Thursday, January 19, 2012

Nasty Amway Shit Lurks in the Cupboard!


Its been a few years since we jumped off the Amway hell wagon. We used up or threw away most of the Amway shit fairly quickly. One exception was when Ambot was cleaning out his medicine cabinet last May and came across old Nutrilite vitamins that he had to dispose.

I thought that was the end of all shitty Amway products that have been contaminating our house.

Nope. But I’m sure its not the first time in my life I’ve been wrong about something!

I was looking for a cookbook a small paperback that must have slipped behind the bigger books. I pulled out books and YIKES! There it was lurking in the dark depths and first time to see the light in many years. A Nutrilite raspberry joint health twist tube.

Yuck! Nasty! Sour stuff!

Ambot used to buy a box of all 4 or 5 flavors every order he put in every week. These little buggers are supposed to cure all known illnesses. They were to be used in conjunction with a bottle of Perfect Water to give it that extra edge for the miracle cure. Case of Perfect Water cost around $50. I think those twist tubes were $10 for 20 in a box. Different flavors to cure different ailments. The twist tube staring me in the face says raspberry and its for joint health. I don’t remember the other flavors or what they cured except for one other flavor was for immunity. Hell if it provided immunity from Amway I might have guzzled those suckers like there’s no tomorrow! As for the raspberry twist tube I like sour things so it wasn’t as bad as XS piss water but it did have an extra nasty little kick unpleasant aftertaste to it and it was usually impossible for me to finish off the entire bottle of spiked Amway water.

Even though I was usually able to almost finish drinking the sour raspberry water it did absolutely nothing for me in the way of joints and mobility and I took at least 5 of these a week for many months. Neither did it help the arthritic person we sold a box of raspberry twist tubes and Perfect Water to. Did piss all zippo! No difference taking this much hyped Amway snake oil product than drinking water out of the tap. $10 might seem like a small price to pay for 20 vitamin sticks but when they do nothing they’re yet another waste of money on some Amway product with over inflated claims of the miracles it can perform.

Yup just another Amway scam!

What’s really scary is that this joint supplement shit has no expiration date on the twist tube.

This better be the last shitty Amway product I find polluting my house. I'm gonna have to bring in someone to perform an exorcism on this place!


  1. I know the feeling....
    even after our recent move we still had an Amway product still sneak its way into our our stuff....

    Im starting to think Amway products are demented and have some sort of life force of its own :o

    1. JadenRed - that's pretty funny. Demented Amway products! Own life force!

      My husband used to cram Amway CDs into the bookcase when he was done listening to them. I haven't seen one jump out at me in at least 6 months now but every now and then a CD falls out of a crevice between books. When you least expect it they're still lurking somewhere ready to jump out and bring back bad memories!

  2. Glad you posted this rasberry water. My friend and me where shown this product when we complained about the amway prices being to high. We both thought this product had decent pricing. But none of us signed up cause we just didnt want to support the cult leaders. This product was hyped and I thought it's nothing more than koolaid.

    1. Colin - if the Nutrilite raspberry join health product actually worked it would be decently priced. Instead its sour tasting snake oil.

  3. That product has been discontinued, reason is obvious from this post. Now there is even a nastier crap to replace this crap.

    1. Anonymous - glad to hear they've discontinued this snake oil. That's too bad they've replaced it with an even shittier product! I'd have got the same results if I'd eaten sour patch kids everyday.

  4. Anna - In order for the so-called 'Amway income opportunity' to be economically-viable and lawful, the powerless participants would have to keep regularly-retailing significant quantities the cheaply-procured, over-priced 'Amway' wampum, to the public for a profit. However, the price and quality of the 'Amway' wampum has always been centrally-controlled (i.e. fixed) by the all-powerful billionaire 'Amway' bosses.

    In other words, it's not that difficult to persuade 'Ambots' that trying to retail 'Amway' products to individual members of the public, is a waste of time.

    Starting in the USA in the 1970s, each time 'Amway' has been investigated by civil trade regulators, it has been discovered that 'Amway' participants haven't actually been retailing anything to the public for a profit. Instead, they have been regularly giving their money to the bosses of 'Amway' mob in exchange for the effectively-unsaleable wampum, whilst trying to recruit others to duplicate the same economically-unviable and unlawful enterprise.

    On several occasions, 'Amway' has escaped closure, and its bosses criminal prosecution, when the organization's shyster lawyers have told demonstrable-lies to the authorities.

    Currently in the USA, the Federal Trade Commission allows 'Amway' to exist and to operate without any regulation, because, in 1979, a stupid, and/or lazy, and/or corrupt, federal judge decided that for 20 years 'Amway' had been operating an unlawful enterprise, but then accepted the organization's lawyers' assurances that 'Amway' had stopped fixing prices and had introduced 'retail rules' which would ensure that, henceforth, the 'Amway' enterprise would be lawful. Mysteriously, the same judge foolishly omitted to introduce any independent mechanism to verify that 'Amway's' lawyers promises would be kept.

    You, along with numerous truthful commentators on this Blog, are all material witnesses to the fact that 'Amway's lawyers were, and are, liars and that 'Amway' has always been the corporate front for a major ongoing racket.

    David Brear (copyright)

  5. David - I almost understood much of your comment so I figured maybe you're using the KISS technique on us. So I copied and pasted it into Word to see the grade level and yikes you've gone up - Grade 19.7! I think its unlikely that I'm getting smarter so I think I may have to upgrade my computer to a more recent edition of Word!

  6. Anna you had me all HA HA here! It occasionally happens to me also. I find the crap here and there, in the garage and in my car as well or should I amspeak it "automobile" - It's like a cancer, a scAmway crap cancer! How do you get rid of this crap completely? Every time I come across this crap it make me feel like I' some kinda exterminator. I really don't like the idea of being a scAmway crap exterminator! But it does sound like a viable, profitable real business compared to being an ambot pretend "business" owner. An exorcism would be great. But hell, even the preacher man is expensive these days, s/he wants my money I mean "gift" before giving me an audience.

    1. ExAmbot - and sometimes we get a little outside help at getting rid of the Amway shit. Airport security confiscated a tube of Glister toothpaste that Ambot had packed. Yup its pretty serious when Homeland Security has Amway products on their hit list! I'm happy to report they left my Crest alone!

      Scamway exterminator. Love it!

  7. wow... you guys are pathetic. lol. comments from 2 years ago, what a surprise they still grew 2 billions without you.

    1. yes! they make 2 billion in one month. I LOVE AMWAY!!!!! looks like their products are good and i stand by them

    2. Maybe when you quit Amway your taste will improve.

    3. "they make 2 billion in one month"

      Note the emphasis on "they". And where does the Amway corporation get all that money? From the lowly commissioned salespeople ("independent business owner" is a misnomer as they really don't "own" anything). And like any pyramid, only those at the very tippy top make any money. And that comes from those who are losing money or barely breaking even month after month with the constant promise of "success is just around the corner".

      But, of course, they are brainwashed to think that the company's success is the same as their own. Until one day they find they are deep in debt and can no longer feed into the false "dream".

    4. Anonymous - according to that Ambot Amway's sales have doubled since last year! LOL!!!! Lying little bastard! And whatever the sales are that's good news for the company owners but its not like they share the profits with lowly ambots. So why would anyone who's not part of the profit sharing really give a fuck?


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