Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Dude In The Suit

Amway ambots are told by the Amway cult leaders that they have to wear business suits for all Amway meetings and anytime they are meeting with prospects they’re hoping to recruit into the Amway pyramid scheme.

What ambots fail to realize that just because they throw on a business suit and carry a cell phone doesn’t make them real “business owners”. They are still pretend business owners.

If someone is already established within their friends, family, and coworkers as a casual dresser, seeing them in a suit outside of church is going to raise eyebrows and wonder about this sudden weird obsession playing dress up.

Years ago I remember hearing the phrase to dress for success. That might have been true in decades past. I remember going to the bank when I was younger and the men were wearing suits and the women wore business-like dresses. You go into a bank now and there might be some staffers wearing suits but the majority are dressed more casually.

Dressing casually puts your customers at ease. If you’re wearing jeans and a golf shirt and you walk into a place full of suits your first impression is boy am I in the wrong place and you want to get the hell out of there ASAP!

Years ago I worked for a company that occupied a 3 story building. About 100 employees. Takes awhile to get to know everyone, especially the people who work on other floors. I was dropping something off on another floor and I’m not sure what was happening, some kind of scuffle at the fax machine. There were about 5 or 6 different fax numbers going to different departments and I have a feeling that someone had faxed the wrong number and the man who needed the information was standing guard at the fax machine waiting for it and being snarly about it. One of the women returned to her desk muttering about the dude in the suit. I took a peak. Sure enough this guy looked like he was dressed for a funeral. Neither of us knew who he was. The dress code for our office was casual so he did look out of place. The only “suits” were the president and occasionally senior management staff depending on whether they were in meetings that day. Except for the dude in the black funeral suit. Right up until the last day I worked for that place I never saw Mr. Dude-in-the-suit dressed casually.

I knew someone who worked in the human resources department for a large corporation and their department was responsible for dress codes. The workplace was business casual and she said she had to keep up with the current fashion trends and make adjustments to their policy to stay modern and up to date. In this day and age women are not required to wear dresses in the workplace. If they do, pantyhose is optional. (not in Amway by the way!) Most companies I worked for were casual dress codes. They didn’t want us wearing torn clothing, T-shirts, baseball caps, and anything that would be more appropriate at the beach. Women can still look good in a dress shirt, capris or knee length shorts, and casual footwear. Many businesses have Friday as a jeans day. Maybe that works better in other climates. Many companies I worked for had jeans day every Friday or pay day Fridays but the problem is its so hot outside who wants to wear jeans. No thanks. Casual attire shorts or capris that I wore the rest of the week is a much better choice. Most business owners and managers have figured out that people who are comfortable with what they’re wearing are comfortable interacting with others and can be more productive in the workplace. Beats resenting the boss cause he’s making you wear a monkey suit!

What ambots fail to realize is that they’re behind the times and they do not keep up with current fashion trends the way real business owners do. Business suits worn ALL the time are a thing of the past in the workplace. Smart business people know they need to put others at ease. Dressing casually means a casual atmosphere and casual people are comfortable in their surroundings. A business suit in McDonalds or Dunkin’ Donuts sticks out like a sore thumb. And is a sure fire sign that the wearer of such a garment in one of those places is in an MLM. I saw a man in a business suit in Krispy Kreme a few weeks ago looking anxiously at the door wondering when the prospect he’d set up a meeting with was going to walk in. If the prospect was smart - never. I spotted that bastard as soon as I walked in and guessed he’s probably an ambot. Avoid eye contact at all costs!

Amway is way behind the times with its male chauvinist pig attitude, decades old dress code, using obsolete technology (Communikate), and unable to jump into the 21st century and keep up with current fashion trends. 

It is not necessary to wear business suits to BBQ’s, coffee shops, meetings in someone’s living room, or while sitting in the stands at an arena listening to Amway cult leaders spout off their bullshit. It is especially not necessary to wear heavy suits/dresses/pantyhose when the temperatures are skyrocketing. Wearing a business suit only impresses the Amway cult leader who ordered you to wear it to show your obedience to the asshole. Save the suits for church, funerals, job interviews, and other important events. There is nothing about Amway that is important enough to wear a suit!

Quit Amway and have the freedom to wear the clothes you want to wear. The same type of clothes that everyone else is wearing. No need to stick out like a geek anymore!

So yup, one more time I send a big old fuck you out to our Amway upline and their century old attitude.


  1. I heard from some very successful multilevel marketing distributors they dont even leave their homes to show the plan. Everything is done with the home computer online,contacting,emailing etc. Ambots are dressing up like Jehovah witnesses or mormons. People like to stay away from them cause they are so weird.

    1. Colin - they were probably bullshitting you about being successful. They all LIE!

      In Amway they bragged about how this is an ecommerce business so with that kind of business one could reasonably expect you don't need to leave home except the Amway cult leaders are riding your ass to attend meetings and functions and whatever errands they want you to do. Contacting online. Yup. Mostly it means friending people on Facebook and then sniping all their friends to come to Amway meetings. Hit or miss whether any of these friends of friends of friends actually live in the area and whether you'll get reported to Facebook and get your account suspended.

    2. Lol for real! All the above mentioned groups dress alike. You cant tell them apart! So one day the fellas and I are outside enjoying some cold ones when a guy comes up and says "hey champion id like to present you with an opportunity". So I said is it amway? Primerica or what? He says "no its Jesus Christ". "Oh ok im good I got plenty of that too but thanks". Avoid people walking around the neighborhood in suits like they carry the plague!

    3. Anonymous - just answer the door in your underwear!

    4. I answer the door naked and claim I'm a nudist. =)

  2. When they teach the IBO's "Dress for Success" they kind of leave out a very important part... actually having some kind of SUCCESS.

    They can dress like Donald Trump, but with a flawed self-consuming pyramid scheme pushing over-priced products, it's more like a Halloween costume.

    "Hey, what are you dressed as?"
    "I'm dressed like a successful business owner!"
    "Cool! I'm dressed like a vampire!"


    1. Dave - seeing how only a fraction of 1% of IBOs will have some success in Amway the play dress up is more about the cult technique of being obedient to your cult leader. Often new recruits are told to go out and buy suits to wear for Amway meetings. They quit Amway after a few months and the suit becomes moth food. What about the women who go out and buy an evening gown when they become Platinum though they'll probably fall out of qualification right away. Then what are they going to do with the damned gown? Yeah wear that the next time shopping at Walmart!

  3. Great videos about Britt World Wide (BWW) scam:

    Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kz5OjKsJ5AM&list=PLFEFA387E6BE8681E&index=1

    Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cNwETpvX5oY&list=PLFEFA387E6BE8681E

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    Part 4: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aX6tGOz1HdM&list=PLFEFA387E6BE8681E

    Part 5: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qrdk-i3seb0&list=PLFEFA387E6BE8681E

    1. Thanks for stopping by with those links!


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