Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Web page for $50/month = rip off!

Does anyone think that paying $50/month for a web page is a bit excessive?

That’s what you’ll be paying if you’re an Amway ambot who has signed up with World Wide Dream Builders.

Technically $49.95 a month. I should get my numbers right before some brainwashed ambot shows up here screaming about the nickel discrepancy!

Some would argue for that reasonable price its a very good deal because you also have access to other shit that the World Wide Destructive Bastards has to flog. That would be access to view upcoming functions and getting a small discount on buying motivational CD’s and books. Well whoopdeedo!

Mostly its for a portal web page to Amway products for sale. The upline cult leaders justify the cost by saying that someone has done all the work to create the web page and the cult followers have a template where they can fill out their own contact information and sob story and they’ll receive a commission from anyone purchasing Amway products. Ha! Like that’ll ever happen!

Its like any other template. Creating it may be the biggest cost for the company but renting thousands of web templates each month to brainwashed ambots the original cost has paid for itself a million fold or more by now. Cash cow!

The day Ambot and I signed up with Amway his upline was riding his ass about signing up (and paying) WWDB and getting his web page going. Wisely going to Ambot for these extra funds because I would have rather saved our money.

We had to purchase a domain name (cha ching!) for I think about $10 a year and then a redirect code to the Amway WWDB portal to our personalized page. How did we personalize it? I don’t remember! We could choose a theme like sports or nutrition or whatever and have some of those Amway products staring you in the face when you went to the web page. Yicky!

The web page was a company that sold domain names. I don’t think it was affiliated with Amway in any way. Too bad for them. That would be extra money in the owner’s pockets.

There are sites all over the Internet where people can create their own web pages for free. You’d think one of those would be good enough to point potential customers in the direction of Amway. Nope. Gotta fork over the $50/month to the World Wide Destructive Bastards to get a professionally designed Amway web page.

Tool scam! Gotta make those upline bastards richer!


  1. Anna

    The ways by which Ambots have been relieved of their cash seem to be infinite.

    Over the years, the tens of millions of constantly-churning, insolvent Ambot boys and girls have been peddled countless millions, over-priced, toys, story-books and outfits, many of which were intended to convince them that they really were grown up 'business owners' on their way to the happy 'Amway' land of 'total financial freedom.'

    Did you know that, at one time, there were official 'Ambot' dark suits on offer at the rallies?

    This week, a case is coming back to court in Paris. Last year a bunch of French 'Scientologists' were finally found guilty of organized fraud, but their lawyers appealed the verdict. It took more than 10 years to bring this case to court. At one time, a huge quantity of documentation was stolen from a government building, and various timid plaintiffs have been persuaded to withdraw.

    In brief, it has again been proved that, if you allow yourself to be lured into 'Scientology,' the organization attempts to shut down your critical and evaluative faculties whilst progressively relieving you of much cash as possible. Much of this is taken in exchange for endless, but essentially valueless, publications, recordings and training courses. However, 'Scientology' initiates are also obliged to buy a $4000 gadget known as an 'e-meter'. This absurd toy (which costs very little to produce) measures electrical resistance in human skin. It is peddled on the pretext that it measures 'negativity' in the human mind and that it is a necessary tool for persons who want to better themselves.

    Doesn't this all sound frighteningly familiar?

    David Brear (copyright 2001)

  2. A money extracting scheme no matter how carefully disguised, right?

  3. Anna, one of the things I've marveled at is the way in which the Amway faithful willingly open up their wallets for all of these endless meetings (including ones, presumably, run by their upline, the folks who are supposed to be mentoring them.) I wonder if part of the Amway indoctrination has to involve charging people for every little thing. What might happen if some things were "free" within the system? Would it make people more likely to question why they're spending so much for what appears to be a staggering amount of "training?" What you do think? And if David Brear is reading, given your fund of knowledge in this area I'd love to hear your opinion, too. Thanks in advance!


  4. Hahaha, it appears to my understanding that we have another feminazi negatively fed female who has nothing better to do in her life than hate on those who succeeded.

    Read this article: (it's you)

    Where did you get your information from that said $50 a month is the cost of owning your websites?

    Just the first few sentences of this blog post, and from the lack of information and negative assumptions that you make, it is clearly indicated how high your IQ is.

    I do not blame you though. Poor thing.

    Hahahaha, look at the tags. "Cult leaders."

    I wonder, is USANA/ARIIX/Microsoft/Wal-Mart/your husband paying you to write this? Cause if they are, then I understand. If no one is paying you to write this, then you should be ashamed of yourself.

    These guys are too funny. Good luck with what you do though!!

