Thursday, October 13, 2011

Franklin Covey Binders

The first time Ambot was in Amway and WWDB he bought a Franklin Covey organizer. I’m not sure how much it was but I remember it cost more than $100. It’s a leather cover organizer with a day planner calendar inside it. All the better for filling up with Amway worthy shit.

Ambot had to keep track of all his Amway activities in here. This was in the days before World Wide Dream Builders had their $50/month premier membership which included an online calendar, address book, etc to keep track of your Amway activities.

I previously had a leather organizer with a day planner, address book, phone log directory, etc. In fact I still have it though I haven’t bought the yearly calendar day timer in a number of years. I find my calendar in Outlook meets my needs. Back at that time I thought my organizer should be more than sufficient for any Amway stuff but no at the urging of his upline and the potential PV Ambot had to go buy his own organizer.

The problem we found with the Franklin Covey organizer was replacing the calendar for the new year. We went to several office supply stores but didn’t find any that fit into the ring binder system that Franklin Covey used for their organizers. Pretty sneaky on their part because that pretty much guarantees that whoever buys the organizer has to buy their proprietary annual calendar refills. Perhaps things have changed now and someone has come up with a knock off calendar refill. Can’t say as I’ve been into an office supply store looking for a calendar refill for many years!

I don’t recall for sure if the Franklin Covey organizer was part of the Amway tools that all IBO’s had to purchase but I know everyone in our LOS carried one around so undoubtedly our Platinum was putting the pressure on everyone to buy one.

This last go round with Amway I don’t remember seeing anyone walking around holding organizers. Times have changed. The ambots were all walking around with cell phones plastered to their ears.


  1. Nowadays most smartphones have calenders & organizers...same with laptops or netbooks. Guess when peop are brainwashed they ignore prices.

  2. Yup you're right Colin. We can book things on our Outlook calendar and transfer them over to the Blackberry. 10 years ago those smart phones weren't around. Who knows in 10 years from now. Hopefully Amway will be shut down by then.


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