Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What to do in Washington DC instead of Amway WWDB Spring Leadership 2012

This year WWDB Amway is holding Spring Leadership in Washington DC on April 21 and 22 2012 in the Westin Washington Dulles Airport.

I am not familiar at all with this hotel but a quick Google search takes me to their web page and I found the information for their meeting and banquet rooms. The banquet rooms are smaller but 3 or 4 of them walls can be opened up to hold 380 people. Or open up a bunch of them to get what is called the ballroom and that holds 600 people. So there you have it. Choose an option. 600 or 380 ambots. At $125 ticket. $75,000 or $47,500. I have no idea what the cost to rent the facility is for the entire weekend but lets call it $20,000 for the sake or argument. And another $5,000 into WWDB’s bank account for booking and all the other trouble they go to. Ha ha! It would suck if you’re the Diamond(s) at the Washington DC Spring Leadership. Small room = smaller number of attendees = less tool scam money. Lets say high case scenario 600 ambots. After the hotel and WWDB are paid that’s $55,000 to be split amongst the Diamonds. Certainly not too shabby an amount for scamming people but there will be infighting for sure. There was probably already Diamond fighting over who was going to get stuck with the small event and less money in their wallet.

Amway WWDB Spring Leadership Washington DC is an unfortunate conflict for some good little ambots because there is another Amway conference happening in Spokane the same weekend April 20, 21, 22 2012. I can imagine the torture and anguish as those bastards try to figure out how to be in 2 different places at the same time on opposite coasts! Ha ha!

This also does bring a question to mind. Spring Leadership costs $125 for the weekend. It would appear the ambots attending Spring Leadership in Spokane are getting more bang for their buck than the ambots attending Spring Leadership in Washington DC. That is because Spokane is 3 days and Washington DC WWDB Spring Leadership is 2 days. So are the ambots in Washington DC bitching about being ripped off? Well they should be bitching about being ripped off anyway because this is all part of the Amway tool scam. Or are the ambots going to Spokane so fucking dense that they need an extra day to “get it”?

Either way this means another one of my posts where I find things to do in town instead of attending World Wide Dream Builders Amway Spring Leadership brainwashing conference. I would recommend staying at home - save time and money instead of blowing it on the Amway tool scam plus the costs getting and staying in Washington DC. Somehow I think it would be a little cheaper to stay in Spokane instead of DC but the airfare has gotta be a bitch! Anyway gotta get some more keywords in cause I got lots of ambots searching for how they can be brainwashed at Spring Leadership which means I gotta get going on my ambot travel guides for Honolulu, Minneapolis, Denver and Calgary. I’ve already covered Spokane and Las Vegas Amway conference WWDB Spring Leadership 2012.

I found a website that highlights 100 free of nearly free things to do in Washington DC. Uh huh. Almost sounds like being in Tijuana - almost free!

How about taking a tour of the White House? I’ve never done it but my aunt did and she said it was free. She had to write a letter to her congressman requesting the tour and sure enough the web page I found here says pretty much the same thing so it does require a little advance planning. You can be pretty darned sure they’re running a security check on everyone before they get accepted for a tour.

Or you could just walk past 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and take pictures. Beats sitting inside an Amway meeting!

Actually if it was me I’d just keep walking and head to the Washington Mall and take pictures of Capitol Hill and the monuments and memorials.

Visiting the Smithsonian Museum is a much more interesting and educational way to spend the day than being brainwashed at an Amway meeting. Can’t beat the price - free! - 10am to 5:30pm.

The National Zoo is a great way to spend a day. And a much better deal than shelling out big bucks for Amway WWDB Spring Leadership. Yup another freebie! Go visit the lions and tigers display and imagine what fun it would be to set these big cats loose inside an Amway convention! Yeah! I would pay for that! As long as I had a safe viewing area that is!

If you’d like to walk in George Washington’s footsteps it might be worth while to take a short drive out of DC and head to Virginia where Mount Vernon mansion is located. Tours cost $15. Slightly less if you’re over 62 or under 12.

