Thursday, June 23, 2011

Who Cares About Amway WWDB Family Reunion 2011?

Who cares about the Amway WWDB Family Reunion 2011?

To answer that question probably only the Diamonds who will be splitting the profits from the admission fees charged to IBO’s.

And now on to other things that nobody cares about.

A few months ago my blog and a few other blogs had a late night visitor asking us about Paul Tsika and suggesting I write a post about him.

Most of us had similar responses - never heard of him.

A few days after the Paul Tsika posts began some bloggers inadvertently compared notes. A lot of similarities in the postings all around 2 or 3am by someone calling herself or himself I’m A Happy Girl or something like that. All originating from the same IP address and here I’m a little foggy on the town. It may have been Carlsbad or Oceanside or Solana Beach - California. For anyone not familiar with Southern California these are beach communities close together north of San Diego. There are a lot of pretty coastal towns - La Jolla, Del Mar, Solana Beach, Encinitas, Carlsbad, Oceanside - and I just don’t recall which of them the IP address came from.

Most bloggers think the Happy Girl postings are written by either Dean Kosage or his girlfriend because they live in the area and somebody who was either living in their house or a former friend ratted them out. Not sure why either of them has a bee up their ass about Paul Tsika.

Anyway what the hell does this have to do with anything? To quote that Diamond woman: who cares?

I found a website that seems to belong to Paul Tsika and he lists some of the WWDB Amway functions.

So yup you guessed it. Yet another one of my posts to screw up IBO’s looking for legitimate information on Amway WWDB Family Reunion 2011.

Here is what I can see off this website.

Due to Family Reunion not being held on the same dates it would seem likely that the really brainwashed Amway cult followers might be busting their asses to get to all of them.

Puryear Moving Up July 5 to 7 2011
Puryear Family Reunion July 8 to 10 2011
Nelsen Moving Up July 14 2011 - who the hell is Nelsen anyway???
Nelsen Family Reunion July 15 to 17 2011
Duncan Moving Up July 19 to 21 2011
Duncan Family Reunion July 22 to 24 2011

I might not know who the hell Nelsen is but apparently he is more on the ball than the other two. He can get his moving up function done in one day and those other bastards need three days. What does this tell you? Some people take longer than others to spout off their bullshit.


  1. If it's the same 'Nelson' who was speaking from a WWDB stage in the late nineties, it's Theron and Darlene Nelson. But, wow, they've got to be like 100 years old by now.

    Here is their story (again, IF it's the same Nelsons).

    Theron is a business man (what kind of business, I don't remember.)

    He heres the plan (don't know who from; possibly either Greg or Brad Duncan, Dave Severn, or maybe he Foglios). Had to be someone from this group since he's on their stage.

    He supposedly shows the plan to seven associates, six get in and go Direct. Poof! He's a Diamond.

    See how easy? Now what are you all waiting for? Git' er' done!

    Of course, it's never happened like that again in the Amway La-La Land, cuz' if it had, you'd know about it. But they've told that story hundreds of times.

    But the real question is, what are these ancient people still doing reunions for? I say move the heck over and let the youngsters have the stage.


    1. Good ol' Theron and Darlene Nelsen were my upline Diamond from 1982-88. they had Ross Hall and Terry Felber as their downline Diamonds back then. They were Double Diamond at the time. Theron was an optometrist. He was a real spell binder and had a real knack for the Amway routine. He was "god" manifest on earth to his downline. What's new there?
      Anyhow he was making a lot of money on the outside in the Money Market - about 18 to 24% thru a fellow named J.David Dominelli of San Diego. Dominelli was promoted as a Money Market genius.

      Nelsen had about 12 million dollars invested in Dominelli's MM Fund. He offered to help anyone in his downline get into the fund and make anywhere from 12-18% on the investment. Remember the prime rate back then was about 21%. "The Gipper" was running America back then. The opportunity sounded "good" so I put my $6,000 saving into it. Theron Nelsen told everyone that "If you invest with me you will never lose a dime".

      So for the first 6 months or so I was told by my upline direct, Bob Vogel, that I was making 8-12% on my money and he sent me a monthly report by mail - like a bank statement. Bob was managing the accounts in his downline. I wore out on the Amway deal about then and bailed out. I went to visit Vogel to let him know I was getting out and told him that I would leave my money with Nelsen because I had no better place to put it.
      About a month later I learned that J. David Dominelli had tried to flee the country and was captured in the Cayman Islands and returned to San Diego to answer for his misdeed - the Dominelli fund, with about 12 million dollars of the Nelson Association fund, was gone and nobody knew where it was. Nelsen and Vogel filed for bankruptcy. Nelson was wanted in Minnesota for selling securities without a license.
      Dominelli was convicted of securities fraud and thrown into jail. that was his good fortune. He also had invested money that belonged to the Mayor of San Diego and a few "wise guys" who carried something in violin cases and drove around in big black limousines. Dominelli had a stroke in prison and shortly after died. The money was never found. Theron and Darlene Nelson still have my $6,000 and I understand Darlene still has her giant diamond on her hand. Ross Hall and Terry Felber stuck with Theron Nelson. I don't know why. Theron Nelsen was about 50 or so back in 1980. He must be about 84 +/- by now. He still owes me $6,000. I'm waiting for his integrity to escalate.

