Friday, August 12, 2011

A Review of XS Energy Drinks

No, not another review by me of XS Energy Drinks - aka cat piss water. This one is written by a fellow who reviews various products like this and he actually likes XS Energy Drinks (bleggghhh!!!!!!!!) but his review is also dissecting how healthy they are and how IBO's are the main purchasers and main liars of the health benefits. Typically he gets spammed by ambots defending the piss water and Scamway which is probably the most entertaining part of reading this article!


  1. You're right, it was entertaining to read the comments and how the ambots give themselves away with their brainwashed advertising remarks that throw in words like "amazing", "delicious", "tasty" and "best ever". It's hilarious how these people who can hardly put together a coherent sentence question the education or intelligence of Mr. Chang and his research. To them the fact that their upline told them XS were the greatest thing since sliced bread is "scientific proof" of their validity, and anyone who says different, regardless of facts is a charlatan.
    I liked the one comment by Chang where he obviously is getting annoyed by the mindless attacks by IBOs and added "Because you went through the trouble of finding my blog and taking the time to comment, I want to tell you a secret that even your diamonds are not aware of. The Quixtar/Amway MLM business is going to dramatically deteriorate, either by the end of the year, or in the next few years. When this happens, Quixtar’s executives and diamonds will run off leaving their IBOs lost and confused. It would be wise for you to get out as soon as possible. Invest your money into something else that is going to help you in the future, like commodities that are essential for survival. Good luck!" lol

    1. Wow you are not very educated

    2. Alex - not everyone got a hoity toity education from Amway University. Some of us went to state university by we don't pull out arrogant attitudes to people who only graduated high school. We leave that sneering to fucked up Amway assholes who think they're better than everyone else because they went to Amway University.

    3. Nor are you, Alex, if you are trapped in that 99% money-losing scam trying to peddle overpriced products and scam others to come into the same pit you're losing money inside.

      But no point arguing. You're the one who follows the non-ending "success is just around the corner" while you fall deeper in the hole. But keep on "dreaming" and ignoring reality. That's what the Amway cult depends on to keep the money flowing up to the top. They "love" you for that. ;)

    4. Anonymous - its Amway Ambots like Alex who give all the cult members a bad name. They go around thinking they're better than everyone else when the reality is everyone else is laughing at the dumb fuck who's in the Amway cult! LOL! Apparently Alex enjoys being brainwashed and losing his money. And he thinks we're uneducated! LOL!

  2. It's crazy how IBOs only like to hear one side of the story (the side that benefits them). True research involves learning about both the positive and negative. I like ho Mr. Chang stated that he's not driven by money, and therefore isn't afraid to tell the truth. I remember my family member having his refrigerator stuffed with that stuff. I never tried it and I am glad I didn't! -FM

  3. Dave - I'm one of those people if I don't like the taste of something I'll tell it like it is! Well maybe some exceptions. If I was tasting my friend's daughter's first attempt at baking cookies I might have to find something nice to say! I wonder how many of those ambots are still with Scamway and still feel the same about XS and the business.

    1. Oh Ya we are :) things are going extremely well!

    2. Same old same old Amway Ambot lie. Things are always going well. Heard it all before from everything fucking lying Amway asshole in our upline.

    3. "Fake it til you make it"

      We know how that works in Amway. Not buying it for a second, unless you have tons of downline below you, things aren't going "extremely well". Do the math.

    4. Wait what? That energy cat piss has been for sale for this long?
      I have to share a story here:

      While in the middle of a divorce from my Amway-brainwashed ex-wife (which was actually initiated by her), one of those Amway products she forcefully introduced me with were these. I heard her babbling about something that how it was "more refreshing than any other brand" of an energy drink,but how it "is full of vitamins and stuff" <-- (an actual quote from her) and for that it's so much healthier, and it also alledgedly allowed her to drive "for hours without any breaks".

      She gave me two cans of different colors, so probably different flavors of the drink and had the nerve to order me consume them "at the earliest convenience". She reminded me about drinking them as she left to an unknown destination for a week.

      I had exactly zero (or below) interest to consume anything my ex-wife was either making or offering me, much less when ordered to do so, so I stuffed those sorry cans to a fridge. Upon returning home a week later, she learned that I hadn't done anything with them and was fairly pissed about it (she gave me silent treatment for a day for my crime against hum...Amway). Since I had no moral ties to her anymore, I lied her ears full that I had no time to taste them. She took the bait and ordered me again to "drink them and then tell how they tasted and worked" and she let the cans be. Bad move, again.

      After a few months, our house was sold. I got a rental apartment and started moving my stuff there. My ex-wife wasn't aroung when I moved out, so I emptied the fridge and unplugged it. I left the fridge door wide open so air can circulate freely and only things that were left in the fridge were those two cans of XS, clearly visible so that sorry air-head could see how interested I really was.

      After moving out I never saw my ex-wife again, but I knew she had to move out too and leave the key behind before new owners come and take over. I also had to make a final visit to do the final cleanup.

      During the last visit I wandered to the kitchen. I quickly discovered the fridge was now completely empty: My ex-wife had taken those cans with her... Well, sorry asshole but no bonus for you. You may force an Amway-induced idiot to do your bidding but not a man you're divorcing from and who can easily see through the well-rehearsed Amway lies.

      In total, those cans were hanging in the fridge for a consecutive four months and during all that time I gave exactly zero fucks about drinking them. Hell, I even bought other energy drinks there myself. How's that for an appeal?

      I sincerely hope no one showed interest in that XS (Excess) cat piss so she would be forced to drink all those 48 cans she stockpiled all by herself.

    5. "I sincerely hope no one showed interest in that XS (Excess) cat piss so she would be forced to drink all those 48 cans she stockpiled all by herself."

      There's a pretty good chance that was exactly what happened. Ambots are used to "self-consuming" or just storing the crap in closets and garages because no one who isn't brainwashed wants anything to do with bad tasting, overpriced junk.

    6. Anonymous - I'm not sure how long Amway has been slinging the XS piss water. Maybe around 15 years? One of the Amway cult leaders bought the company or partnered with someone to buy it or something like that so they would have a huge interest in ordering the cult followers to buy it.

