Thursday, September 15, 2011

Amway’s Recruitment Tactics Similar to Cults

The first time we were in Amway we became clients of one of the people in our group who was a professional in her industry or so she claimed.

The goat incident questions her professionalism.

Mutual Amway friends lived on a small farm probably under 2 acres. They had bought a goat off this lady because she raised and sold them as a hobby. She threw in a second goat for them to keep the one they bought company. When our friends sold their house and downsized to an apartment they gave her back the two goats.

Now it gets weird. She starts phoning me and Ambot to see if we’d take the two goats. Back then we owned a small house with a tiny backyard. Where the hell are we going to keep goats? Our spare bedroom? She wouldn’t leave us alone about those fucking goats. I don’t even like goats! I didn’t interact with these two goats when our mutual friend owned them and I sure as hell didn’t want them. One day I was there and watched one of the goats jump our friend, wrap his hooves around him, and try to mount him. He was a big guy and able to fight off the beast. Maybe he should have got them neutered to reduce their sexual desire? These are just not the kind of animals that I would ever have any interest in owning even if I had room for them.

Over a period of two or three years she kept calling to badger me about the goats. I had no idea how difficult it was to give away 2 goats but apparently there’s not much interest in our part of the world. Makes me wonder how well she’s doing on goat sales if she can’t even give them away. She pissed me off so much about the fucking goats that I took my business elsewhere. I mentioned it to an acquaintance who is in the same profession. He said that is a violation of the code of ethics in the industry. She can’t be after her clients to sell or give away goats. He gave me the contact information of the regulating agency where I could file a complaint about her but I never did.

So why all this talk about goats when you’re expecting to hear about Amway’s recruitment tactics being similar to those of cults? I mean just get to the point Anna! Or are you doing the old Amway bait and switch trickery scam? Ha ha!

I’m getting there! This post really only serves to give a link to an interesting article called Amway’s Recruitment Tactics Similar to Those of Cults.

This article starts out about how a psychologist lost his license to practice after convincing clients to sign up in his Amway business.

That’s what made me remember the goats! Maybe I should have reported her and she’d have lost her license too even though she has nothing to do with the medical field, a different profession that is regulated. Oh shit I hope I’m not turning out like our former Platinum who would get sidetracked forever and rant about shit not even related to anything Amway.

I’m sure people losing their license to practice or getting fired from their jobs because of Amway is far more reaching than the one mentioned in this article. Most of the professions that Amway IBO’s would love to sign up in their downline have codes of ethic they have to follow and its likely some kind of breach to sign up their clients to an MLM using their position of authority as a stamp of approval.

Just like the woman trying to push her fucking goats on us!

The author of the article got tricked into going to an Amway meeting and was subjected to their cult tactics and he took notes. He was driven there by an ambot so he was basically stuck there trapped in a strange house in another town until his potential recruiter was ready to leave. I loved the part in the article where he describes how the street was packed with cars. He didn’t mention whether or not it was the clunker brigade! He writes about the charismatic likeable speaker who made fun of people who had jobs and who eventually got around to asking people in the room what their dreams are. And on and on it goes.

He described every Amway meeting I’ve attended!

Amway’s cult recruiting tactics have not changed over the years. This author breaks down the techniques so we can better understand why people do what they do when they’re under pressure in an Amway meeting.


  1. That was a really interesting article on how Amway is like cults. Especially the weekly Amway meetings where the other states
    "What these meetings really did is reaffirm their (the Ambots) commitment to the company and strengthen their resolve to not let contrary information -in this case, lack of actual financial success- deter them from their resolve that they made a wise decision to invest in this company's business philosophy.

    In other words, keep 'em hooked!

  2. Connie, I thought it was an interesting article. Yes those weekly - or in our case - multiple times weekly meetings are for no other purpose than to keep the ambot in the same place with other like minded ambots so they could all commit themselves over and over to how they were all going to get rich in Amway. The meetings were all the same.

    I especially found the part of the article interesting where the ambots could praise Amway and its products but were unwilling to lie about how Amway was benefiting them financially.

    The only way to be successful at Amway is to be a good liar. All others will eventually drop out because morally its too difficult.

  3. Amway leaders are making a good chunk of their income from the Britt World Wide BWW scam which include books, CDs, meetings, seminars and conferences. The only thing they care about is to make money from you by lies, deception and brain washing tactics.


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