Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Lunch Box

Last year - or maybe it was the year before, time flies past so fast for me - some friends gave me a designer lunch box for my birthday. Interesting choice especially since I haven’t worked an outside job for a long time and have no need to pack a lunch anywhere. I’m not sure if it was a joke or maybe they were trying to tell me something? Hmmm. Oh well, its the thought that counts. I pretty much forgot about it.

A few days ago I was going out long enough over mid day and I thought I might get hungry so I decided I’d pack myself a snack and put it in a lunch box. I figured I must still have one or two lunch bags hanging around from my working days but I couldn’t find them. Then I spotted the new one my friends gave me in the cupboard where I keep flashlights and candles. Ah ha! So that’s what happened to it! I clipped off the tag still held on by a zap strap - its called Fit Fresh. Has a website too. Big enough to hold an ice pack, a slice of pizza left over from the night before, and a can of 7 Up. Actually had plenty of room left over for more food but that was all I was taking with me.

Off I go around 11:30am with my lunch bag packed like I’m heading off to work!

Then it got me thinking about ambots who leave comments on my blog and on other bloggers pages. In addition to being told we didn’t try hard enough and that we’re quitters and broke losers, we always seem to get accused of holding down a job, working for someone else, having an employee mentality, and similar Amway sneers directed at people who work for living and pack a lunch bag before leaving for the day.

Why do workers pack a lunch bag? The first thing that comes to my mind is that its probably cheaper than eating out. Packing leftovers from the previous night’s dinner or slapping a sandwich together, throwing in yogurt, a piece of fruit, and cookies, and eating in the staff lunchroom is more economical than going to a restaurant.

I bet most ambots don’t even pack a lunch when they go off to their job. Their mentality is they are “business owners” and therefore entitled to buy their lunch each day or at least pretend they can afford to buy their lunch everyday and keep that image up to others of being a successful business person. Yeah! Make those coworkers jealous! Lazy ass broke losers that they are!

Lets estimate $10 a day for lunch and that includes a beverage and tip for the server. $50/week or about $200/month. Egads! That’s already more than the average IBO grosses in a month. Totally ate up the business profits! Ha ha!

Another reason I can think of for people pack a lunch is to make healthy eating choices. Someone heading to McDonald’s or Wendy’s is going to get a greasy meal and likely pay over $5 for it. Both these chains have a dollar menu and you can buy a burger, small fries, and small drink for a buck a piece, maybe even dessert for another buck. Cheaper meal than a sit down restaurant but how healthy is that every day?

But you know what else those ambots are doing? They are holding on to the receipts for the restaurants they go to on the lunch breaks from their job and then write them off as business expenses on their tax return. They’ll claim they talked Amway during their lunch - maybe phoned their upline - and that its a legitimate expense.

Yeah, well good luck with that if you get audited and your boss can prove to the auditor that you were on the clock that day during the lunch hour period.

Occasionally my husband and I eat lunch out because we’ve had to take care of business in another town and were gone longer than expected and got hungry. We have legitimate business receipts to prove we were engaged in business related activities before or after lunch. The last time I can think of that we did that was about 2 months ago so its not like we're doing anything to grab an auditor's attention plus we have invoices to prove we were in that town conducting business if it came down to that.

Can an ambot on lunch break from their day job prove they were engaged in business related activities? I’d say probably not.

Contrary to what the upline brainwashes them into thinking, Ambots won’t be living a life of luxury in 2 to 5 years while residual income rolls in for the rest of their lives.

Save money. Eat healthier. Pack a lunch bag.

When it comes to Amway there’s no such thing as a free lunch.


  1. Anna,

    You would find this site interesting.

    They have pictures of IBOs should be dressed. Talk about controlling everything. Lol they dont mention about panty hose.


  2. Where many amwayers are mistaken is that they believe anything related to their business is an expense. It is why there are many stories of audutors having IBOs for lunch. If you have lunch with a client who is going to buy drums of LOC or something, that might be legit but phoing your upline is not. LOL

  3. ExIBO - those skirts are a little longer than I like to wear! Ha ha! I prefer shorts. Sometimes I wore capris to Amway meetings. I stood out in that crowd! I can't even remember the last time I wore pantyhose. Actually needed some last year to stake up some young trees and found some old ones in a drawer. Must have bought them back in the 90's. Maybe even the 80's....

  4. Joecool - yep those auditors will be having IBOs for lunch who are claiming lunches as business expenses! We never had a prospective Amway client to lunch. LOC is sold in drums?!

  5. Joecool, had this ibo show me the plan recently while sitting at starbucks. I questioned him expenses. He mentioned shipping as a business expense & so is the coffee at the cafe. Hilarious how brainwashed ibos are.

  6. When we were IBOs, we used to splurge on anything related to Amway. We used to buy more than 300 PV every month spending almost $750-$1000 on Amway products and over $200-300 every month on Casette tapes( yes, our uplines heavily promoted old casette tapes and we used to buy as many as we could), cds, books, meetings, function hotel stay. I have not included the gas expenses,flight tickets and so on.

    When buying the over expensive Amway products we were taught to look at the value and not the price. But when it came to things outside of Amway, we were taught to buy the cheapest possible. My upline lady when she qualified as platinum bought a very cheap looking dress from Ross, for their platinum banquet and shoes from Pay for less. Yes, you heard it right platinums and and all they think of spending money were at Ross and Pay for less.

    My upline platinums never bought fresh fruits, the vegetabales they bought were all frozen vegetables and they used to annoy us so much with their policy of not eating anywhere outside. If at they ate outside, it would be at McDonald's or some place like that.


  7. Colin - I'm really hoping for the day when someone tries to prospect me or I see someone in Starbucks showing the plan. I'll set the poor bastards straight!

  8. ExIBO - I shudder to think what our monthly expense would have been if I'd actually liked our upline, liked the Amway products, and was sold on the dream that the secret to success was buying tools. Even with only Ambot on board we were still about the same monthly expenses as you were. At least for the first 6 or 7 months.

    I thought the Platinum women bought gowns when they qualified.

    I buy fresh vegetables and fruit each week but I also buy frozen vegetables and even some frozen fruit. Not everything is in season.

    Our Platinum used to make fun of people who ate at McDonald's or any restaurant where you have to stand in line for a counter and look up at the order board behind the cashiers.

  9. Anna, one of the times im prospected I was reading your blog at a cafe. One of the places they like going to for showing plans and prospecting.

  10. Colin I only go to Starbucks a few times a year so apparently not enough to run into any IBOs on a prospecting mission! You should have showed them my blog and told them to read and learn what people think of their upline.

  11. Actually i like to pretend like im interested and then waste their time. Maybe send them 1 1/2 hours out of town to some bogus address.

  12. Colin - that sounds like something I'd do. But I would only waste their time if I knew for sure that it would be a Platinum making the lengthy drive. They all must be pay for the sins of their brothers!

  13. I like wasting their time even if they are a reg ibo. Continue to call them now and then asking have they made their six figure income yet or still wasting money with tools.


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