      Ordering someone to drink cat piss water is never going to go over good. Amway Ambots might think its tasty but the rest of the world would rather have a Coke. Then Ambots go around screeching that soda pop isn't good for you. Like XS is? Either way you're drinking something that potentially isn't good for you so its best to drink the one that tastes better and has a lower price tag.

    7. Other Anonymous - I can't tell you how many cans of XS my Ambot drank a day. You know in that feeble attempt to single handedly have a downline that was consuming one Amway beverage a day! LOL! I'd say 2 dozen a week would be an approximate average of what he drank. That's like $60/week in cat piss water so he could pretty much get his 100PV/month just from XS. Unfortunately he didn't stop there. More overpriced shitty Amway products got into our house so he could self consume them - you know fake it till you make it - until such a time that he had multiple downline consuming that shit.

    8. Anna - I can tell you that ordering another person, especially a person who you just divorced from, do something, can't expect to comply, but she expected that nonetheless and threw a fit realising my silent, yet seemingly effective defiance. Based on her reaction it's hard to tell if I was dealing witha a hard-headed, brainwashed basket case or just your garden-variety brainwashed idiot.

      As far as I can remember, my ex-wife was actually successful in selling that cat piss to my ex-brother-in-law, for once at least. I recall him bying 24 cans of that crap, which was probably the minimum amount you have to order from an Ambot. For all I know she tried convincing him join Amway (just like she did with all her friends she chose not to immediately abandon) but failed.

      What makes this Amway-scheme even harder to understand is that despite the fact that my ex-brother-in-law wasn't exactly the brightest crayon in the box, he instantly saw what Amway truly is, but my ex-wife - with all the education and experience, fell to that trap.

    9. Hi Anonymous - yeah someone ordering around a soon to be ex doesn't carry a lot of weight! Perhaps you should have negotiated: you give me the house, the car, and the bank account and I'll drink those cans of XS. Has to be something good in there for you right! LOL!

      It sounds like you were dealing with the typical brainwashed Amway ambot. They're all obnoxious.

      You don't have to be the brightest crayon in the box to figure out that Amway sells overpriced shitty products!

    10. Anna - Believe me, I tried, but all negotiation attempts were unsuccessful, because she didn't want to listen. She constantly claimed I'm "at least a year late" and kept on insisting this to be my fault.

      Those cans of XS was not the only thing she introduced me to. I also had an opportunity to testa a toothpaste. She gave me a miniscule amount of that and while brushing my teeth, she told me how superior it is compared to other products and other high praises while bad-mouthing all other similar products. I still remember her asking that does it produce any foam and as I told her it didn't, she said "that's what makes it better from the rest". She told me that there were two tube sizes available and the smaller one that she used "will last at least a year, because I don't need as much of it as other toothpaste". My thoughts were something like "sure, whatever to get me out of this awkward situation".

      Strangely enough she never said anything about "going Diamond", but shed some light on one function where she was actually called on stage, receiving some sort of "bronze level" in prospecting with a roar of applause. She told me she politely declined and didn't go there.

      She also showed me a video she took from that very same functions she attended to. I saw people swaying their hips side to side, doing some kind of a hula dance by some sort of caribbean music. There were people on stage encouraging them all to participate, close their eyes and think about them being on a tropical island. She also pointed out a guy, also dancing with the crowd, identifying him as her "upline" and also told me that there was a competition of some sort with a chance of winning a trip. She didn't mention where, nor was I really interested.

      However, to see how obnoxious an Ambot can be, I summarize what she did after the divorce was finalized:
      Despite a written agreement, she kept the car under my ownership until December 2014, so I had to pay all occurring insurance fees for months, but had no access to that car (she moved about 150 miles away from me). She told me I bought that car for her. True but it was still under my name so legally it was mine. All gaming consoles, design lamps, a home theater just about anything with moderate value were taken by her.

      She gave our dogs to me and took the cat by oral agreement - until February 2015, when the dogs became disposable pawns in her quest for money. She suddenly filed a lawsuit against me for violation of ownership considering the dogs, causing them to become legally "inanimate/lifleless objects" that I withheld from her deliberately despite an "oral agreement" that we alledgedly made. Not complying to the demands will result in confiscation and selling them by auction to end the dispute.

      The end result was that I will redeem the dogs ownership from her by paying her $1000 and releasing her from all the upkeeping costs mounted since the divorce was finalized.

      What rises this Triple-A (Amway Ambot Asshole)-factor by an order of magnitude is that she used a free legal adviser which is offered for people with low income, against me, which in turn caused me to hire a lawyer (as my income was $70 over the limit for even a low-cost legal adviser service). So not only do I need to pay that asshole $1000, I also have to pay the lawyer for the services provided.

      Any thoughts? I sure have ran out of anything even remotely positive for anything related to Amway or any MLM for that matter.

    11. Wow! I don't know enough about the law to offer legal advice but if your lawyer told you to pay her $1000 to keep the dogs plus all the other stuff that she gets to keep, you might want to see about getting another lawyer. Or you file damages against her and see if you can get some money. After all isn't she always claiming her Amway business is going great? Surely she's making gazillions of dollars in monthly residual income from Amway.

      Get your lawyer to sue the assholes in her Amway upline for whatever they can under the law. Alienation of affection? Brainwashing? Cult influence? There's got to be something. You suing the upline assholes would put her in the shit house for sure!

      There is nothing positive about Amway. Its the most negative MLM around and the ambots are the most negative bastards you'll ever meet. I'm sure you've seen some of the comments ambots leave her spreading their negativity!

    12. Anna - In order to keep this horrible story from becoming a book in your website, I left some details out.

      Let's break this situation down so you can grasp what this is all about:
      Since my ex-wife was the first one to make a legal move against me, she's automatically considered "a victim" and I'm considered as "a criminal/an offender": Ownership of the dogs have been challenged by her and she filed a dispute. Choosing not to react to this challenge at all will result this dispute change to a court order. This change also happens if the dispute can't be resolved.

