Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Amway Cult Leaders Influencing Downline Votes

Seeing as how this is an election year its bringing back some memories of the last presidential election combined with the hell of being in the Amway cult.

I'm not talking about the candidates or debates or their platforms. I'm talking about the Amway cult leaders and their "influence" on the ambot cult followers on how they should vote.

The ambots would flock around their beloved Amway cult leaders to pick up whatever words of bullshit they could hang on to and with an election on the horizon Amway meetings often became political rallies at some point in the night. The upline would tell the downline how they should vote. Never question upline. Just do it!

Our sack of shit Platinum's preferred presidential candidate in 2008 was Obama. I don't know if that was his presidential choice or if he was sending down the voting orders from a Diamond or Ada. If he wasn't a brainwashed Amway bastard I don't know if Obama would have been his choice or not. My guess is Obama would have had his support whether or not he was in Amway and being told how to vote.

Its a free country. No American should be convinced which way to vote just to gain favor and brownie points with someone they're trying to impress. Especially when its a fucking Amway ambot! Who wants to impress one of those bastards? Not me! You get people like me and when your upline tells you to do something and you said fuck you and do the opposite.

Everyone in our line was pro-Obama whether or not they were they talked as if there could be no other choice.

I'm not so sure how they feel today about that choice. I wonder who will be the ambot's preferred presidential candidate this time around....


  1. Anna - Whatever was going on with your 'Platinum' Ambot, Obama was certainly not the candidate supported by cash stolen by the 'Amway' racketeers. But then, despite high-hopes, the Obama administration has done precious little to hold either billionaire Wall Street banksters, or billionaire 'MLM' racketeers, to account.

    This time round, you've got Mitt Romney leading the grinning pack to become the Republican candidate for the US presidency. I don't know if you've been following my recent posts about Mr. Romney on Corporate Frauds Watch, but he's already been taking large quantities of stolen cash off the billionaire racketeers behind the 'Amway' copy-cat known as 'NuSkin.'

    'NuSkin' has been described as the 'Mormon Amway.'

    Predictably, the mainstream media hasn't been interested in this apparently-pious 'Mormon' politician being corrupted by apparently pious 'Mormon' racketeers.

    David Brear (copyright 2012)

    1. David - Obama did rather well in California. I definitely remember being at the Platinum's house on election night. I don't recall if there was an Amway meeting going on - probably unofficially - but the TV was on with the election results coming in and everyone in the room was very happy with Obama's results. Maybe we're just renegades on the west coast.

  2. Always thought ambots where suppose to vote Republicans. Cause there's more Christians in that party.

    1. Colin - I think that is probably correct but not in the Platinum's household or at least for the last election. At Free Enterprise Days one of the Diamonds and I don't know who because all those Ken and Barbies looked alike said he'd named his son Reagan after the greatest president America's ever had and the room exploded with applause. Now whether he was the greatest president is debatable but he certainly was my favorite president a sentiment shared by many in this part of the land! Anyway this kid came on stage to read something he'd memorized. He was about 10 years old and was doing not bad until he forgot his lines and daddy had to step up to the microphone and prompt him. I have no idea what passage the kid was quoting but it was boring as hell. Takes after daddy!

    2. Maybe ambot leaders want to make it look like they support obama cause he's black. Probably easier to recruit blacks & minorities into this cult.

  3. Interesting your upline was sympathetic to Obama. In all of my Amway exposure (my LOA is BWW) Diamonds are CLEARLY in the tank for Republicans. The political bias was so heavy handed and out of hand that I think that's part of what forced Amway's hand on accreditation.

    Many CDs have diamonds talking about "liberal moral decay", Reagans greatness, Democrats being anti-free enterprise, etc etc.

    1. Anonymous - I suspect my upline voted the way there were told to by Diamonds or higher but were happy that Obama won the presidency. Whether or not they still feel that way?

      I never really did listen to those CDs. Blasting away in the car like I was at some deep south fire and brimstone sermon in a tent made me even further resent those screaming Diamonds.

  4. Anna, many americans are losing their homes. I dont think the diamonds are paying attention to who's in office now. The ambots cant afford to buy anything or get more credit.

    1. Colin - you need to go to a few Amway meetings and hear the creative ways the upline has for the ambots to keep buying more Amway junk. It usually involves into going into debt or putting yourself at financial risk of bankruptcy and/or foreclosure.

  5. I've always thought that the whole "trickle down" economic theory was very similar to the Amway system. "Make us at the top super rich without oversight or regulation and then wait patiently and it'll slowly trickle back down to you like magical pixie dust". And discourage people from educating themselves and instead to just believe those at the top when they say "trust us".

    The trickle down theory is one of those ideals that sound good on paper, but doesn't take into account the tendency of those at the top to really not care about those below them and instead work only on figuring out ways to keep more to themselves through fraud, corruption and lies. All while smiling a toothy smile and pretending to uphold "Christian" values.

    Sure sounds like Amway, doesn't it?

    1. Anonymous - you're absolutely right. The trickle down theory! Except that doesn't work too good in Amway! Maybe nowhere else either! Yup, I told my husband that the Amway plan looked good on paper those exact words too but what was the likelihood of pulling it off. We don't know many people who are open to being ripped off. The top people at Amway don't care about other people. They only care about their greedy motives to acquire material possessions to the financial detriment of the people they walk all over.

  6. ScAmway charlatan "leaders" were quite invective towards democrats (made one think they were talking about a non-human form of life) and even though they always insinuated we vote conservative that's what they repeatedly told us, to vote republican. It's unlike the cult that your knuckle head platinum in going for Obama, he must have committed blasphemy against the dear "leaders, "the one called" don't question upline. For a moment I thought it was a shread of independent thought and choice but something told me no it can't be.

    "trickle down" economic theory

    Yep that's scAmway. And yep it doesn't work out in real life either. If it takes about 1500 ambots spending or self-consuming crap, within a self-consuming, closed market swindle, that's a lot of people dolling out their cash for the privilege of one guy being referred to as a success i.e. a diamond. It will take another 1500 ambots for the next similar feat and so on (many more, maybe 10x that, if you factor in all the ahem...quitters and drop outs by then.) Clearly this is not a business it's a ponzi scheme - just cash changing hands from lower ambots to scAmy kingpins and to scAmy billionaire owners. How much of that cash is from sales to outside 3rd party clients? As is almost always the case, insignificant or none. How much cash is earned from the hidden tools side "business" by kingpins, 50-85%. Does part of it go to buy influence with GOP politicos? Yes. And how much of it is from ambots? 100%! These shenanigans for privilege of being told to vote GOP? Heeeell NO!

  7. ExAmbot - I think Colin probably got it right.

    You're more proof of how the Amway cult leaders try to get the masses to vote their way.

    There is no doubt in my mind that our upline voted the way they were ordered to by their upline but were happy with the outcome.


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