      Integrity: The lowest level to which you are willing to sink.

      Here's what I learned in Amway: It takes 100 down-line distributors to support one Direct distributor and 1000 down-line distributors to support one Diamond Direct Distributor. Only those persons who are very talented motivators and Entre-P-Manueuers will ever have a real chance to become financially independent in a multimarketing business. It's possible to make a nice bundle in such a business but the real money comes after you have money to invest outside in other opportunities. Multi-level marketing is at best a nice hobby and at worst a waste of time and energy for 99.9999% of our human brothers and sisters.

      The Diamond Direct Distributor's primary search is to find someone just like him/herself and turn them loose. Most humans, about 99.99999% do not have the requisites to reach Diamond. It's a search for the needle in the haystack.

    2. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for sharing your story about these Amway crooks. They're not the only Amway employees involved in Ponzi schemes. You know when people have it predispositioned in themselves to scam others out of their money one scam is as good as another. The Dominelli Fund was probably easier and less costly for them than the Amway scam. Yup your figures are correct. Most people don't have it in them to become an Amway Diamond.

    3. LOL Do you even know what an actual ponzi scheme is? it's when only money flows through a pyramid of people and people "invest" to make back a certain amount of money. Amway has products and services that people want, like energy drinks, meal bars, body wash and soap, cleaning supplies, etc. That is not a ponzi scheme.

      Anyone in the world can become an Amway Diamond if they so choose to. A N Y O N E. Amway does not discriminate against age, race, sex, gender, background, people with felonies, black, white, Indian, African, Chinese, Korean, German, anything.

    4. That’s fucking bullshit but you just go on believing the fairy tales and lies from the fucking assholes in your Amway upline. It’s no skin off my ass if you don’t want to listen to true stories of people who got scammed by Amway and want to tithe all your money to the Great Amway God.

    5. "Amway has products and services that people want, like energy drinks, meal bars, body wash and soap, cleaning supplies, etc."

      But not at the outrageously expensive prices Amway offers. That is why it is so hard for IBO's to sell outside of the Amway bubble. They "self-consume" which the idea of "well I'm going to buy these things anyway, why not get a bonus for it?" The problem with that is even after their "bonus" they are STILL paying more than they would for better quality products found in stores.

      That is why so much push is put upon "recruiting" others to self-consume. And ultimately no one except those at the top make any money.

    6. Anonymous - well yeah people need soap and cleaning supplies and food and drink stuffs but not at the outrageously expensive prices Amway offers for their low quality shit. Seeing as how only about 3% of Amway's sales are to people who aren't Ambots (but probably related to one of those losers) that tells you its pretty much a closed market and who are doing all the self consuming.

  2. Maybe we'll find out who Nelsen is after WWDB clears out the Puryear Family Reunion and lets the other family reunions advertise!

    If they're that old so much for the old myth about retiring from Amway in 2 to 5 years with millions of dollars in residual income rolling in for the rest of your lives!

    1. There's multiple family reunions. Nelsen has one because he helped Puryear create WWDB. The functions have nothing to do with Amway. You do realize that a bad experience with a person does not define a whole company, right? If you have a bad experience with an Apple employee are you gonna call apple a cult scam pyramid? No.

    2. The functions have everything to do with worshipping the Great Amway God but mostly they exist because the Diamonds make a lot of money from selling tickets. Amway tool scam!

    3. To "futuristic dreams" --

      You actually say that "the functions have nothing to do with Amway"? Huh? WTF?

      Tell us what kind of weed you're smoking, "futuristic dreams." We'd like to get high too.

    4. LOL Anonymous. That's kind of the same thing as the fuckers at Amway's head office claiming they're not responsible for what is said at Amway meetings. LOL. Like who the fuck is responsible then. Yeah I often wondered if those Amway cult leaders and their ambots are smoking something funny.

  3. I remember when the old amway diamonds would come on stage, they would try to dance and act young. No kidding. I thought it was so undignified. They weren't kidding anyone.

    Jeez, reire already.

    But to still be speaking today, 15 years later???

    They've got to be very close to 80 if no older. Now, I don't have a problem with older people working, but where is this walk-away-income lifestyle they promote?