So there you have it. Much better things to choose from in Washington DC instead of wasting time getting brainwashed at an Amway function.

Amway WWDB Spring Leadership sucks!


  1. I am so glad I found your blog! A couple of months ago, a woman asked my boyfriend how she could get to the train station (it is literally a couple of blocks away from the main campus. Everyone who went/goes to our college, knows how to get there). She claims she graduated from the nursing program; a FIVE year program at our school about 3 or 4 years ago. Now, I'm not one to be so skeptical but if you JUST graduated from a 5 year program, how do you NOT know where the train station is? The station is practically on campus! Anyway, she invited my boyfriend to a meeting at a local hotel and he fell for the trap! This has been causing many fights between us because he needs me to be his "partner" for when women come to meetings. I'm sorry but I refuse to change what make-up I use, what body products I use, etc. I'm not going to show other girls/women a lip gloss with a light and mirror when I had about 7 of them from Smackers when I was 8 years old!

    Has anyone been able to convince their partner/husband/wife/boyfriend/ girlfriend out of this crazy scam?! I've seen my bf's mentor's house; they have boxes on boxes of the energy drink and enough toilet paper for a family of 20 and its just him and his wife! My boyfriend is a very accomplished athlete who refuses to think about going professional now that he has Amway. How do I snap my him back into reality?

    1. Hi Anonymous! I'm glad you found my blog too!

      If you haven't already read it, see my blog I wrote a few days ago that gives you some resources.

      Most of the time there's not much you can do until you see the person figuring out for themselves they want to get out of Amway. When you see them wavering - going to less Amway meetings, buying less Amway shit, then have them read Merchants of Deception or see the Dateline videos. It doesn't hurt to try now of course.

      The first thing Amway cult leaders try to do is destroy the relationships of their downline. Sick bastards that they are nothing brings them more happiness than destroying other people's lives. You can be pretty damned sure that his upline is working on him right now to break up with you. They'll be using some excuse like once he goes really big and makes lots of money in Amway then he'll have to share it with you or give you half in the event of a divorce and blah blah blah. Its all about greed. Amway is all about worshipping the great Amway money god.

      That woman lied about being in nursing because ambots are taught to lie. They can't get rich unless they're liars and scammers. Everyone I met in Amway is a liar. The ones who make a little money in Amway are better liars.

      People with morals eventually quit Amway. Honest people can't live this lying lifestyle.

      Yup been there with the pressure to buy shitty Amway products including their cosmetics. Ha ha! Smackers! I loved them but I don't wear them any more! Whatever you do don't buy Amway's debut tampons. The applicator is not flushable and the tampon only last about 20 or 30 minutes before it starts leaking. They cost twice as much as Tampax and are a much worse product.

      Yup most ambots stock up on products because they need to keep buying more and more Amway products to get the PV up there so they can earn a $10 commission check or so someone in their upline can meet their monthly goals. Amway is all about making the people higher than you on the pyramid richer. Inventory loading is illegal in MLM's but they still do it.

      Its all part of the cult thing why the upline controls your boyfriend's career and everything else about his life that he hasn't told you about yet. Mind control and cults demand obedience.

      He will also turn into a male chauvinist pig because that's part of the Amway teaching. He will become an ugly intolerable human being who sneers at everyone who won't support his Amway business.

      You got to ask yourself if you're happy living with a brainwashed cult member who will give all your money away to the great Amway god and go into debt to prove his obedience and undying devotion.
      Sometimes you got to cut your losses and move on.

      Good luck to you if you can't snap him back into reality.

  2. I would love to take the time to teach you the truth about Amway, but I do realize that "You just can't fix stupid"


    1. Apparently not because people keep signing up for Amway and dumb fuck ambots keep showing up here with their arrogant attitudes about how they're better than the rest of the world because they're in the Amway cult.


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