Saturday, October 29, 2011

Getting Revenge on an Ambot!

OK This is hilarious. Its on Youtube but its only audio no video. A hot prospect phones an ambot at 2 in the morning and wants to sign up. You might have to turn up the volume in order to catch the ambot’s responses. With the language this guy uses I’m sure everyone will think this is the man for me!

Ironically the ambot says he doesn't like to have conversations that early in the morning. Does this bad little ambot not go to night owls? Ah revenge for all the times those fucking ambots phone and text at all hours!


  1. I think the ambot needs to go to more night owls and indoctrination. Turning down someone who wants to join the cult? Why this ambot turned down someone who could have become a diamond leg! That is sheer blasphemy!

  2. You're right David! What is this ambot doing sleeping at 2 in the morning when he could be at a night owl for "teaching". I bet he doesn't think twice about phoning his downline at ungodly hours to harrass them about whatever bee he's got up his ass at that moment.

  3. After following your blog for a long time, I really believe you have brought really great points, about how not to build the business. I've seen Amway plan and many other MLM's, as you are well aware, these type of business as much as we publicly criticize it, will simply not go away. I wish a person like you would build the business on the right value and teach others. Rather then talk about it why don't you show it, you would be a rock star if you can build on the foundation you have spoken. We need a savior like you. Your loyal follower on the blog for the years you been blogging.

  4. Anonymous - I'm not so sure how long you've been following my blog. You found your way here this morning after doing a search for the infamous Ganesh and Neha Shenoy.

    You're either a very early riser or you just got home from a night owl!

    Please do yourself a favor and quit Amway. You have too much intelligence to throw your life and money away on chasing an elusive dream of untold wealth and riches. Take another look at Amway's literature. Less than 1% will make money at Amway. Surely you can find a business with higher odds of success than that.

    Thanks for dropping by and good luck to you!

  5. Hi, I'm actually on the east coast so when I post it was 5am in the morning. I work 6am in the morning. The group I'm in don't have night owl or tools. You should provide a solution. If you could provide me a solution to financial freedom please post, cause obviously you don't work, and I would like to know what's your secret that allow you to get up everyday and be financially free. Because obviously your husband gave you choices, and would love to have that choice for my family too. Do you have extra money to pay my bill I would love it. This is pretty awesome blog by the way, whether it's negative or positive, at least it's a blog I can use to follow by how to not build the business. And yes I follow your blog for a long time, but finally decided to leave msg cause your just that cool.

  6. I finally figure out why Amway won't spend money to shut you down, because wheather your positive or negative your free publicity. That means company like Amway saves millions off people like you, Joecool, and ty tribble. I don't build the business but enjoy reading blog on MLMs cause they are the most interesting. Like you I got nothing better to do. You blog and I read.

  7. Anonymous - if you've got nothing better to do, don't do it on Amway. Go watch TV instead.

    If nothing else I urge you to read this free ebook written by a former Emerald and his story. This is a man who had a thousand IBO's in his downline and making around $30,000 a year. Its sickening to read when you realize that no matter how hard you work to make your Amway dream come true the odds are stacked too high against you.

    Amway loses money off bloggers like me. I'm high up on the search engines for just about any search. People read the truth and leave Amway. Nobody deserves to go through the mental anguish and financial distress that I and others went through because of Amway.

    If you really want to become self employed doing something where people won't laugh at you or tell you you're involved in a pyramid scheme, then get yourself to a library and look at books on self employment. There are all kinds of books that will give you suggestions on what kind of business might be right for you and how to get started. I have written some posts on this blog about running a legitimate business, creating a business plan, etc. You know the kind of stuff that no one in Amway teaches you about.

    If you stay in Amway my best advice is to buy errors and ommissions insurance. You need this coverage for any type of business. This covers your ass in case you get sued. There's a big risk in Amway at getting sued from one of your customers or downline who is pissed off about getting lied to.

    Thanks for the flattery! That's a rarety for me coming from someone involved in Amway!

  8. The fact that Anonymous feels compelled to write Anna that "you would be a rock star if you can build on the foundation you have spoken" is indicative of the fact that AMOs promote a cult of personality, not a good business opportunity. E.g., I've never heard it offered that someone could be a "rock star" in carpet cleaning or metal reclamation. But the sociopaths who "succeed" in Amway (Greg Duncan, Dean Kosage) are "rock stars" to be emulated? Sick stuff.


  9. Anna, I think you will appreciate that this song nicely sums up Anonymous from the East Coast, Amway, Ambots, and your upline:


  10. Daniel - that sounds like a song I should be singing after all I am a rock star!

  11. Is that the anon from Canada? LOL If Amway is saving millions from me and Anna, they should cut us a check for six figures. Heck, they cut me a check for 50K, I'll delete my blog right now. LOL

  12. Hi Joecool. No not your buddy from Canada. Scarboro rarely shows up at my blog and usually only after he's doing a search for Ganesh and Neha Shenoy. Then he hits on every one of my posts/comments where they're mentioned hoping to find some new dirt I guess! I agree. If Amway is saving millions from us they should cut us a check to close down the blogs. My check will need a couple more zeros than your check though!

  13. JoeC;

    Don't settle for a penny less than 55,000, O.K.?


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