      Since I'm the "bad guy", my lawyer's job is to defend me as much as possible. Because we were still in a dispute phase, the only way for my lawyer was to react on my behalf, trying to resolve this situation so it doesn't end in a court order. In this situation, my lawyer could only give limited advice what to do and all the final decisions were mine. I did try to redeem the ownership of those dogs for the price I paid for them during adoption, which was around $800, but she declined that straight away, without a blink.

      She never mentioned any amount for which she would have redeemed the ownership of the dogs from me, which was strange but was legal and gave her the upper hand. Since I was forced to a corner, facing a probable court order, a criminal record and a certain loss of those dogs, I had no choice but to raise the stakes. My lawyer was not certain of their intentions so in the light of the facts, I took the "last offer" initiative, $1000 and voiding all the costs involving the dogs from the start of the divorce to the current date. She agreed, thus ending the dispute there.

      Now I'm waiting for the trade agreements to arrive so I can transfer her the money to her bank account. To protect myself from any future attacks from her, I made a clause to the agreement, stating that both parties have no other demands from each other.

      Setting the clause aside, I could sue her ass off for all the economic damage she inflicted, but it would most likely end with more economic damage on my end.

      How is that possible? Well, should I decide to attack her legally, I would have to get a lawyer that, again, costs money whereas she just goes to the same legal adviser office and before you can react, she has a person to represent her, for free.

      Also, should the court rule her guilty, a mitigation/moderation rule comes into play: Since her income is noticable low (which doesn't matter even that it is of her own design), she'll never have to empty her pockets completely and sell everything she ever owned. No... She will only have to pay a fraction of the damage, which by my calculations would probably not even cover the cost of my lawyer. At the end of the day she would walk away with a criminal record of a lesser magnitude (that would have close to zero impact for something like getting a jobe) and with a small dent in her wallet, but I would probably encounter a complete economic collapse as a result.

      Suing her upline would probably bear the same result. First of all, it consists of people I don't know at all and a flaky, shaky video from that function won't help much. In addition they haven't done anything wrong (legal-wise) or at least I can't give sufficient proof to trigger an investigation so they're out of my reach for any legal action.

      To tell the truth, I have some real difficulty deciding if I this final battle has been won or lost, but I know it is almost over. Yes, the dogs are happily living with me and I love them for the bottom of my heart and I hopefully don't have to hear from my ex-wife ever again, but the economic damage I sustained will be felt for years.

      Looking back when we were together, I remember wondering why all her ex-boyfriends were so unbelievably aggressive towards her whenever they saw her. She never revealed more than "it was their fault for the reason of X". Now I understand perfectly and can relate to them easily.

    13. Wow - that's a huge story and hopefully ambots that are thinking of getting involved in the scam can realize the damage Amway does and going through an Amway divorce. It would be nice if the lawyer could find some way to sue the assholes in her upline for fraud or alienation of affection or something. But you know this is why you pay a lawyer for advice rather than listening to someone who says wouldn't it be nice if you could do it like this.

    14. Anna - Sadly that story I shared is just the final act coming to a close. If you found this huge, then the whole story would be considered gargantuan to say the least. I would gladly tell the whole story from the prologue to this point, but the 4,096 character limit doesn't allow it and I would need to send you an E-mail with the whole story. I hope that at least someone will find this story as a clear warning what an Amway-brainwashed asshole can do at its worst and act accordingly.

      I got my lawyer to represent me for this ownership dispute only and opening a case against those assholes in her upline would be considered a whole different case. Money aside, the real problem here is that I would need to file a police report first so they could start an investigation. However, that's going to be an issue since I can't ID them at all and the details of her upline's antics are sketchy at best. I can't simply accuse them for prospecting as it isn't a crime and because they are prospecting people to "work" for a legitimate company (or at least so it seems superfically). So: Insufficient initial evidence of a committed crime = no investigation. No investigation = No way for my lawyer to sue anybody for anything. I have to face the fact that my ex-wife and her upline are all safe and there's nothing I can do about it. I think it's wiser to walk away from this steaming pile of MLM shit than go and dig yourself in as nothing positive will ever come out of it.

    15. I think Anonymous has it right, which is also the ultimate philosophy I've heard from other spouses/partners of Ambots... cut your losses and walk away. Although it's natural to want to get back at Amway for how they destroy lives/relationships, in the end it's best to remove all contact with the Ambot, like removing a malignant tumor, and get on with life and put it as far in the rear view mirror as possible.

      I'm not sure if the ex-wife was greedy and spiteful before Amway, but I know Amway does change one's personality for the worse. They see themselves as "better people" but only within their brainwashed sphere with other Ambots. To the rest of the world they are sneering, greedy, arrogant pricks/cunts.

    16. Anonymous - one of the biggest regrets I had was I didn't file police complaints against the assholes in our Amway upline for fraud. By the time I was learning stuff from bloggers and commenters on the Internet I was too late to press charges, but I sure like to see others go after those upline assholes. If you don't know exactly who they are that would be difficult, and don't expect your ex to provide that information if she knows legal action will commence against the Ambots she has always loved more than you. Sick relationship that is.

    17. Anonymous - cut your losses and walk away is pretty common. It applies to so many things in life not just Scamway. Stop throwing good money after bad.

      I couldn't find any place on the Internet like this blog where people can come and say what they want to say about the assholes in their upline and to offer support to others, like family members who hate the assholes in their loved ones Amway upline, to know that they're not alone in what they're going through. There are a lot of good bloggers who've written about Amway and their experiences and why Amway is a bad business opportunity. This blog is more the emotional side and cursing out people in Amway just feels so good! And sometimes those Ambots show up here proving what we say all along that people in Amway are arrogant assholes and they throw tantrums that we're getting the word out there about being inside the Amway cult. They're outraged, like how dare we! The Ambots show up here to speak negative and in most cases they get cursed out for their trouble. But unlikely the little Amway scammers will ever show up back here to read it. The life of an Amway Ambot is to lie, deny, defend, distract, and then disappear.

      Don't confuse Ambots with the facts! The truth doesn't count when you're in the Amway cult!

