Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Amway Double X is Good For Sex?

OK! Who would do a search for “Amway Double X is good for sex”?

After I noticed someone ended up on my blog looking for answers to that all important question it gave me a good laugh and then I had to sit back and think what kind of person is hitting Google with that kind of search. This has gotta be some deprived man. I just can not see a woman doing that kind of search!

Because all women know the answer to that question - chocolate!

What the hell are the cult leaders teaching from the stage these days? WWDB - World Wide Destructive Bastards - were a bunch of prudes so sex never came up in any meetings I attended. Whether or not it came up when ambots counselled with upline, I’m going out on a limb here and saying yes. They were probably told no sex until they reached Platinum because it would distract them away from the task of sniping prospects to come to Amway board plan meetings and signing up new IBOs and finding customers to buy overpriced shitty products.

When you’re in Amway and hustling from one meeting to another and hustling people to join the scam there is no time for sex anyway so why would an ambot care if Double X is good for sex. It makes for a good nursery rhyme thats for sure!

Double X is good for NOTHING! It is an overpriced expensive piece of shit vitamin that costs Amway about $10 to produce including the packaging and they sell it to the brainwashed masses for just under $80 for a one month supply! Rip off! Rip off! Rip off!

I just checked Walmart’s website for a daily complete vitamin and Equate Mature costs $10 for a bottle of 220 pills.

OK people. Instead of gobbling vitamins how about just eating a sensible well balanced diet and you probably don’t need to take any supplements unless your doctor has done a blood test on you and notices your body is lacking in something and tells you to take it.

Come on man. Instead of doing a dumb ass search on the Internet about Double X good for sex just go to the grocery store and look for a magazine that has a cover story about the top 10 foods to boost your sex life and buy that instead. Cheaper to buy a magazine and some chocolate coated strawberries than Double X which ain’t good for sex!

Unless your problems are deeper than that. Keep an eye on your email’s inbox and turn off the spam filter. I know if I keep getting emails to enlarge body parts I don’t possess then everybody else must be getting them too! Cheaper than Double X and will probably give you the same results that Double X will give you for sex. Zippo! 

You ambots need to get a clue. If your significant other has cut you off it has something to do with them being pissed off that you are spending all your time with other Amway cult followers and spending all your money on overpriced shitty Amway products.

Your answer does not lie in buying Double X and hoping its good for sex.

In fact spending more money on useless Double X will likely be very bad for sex.

Instead of doing a search on Valentines Day about Double X being good for sex, the best thing you can do is quit the Amway cult. That will probably be better for sex than Double X!

And now that I’ve got all these wonderful keywords in this post I’m probably going to have this guy visit my blog again real soon! And reel in a few more sucker IBO’s with the same problem!


  1. Yes your partners involvement in amway will DEFINITELY kill their sex drive. Also it will kill your attraction to that person. I know from experience. Shrimp and alcohol. Chocolate too. Kapow problem solved! Youre dating somebody. One night they bring over a nicely dressed couple for dinner. They tell you how smart you are. We have a business opportunity for you. Excuse yourself to the restroom, climb out the window, get in the car and step on it! Lose that number and block theirs!

    1. Ha ha! Absolutely. Amway = sex drive killer!

      The other thing you have to watch out for is that ambots always want to meet for coffee. They never want to meet for a fruit smoothie or frozen yogurt they alway want coffee. I'm pretty sure I spotted an ambot this morning at Krispy Kreme. Over the top dark formal business suit and tie. Notebook folder on table. Anxiously looking at the door wondering why the prospect was late...

  2. Ha ha ... a few years ago you just might have been sporting me! I know, prospect googled scamway and no - showed the scambot sucker!

    1. You ambots need to get a clue. You're out every night at Amway meetings, counselling with upline, or otherwise hanging out with the good old Amway boys club and you get home at the wee hours of the morning when your significant other is already asleep and you wonder why you're not getting any sex? Try staying home. Or better yet quit Amway! Amway = total turn off!

  3. A scambot = a mood killer or repellant for most anything in life.

    1. Guy can't figure out why he's not getting laid.

      He's in Amway.

      Mystery solved!

    2. The only reason for prioritizing amway over any party/ celebration is because the person is serious about his or her business. Fun and everything else come right after your accomplishments

    3. It's too bad that you and your parter (ex) were not able to do something great with the Amway. Maybe he needed your support to truly grow

    4. Jose - as a real business owner I've found that we're able to balance our work and our fun. You Amway losers with your pretend businesses aren't allowed to have any fun cause you have to devote all your free time to Amway cult activities. I support my husband in our REAL business and I do NOT support him when it comes to pyramid schemes (Amway) so you can take your snotty snobby Amway male chauvinist pig attitude and shove it up your ass. And by the way according to the subject of your search and ending up at this post you can forget about sex as long as you're in Amway because it's a huge turn off to women.

    5. Hey Jose --

      If you "prioritize" Amway over a family commitment, you're a self-absorbed idiot.

      Amway is just some stupid MLM racket for losers. Your family is your LIFE!

      And Anna is right -- stay in Amway too long, and you won't even get a mercy handjob from a woman.

    6. Anonymous - these Amway losers "counsel with upline" about not getting laid and are "counselled" to buy more Double X. LOL! Like maybe if they weren't a self absorbed egotistical snotty snobby Amway asshole they might have a better chance of getting laid and save their money! LOL!

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    1. Uh huh. Didn't read much of my blog did you?

      Let me give you a very valuable free piece of advice to drive traffic to your blog or your website. Use these keywords:
      Amway sex
      Amway sex products

      I get hundreds of searchers each month who've Googled those words and clicked through to my blog. So you can do that too and sell some of your snake oil because Amway ambots LOVE snake oil products otherwise they wouldn't be selling them too.

      Ever hear the old saying about candy is dandy but liquor is quicker?

  5. why dont you guys build your own company and leave AMWAY away. Its not your business anyway.

    1. Oh Great! Another CREEPY ambot shows up to my blog searching for Amway sex products.


      This is a joke!

      Amway = prudes = no sex products!

      If you'd been paying attention dumb ass ambot you'd know that my husband and I have owned our own legitimate company for many years.

      Leave Amway away???? What the fuck is that supposed to mean?

      The only thing you said that made sense is "its not your business anyway". You got it! No matter what the Amway cult leaders tell you - you do not own your own business. You are an Amway commissioned salesperson.

    2. "Leave Amway away". The only way Anonymous could hope to someday be a "real" business owner and not just a pretend one and make "real" money is to "leave Amway away"... FAR away. No real business needs to rely on lies and tricking people into joining.


    3. Dave - ha ha! Yup I keep reeling them in with the promise of Amway sex products! 10 searchers at least in the past 24 hours.

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    1. Russ Watson - what's the difference between the snake oil you're flogging and Amway's snake oil? My guess is nothing and they're both scams.

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    1. Abishek - let me make sure I'm getting this right. You want to sell me pills to enlarge body parts I don't possess. Are you having a contest with an Amway Ambot to decide which one of you is a bigger dumb fuck?

  8. Why do these idiots show up here to push their stupid sex-enhancement nostrums?

    1. Probably they just love to be insulted.


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