Saturday, July 23, 2011

JC Penney Versus Amway Family Reunion

Ha ha once again JC Penney is having a doorbuster sale on the same day as Family Reunion. I had that dilemma. I knew JC Penney was having a kick ass sale on a fancy latte/cappuccino machine so I brought extra cash with me to Family Reunion. Unfortunately Ambot bragged about it to his upline who convinced him to loan it to buy a ticket for a crossline who didn’t have a ticket waiting for him at the registration desk even though he claimed he’d bought it online. In order to make himself look good and important Ambot offers up the latte machine money. I am PISSED. Really why did he have to brag about having extra cash? Its not of those fucking IBO’s business!

Oh wait. I forgot. This is Amway. Full of a bunch of fucking troublemaking meddling bastards who want to know EVERYTHING about their downline.

Fuck you!

Anyway I bought a latte/cappuccino machine that doesn’t have all the bells and whistles as the one I originally wanted in the doorcrasher sale but it gets the job done.

I checked the sale this year for coffee machines and there’s nothing I want. Well that could be because I have something similar already at home and not looking to upgrade.

But doesn’t it figure that JC Penney has its Saturday door crasher during Family Reunion weekend again? Its like a conspiracy. Someone in the JC Penney promotions department must have checked the Amway calendar and said: “I’ll fix those fucking IBO’s. I’ll hold the door crasher sale on the same day they’re at Family Reunion. That way those bastards can’t show up at the stores and hound our customers with their sales pitches.”

Now THERE’S a marketing strategy!


  1. Oh, Anna, I 'bout fell off my chair laughing!

    And, yes, I love JC Penny's sales. They're awesome.

    A few weeks ago they had stuff up to 80% off! I bought $44 shirts for under $6.


  2. Cassette Tape - I was online checking out that sale up to 80% in fact had put a few things in a shopping bag because JC Penney has free shipping after $69. I was stuck on a mattress pad. I'm down to one. I had one hanging outside to dry and my dog decided to chew it up! So I'm trying to find another one to rotate with the one currently on my bed that I bought at JC Penney a couple of years ago. I went back to their website the next day and the stuff I want is still in my shopping bag and I'm still not finding what I want. The next day I decide to hell with it I'll just wait till the next time I'm in the store to buy a mattress pad and I'll go ahead and buy what I have in the shopping bag. Nothing was there! So I go about putting my order together again, fortunately I'd bookmarked the pages, but they weren't on sale anymore! Or they still were but not as good a sale as the day before. Sucks!

  3. Telling upline that you have extra money is like bragging about being full of blood to a vampire. The upline has only one goal in mind. And it isn't "helping" their downline get richer. It's getting their hands on as much money from them as possible. They are vampires who will suck their downline victims dry. Making "millionaires" out of their downline is not their purpose. They are only interested in making themselves richer at their expense. As long as the downline has an extra dollar in their pocket, they won't stop pushing more tools and seminars on them to get a hold of that dollar. They love their downline... in the same way a parasite "loves" its host.


  4. Dave - that's right. That's why I blogged today that the only business IBO's are in is the business of giving their money away. To make their upline's dreams comes true. They don't see these are not true friends because they're only interested in you for your money. Once you stop being in the business of giving your money away they won't have anything to do with you.

    Yes, stupid Ambot for bragging about bringing extra money so I can get to JC Penney's door crasher sale. Obviously they were going to find a way to get their hands on that money. Makes me wonder if that IBO really did not have a ticket due to an Amway/WWDB computer glitch that didn't show him registered. These people are professional liars after all.


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