Friday, April 27, 2012

Amway Ambots Paranoid Of All Things “Negative”!

What is it with all these Amway assholes that they are so fucking paranoid of all things they believe to be “negative”.

An Amway ambot’s definition of “negative” is anything that has an opposing view to their Amway cult leader’s position. This is why ambots are unable to tell the difference between the truth and negative.

Its like this unnatural obsession for negative that the Amway cult leaders brainwash into the ambots.

During the couple of years we were in the Amway hell hole I heard the word “negative” more times than I’ve heard it in the rest of my life put together. That tells me unnatural obsession by paranoid Amway assholes!

The last 20 years of my working life I worked for 3 different employers. None of them ever talked to us about anything negative or “don’t say negative” or there will be a lot of people out there who have “negative” things to say about our company. Nobody at any of these companies had a paranoid obsession with the word “negative”.

I get enough Amway assholes showing up claiming I’m negative because they can not accept the truth about their great cult. But really if people have to be so obsessed with all things “negative” perhaps they need to take a better look at what they’re doing. If you choose to work for a company with a shitty reputation and there are many people hitting the Internet with their horror stories about this company you gotta say to yourself - all these people can’t be wrong. Unless of course you are an Amway ambot and then you would say all these people are negative. Ambots choose to be commissioned salespeople for a company that sells overpriced shitty products, its next to impossible to find any customers so ambots go around bitching about all these negative people who won’t support their business.

I heard millions of times from the bastards in our Amway upline “don’t say negative”.

Can’t handle the truth assholes? TRUTH. An evil word to ambots. Just because something is true does not make it negative. And why are you Amway assholes so fucking paranoid of all things negative like its some kind of deadly communicable disease?!!!!

Grow a thick skin and learn to take criticism and the truth civilly instead of going on the attack. You are not running your own fucking Amway business!!!! You signed a fucking contract saying you’ll be a good little IBO! Someone else put a price tag on those shitty products! You can’t change that! Someone else decided how much commission you’ll make if you sell any shitty products! You can’t change that! Someone else decided to make food bars taste like shit and energy drinks taste like cat piss. You can’t change that! You have no control over “your own business”. Fucking morons! Get a fucking clue!!!!

As for you Amway ambots who show up on my blog and say I’m negative - well first of all what’s it to you anyway if I am. Do you think it hurts my feelings if some Amway asshole scum of the earth shows up at my blog and calls me negative. Well its better than being called a fucking Amway asshole!!!!

Aren’t you listening to  your sack of shit Platinum about not visiting “negative” websites about Amway. That’s because your cult leader doesn’t want you to learn the TRUTH! So why are you at my blog anyway leaving comments that prove you’re an Amway asshole! You better go listen to some more sermons from your Amway cult leaders about staying away from all things negative you paranoid little ambots!

You wanna lead the sheltered life of an ambot unable to tell the difference between the truth and the negative. Believing your cult leaders are the only people in the world who speak the truth and everyone else is a negative liar. The Amway cult leaders don’t want their downline to be influenced by outside forces who can reason, tell them the truth, and show the IBO’s that they’re wasting their time and more importantly wasting their money on trying to build an Amway business.

Since writing this blog I’ve had a few dozen negative ambots show up here who all say the same thing. Some canned amspeak response they’ve duplicated from their cult leaders. They all accuse me of being a broke loser. They all accuse me of working a job. They all predict I’ll be dead or broke by the time I’m 65. They all call me a negative unchristian dream stealer. I mean talk about NEGATIVE! Its the old Amway cult influence. Spread negativity around the world courtesy of being an Amway IBO.

Anna Banana is no way near being as NEGATIVE as an Amway asshole! Anna Banana isn’t paranoid about all things NEGATIVE the way those Amway assholes are! Anna Banana isn’t afraid to be NEGATIVE about the assholes she put up with thanks to Amway!

Those fucked up brainwashed ambots think they’re better than everyone else and here they are violating their upline cult leader’s rules by coming to my blog and spreading their Amway negativity.

Becoming an Amway “independent business owner” running a fake business, putting on a business suit, carrying a cell phone, lying to people that the business is not Amway, making false product claims, marching off to 8pm Amway cult meetings, and sneering at people who are not in Amway does not make an ambot a positive role model.

Amway makes for a hell of a lot of misery and negativity in one’s life.

Drop out of Amway and that’s a big load of negative you’ll also be dropping.

Amway is the shit hole for all things negative! If you choose to be a salesperson for a company that provides shitty overpriced products that is accused of being a cult and being a pyramid scheme (by multiple sources!)  and you choose to associate with a bunch of lying assholes - then don’t show up on blogs like mine and bitch about how NEGATIVE your life is and how you look at everything as NEGATIVE! You dug your outhouse. Go wallow in it!


  1. Anna: Our friend David Brear has posted an interesting discussion on the topic of information manipulation as an aspect of cult behavior:

    Check it out for more info on why critics are paint-brushed as 'negative".

    1. Connie - thanks for the link. I haven't heard from him in awhile. I need to have a dictionary and thesoraus standing by to understand what he writes anyway!


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