    18. When I met my now ex-wife, she was practically in a receivership, neck-deep in debt with bailiffs knocking at her door. She was living with her father and was living in a makeshift apartment made from her father's metal workshop office room. She lived there with her two cats. The place had no bathroom or running water but those necessities were found at her father's place a short walk away. She had no formal education (finished elementary school but no other graduations), didn't have a steady job or a car.

      It was me - the knight in a shiny armor - that found her and rescued her from that situation. I admit I had serious doubts about letting her into my life, but as time progressed, I let her and her cats live in my apartment, she restarted her studies, graduated and with my help even got a steady job and paid out all her debts.

      However, I started having a feeling something wasn't right. Not long after she graduated and got a steady job, she suddenly started altering our lives to her liking - and her alone. At first she pushed me to get a bigger apartment (we were living in a studio apartment which was as big as a two-roomed apartment). I did that and so we moved to a three-room apartment which she decorated to her liking, whereas my space shrinked to a single room. Then she started pushing me for an engagement. I really saw nothing wrong with that since we had been so long together so we got engaged. Getting past that point, she increased speed even more and in a month I realised I was en route to marriage. She pushed me to it and while doing that, she changed her last name from her mother's maiden name to her father's last name. She also clearly declined to take my last name, practically forcing me to take her now-changed last name instead.

      I felt somewhat forced to this situation and recall my friends and family telling me that I don't have to do this. I still went ahead so my family and friends decided to advise her "not to break his (my) heart or it can have dire consequences". She didn't want a big wedding so we got married in a simplistic manner possible: at the municipal registry office.

      Once we got married, she decided that it's time to get a brand new car (she hated my MPV for some weird reason) but because of her ongoing distraint, I needed to take that car, the car loan and insurances to my name, while she paid the bills for them. She convinced me that once she's eligible to take loans again, she'll take the loan from me to herself. That never happened.

      Things halted for a while because in the middle of winter she slipped and fell, dislocating her kneecap and was rushed to a hospital for surgery where they reconstructed a new kneecap ligament from one of her thigh muscle tendons. However, as soon as she recovered, the pushing went even further: it was time to get a house of our own. I was able to halt the process until her credit was good again (which happened fast, thanks to my efforts). She demanded that the house to be bought would have to be located in her city of birth. We soon found a suitable house and I started mortgage negotiations with the local banks. I successfully negotiated a mortgage and so we bought the house and moved in. A short time after we moved in, she wanted to have a dog since "a house such as this needs one". And we did.

      During year she broke her back at work and couldn't work with that type of work again. She was offered a change of profession which she accepted and so she started studying. She quickly graduated and was offered a new job, which she happily accepted. Then she decided it was time to get a second dog because "she needs a friend". And so we did.

      Shortly thereafter our house suffered a relatively small water damage. The insurance company decided we were not eligible for compensation. I filed a complaint against them and while fighting against them she all of a sudden dropped the divorce-bomb on me, joined Amway and the rest of the story can be read here.

    19. Anonymous - clearly she was already sneaking around with Amway Ambots because that's what they do as part of their deception "don't tell anyone you're hanging out with people in Amway". Amway cult leaders fill people's heads with wanting bigger and better whether or not they can afford it. Fake it till you make it. That's why she wanted more and more and more. Nothing you could have provided for her would have ever been good enough to meet her high Amway standard of living. Though I'm sure at first she saw you as an escape out of her life, which was probably a step above poverty. She took as much as she could take out of you and maybe she still has more she plans to squeeze out of you. That's the Amway way. Destroy lives. Cause emotional and financial distress. Divorce. Bankruptcy. Foreclosure. It just seemed to be "fast track" for you. In case you aren't away that's an Amway term! LOL! About how fast you can make $50.

      If she ever gets out of Amway and if no better prospects have shown up, she'll probably be all over you again in a few years begging for another chance.

    20. Anna - She wasn't directly in touch with Amway until she started the divorce process. She practically threw me and the dogs out of the house as she was going to gather people for a "Business Kick-off meeting". My protest against this meeting taking place in a home I 50% owned were completely futile. She bluntly told me that "Sure... you can stay if you so much want to but you're then to remain in the basement with the dogs and not to emerge until the meeting is over. Oh and by the way, two of the attending people are allergic to dogs".

      That was practically the only information she gave out. Since she never enclosed me how long that meeting would be, I had no choice but to get in a car with the dogs and travel to meet my mother.

      Much to her disadvantage, one of the attendees she invited happened to be our the second guarantor for the mortgage and was on my side and volunteered to work as my eyes and ears so I would know what took place. It came to my knowlegde that this meeting was actually a recruitment meeting for Amway and that's where I first heard of this name. I also learned that one of the attendees was one of my ex-wife's closest friends and I was surprised to know the she was an ex-Ambot (I knew she had a MLM background of sorts but those where she was involved in were reputable to a certain level and actually made her some money, too). The reason for her attending the meeting was unclear and still remains that way. According to my "spy", she didn't participate in talks with the Amway scam artist defiling my home.

      A few days later as I was doing a routine clean up of the house I stumbled upon some "follow-up" papers. From what I ascertained from those papers was that my "spy" said a straightforward "no" to the participation attempt and so did the ex-Ambot, too. There were two people who had ticked the "might be interested" box on the paper. Poor bastards.

      Now, for the plans on squeezing me for more money, she will no longer have any success. Those dogs were the only valuable asset she could legally grasp. Remember, during the divorce process she took everything that had at least a moderate value. In addition, the trade agreement has a clause which states that we no longer have any demands against each other from this point forward. It's a rather unfair clause to me considering the fact that I originally had no plans for attacking her in any way. If she files another legal action against me for anything, I can safely ignore them from now on.

      By attacking me legally this way, causing me serious economic damage as a result, she would do wisely to realise that as I have a very kind, helpful and loving but extremely unforgiving nature (which she's very much aware of), I no longer consider her a friend (who I protect and love) even a nuisance (who I usually ignore) anymore. I consider her a threat. Threats I have no second thoughts of attacking on sight, regardless of their intentions. It's quite needless to say she's going to be in serious danger if our paths cross.

