Monday, October 31, 2011

No Candy for Amway Ghouls!

Its a dark and stormy night. The witching hour is nearing. Halloween! Soon there will be knocks at the door and yells of trick or treat! Demands of candy being forked over.

What could be the scariest demons appearing at our front door? Ambot ghouls demanding our money and our sanity! I've compiled a grouping of the scariest bastards I hope do not show up on our doorstep tonight. Halloween. Amway demons looking for new cult followers.

Happy Halloween everyone!


  1. Actually, I would let in the one in the picture 8th from the top. Not too scary, IMHO. I really like the look of her Amway box.


  2. Ha ha Daniel!


    But not as scary as the fact that Ambot and I have gotten into the Halloween goodies!

  3. The guy with the hatchet-hilarious!

  4. Red rum! Red rum! Ha ha! Love that movie!

  5. So let me get this right. Your husband started his own business for his and your future and then you took his dream from him. You are a loser. Statues are not made for critics but for people who step out and do something great.

    1. Oh great. I get some fucked up ambot showing up with a canned Amspeak response.

      Listen up you rotten little bastard. When my husband decided to quit his job and start his own business I fully supported him in his dream.

      You're calling us losers when we make more money than the average Diamond? That shows your disrespect to your upline! Who's the loser now?

      When my husband decided to get involved in Scamway and be part of a pyramid scheme I did not support him because I do not support lying and scamming other people and I have no interest in a business with a 99% failure rate.

      So fuck off you goddamned ambot asshole!

      What are you doing reading my blog anyway? Don't you have a fucking Amway cult leader to go off and worship?


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