway Duncan Family Reunion 2011!


  1. And just as fast as I post this it is already number 1 on Google when searching for "Duncan Family Reunion 2011".

    Hi everybody!!!

  2. When I was an IBO, Duncan Family ripoff, err, reunion, was held at the Rose Garden in Portland. It seated about 18,000 offically, but for the function, a small portion of seats behind the stage was closed, but the basketball court was crammed with seats. I would guess they could fit 20,000 people. So it would be interesting to know how big the convention center is.

  3. Like how they say in the meetings "Do you want to make the Walton family richer by shopping at Walmart"?

    I would like to say "Do you want to make the Duncan family richer by going to the Duncan Family Reunion?"


  4. Hey Joe - your buddy from Scarborough came over to read this post. He must be as desparate as the other IBO's to find any information about Duncan Family Reunion. Though I like your definition of Danucan family rip off better! I'm sure someone will show up eventually with more information about how much that venue holds. I'm guessing Duncan probably gets it for free or for a minimal amount due to repeat business every year - if this is the spot they keep holding it at. The convention center likely makes big bucks off the parking and concessions.

  5. Ex IBO - very true. That's a good answer for any IBO to come up with. At least the Walton family isn't out to rip everyone off by holding paid seminars showing customers how to buy their products.

  6. I looked at the website for the Oregon convention center and I believe that venue is far smaller than the Rose Garden. This would confirm that claims I have heard recently that Amway and WWDB is shrinking in the US.

  7. WWDB and Amway will likely never let those numbers be known publicly. If they were actually doing good and growing they'd want to brag about it and get those increases out there so everyone knows about it.

  8. Same thing is happening in the Mary Kay Cosmetics world. Every July they hold their big wampum in Dallas. Thousands go (not nearly as many as amway, but lots go, nonetheless.)

    Every year they post a picture of that years debuting directors. is an anti-mary kay site. They post that picture every year and compare the numbers from all previous years.

    Yup. The numbers are shrinking, all righty. 2 years ago, mary kay quit posting the picture. But there are moles from who go to these events with camera phones. hee hee hee


  9. Maybe its harder to find Amway moles because of the deprogramming they have to go through!

  10. The Oregon convention center Capacity for this type of venue is approximately 12,000 however I would suspect that many of the attendees would have been brainwashed into attending multiple Family Reunions. WWDB has shrunk by at least 50% since I was in the Business, no wonder there have been multiple Diamond Bankruptcies, less IBOs means less tool and function profit.

    ***Former WWDB Lemming***

  11. WWDB Lemming - even if we called it 10,000 people buying tickets, and as we all suspect serious business builder IBO's are going to attend as many of these very important brainwashing sessions as they can, with tickets at $225 each thats $2,255,000. I'm not sure how much or if they're paying for the center or how many Diamond speakers are getting a piece of the pie but they're all probably getting at least $100,000 each. If they speak at more than one Family Reunion this will be a very profitable month for those Diamonds. And a very bad month for IBO's who will be going into debt to attend as many of these Family Reunions as the old credit card will allow.

  12. I love listening to moaners who didnt have the balls to make it in the business. Have fun being poor the rest of your lives. Also, Amway has grown 30% since 2008, so much for numbers declining.

  13. Ha! So much for listening to your upline: “don’t say negative!” You forgot to add that I’m a negative unchristian loser who didn’t try hard enough and I’ll be broke for the rest of my life working a job for someone else!

    Seeing as how your search for the Duncan Family Reunion brought you to my blog that tells us you’re going to Portland. I checked out the distance on Mapquest to see how far you have to drive from Missoula Montana and that’s 550 miles. I checked the distance to Boise Idaho and its 400 miles so its closer to go to the Puryear Family Reunion. But I bet you’re one of those unfortunate bastards who is going to attend both family reunions. Sucks that those national forests are in your way and there’s no highway giving you a direct route!

    I didn’t have the balls to make it in this business? Ah ha! You must be the asshole who keeps sending me emails to enlarge body parts I don’t possess!

  14. Anon@9:20PM
    moaners who didnt have the balls to make it in the business? Another typical Ambot who thinks he is actually going to be successful in this so called business. I hate to break it to you but numbers in North America have declined drastically and I challenge anyone to prove me wrong.
    The only reason Amway's sales numbers have increased is because they have opened shop in countries like India and China where distribution of goods is difficult at best making it a perfect market FOR NOW and people are joining simply to purchase items they would otherwise have a hard time finding. North America has caught onto Amway, people will not pay the ridiculous prices or join a cult where the only people making money are those selling motivational material, tickets to functions and speaking.
    How dare you assume we are poor, I bet your credit cards are maxed and you might have to sell your first born to go to Family Reunion but hey ain't it great Flush that Stinkin Job because you will be rich and walking the beaches of the world.... Dream On Ambot, hopefully you'll wake up before it is too late.

