Thursday, July 21, 2011

Starting Over After Amway, free ebook of Start Over Finish Rich

There are stories all over the Internet about financial devastation following departure from Amway. Sad stories. Mountains of credit card debt. Tens of thousands of dollars from savings accounts gone. Houses being foreclosed. Declaring bankruptcy.

The financial devastation the Amway cult leaves in its wake is horrifying. Most of this financial disaster is a direct result of counselling with upline. In most cases those bastards do not have the required education or experience to be any kind of counsellors, much less financial advisors.

Amway cult leaders especially like finding new blood who own houses. Or more accurately are co-owners with the bank! Our asshole Emerald counselled Ambot to take out a home owner’s line of credit on the equity on our house or a second mortgage to pay off his credit cards. Fortunately the house is also in my name and I refused to listen to that fucking idiot. We are NOT going to lose our house because of bad advice from an Amway cult leader. Of course the reason the upline counsels to do whatever you can in regards to taking out a loan against your house to pay off your credit cards because that now leaves the credit cards with a zero balance to start all over again buying Amway products and tools. Its a vicious cycle and will only end up badly for the homeowner. You don’t put up your house for nothing especially when it comes to a cult!

There are lucky people who get out of Amway before losing too much money. Its made a small dent in their finances but they’re able to recover and move on and forget they were ever stupid enough to throw money at a cult. Many people struggle for years or perhaps the rest of their lives recovering from the Amway cult horror. Seniors can be the most vulnerable. They’ve spent all their life savings, maybe they borrowed against their house that was previously mortgage free, and racked up credit cards. Now one or both of them might be forced to go back to work in their 80’s and 90’s or they end up becoming renters after losing their house or declaring bankruptcy at this late stage in their lives. Its no different from when we occasionally see on the news that a senior has become the victim of a Nigerian scam.

Today I got an email that David Bach is offering a free download of his book Start Over Finish Rich. His financial advice might help people or give them some direction on recovering after losing everything to the Amway cult. You have to go to his webpage: and wait a few seconds for the pop up window to appear. It will ask for your name and email address to send a link to where the book can be downloaded from. No strings attached other than you’re now on his mailing list. Even though I’m on Bach’s mailing list I rarely get email from him and usually its to promote a book or some special like this. I’m not sure how long this free ebook offer is on for. Usually when he announces something like this its over at midnight. This time it says for a limited time so maybe it will be longer than today. I don’t know. So don’t wait if you want a free copy of Start Over Finish Rich!


  1. you are talking a lot of rubbish. It probably didn't work for you, because you did nothing.
    We are in it and making money. We are free to leave at any time and have 90 days to decide or money back.The same goes for any product. You have 90 day money back guarantee.

  2. Hello Anonymous Ambot from Hout Bay, Western Cape, South Africa. Good god! Amway has invaded your country too!!!???

    And ho hum. Yawn. How boring. Another typical canned amspeak response. You should have read my post from yesterday where I mentioned the intelligent ambot responses. Don't any of you have an original thought in your brainwashed head?

    This was the only post you read after searching for "amway downloads free e-books". If you believe David Bach's book is rubbish that's your opinion but he's making a whole lot more money than you are!

    So you're part of the one quarter of one percent of Amway IBO's who are making money? I think you're just another IBO lying about making money in Amway. If you're telling the truth then you would have posted a link to your tax return as proof that you're making money.

    Wow! A 90 day money back guarantee! Hmmm. Our Platinum always said Amway offers a 180 day refund. That tells me:
    a) My Platinum is a liar
    b) You're a liar
    c) Both of you are liars

    I'll take the "c" option!

    You chose the wrong sandbox to play in you lying little ambot!


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