      Anna, you are not the first one to tell me that she will eventually wake up, realise what has happened and then start looking for me. Someone actually said it's likely to happen sometime in 2016 once she has reached the same impoverished state she was in to begin with. Should that awakening happen, she'll have to do a full-time job finding me as I have deliberately given her incorrect information about my whereabouts and have effectively "dropped under her radar" by denying authorities and all third parties revealing my home address and my phone number and have set up perimeter E-mail spam filters to all my providers in a way that they destroy any and all e-mails coming from her before they reach my Inbox. If she somehow manages to circumvent or overcome all these obstacles and is successful in locating me, instead of begging for another chance, she'd better be prepared to beg for mercy.

    21. Hi Anonymous. Wow! It almost seems like you should be writing a blog! Another married to an ambot!

      Good that you had a spy. Espionage in the Amway business! LOL!

      Most people quit Amway once they hit rock bottom. Bankruptcy, foreclosure, divorce are in the future of all ambots if they don't leave the scam earlier enough. And sometimes not even then, the damage has been done. Finances are the biggest reason couples fight and end relationships. She wanted to tithe all your money to the Great Amway God and you had better plans for the money, like your basic living needs and future retirement.

      Beg for mercy? Unlikely. If you're lucky eventually when she gets out of the Amway cult she might apologize for what she put you through, but I wouldn't hold my breath. Former ambots have to mend a lot of fences when they get out of the Amway cult because Amway is all about destroying relationships.

    22. Anna - Those were exactly my thoughts too, but I can tell that going through this ordeal is extremely painful, especially because to really make people grasp the situation and "walk in my shoes", I need to open up all those memories I suppressed. I do thank you for this blog, since I haven't found any other blog that brings up the facts the it does here.

      I had extremely valid reasons for having a spy. Since my ex-wife refused to give me any information about what is about to happen in a house I owned 50% of, I was open to any information that was available and it was her loss to invite a person that had such close links to us both.

      Well, for my ex, bankruptcy is more likely "just around the corner" than the mythical success and she left a trail of destruction behind her like a tornado.

      Ever since we hooked up and joined our bank accounts together, I was the one calling the shots concerning finances. Even that she had the same control and privileges over our money, she just simply used the money that was available to free use and was happy that things ran smoothly, bills got paid and we still had some money left. We did have some disagreements concerning some financial details but they ended quickly as I decided not to fight over it and simply accepted her demands and adapted to the new financial situation. There were a few times when this arrangement kicked her in the ass as we were low on money before our salaries came. I was able to adapt fairly easily, but she wasn't. She usually blamed me for spending all the money which was probably one of the most irritating things about her, but since I had all the details and proof that she was responsible, the accusations ended quite rapidly. I still was in for a cold shoulder and silent treatment for a while for forcing her accepting the truth.

      If I'm lucky I don't have to see her or hear from her ever again. However, should things go in such a way that she would get in contact with me somehow, any and all apologies from her will fall on deaf ears. I'm guessing she may have forgotten one of my strongest traits which is that I don't make the same mistake twice. Letting her back into my life or even opening any of the communication channels would be making that mistake. She wanted out of this relationship. She got what she wanted.

      A relationship is like an unique fence. A fence that has been run over couple of times by a tracked vehicle, peed on, set on fire by napalm and remaining ashes then kicked around the area is a fence quite impossible to mend.

    23. Hi Anonymous. Glad you found the blog helpful. Its here for the family and friends of the Amway cult members who struggle with this evil that has invaded their lives. Years ago I couldn't find a blog that would be helpful for wives of ambots. Sure I found plenty of comments wives had left online about destroyed lives but most of the websites deal with why Amway is a bad opportunity and always written by men. I needed something more emotional, woman thing maybe. I did connect with other wives of ambots on other web pages and the idea for this blog was hatched. Theres a lot of women out there who want to scream and curse out the Amway upline and here's the place. Or at least live through us doing it.

      Then a couple of years after starting the blog we started to get more comments from men who are married to an ambot so there's been a shift. Too bad for those women ambots. Amway is a good old boy's club and a woman won't get ahead no matter how hard she works.

      I think you nailed it when you said bankruptcy is more likely to be just around the corner for most ambots instead of success.

      Yup some relationships are done forever when they end, though your ex seemsto be dragging it on to see how much more she can get out of you.

  4. FM - there is only one side to the story when you're in Amway. That would be your cult leader's opinion that all followers must parrot. All other points of view are negative. Yup, I'm like Chang, not driven by money to write this blog and I'm not afraid to tell the truth of what happened to me and my husband while he was under his cult leader's influence.

  5. Atleast Mr Chang didnt say the XS tasted like cat piss in his review lol. Imagine the reaction from all the ibos.

  6. Im surprised ibofb doesnt go on the review this is actually joecool pretending to be mr chang.

  7. Ha ha Colin. I'm surprised IBOs haven't showed up here to ask me how I know what cat piss tastes like!

    IBOFB has many conspiracy theories about all of Joecool's aliases. Why does he care anyway? Especially when typical IBO response to everything is "who cares".

  8. Anna, we're lucky these ambots dont know our real names or personal info. Heard some peop who wrote books or have online sites are either sued or received death threats. The cult members are just so fucking crazy.

  9. Colin - I wrote a post awhile back about why we blog anonymously and mostly it is because of the possibility of threats from current IBO's. I think its unlikely that anyone from Amway's head office would send death threats or threats of bodily harm to any book writer or blogger or encourage others to do so. That would generate really bad publicity, like they need more bad publicity. At many meetings I attended I heard our Platinum threaten bodily harm against people if they did not make money for him. Or that he had "people" to do his dirty work for him. Got the bastard saying this on tape too. I gave my lawyer a copy of the tape when we quit with instructions that if anything ever happens to us that is the first person he should advise the police to investigate. But you know we've been out of Amway for so long now and he's not initiated any contact with us I don't think we need to worry about him. And of course he does not read negative sites like this and if he did he's so fucking pompous and thinks everyone thinks he's the greatest person in the world that he would never consider the possibility that someone out there thinks he's a sack of shit lying bastard.