    ****Former WWDB Lemming***

  15. Lemming - these ambots think they're so original! Amazing that they think everyone who is not an Amway IBO is doomed to a life in the poorhouse. The founders of Microsoft are going to be poor the rest of their lives? Donald Trump is going to be poor the rest of his life? Oprah is going to be poor for the rest of her life? Richard Branson is going to be poor for the rest of his life? Prince William is going to be poor for the rest of his life? The Emperor of Japan is going to be poor the rest of his life? Ha ha!

  16. Ambots like to point out the "legitimacy" of Amway because the company itself makes "billions" and is "debt free".

    What they fail to realize is, the reason for that is because they have all their brainwashed IBOs to take on the massive debts for them, and they are up to their eyeballs in it and NOT getting a whole lot of those "billions". And they string them along promoting a "dream" that mathematically they'd have about as much chance of reaching that wealth if they just bought weekly lottery tickets. Ooooh nooooo, that's "negative thinking". Gotta put a picture of a yacht on my fridge and reeeeeally wish for it to happen, because all it takes is "positive thoughts". Don't be a dream stealer now...

  17. Dave - the ambots haven't figured out that Amway is a business and exists to make money and profits for its owners. The commissioned salespeople who have to pay through the nose for the privilege of being a poorly paid Amway commissioned salesperson will never be financially free as long as they stick it out with this albatross.

  18. You bring up some valid points in previous posts, like how you must SPEND, SPEND to get a small if any money back.
    Also, the point about how the company isn't really debt free, it's placed on the IBO's, which makes sense, because everytime I go to a meeting, they require $10 for entrance....WTF?!

    Family renunion is tomorrow and I'm tempted to go because of the lucrative's Amway offers, but at the same time, I don't wanna rack up credit cards to meet my goals

  19. Anonymous - you want to get out before you spend more money on Amway. If you're married your wife will thank you! You will save her lots of emotional distress not to mention financial losses.

    That $10 fee for going to meetings really bugged me too. Look around the room and multiply the people times $10. Subtract whatever amount it was to rent the room, usually a school auditorium or hotel banquet room, maybe free, maybe $200 to $500 depending on the venue, and the rest is profit for the speaker. That's the real way they make money in Amway not by selling products.

    Don't waste your money on Family Reunion. And here I'll say I'm amazed your upline hasn't been riding your ass to buy your tickets in advance. All that happens is a bunch of Ken and Barbies march across the stage saying how wonderful their lives are and then they introduce IBO's who've attained levels like Platinum or Emerald over the past year though its unknown if they maintained that level. And they walk across the stage and thank their Diamonds and God for their wonderful life. Bunch of ambots. Sickening.

    I didn't know Amway had any lucrative offers???? Don't rack up your credit cards. That's how most IBO's end up in trouble.

    Good luck to you!

  20. This is sooo funny. Purear Family reunion is listed on the wwdb login if that is the family you are a part of. If you are part of the Duncan or Wolgamott family then all you see is the proper family reunion for your family. All information is available for IBO's. This isnt an event designed to recruit so why would it be public? Does Microsoft list all internal training events publicly?

    A note for all: Just because someone told you that you couldn't do it doesn't mean that you should try to prevent those who actually are doing it. Just because you choose not to don't be a mortar to tell all others that they can't.

    1. Anonymous - you must be a new ambot because you do not have the canned Amspeak responses down yet. Its my guess you came back from Spring Leadership recently all "fired up" and your greedy upline had their hands out demanding you pay for Family Reunion so they could suck you in for another 3 months.

      The reason I know you're a new IBO is because you are very nice and you said I chose not to do Amway I do appreciate that you understand me! Most ambots show up here duplicating the bullshit they hear from their upline and call me a loser, quitter, unsupportive wife, and unchristian, negative dreamstealer. I don't try to prevent people from doing Amway. People got make their own mistakes. I'm just here to let them know about the upline abuse you have to put up with from the assholes in Amway.

      You are too nice to be in Amway. I hope you choose to get involved in something that has a higher success rate than less than 1%. Good luck to you.


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