Sunday, August 21, 2011

IBOs Not Minding Their Own Business

One of the things I hated about being in Amway were the horrible people we had to associate with - our upline.

To be more precise our interfering upline.

These phony ass lying bastards who pretended to be your friends as long as you were spending your money on Amway products and tools. The same people who told you that because they were your upline you had to do everything they told you and you had to ask permission before doing anything or buying anything. Cult! Cult! Cult!

Yeah fuck that idea. I’ve been making my own decisions since I moved out after I graduated from high school. I’ve been figuring out where to live, what to buy, what to eat, where to vacation since I was a teenager. I’ve always been responsible with money, it took me a few years to save up a down payment and buy my first home and I learned how to invest my money along the way. Making responsible decisions is all part of being an adult.

Once you’re in Amway the upline tells you they will make your decisions for you. That’s one of the reasons I hated being in the Amway cult. Here’s a newsflash for you lousy miserable ambot bastards. I already know how to make my own decisions. I will resist everything you fucking cult leaders tell me to do. To piss you fuckers off even more I will do the exact opposite of what you order me to do. Just my little way of telling you to fuck off. My little way of telling you I can’t stand you. Whatever I can do to piss off you fucking interfering bastards I’ll do it. In fact I’ll go out of my way to piss off you fucking cult leaders to make sure there is no doubt in your mind that you have no control over me and exactly how I feel about you. That’s what happens when somebody doesn’t like you. You have no influence over them. After the fucking Platinum son of a bitch stuck his nose into our lives one time too many I refused to have anything more to do with the bastard. I told Ambot I refused to go anywhere if there was a chance that sack of shit might show up in the same place. It was Ambot’s job to keep us apart. If he failed and I ran into that bastard I was going to give that fucking Platinum shit supreme like he’s never heard before. I’m sure there is no doubt in Ambot’s mind that I will make good on my cursefest if I run into that Platinum cult leader and that will embarrass him in front of his beloved upline.

Seeing as how the only times Ambot only went out was to go to Amway meetings and functions to do Amway things and the sack of shit Platinum would likely be there since he led most of those cult meetings, Ambot wisely went alone. This led to his upline telling him that I was uncoachable. Translation - those upline Amway bastards were unable to brainwash me. That meant they had no control over me and my life and it meant the money flowing to Amway was in danger of being stopped when I put pressure on Ambot to get out of the cult. That was when the fucking Platinum began putting pressure on Ambot to leave me and when that didn’t work he told Ambot he was praying that I would find another man and leave him.

That fucking sack of shit Platinum is the most fucking evil person I have met in my life! Fucking cult leader gets his jollies out of controlling other people’s lives and sticking his nose into places it doesn’t belong.

Amway IBO’s have that not minding their own business routine down pretty good. Qualifications to become an Amway IBO - the ability not to mind your own business and to interfere in other people’s lives.

Get a clue you fucking Amway assholes. Most wives do not like other people sticking their nose into their marriage and families. So if you’re an Amway IBO -  fuck off! What’s going on in other people’s lives is none of your fucking business!

Like I need any further proof that Amway IBO’s can’t mind their own fucking business every day my blog gets dozens of hits from people looking for information about Ganesh and Neha Shenoy. I’d never even heard of them until I started getting all these hits but a few commentators on my blog have since filled me in a bit. Apparently the Shenoys have either split or divorced or in the process of doing so. I do not know them and I do not know why they didn’t want to be married any longer. Its none of my fucking business. You don’t see me going around the Internet looking for information about them. Amway IBOs who have no concept of “none of your business” are frantically searching the Internet for information about Ganesh and Neha Shenoy and landing on my blog because I’ve put in enough keywords to misdirect them here. Here’s my take on things. If Ganesh and Neha decide its any of your fucking business why they split up, they’ll tell you themselves. If they don’t tell you why they don’t want to be married anymore then that should be a huge clue for you. They’ve decided they don’t want you to know. Its none of your business! From every corner of the world Amway IBO’s who can’t mind their own business are searching for information on Ganesh and Neha Shenoy’s divorce. Even Joecool’s stalker from Scarborough Canada was at my blog a few days ago searching for information on Ganesh and Neha Shenoy divorce. I think that most of us who read Joecool’s blog already know that stalker from Scarborough can’t mind his own business. One of the prerequisites for being an Amway IBO.

There are many reasons that I hated being an Amway IBO. The money loss buying shitty overpriced Amway products and spending hundreds of dollars on Amway tools and attending Amway functions is only part of it. Putting up with the fucking interfering upline who can’t mind their own damned business was the worst part of being involved in Amway.