    Its not against the law to have an opinion or to tell the truth so I doubt too many writers get sued successfully that is. I'm sure Amway wants to stifle the truth and will do what they have to to get writers works shut down so the truth doesn't get out there. Their legal obstacle is that its not against the law to have an opinion, at least in this country. My opinion of XS energy drinks is that its a foul tasting cat piss drink. My opinion of McDonald's burgers is that they're nasty chemical tasting burgers. Its like any product some will like it others won't. The only online site I've heard of getting sued is Tex though I'm unclear on why he's being sued because his website is rather confusing to figure out. He did mention that the reason he's suing Amway because they sued him first. And you know he's probably going to win because Amway always settles because its cheaper for them.

  10. I did receive a threat by email before. IBOFB swore I was lying about it because the person who made the threat never informed him about it. He also claimed I blamed IBOs for the threat, but I said some zealot sent me a threat. Turns out I was right because I was able to pinpoint the anon from Scarborough Canada as the one who sent me the threat.

    And yes, IBOFB thinks I run every anti Amway blog out there. He even thinks I an Anna because there used to be a bar named Anna Bananas close to an area where I used to work.

    IBOFB is also mistaken thinking my real identity is "Steve Nakamura". When I first started blogging, I had read about the mob mentality that some Amwayers had so I invented the Steve Nakamura moniker. Steve Nakamura in Hawaii is like John Johnson on the mainland US. I'm sure he must know this unless Amway actually had a Steve Nakamura from Hawaii in the period of time I was an IBO. LOL

  11. Anna, thought you'd enjoy reading this. This was 4 years ago but hasnt stopped any of the critics from blogs,sites,etc. Amway cant shut us all up.
    Amway/Quixtar Sues Web Critics
    from the multi-level-lawsuits? dept

    Direct marketing firm Quixtar, which some people may recognize as the online arm of well known multi-level marketing firm Amway, has apparently sued 30 anonymous online critics who disparaged the company on blogs and in YouTube videos. Quixtar is claiming that the attacks are from a group of former "distributors" who later sued the company. The distributors are currently under court order not to disparage the company -- so if these posts and videos are from them, it would be a violation of the court order. Of course, if it turns out these aren't from those distributors, then it just makes Quixtar look like a big bully. Actually, that seems likely either way. Apparently, one of the videos concerns a guy showing how Quixtar's products are much more expensive than buying the same products at a grocery store. It's hard to see how that's "disparaging" if it's factually true. Anyway, if Quixtar is trying to hide critical videos about the company, it probably has a long way to go. A quick search suggests there are an awful lot of folks out there posting negative videos about the company.

  12. Joecool - that's actually pretty funny that IBOFB is designated the head cult leader and all IBOs must ask permission from him before they go around posting comments on blogs and websites. What an ego!

    He must have spent a lot of time researching where you might live/work and finding out there is a bar called Anna Banana's. Or he found the bar first and decided its close to you! Magnum has competition!

  13. Colin - that's pretty funny that Amway/Quixtar tried to sue 30 anonymous people! Were there lawyers drunk when they came up with that one? Ha ha! Must have been hell trying to figure out who these anonymous people were so they could serve the court papers. But oh, I guess they assumed who the anonymous were and served the wrong people! Like I said. Drunk! Or smoking something funny! Ha ha!

  14. Joecool, why would anyone make a threat and then inform ibofb about it?

  15. Colin that's the joke that IBOFB has a big enough ego to think that ambots must report to him after they post comments on the Internet or make threats so he knows about it.

  16. Let me be transparent. I was sent two emails. One of them said they saw my handle of joecool on a porn site. I admitted that (gasp) I had once been a member on a pornagraphic forum (no pictures) and the second email said my family should be careful about where they go.

    It became a big deal and IBOFB wrote several articles about it in an attempt to embarrass me.

    He claims I lied about the threat because the person who wrote about my membership on the world sex guide forum sent IBOFB a copy of the email I received. The anon who said my family needs to be careful did not send a copy of the email to IBOFB. Because of that, IBOFB claims to have investigated the entire incident and concluded that I lied an no threat was made to me.

    Incidently, an Amway corprate blogger, Beth Dornan wrote an article about the incident and called IBOFB a cyber bully and that a cyber bully is not welcome in Amway's world. IBOFB claimed he was not the cyber bully as the perpetrator was not named. However, Beth said the cyber bully wrote a disparaging article about someone who is critical of Amway and IBOFB is the only one who did such a thing.

    A blogger named Dave Robison also wrote an article about the entire thing. I have links if you are interested.

  17. I guess the private detectives will never hire IBOFB to do any work. Since he seems to do such a lousy ass job lol. Sometimes i visit his page cause he think he knows it all.

  18. Joecool - to the best of my knowledge its not against the law to be on a porn site unless its kiddy porn.

    You can post the links if you want. I can tell you that someone from Chicago ended up at my site a couple of times very early this morning using search criteria Joecool Amway and porn site. This would be at 3:30am Illinois time. Don't these people have anything better to do at that hour - like sleeping? Apparently not. Those links might make it easy for Chicago?

    Either way IBOs should not be threatening bodily violence against anyone. Its just one of the many reasons why Amway has such a bad name.

  19. Colin - yeah I've read a few things from other bloggers at IBOFB's shitty investigating skills! It seems to come down to IBOFB investigated, found no evidence, therefore it can't be true. Quick! Someone get him to search for Jimmy Hoffa!

    I've never intentionally gone to IBOFB's page. His views don't interest me. I have unknowingly clicked on a link and ended up at his page, maybe twice. When I realized where I was I moved along. If I want to listen to a bunch of brainwashed ambots lavish love and affection on their cult leader and find everything else in the world "negative" I'll find a meeting run by my former Platinum!

  20. I read somewhere scott larsen of they wrote a bs piece about him being a stockholder of avon. So that's why he writes that stuff about amway(of course none of it was true). So someday ibofb or some other cult freak will make up stuff about you anna bannana.

  21. Colin - IBOFB is too late. My former upline already beat him to making up stuff about me.

  22. This was the comment made by Beth Dornan, an Amway employee (about IBOFB):

    I was disturbed to read that someone who has been critical of this business has been harassed and disparaging information about him posted by a cyber bully. While I can't enforce civil discourse in any forum but the Opportunity Zone, I can ask that those who are engaged with this business carefully consider the impact that disparaging those with opposing views has on perceptions of the Quixtar and Amway businesses.

