Wednesday, September 14, 2011

You Haven’t Earned The Privilege!

Something we heard a lot of from our Amway upline, and usually in a taunting “I’m better than the rest of you” attitude was “you haven’t earned the privilege yet”.

This could be for a number of things.

One time the Platinum was trying to round up a work crew to do yard work at the Emerald’s house. Free IBO labor in exchange for the privilege of spending time with the Emerald. Uh yeah. Sounds great. Where do I sign up to yank that bastard’s weeds? Fortunately the Platinum sneered at me and others in the room including Ambot that we haven’t earned the privilege yet to spend time with that bastard. Whew! Lucky me!

The Platinum’s wife rarely went to meetings. I personally think she was just sick of listening to her husband spout off the same old bullshit. He said by virtue of reaching Platinum status she’d earned the privilege to stay home with the kids instead of hiring a babysitter. Hunh? Their son and daughter were in their early teens. They needed a babysitter? Holy shit I was babysitting when I was eleven years old. Children of ambots are so badly behaved they need a sitter into their teens? Maybe all the mothers in the Amway meeting who hadn’t earned that privilege should have stopped by the Platinum’s house on the way to the meeting and dumped their kids off with the wife for some free babysitting. We earned that privilege because we had to put up with her husband that evening while she got a free pass!

Most of the time the “you haven’t earned the privilege” was a taunt to the cult followers who hadn’t reached a high enough level in Amway or any level in Amway as was the case with most of the ambots in our meetings. Most often the privilege taunt had to do with meeting someone further upline like a Diamond. Or more appropriately hadn’t earned the privilege of providing free labor to the Diamond because they hadn’t reached a high enough level in Amway. Whew! Snuck under the radar on that one that I wasn’t on call to cook those bastards free gourmet dinners! Actually that might have been kind of fun spiking their food with something nasty!

A lot of the time the “haven’t earned the privilege yet” might have meant something else. Like owning something of significant value that your upline doesn’t own. Just because someone in your upline drives a clunker car or rents instead of owns a house doesn’t mean that you have to go backwards in life and give up these items that you’ve worked hard to attain. I think it has much more to do with jealousy that they don’t have what you have and that’s why upline flaunts the “you haven’t earned the privilege” taunt.

The last time I took out a loan to buy a new vehicle was in 1993 and I paid it off early so the bank probably wasn’t too happy with me that they couldn’t make more money on interest on that one. I’ve never taken out a loan since then to buy a vehicle. Just don’t feel comfortable doing it. I’ve always been a cash person but that doesn’t mean I would never consider taking out a loan depending on the circumstances.

When we joined Amway my car was 5 years old. I paid cash for it when I bought it. Looked good, ran good, suited my needs. Almost immediately the Platinum was riding my ass about it demanding to know how much I paid for it and how much was left on my loan. I don’t think I told him how much I paid but I told him there was no loan I paid cash when I bought it. So he had to try another tactic. Or two or three. Bottom line was he wanted me to sell my car and buy something older and cheaper and then I’d have money in my pocket to buy more Amway products and tools. Like that was ever going to happen. Someone my age doesn’t need to be driving around in an old clunker that’s breaking down all the time. That “privilege” can go to the younger ambots.

Then our house came into the equation. Nope we didn’t pay cash for it. Like just about everyone else we have a mortgage. This is not our first house. When you sell a house you use the equity for the down payment on the next house you buy. If you do it a few times by your last house hopefully there isn’t too much of a mortgage.

Our Platinum had recently purchased his first house. And I say its about time! You have a full time job and your two children are in their teens and you’re still renting?! Fucking loser! I wouldn’t even consider having kids until I owned a home. Its called security!

Our house came up when ambot “counselled with upline”. Different scenarios. Take out a home owners line of credit on the equity and use those funds to pay off the credit cards to leave more room to buy more Amway shit and tools. Sell the house. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!!!!!??????? And do pretty much the same thing. Find a place to rent and use the equity to pay off the credit card bills so you can run them up again.

Excuse me but we had zero balance on those fucking credit cards until you fucking upline assholes badgered my husband into buy buy buy Amway’s shitty products and investing in the tool scam. Our penalty for getting involved in your Amway scam is to sell our house and use the equity to buy more shitty Amway products? Go to hell!

Equity is to be used for the next house purchase! If you uplines weren’t such fucking morons you’d know that and wouldn’t be giving full of shit financial advice. That’s one of the reasons I like David Bach’s books. He doesn’t do way out there shitty advice like Amway cult leaders. He says pay off those damned credit card bills but don’t let that debt stand in the way of getting a mortgage and owning a house. You can do it all. Pay down your debt and your mortgage and put away money for savings and investments.

Holy shit! I can see the upline covering their ears and screaming NO!!!!

And seeing as how I brought it up lets talk about ambots who own houses. Our Platinum owned his house - or said he did, I never saw the deed but somehow I suspect he might have a few upline “business partners” names on it. Another Platinum in cross line I met owned his house. Our Emerald owned his house. The only other IBO I know who owned a house were the parents of an IBO. I don’t think we should count them. They only signed up to help their son out. They may have bought some stuff but they never went to Amway meetings.

So why the big flap about our house? We’ve been homeowners for many years. This caused a lot of outrage with the upline that we owned a house while almost everyone in our upline were renters.

I figured it out. Jealousy! Upline’s reasoning is we can’t have what they don’t have because we haven’t “earned the privilege”. Because they’re a higher level in Amway than we are we can’t have anything they don’t have.

Jealous, petty, materialistic ambots. Got one message for you when it comes to my car and my house: Fuck off!


  1. I havent done yard work for anybody since my teens and was paid 5/h. I use to work at a convention centre where we have WWDB dream nights. Seeing a bunch of platinum n above work the doors for free and running around volunteering was hilarious.

  2. Colin - I do yard work almost daily. One of the joys of home ownership and taking pride in your yard.

    A concept that would be foreign to most ambots who haven't "earned the privilege" to own a house or haven't asked their upline permission to buy a house. Then they'd have to get bully their downline into doing the yardwork for them.

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  4. Hi Shaik! Would you like some eggs to go with your spam? Thanks for the compliment! Don't get too many in this business even when they're clearly bullshit :)


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