  5. David - you're right. The Amway cult and its leaders have seemingly endless ways to remove money from their cult followers.

    That's what the ambots are doing by buying the merchandise - pretending to be all grown up "business owners".

  6. Chelsea - ambots are pressured by their upline to open their wallets until the brainwashing is well under way and then it becomes second nature to keep shelling out money to the tool scam.

    Maybe David will come back and answer your question.....

  7. Anonymous from Los Altos, California - you've been spending too much time being brainwashed by your male chauvinist sack of shit Platinum who believes that all women are negative unchristian dream stealers. Give him a message from me on behalf of all women who've had to put up with their husbands getting brainwashed into the Amway cult - tell him to fuck off and die!

  8. Anna

    This is a strange point that Chelsea raises, considering that a splinter-group of 'Scientology' adherents now claims to have created the 'Free-Zone.'(i.e. The same self-gratifying game of make-believe, but which just relieves bedazzled players of their critical faculties, rather than their critical faculties and their money).

    Despite the cosmetic differences in their external presentations, internally, the criminogenic organizations known as 'Amway' and 'Scientology,'have been essentially identical. They can be briefly described as examples of self-perpetuating, non-rational belief systems established for the clandestine purpose of human exploitation. As such, they are neither original nor unique. Therefore, they cannot be fully-understood in isolation.

    Interestingly, the billionaire bosses of 'Scientology' steadfastly pretend to have 12 millions satisfied followers, the billionaire bosses of 'Amway' 3 millions. In the adult world of quantifiable reality, current estimates (published by German government agencies) reveal that the overwhelming majority of claimed- 'Scientologists' have been temporary, whilst there are probably no more than around 50 000 long-term customers (usually with access to independent funds)of the pay-through-the-nose-to-play game of make-believe known as 'Scientology,' around the world. Certain victims have been persuaded to part with sums totalling millions of dollars and they have wasted decades of their lives. Although 'Scientology' pretends to offer money-back guarantees, in practice, only the most determined and courageous victims have been fully-compensated. Usually, after many years of bruising litigation.

    Similarly, it is a matter of public record that more than half of all customers who have entered essentially the same progressively-expensive, esoteric game known as 'Amway,' have left within the first year, whilst less than 5% (usually with access to independent funds)have remained bedazzled for more than 5 years. Thus, currently, there are probably less than 150 000 chronic 'Amway' victims around the world. Certain victims have been persuaded to part with sums totalling hundreds of thousands of dollars and they have wasted decades of their lives. Although 'Amway' pretends to offer money-back guarantees,in practice, only the most-determined and courageous victims have been fully-compensated. Usually, after many years of bruising litigation.

    Both 'Scientology' and 'Amway' comprise labyrinths of (apparently independent) corporate structures pursuing lawful, and/or unlawful, enterprises. These Mafia-style front-groups have been created to prevent, and/or divert investigation and isolate the bosses of both groups from liability.

    For decades, the real funtion of the 'Amway' front-companies has been to lure ill-informed individuals into the secondary advance fee fraud (a.k.a. 'tool scam.')which has been run behind other front companies known as 'Motivational organizations.'

    The current criminal prosecution against 'Scientology' in France charges that one front company 'The Scientology Celebrity Center (Paris)' was used to lure ill-informed individuals into a secondary fraud run behind another front company, 'The Church of Scientology Book Shop (Paris).' Thus the charge is 'organized fraud.'

    David Brear(copyright 2011)

  9. David - thank you for taking the time to write that indepth analysis!

  10. Anna

    The comparisons between the 'Scientology' and 'Amway' rackets are limitless, because they have been effectively one and the same..

    You probably know that the one-time author of comic-book pulp-fiction (turned cultic charlatan), who instigated 'Scientology,'was L. Ron Hubbard.

    Obviously, if you threaten individuals with physical doom and destruction in the here and now, but offer to save them in return for money, you can be charged with running a protection racket.

    Hubbard is not the only crook to have worked out that if you threaten individuals with a story of doom and destruction, but offer them future salvation in return for money, then you can avoid criminal prosecution by insisting that you are running a 'religion.'

    The 'Amway' racket does not present itself as a 'religion.' It has, however, been maliciously designed to convince vulnerable individuals that they, and their loved-ones, are facing financial doom and destruction, from which they can save themselves, for a price.

    'Scientology' and 'Amway' both use 'visualisation' (i.e. praying by another name) and closed-logic, to load their victims with guilt. In simple terms, victims are told that that they must 'visualise their dreams and goals' and then develop complete faith in order to achieve them. Thus, it has been child's play to silence the majority of 'Scientology' and 'Amway' victims, simply by telling them that 'failure to achieve their dreams and goals was entirely their own fault, because they did not believe totally.'