    As a business, we're about building people up, not tearing them down. Just because someone doesn't support our business doesn't mean they should be criticized for those views or have inappropriate information posted about them. As a former boss of mine used to say, our reputation is built on everything every one of us does and says every day. I'd prefer that our reputation be built on respect for all people of all views.

    Here in the Opportunity Zone we've had some spirited and sometimes heated discussions about issues. Some of the best have been ongoing dialogues about issues where equally passionate partners debate and discuss a topic. That's the beauty of a blog or a forum -- bringing people together to converse on a topic of mutual interest.

    I used to debate in high school. I grew up in a steel mill town where basketball ruled and the debate team was a small and nerdy bunch that luckily had a passionate advocate in a history teacher who shuttled us to and from meets all over Indiana. We eventually did her proud by winning a regional competition and then a state meet, the first time our high school had earned such honors and brought home trophies. In high school debate you'd have to switch sides on an issue and convincingly persuade either perspective on issues like gun control or the death penalty. In one match you'd be for it, in the next against.

    What I learned from debating is that the weaker opponents resorted to grandstanding and theatrics to divert attention, while the winners usually stayed on topic, on message, presented a solid case and didn't get derailed or emotional. The worst would resort to thinly veiled attacks on an opponent's credibility or evidence.

    Like in life, in debate those who resort to trying to insult or disparage their opponents lose points. But a high school meet isn't at stake here. What's at risk is the reputation of this business and every one affiliated with it.

  23. Some weirdo has been hanging out at the anna banana cafe. Trying to find out if the owner or one of the customers is Joecool lol

  24. Joecool - as a human being Beth may have been disturbed by cyber bullying done under the Amway name. As an employee who is probably in the communications or PR department she has to put the company spin on things. Does she really think that IBO's with their who cares attitude cared about her debate story.

  25. Ha ha Colin that's funny. Are you saying Joecool is the dog or one of the goats? That one customer looks like he's in a cult!

  26. the hippy person in one of the pics is ibofb. I guess anna banana is the lady and so joecool is the goat haha

  27. Colin - that hippy guy is the same one who I think looks like he's from a cult so it could be IBOFB trying to track us all down!

  28. Cat piss is so serious FUNNY!!!

    It's true ambots believe only one side of a story - the one that "seems" to favor them ("seems" because anything favorable to scumway is limited to amcult and kingpin leaders, all other ambots just get shafted) Anywho the kingpins teach they take financial advice from only one source, their upline only and no one else including their parents even though they naturally want them succeed, just as any parent would. before long other ambots adopt the same mantra/stance on that and many other issues. they teach only upline has your best intentions so trust them, do not question them and thus one of the nine core steps (be teachable i.e. no questioning, challenging etc) and also the cardinal rule "do not pass negative downline, upline and sideways, i mean crossline. by then the indoctrination is complete. hence forth whatever upline says is the truth (their truth of course) and is not to be questioned. so they have no regard for any other opinion even if it's based on scientific research it doesn't count for squat. it's popular among ambots to say "if my upline says jump i don't ask why i ask how high". while this grip is on the ambot he/she then a perfect source of income for the kingpin and scumway until it becomes apparent to them about what's going on...$10k, $20k $30k gone and nothing to show for it inluding marriages, homes, etc. very sad.

  29. Ex-Ambot - even though I haven't been going around sampling cat piss on the side I have tried several flavors of XS and if I could imagine what cat piss tastes like - this is it! However taste is subjective and I accept that there are people out there who've tried it and like it or at least say its not too bad.

    The only side of the story that ambots believe and repeat is their upline's side. As long as they're in the Amway cult they're not allowed to have their own opinion.

  30. I just remembered that I had a case of XS in my room from my ex-fiance's IBO days. I use it to keep my bedroom door closed. It may be the most useful Amway product I received! It's kind of fitting, since Amway does nothing but close doors for many people.

    1. Anonymous - there are very few things that cat piss drink is good for. Door stop. Good. Setting up a booby trap for ambots. Even better!

    2. Ha ha, I likes the last option better. Otherwise scAmway crap makes my trash can look good out in the street on trash day. I just have to improvise otherwise to prop the door or a book.

  31. My sister is an ambot and a while back she ordered me a case of xs saying "if you just try it i garuntee you'll start buying it". Well I tried them all giving her the benefit of a doubt thinking maybe there was a flavor that didn't taste like a mixture of cat piss and cough syrup.... nope. Well on top of all of them tasting awful I started to feel very uncomfortable within a few minutes of drinking them. I have a very high caffeine tolerance so I have no idea what it was. But within 30 minutes of drinking it I would become insanely thirsty and my stomach would do backflips. I would feel kinda fuzzy in my head like I was doing cocaine or something. But I didn't have energy. I could lay down and fall asleep. Me and my sister don't speak anymore. She was fucking her upline last I knew and had completely bought in to all douche baggery. She wrote off all her family and her only "friends" are ambots. Amway killed my family, FUCK amway!

    1. Hi Anonymous - you hit the nail on the head with your evaluation of Amway's XS piss water!

      Sorry to hear about your sister. You have to remember she has been brainwashed by the Amway cult. She has been brainwashed to be creepy, to insult and alienate people, and to worship the great Amway gods. No different than any other cult. They all use similar techniques to separate their followers from friends and family. The Amway cult is all about destroying people. Nothing brings those Ambot bastards more happiness than destroying other people's lives. I hope your sister finds her way back one day. It usually happens once she's run out of money and maxed out all her credit cards.

      I'm probably going to feature your story in an upcoming post because this is old and a lot of people will miss it.

    2. Exactly, you can't blame your sister, especially if she is involved, physically, with a member of her team. She was lured in with promises, warm fuzzy friendliness, an the big one.... HOPE.
      Once they've told her this won't happen, and that won't happen, they both happen. They will tell you what the blogs describe is the "Old Amway", then do exactly what the blogs describe. She is backed into a corner of her mind and is completely out of control of herself. Once she realizes this, she will pop back. She may need counseling, as many families I have talked to have had to do. The lingering effects of greed and self-righteousness tend to linger, at least in the families I have talked to.
      Many will look to other MLMs to find that spark they lost if they do not get the support and love they had before. She will need the support from her family and friends, who are not IBOs. Just remember, it isn't her talking when she talks in Amspeak. it isn't her when she hates on the outside world. She is just doing what she was told is right by people she falsely trusted.


