Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Helpful Links

From time to time I’ve brought up links to items that are useful to people searching for answers about Amway. Recently a few links have come up again in the comments section so for anyone that missed some of these or any new readers, these might be useful reading and listening.

Merchants of Deception was written by former Emerald Eric Scheibeler. He talks about the brainwashing and how he only earned about $35,000/year when he was at a level where he expected to be earning at least 100k based on Amway propaganda and what he’d heard from Diamond speakers. He uncovered the real money to be made in Amway was the sale of motivational materials - books, tapes/CDs, and speaking at functions. Its a really chilling read at times. Everything he said about Amway meetings I heard the same thing too. I could have been there. What he described was what I’d experienced. And most importantly he tells how 99% of IBOs will never make money in Amway. Reading it shows the lies that were told to us were the same lies he heard and the realization that no matter how hard we tried to make money at Amway, it just ain’t possible.

A few years ago NBC Dateline exposed the Amway scam. They covered the brainwashing and showed scenes at arenas that show this cult in action. They catch IBO’s lying - not that that’s difficult! They all lie! The above author Eric Scheibeler is interviewed for this TV show.

Steve Hassan has helped deprogram former Amway cult members and members of other mind control cults as well. There is a 2 part interview on Youtube about the Amway cult.

Pyramid Scheme alert has resources and they deal with all pyramid schemes, not just Amway.

Here’s a link to some WWDB/Amway bullshit propaganda. All the circles and double back talk about how much money you “could” earn in Amway if you find a few people who can duplicate what you do and they find a few people and so on and so on and they include as part of your earnings a potential savings of a couple hundred bucks - difference between Amway retail and wholesale - if you buy around $600 worth of shitty overpriced Amway products. In small print you will see the actual percentage of people earning money - a fraction of 1% of IBO’s.

If some scheming lying ambot tells you that Amway has the best possible BBB rating, send them to Amway’s web page with the rules of conduct that state the BBB doesn’t allow its names used as an endorsement of products and services and that IBO’s are not allowed to represent to anyone either orally or in writing that Amway’s products and services are endorsed by the BBB. Gee how many times have I seen an ambot leave a comment on my blog bragging about Amway’s fabled BBB rating! Little bastards breaking their beloved companys rules! Oh well. What else is new. Its all about being a lying scamming Amway asshole and trying to impress others with phony claims. Like who gives a flying fuck! The BBB is there to help consumers who get ripped off by companies like Amway! They don’t endorse companies. And how does an Amway IBO respond when faced with the truth? “Oh but I’m a fucking Amway loser ambot. I can do and say whatever I want.” And then they go into hiding. At just about every Amway meeting I attended our cult leaders would break Amway’s rules and brag about how much the BBB loves Amway.


  1. Hi Anna,
    I just downloaded (a few days ago) and finished reading (a few minutes ago) the Merchants of Deception ebook...Does anybody know what happenned with the lawsuit & did they nail this c**t 'Zack'?!
    Dying to know more but having trouble googling it!

    1. Mannafool - no need to use **. Or @#&*%!!

      Swearing is absolutely allowed here!

      No idea what happened to Eric Scheibeler and his lawsuit. Amway usually settles out of court with confidentiality agreements so thats my guess what happened here too.

      Eric Scheibeler used to have a website where he offered a free download of his ebook Merchants of Deception, a blog, testimonials from former IBO's, Twitter, etc. About 2 and a half years ago he brought out an updated version of Merchants of Deception in paperback and updated the ebook which he was now selling instead of offering for free. I don't recall what the prices were. $7 for the ebook and $15 for the paperback? Whatever people are selling the paperback on Amazon starting at $89 because its out of print/distributorship. A few months after Scheibler updated his book and started selling it he sent out an email telling everyone they had 48 hours to buy because he was closing shop. And sure enough he shut down his web site 2 days later which leads one to speculate that was part of the Amway settlement so he must have got some pretty big bucks.

      Fortunately some mirror sites like the one I provided the link to above are still around and one can download a free ebook instead of buying an overpriced paperback from an Amazon seller.

  2. Hopefully he got a big hush $$$$$!!


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