    1. They can walk away. They choose not to and they choose to serve their team still. It's called commitment.

    2. That’s fucking bullshit. They walk away their pyramid collapses and the income from the Amway tool scam dries up.

  4. Well Mick Jagger gets on the stage and dances and trys to act young and I think he probably makes a lot of money.

    Been to a Beach Boys concert lately? The only one of the originals still performing is Mike Love. They ought to rename themselves the Beach Grandpas.

    No kidding about 80. I don't want to still be working like those Amway assholes. I want to be travelling and enjoying life. Oh gee, I think I've been living that lifestyle for some years now. Semi-retired kind of has the same benefits but I've never heard of an Amway Diamond being referred to as semi retired.

  5. Beach Grampas??? Anna, I snorted ice tea outta my nose! You should warn us in advance when you're going to be so hysterical so we can swallow before we read your next post.

  6. Connie - I love the Beach Boys. Growing up in southern California you hear their music everywhere. I have some of their albums and CD's and I've been to some concerts. They still looked and sounded pretty good 20 years ago, not bad for a 60's band, but last year when I heard them live? Oh bad. I think its time Mike Love accepts the fact that its time to hang up his surfboard and live off his royalties.

    Just like some of those ancient Diamonds!

  7. Anna what bad experience did you have with Amway?

    1. Anonymous are you fucking kidding me? If you actually read my blog you'd have your answer - getting fucked over financially and emotionally by the assholes in our Amway upline!


    1. Hi Rich in Ramona! I got an ex who lives there! LOL! I'm glad you found us. You need to check your keyboard. Your caps lock button is stuck on.

    2. So how's your finances, Rich & Ramona? Good or bad?

    3. His finances are e much better than any fucking Amway loser that’s for sure!

  9. You do know Amway and World Wide are two completely different entities, right?

    World Wide is just leadership training and development. Amway is just a distributor of products that people can sell in person or online. Amway itself as a company does not dictate what their IBOs do, all though there are IBO regulations and rules. And with the different family reunions, that's because there are different lines of sponsorship.

    Are you seriously gonna tell me a cult, pyramid scam company's four major pillars are "Family, Freedom, Hope, Reward"? Are you seriously gonna tell me that Apple partnered with a cult, scam, pyramid? Do you think you missed something that Apple's lawyers didn't? And Microsoft partners with them. Do you think MICROSOFT'S LAWYERS missed something? I don't think so.

    No one in Amway actually gets any money from functions. The money that IBOs pay for function tickets go to cover the cost of the arena (because it's a literal arena, like a hockey arena and renting those out for a few days costs thousands of dollars. Are YOU gonna pay for it? I don't think so), sound equipment, the people putting the function together, etc. That includes Amway Crowns, Crown Ambassadors, Diamonds, and every other level IBO. Every single IBO has to pay for a ticket to enter. NO one profits from ticket sales.

    And Family Reunions, FEDs, Spring Leaderships and Dream Nights actually have nothing to do with Amway. Those are all World Wide functions that Amway has no control over.

    Your "experience" is just that. One person does not define an entire company. That's like going into McDonald's and saying to the manager "This is Sysco, isn't it? Why didn't you tell me that when I walked in here!? I am NEVER eating here again!"

    Seriously, open your mind and go get yourself actually educated. The only thing you're spewing is drivel from a closed mind and ignorance. After all, the highest form of ignorance is to reject something you know nothing about.

    1. Futuristicdreams - thanks for stopping by and proving that all you Amway losers are a bunch of dum fucks. And yes we all know that WWDB is one of Amways cult sects that promotes this scam company. And why are you fucking Amway losers so concerned with educated? Not all of us went to booth toity Amway University where it’s taught that Amway Ambots are better than the rest of the world. There must be some fucking asshole in your Amway upline who wants his dick sucked off so why don’t you run along and take care of that for him.

    2. So because they throw out the words "Family, Freedom, Hope and Reward" that automatically makes them legit? A scammer never comes right out and says "hey, I plan to empty your bank account". The whole point in conning someone is to smile widely, talk fast, dance around questions by deflecting with apples/oranges arguments.

      "Leadership training and development" only? No one profits off of the sales of tickets to functions? Hoo boy, have you fallen for it hook, line and sinker.

      But in your current state of mind there is no reaching you, so all I can say is go for it. But don't say we didn't warn you when you start to realize one day that you will always be putting in way more than you ever get back. It's the math. Try to sit down with a calculator and pen and pad and figure out how given how much you have to put into it and actually sell to outside customers, how many downline you'll have to have and how much more you are paying for the products even with the "bonus" given much of it is wayyyy more expensive than you can get comparably from stores.