  32. I can't actually believe there are individuals out there that have the time to create and run blogs on just how 'crap' Amway is! I for one like to spend my time on improving my life and spending time with my friends (most of which have nothing to do with Amway!) We all have choices and yes, I do run an Amway business and yes, I do think some of the products fall short of the mark (mostly due to price!)and choose other brands in these particular cases. However, the majority of products are superb. Take Nutrilite for example. I haven't had a cold for 4 years and guess what, that's the exact amount of time I have been taking these superb supplements - coincidence maybe? I very much doubt it! These products are on the whole, excellent, full stop!

    As for all these rubbish stories you read about on the web. Well, in the 5 years I have been involved with Amway I have not lost any money, friends or family. Infact, when reading these so called 'horror' stories I wonder what the hell people are doing to be getting these terrible results. As an Amway UK ABO following the Network 21 system I just can't see how I could possibly end up losing the shirt off my back! All I can say is that there must be some very simple people out there!

    1. Justin - we take the time as compassionate people who don't want others to go through the financial and emotional losses we did. Your arrogant Amway attitude is very typical. Just because you have good experiences that automatically negates countless comments all over the Internet about the hell people have gone through thanks to Amway. After 5 years shouldn't you be a gazillionaire by now.

    2. Go easy on him, Anna. I'm sure he has 'redefined' success (changed his ends to justify his results), met a lot of nice, supportive people (still enjoys the love-bombing), finds the world outside of Amway negative, angry, and scary, and all the other stuff Ambots love to spout when they think they have it better. The comment below, from truly fresh meat, shows that.

      If you are pinned anon, you had better speak up now, otherwise, you have wasted a mess of time, and money, making new friends and working on their idea of self-improvement.

      I haven't been sick since I stopped taking Nutrilite. Coincidence? Maybe, but I VERY MUCH DOUBT IT!


  33. Wow there are some very angry people out there. We have been ABOs for a couple of months now (we were involved in Amway 17 years ago but had a very unsupportive upline). We have decided to give it another go and can honestly say we have met some wonderful, supportive, honest people. Noone has tried to brainwash us, noone has forced us to do anything we don't want to. You're last comment criticises Justin by saying that just because he has had good experiences......why shouldn't he defend Amway. If you are going to put something in a public arena like the Internet, you have to expect that you are going to get some comments you like and some you don't. I didn't think his comments were arrogant at all. The majority of people go into these things with their eyes open. It costs nothing to join, the products are brilliant and if people don't want to buy or join, they don't have to. Saying Amway is a cult is quite funny really. Have you any idea what a cult is really like? Chill a bit Anna Banana!

    1. Thanks for stopping by with the Amspeak. Lets see how much you love your upline after you quit and deprogram yourself and realized how much abuse you took and money you lost thanks to those scammers.

    2. What is Amspeak? I've just given my opinion. Noone has forced me to do this business, I haven't been programmed to do anything. I love the products and so do the people we sell them to. What is wrong with that? You are clearly happy to buy products in stores where people are making a profit from you. That's business, that's what keeps the economy going. I'm sorry if you were hurt by Amway but put it into context. We've all been hurt in relationships, did that stop us moving onto another one? We've all been to restaurants that haven't given us good service, does that stop us ever going out to dinner? I think you need to get this into some sort of context. Amway is very transparent, has been going a long time, if they were as evil as you say, they would not have survived. I think you need to relax a bit and give up this obsession you have with Amway!

    3. Anonymous - Amspeak is how brainwashed Amway ambots duplicate everything their upline says and they spout it out too. You're not too good at it at yet. You need to get yourself to the nearest Amway meeting and stay off this blog!

    4. I have been to Amway meetings and I can assure you I don't "spout" anything that I've been told. Tell me Anna Banana, do you listen to the marketing/advertising on TV and in magazines for products that you buy everyday? Do you read the jargon that goes on the back of products that you buy? I enjoy being on this blog Anna Banana. As I've said before, if you're going to put your view on the internet for the world to see you have to expect people are going to give their view too. By the way, can you tell me of another company that has increased it's profits by 79% in the last 6 years? And that hasn't come from Amway, that's come from a very well known Credit Rating organisation. Or have they been brainwashed as well?

    5. Even though you don't think you're spouting off Amspeak trust me everyone around you, friends, family, coworkers all think you do. Amazon has been around 20 years. Last year $60 billion. What was Amway? Around $12 billion. Good news for the owners of these companies but not necessarily their employees.

  34. To the Amway Ambot who tried to leave a message at 10:01 on Feb 11/14. The person who moderates comments brought it to my attention and has deleted it because we don’t want to be dealing with anyone who might attract police attention and we suspect you are a cyberstalker. If you are trying to get in touch with one of our blog administrators please check any guest posts or comments the administrators have left with their contact information. I am not your secretary. The person moderating comments is not your secretary. We don’t pass along messages. This has been discussed before on this blog – one of the administrators attracted the attention of a cyberstalker a couple of years ago and filed a police complaint and since then the police monitor visitor traffic on each website this victim is part of, including this one because I gave my permission to keep people safe. The websites are all very different topics so it would be unusual pretty much impossible for anyone visiting this page to visit those others unless they are the cyberstalker or someone associated with the cyberstalker. I don’t know if you are the cyberstalker or what your association is with the cyberstalker but I’m not going to deal with it. I don’t know if your doing anything wrong and I don’t know if the police will do anything even if you are other than monitor you but why attract their attention the next time they cross reference the visitor traffic. In Amway its all about associations isn’t it. I wouldn’t associate with anyone the cops are watching but then I’m not an Amway ambot. There are some really nice people who help out on this blog who give their time and email and phone victims. And there are creeps who are outraged that we do this. You can see why I want to keep everyone safe can’t you.


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