    In reality, this is one of the oldest rackets on Earth, it just keeps being updated to fit the spirit of the times.

    David Brear (copyright 2011)

  11. Where is this info coming from that using wwdb goes to my upline??
    I ran a webdesign company for a few years. $50 a month isn't all that bad, although the only thing I dislike about wwdb is that the site design is outdated.
    A well designed website can run upwards of 3000 USD. Other sites that allow you to build your site also cost 15 + dollars to use but do not have the personal and business growth aspect.
    Also as a business owner and entrepreneur I actively seek books, seminars etc on business and personal growth. Which is nothing more than what wwdb currently does.
    Right now I have a job, the company I work for also puts there senior management through personal and business growth seminars and makes them read books on said subject.
    So I wonder, why is it that WWDB is treated differently and where does this upline getting paid for an IBO to use said site come from?

  12. David - that's a good comparison. At every Amway meeting I attended the speaker told about all the negative things going on in the world from their perspective. Everything was doom and gloom and the only way anyone would be able to survive the recession is to start their Amway business and buy Amway products and invest in the tool scam. According to the cult leaders there is nothing else out there except for Amway.

  13. Wes - did you just take a flight from Scarborough to Calgary?

    Of course you're quite right that real business owners who maintain web sites probably pay upwards of $50/month to have a web designer who uploads and updates web content regularly. With WWDB Amway we pay for a template that we have no control over other than which Amway products we choose to highlight and to put in a blurb of personal and contact information.

    Better check into the ownership of WWDB and who gets the profits every time an IBO buys a tool or signs up for a function.

  14. What do you mean did I just take a flight?

  15. @WES November 2, 2011 12:07 PM
    Wes said...
    "Where is this info coming from that using wwdb goes to my upline??"

    Hey wes this is a good question. that you ask as you do prompts me to ask you how long have you been involved with amway and what is your level? i am not sure you feign ignorance or ignorance feigns upon you, being a devout amway follower. if the latter is the case then have patience and learn from the other side of the plan, so to speak for there is a lot ahead for you. if the former i will just serve notice that you dialogue in facts while here and elsewhere. which is it wes?

  16. @ Anonymous November 1, 2011 3:07 PM
    You are quick to dissapprove of the figure $49.99. Why don't you state the correct amount then, perhaps shall we say, as a public service, because i pray, you found a need to opiniate. the rest of us shall know that surely you stand on facts viz-a-viz the rest of your collegues who are akin to hurling insults at factual but different truths that contradict, & effectively confront and dissaprove of what they have been brainwa i mean educated to believe as the truth. prove this blogger wrong, just state the correct figure lest you are just another "hurler" of amtalk.

  17. @ Anonymous November 1, 2011 3:07 PM
    You are quick to dissapprove of the figure $49.99. Why don't you state the correct amount then, perhaps shall we say, as a public service, because i pray, you found a need to opiniate. the rest of us shall know that surely you stand on facts viz-a-viz the rest of your collegues who are akin to hurling insults at factual but different truths that contradict, & effectively confront and dissaprove of what they have been brainwa i mean educated to believe as the truth. prove this blogger wrong, just state the correct figure lest you are just another "hurler" of amtalk.

  18. PEOPLE
    David is right. these two are money chanelling cults for the top few. i had an obsessive interest to study Sceintology as a cult for the entirety 2009, well into 2010. i read everything i could lay my hands and eyes on both pro and con, if in the least bit to be objective. my bewildered amazement finally vested on the extent to which the top brass got away with inter alia, an obvious lie, worldwide, ravaging into government offices, worldwide, and the similarity of victim stories again worldwide. and they continue to propagate and perpuate these and more crap. understanding this cult came easy to me. i am certainly not the smartest of my neighbors. i just had the benefit of having been in the belly of a similar beast. that's right quixta/amway/britt worldwide cult for just over 7 years. i had seen a lot but enough.

    Thus i am better prepared to rebutt advances by any scientologist offering me a free personality evaluation (DM himself, Tom Cruise or anyone of them), no less an ambot's absurd money making schemes or any multi leveler thereof.

  19. ExAmbot - its my guess Wes is a recent Amway recruit because he doesn't quite have the canned amspeak responses down yet. He's all fired up from listening to his upline tell him how much money he's going to be making but the brainwashing is not complete. I hope he downloads a free copy of Merchants of Deception and gets a first hand view from a former Emerald on how much he'll be losing emotionally and financially and gets out before its too late.

  20. I think they got rid of that $50 a month webpage thing because i had one for free. lol if I had to pay $50 for that shit I would have requested my registration money back right then and there.


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