Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What Can Our Lying Platinum “Teach” Us?

Our sack of shit Platinum often said if we do what he teaches we’re going to make it real big in Amway. Then he would follow that by saying there are guys in the room who are not successful because they don’t do what he teaches.

I would be one of about 5 women who regularly showed up to Amway meetings, the regular group meeting in someone’s living room, and I don’t consider myself a guy. The Platinum is a male chauvinist pig so as far as he’s concerned no woman is going to make it in Amway. Not without a man leading the way. Three women in the room were single. Maybe more depending if some of the occasional IBO’s showed up for a living room meeting or not.

The Platinum never taught us anything useful. The only thing he taught was resentment but I would hardly call that useful. His meetings were always the same. They started at 8pm and he’d spend an hour talking about himself and the negative stuff going on in the news - businesses closing down, recession, that sort of thing. It would take him at least an hour to say something to the effect that this is what he does for a living. Here its important to point out that Amway is hardly what he does for a living. He has a real job, the kind that people like him poke fun at - J.O.B. Just Over Broke. Instead of taking the more common sense route of saying the right job can change someone’s life, he taunts people who have jobs. Asshole you’re in that category. Some of us in the room don’t have jobs because we already own our own business. Hmmm. Maybe I better take another look around the room. There was only one other guy in the room who owned his own business. And yes I am using the past tense. About a year after we got out of Amway we noticed his store had been taken over by another business. Too bad for him. I was in there once and noticed his prices were on the high side. He learned the wrong things from Amway!

OK so get back on track. The sack of shit talks about himself and all the negative news items he’s picked up recently. He bores us to death for at least an hour under the false impression we actually give a shit listening to him. Then he finally mentions Amway. It takes him an hour to get there because its really embarrassing to admit to anyone that you’re in Amway. He wants to spend the first hour trying to get any new prospects in the room to know him and what he’s all about and to get them to think he’s a really nice guy. I can tell any newbies that he’s a lying sack of shit and Jim Jones is his idol and he’ll brainwash you too if you hang around long enough. I don’t have to take the roundabout way of wrapping that one up. Then the flash cards come up with the Amway business plan on them. Depending on whose flash cards he’s using and if they’re old ones he’ll bitch out the ambot that brought them and tell them he needs to buy new ones. Invest in your business! Invest in the tool scam so the upline Diamonds can make more money! To make his point he’d take a black felt pen and write all over the flash cards effectively destroying someone else’s property because that’s the kind of thing this miserable asshole does. He has no respect for other people or their property. Right back at you asshole. I have no respect for a lying sack of shit.

This whole bullshit session takes two and a half to three hours. The Platinum keeps getting sidetracked and going off on some rant or spending more time talking about himself. The fucker loves the sound of his own voice!

So what exactly did he teach us other than resentment? According to the flash cards he taught us that if we eat one Amway food bar each day and drink one Amway beverage a day and find two other people and teach them to do the same then we’ll make a thousand bucks a month in commission from Amway. If we find 6 people to eat and drink the Amway shit then we’ll make $100,000/year. If they find 6 people and they find 6 people and so on and so on we’ll be making around a million dollars a year and those people beneath us will be taking our spots in the $100,000 and $500,000 range. Everyone will get rich!

Yup eat and drink your way to Amway success!

If you’ve ever had to drink the XS piss water or eat a nasty shitty Amway food bar then you’ll know it is really hard to convince other people to buy this shit no matter how much you lie to them about the health benefits. The high price for these horrible tasting products is a huge obstacle to overcome.

People can go out and buy a box of oranges or persimmons for ten bucks and get better health benefits, either by eating the fruit as is or putting it through the juicer. Save money feel better eating/drinking a natural product.

As for the people in the room who were doing what the sack of shit Platinum taught they weren’t making money. The odds are stacked against them. Less than 1% of IBO’s will make money according to Amway’s literature. The sack of shit can rant at them all he wants about doing what he teaches and they’ll become rich but it ain’t going to happen. According to the Platinum just by virtue of showing up for the meeting the ambots in the room were winners and successful. That was another one of his teachings about how we better show up for every one of his meetings or face his wrath.

The ambots in the room change over every few months or so but I know the Platinum’s lies are still the same. He still can’t teach anyone to be successful in Amway. That would suggest:
  1. he can’t teach worth a shit
  2. the people in the room can’t learn worth a shit
  3. or its a mathematical impossibility for the majority of IBO’s to become successful in Amway.
The pompous sack of shit would take the “2” option but that’s because he has such a high opinion of himself.

When it comes to Amway I didn’t get no learning from that bastard!


  1. He could teach you to lie, cheat, steal?

  2. Joecool - I believe most of the people in the room already possessed those qualities before they ever met the Platinum! They just got better at it after spending time with the Platinum!


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