Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Giving a Shout Out to the Monarch Hotel in Portland, Oregon

Some eager beaver IBO arrived several days early in Portland, Oregon for the Duncan Family Reunion which is being held this weekend, July 22 to 24 2011.

This “fired up” ambot is sitting in their hotel room looking for information about the 2011 WWDB Amway Duncan Family Reunion and of course all searches have my blog high on the hit list!

Looks like a nice enough hotel Pictures show a nice looking place and description has decent amenities. It has free wifi so it doesn’t cost that ambot anything extra to look at my blog while s/he desperately tries to find information about the Duncan Family Reunion.

The reviews on Trip Advisor are mostly favorable other than a couple of unhappy guests whose partial reviews are below so this does not look a hotel you want to take a shower in.

“A poor attempt has been made to update and remodel the rooms. But they did not finish the updating. The door frames are coming off the wall, the showers either scald or freeze you. This place is still in need of work updating the rooms, definitely can stay at a better quality place for the amount that they charge here.”

“The towels were paper thin, the drains in the shower and sink were always backed up, water temperatures varied drastically in the shower, and the walkway between the two buildings always smelled like natural gas.”

That just proves that pictures are not always worth a thousand words.

I checked their prices on their website for this weekend at they start at $79 so not too bad and they still have availability.

Even though they have a swimming pool that’s not enough to entice me to stay at this hotel because I travel with a dog and this place is NOT pet friendly but maybe I’ll send a mad rush of IBO’s to their website to book this weekend.

And I won’t even charge the Monarch a commission for the referral service!

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