Tuesday, August 30, 2011

IBO’s Are Better Than Everyone Else?

One of the things that really disturbed me about our Amway upline was their shitty attitude towards people who weren’t in Amway. These ambots were of the mindset that they were superior over the rest of the population.

They bragged to others that they drove BMW’s and Cadillacs. They neglected to mention their cars were 20 or 30 years old rust buckets falling apart and in poor mechanical condition. How can someone driving an old clunker be superior over someone who has purchased with cash a newer model car, maybe not of the expensive luxury type, but looks good, has a clean interior, and isn’t breaking down all the time I’ll never know. But then I was never a brainwashed ambot.

The IBO’s put on business suits and tell everyone they dress for success and that makes them superior to everyone else wearing casual attire. Wearing suits to all Amway meetings and functions is the dress code for these 8pm Amway warriors and in their delusional minds that makes them superior over everyone else who at that hour is relaxing in shorts and T’s, chilling out on the patio with a beer or watching TV. That also makes ambots superior because they would sneer at people relaxing in the evening and say how is watching TV making any money for you. Well at least they aren’t losing money by shelling out ten bucks to go to an Amway brainwashing session.

We’d have to arrive at Amway cult meetings an hour early because the cult leaders had brainwashed Ambot into believing that “serious business builders” arrive at least an hour early. So the early bird IBO’s are even more superior than the rest of the IBO’s who arrive closer to 8pm.

Yeah get there early enough and you can set up chairs! That’ll really make those IBO’s feel superior because they got assigned that task by some Amway cult leader.

So these superior ambot bastards get to the meeting an hour early and what do they do? They stand around with their cell phones plastered to their ear trying to show off an air of superiority over any ambots who aren’t on the phone. The superior ones on the phone are obviously conducting Amway business. Business is going great! Can’t you tell by the amount of time I’m on my phone?

Then they show off their superiority by being the first to kiss the Diamond’s ass who is speaking that night. They rush the stage after he’s finished brainwashing the crowd. Got to get close enough to press flesh and to have some of the superiority aura to rub off on them.

Add them all up and its what makes Amway IBO’s superior to everyone else in the world. That’s what their little brainwashed brains believe.

I fail to see how some brainwashed ambot who’s losing fistfuls of money in the Amway scam is superior to me.

I guess I’ll never get it. But then I’m not a brainwashed ambot.....


  1. The thing about arriving an hour early really irked me. I remember when I was shown the plan, my eventual sponsor said we needed to be there early because this is serious business and time is money. It bothered me that the diamond showed up 30 minutes late.

  2. Joecool you're right. Every meeting we attended with a Diamond speaker they always showed up 30 to 45 minutes late. Are they procrastinators or just bad at scheduling? Or do they always have an excuse like traffic is bad. Our Platinum sack of shit always said they're our upline and we must treat them like gods and wait for them no matter how long it takes. Now if the roles were reversed and the downline was late, how long would the upline wait for them?

  3. An hour early. That is the dumbest crap I've ever heard and I hate the jackasses the bum-rush the stage. They all look stupid.

  4. And that was "at least" an hour early. Another thing that makes those jackasses stupid is when they line up for major functions long before the doors to the arena are opened. These places seat at least double the number of ambots in attendance. What they're scared they won't get a seat? Morons!

  5. All the ambots where told to buy used designer suits. Told us all where to get used clothing and jewelry. Why on earth does a person need to wear a suit to sell soap?

  6. Colin - the upload told Ambot he had to buy his suit at a shop 2 hours drive from here. Like he couldn't find a suit anywhere closer? Like none of the suits he already owned were suitable for Amway? So the fucking Eagle goes shopping with him to show him where the suit store is. After he's been gone for 3 or 4 hours he phones me to say the fucking Eagle can't remember how to get there and I have to search it on the Internet and give them instructions. 8 hours of time, plus gasoline, plus they probably ate, plus the cost of suit and accessories. $500 later plus how much is all that driving time worth? They're the most ass backwards bastards I've ever met.

  7. I noticed my the ambots I know wore dresses and suits everytime they were headed off to a nighttime meeting. I only saw them for a second because they were dropping the kids off to grandmas for free babysitting. They even had the nerve to wake grandma up in the wee hours of the morning to pick up the kids!! Why not just let the kiddos spend the night and let everyone else get good sleep? So inconsiderate. These ambots also drove an old model "luxury" vehicle.

  8. Anonymous - that's another thing that pisses me off about ambots and I wrote a post about it some time ago - the phone calls and texts at all hours. Its just part of how the IBO believes they are superior to everyone else and that gives them the entitlelment to phone and wake people up or otherwise inconvenience others lives like cajoling them into babysitting. Absolutely ambots are the most inconsiderate people around.

  9. With regard to the Diamonds/leaders/upline being late, It's the old 'do as I say and not as I do' crap.

    A mentor told me "Time will either promote or expose you" and my mom would say "Your actions speak so loud I can't hear what you're saying"...

    Time has exposed the entire Amway system and it's upline for the scam it is....

  10. Connie - its disrespectful to the people you're meeting to show up late. But then Amway IBOs are the most disrespectful bastards around! No wonder they're late = disrespectful. Its their high and mighty attitudes that they're better than everyone else and therefore everyone else can just sit there waiting forever for them because once they get there it'll be worth the wait. Nope! It ain't. Its my preference they didn't show up at all!

  11. An Ambot of my acquaintance proudly posted a photo on a social networking site of the "supplies" she's bringing to a leadership weekend (in the same beach town where the diamond has a beach house, although the followers have been scurrying to find expensive hotel rooms because it's a holiday weekend.) Looks like she sunk about $120+ on bars, shakes, and XS. It's depressing to think she's going to be eating that crap all weekend, presumably to impress her upline as a (I almost can't type these words) serious business builder.


  12. Hi Chelsea! Your ambot acquaintance only spent $120? That's about one case each of the things you mentioned. You only get 5 or 6 food bars in a box that costs around $30. What a deal! Two people can go out to Denny's and have dinner on that same money. My husband bought more than once case of everything whenever he put an order in. Got to get the old PV up there and impress the upline. All in the spirit of being a "serious business builder". The upline uses those words a lot! My husband bought an XS Gear cooler and stuffed it full of XS Energy Drinks, Perfect Water, and food bars so he wouldn't have to leave the function to go out and find some real food to eat. I said to hell with it and left the arena anyway to find something decent to eat. One or our upline stole that XS cooler. I'm not sure if it was full of gross Amway snacks or not at the time of the theft. Its always nice being in Amway and dealing with such honest upstanding law abiding citizens. Let me go puke out another Amway food bar......


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