  1. Hi Anna,
    I've always wondered... do you know if your platinum, or any of the other upline you dealt with, is aware of your blog and may actually read what you write about them? I know your blog is anonymous, but just curious if anyone in Amway may have ever read it and thought "wow, that sure sounds like so and so's situation". Or maybe your story is so similar to thousands of other marriages that had the Amway virus infecting them that you could easily be one of thousands of other wives who would love to strangle the collective throats of their Amway uplines that damaged their relationships with their cult. ;)

  2. Hi Dave, I have no way of knowing that my Platinum or anyone else upline is reading my blog. I doubt it. They don't read "negative" aka the truth. They're also too arrogant to recognize this is them in the starring role of my blog. They think everyone loves them and worships them.

    The good thing about keeping the blog anonymous is that all IBO's who come here to read and have (had?) a downline can never be quite sure that this blog isn't all about them! As you suggested, there are too many of us who have the same story. When I read Merchants of Deception I was stunned by how similar everything he went through 10 years earlier could have been my story too. Except for the fact that we never had any downline and he made it to Emerald level. The abuse, the training, the endless Amway meetings, they're all the same.

    People reading my blog are not exactly anonymous. I don't know who my readers are and have no way of tracking who my visitors are but I can see where my visitors are from and what search criteria they used to end up at my blog. I know when Joecool's stalker from Scarborough Canada shows up here. I also know when someone from Alticor/Amway is reading my blog. Those are basically the only readers I want to know when they're here. Though when someone leaves me a really bizarre canned Amspeak comment I'll see if I can figure out what town they're from. Usually Scarborough!

    That said people can change their IP addresses. There is software that can show you're from another town, another state, another country. I'm positive at least one of my visitors uses this. Also I get Anonymous Proxy quite a bit. Those are websites where someone can go and type in a URL and visit a web page without having their IP location tracked. For all I know that could be my former upline though somehow I doubt they'd go to that trouble. They're too busy scamming people to spend much time on the Internet.

    No one within 200 miles of my home is reading my blog so that rules out my former upline. Maybe once or twice a month searchers within 50 miles end up here after doing a search for some Amway function but they don't stick around. Who knows? My former upline? Not consistent. Maybe they're too scared to read anything else because maybe just maybe this blog is all about them.....

  3. That sucks. I am still part of the business (I haven't had your experience and maybe that's why I like it? Who knows?) and refuse to let our coaches get into our marriage. That's not their place and I feel your frustration. I suggested counseling to help us get over a rough patch and my husband immediately named our coach. I have not mentioned counseling again. On the other hand, my coaches never hound me. They don't stalk me. They don't push tools on me and I will be dammed if they get into our personal business. Now I do know of some jacka** coaches who are waaaay too intrusive and chatty and I loathe them with everything in me. These are the same people that take everything too seriously and are stuck up little bitches anyway. *Note- I don't get along well with many of the "down home country wives" and thank God my upline's wife isn't like that at ALLLL. Again, sucks to hear you had a crappy experience and good for you for standing up for yourself.

  4. Hi Anonymous. I recognize that other people's Amway experiences are different and some have upline that they say are wonderful - whether they're being truthful or not I don't know! We were in WWDB which has a bad reputation for downline abuse which we were victims of. You don't say how long you've been in Amway. Most people quit in about 8 months, give or take 5 months. Just watch out for your upline's influence over your husband. That is where they go in for the separate and divide strategy. That concerns me over how your husband wants to counsel with upline over marital problems when it is highly unlikely that anyone in your upline has the degrees or qualifications to be offering such services. Not that that would stop them! Keep an eye on your expenses. Keep a profit and loss sheet and it wouldn't hurt to have an accountant go over it with you or some other disinterested (not Amway related) party go over your financial statement and give you an honest assessment of your business.

    I know I'm not the only one who had a crappy experience in Amway - stories similar to mine all over the Internet. I'm just one of the rare few who keeps a blog up and running about the abuse and how our upline treated us.

    Good luck to you.

  5. Can you imagine asking one of these cult leaders to buy a car,get married,or if they should be allowed to purchase a home. Counselling with the upline is just so wrong and with the topic...they dont mind their own business.

  6. You're right Colin. Part of becoming an adult is learning to make wise decisions. Its OK to ask for advice and then do with it what you will. To have another adult order you around and tell you to ask permission is slavery. Or part of being a cult follower. If someone doesn't ask for advice and someone else sticks their nose in where its not wanted or appreciated it can only lead to anger.


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