      Good luck. With a failure rate of IBO's of over 99% you'll need it.

    3. Anonymous - that's very good. To a brainwashed Amway Ambot they think the words Family, Freedom, Hope and Reward = legit. There's just so many things those brainwashed Ambots don't get. And as you pointed out a lying scamming thief isn't going to come right out and tell you what his (her) plan is from the get go.

      Smile, talk fast, dance around questions, throw out distraction grenades =life of an Amway Ambot.

      Ambots have been throwing out the whole Amway scam of leadership and mentorship training program for decades.

      There is no reaching and reasoning with brainwashed Amway Ambot. Whatever the fucking assholes in the Amway upline teach them is the truth and everyone else who has a differing point of view is an idiot who is too dumb to get it. That's the Ambot arrogant prick attitude for you.

      Once that bastard does the math and gets that it don't add up then he'll realize what a dumb fuck he was for worshipping the Great Amway God.

  10. To "futuristicdreams" --

    Were you born stupid, or did you take an advanced degree in the subject?

    First off, who the hell has a crackpot pen-name like "Futuristic Dreams"? Are you twelve years old or something?

    Second, WWDB is an subsystem of Amway, or "Line of Support." It can't exist without Amway. Trying to separate them is nothing but an attempt to avoid bad publicity. The whole Amway scheme is a racket, and WWDB is just a localized form of the racket. Amway is the big drug cartel; WWDB is the low-level street pusher.

    Apple and Microsoft DO NOT "partner" with Amway. That is a total lie, and I'm sick of how stupid Amway freaks like you keep pushing it as if it were the truth. Some big corporations allow Amway to sell some of their stuff. That's it, period. They haven't "partnered" with you, you idiot! If McDonald's allows you to pick up their street-side garbage, have you "partnered" with McDonald's? Grow the fuck up.

    The functions produce TONS of extra money for the Diamonds and other Amway bigshots who run them! Those scum walk out of the arenas with suitcases filled with cash! Do you actually think WWDB would run three or four elaborate functions a year if they weren't making a profit from them?

    Anna Banana's experience with Amway is not unique, nor is it the only experience being recounted on this blog. There are hundred of persons who have told of their rotten and unprofitable experiences with Amway here at this blog and at others? Have you bothered to read them all? Or are you too busy getting wet in the crotch when you see a Diamond?

    I'll bet you're too scared to read Merchants of Deception. It might help you to "get educated." You really need it.

    1. Anonymous - who the hell has a name like "futuristic dreams" LOL - that would belong to somebody in say Hollywood. And maybe not necessarily the Hollywood that's closer to the Pacific. LOL!

      You'll never convince this dumb fuck of any of that stuff. He's an Amway Ambot which means he's a know it all and has an arrogant prick attitude that he's better than the rest of the world.

      And what's with all these Amway fuckers and their obsession with being "educated". There's a big difference between people who are educated at a real college, those who are educated in the school of life, and those who went to Amway University.

  11. The phrase "get educated" was invented by some half-assed Amway Platinum many years ago. It has now become part of the standard Amspeak jargon.

    Whenever you are confronted with someone who actually tells the truth about Amway, you are supposed to scream at him "Get educated!"

    This way you avoid having to deal with the man's questions and criticism.

    1. Anonymous - it's like those Amway losers who show up here screeching "do your research". Like people's first hand experiences aren't good enough "research". Too bad those Ambots didn't do their research first before signing up to the Amway cult.

    2. I would just reply "I did get educated and did my research... and pulled out a calculator and tabulated just how much product I would have to sell and how many people I'd have to have in my downline and how much they would have to sell before I could begin to see a profit even close to what I make with a real job, and how much turnover I would have given they wouldn't be making any money. And that's why I don't want any part of it because mathematically it's not even remotely realistic given how overpriced the products are compared to what people can find them in the stores."

      It's nice to "dream", but for a dream to come true it has to have some basis in reality. Heck, I dream of riding a unicorn, but I don't think it will happen just because I dream "really, really hard" about it and put pictures of unicorns on my fridge.

    3. Anonymous - that's right. People who get educated and do their research do not get involved with Amway. Let's put in men who don't listen to their wives and listen to the bullshit of dreams from Amway losers in that category either.

      Yeah good one, my dream is to ride a unicorn but probably never happen. And as for those people out there who say I'll never ride a unicorn - dreamstealers! LOL!

  12. "If the dream is big enough, the facts don't matter!"

    Dexter Yager screams that constantly.

    It's an absurdity, but it doesn't seem to bother a lot of Amway freaks.

    1. Anonymous - I think all Amway freaks scream that about the dream being big enough. And also when an Ambot wants to leave the Amway cult they all scream "I guess your dream wasn't big enough." Among other insults they hurl.


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