Thursday, April 26, 2012

Worst Tax Shelter? Amway, Horses, or Drag Cars?

When we attended Amway cult meetings our sack of shit Platinum - and other cult leaders - always said if nothing else Amway is a good tax shelter because you can write off everything related to Amway. That is how most ambots make their income from Amway in the form of a tax refund by writing off Amway expenses against the income from their day job. Luckily our accountant refused to include Amway on our taxes saying she only deals with legitimate businesses not pyramid schemes. When it comes to tax deductions you don’t want to be screwing around. If you leave yourself wide open for an audit and you’re including all the Amway groceries and cleaning shit plus tickets to Amway functions and the related expenses of getting there, you may find yourself paying back what you scammed out of Uncle Sam plus fines, plus jail time. A good accountant lets their clients know when they might be leaving themselves open for a closer look. Ambots have been brainwashed to believe that hiring professionals such as accountants is a waste of their money. Money that could be better spent on Amway products and tools. Instead “counsel with upline” for your tax advice and what expenses can be written off.   

Yup fools taking advice from fools!

Pretty scary. And absolutely ambots in our WWDB line were taking this bad advice.

Here’s a recent post by Peter Reilly on the Forbes blogs where he again states that Amway (phony) business owners don’t do so well in tax court when the IRS audits them for the phony business expenses they claim. Well what else do you expect from phony business owners who pretend they’re big shots in Amway! However most of the blog is devoted to a horse breeder apparently an industry that the IRS audits as much as Amway IBO’s except the breeders seem to come out better than IBOs!

Usually after Peter writes about Amway IBO tax cases a few dumb ass ambots show up to preach their canned Amspeak responses to him and want to debate what a great business opportunity Amway is. They do whatever they can to discredit other sources that tell the truth about Amway including one ambot who left a comment that Peter had murdered his mother. That's gotta be a big shock when someone accuses you of a serious crime you never committed! But what else do you expect from an Amway asshole. Deny, discredit, distract. Whatever they can get away with because they have no morals and don’t give a shit about destroying other people’s lives. So far no ambots have shown up to bitch at him on his latest post but that may be because the majority of his post was devoted to other hobbyists.

Here’s links to a couple of other posts he’s written about Amway ambots going up against the tax man.

And of course no post of mine would be complete without cursing out my Amway upline so here it is:

Fuck you and the champagne horse you rode in on!

And you’ll have to read Peter Reilly’s blog to understand that one


  1. Thanks for the plub Anna. Did not have much about Amway in the last post because those folks stayed away from Amway and I was just using it as an example. There actually was somebody named Peter Reilly who was tried for murdering his mother so I couldn't blame the guy too much. I was disappointed that nobody came out to contact me but I appreciate your plug.

    You know it is nice to have readers for your blog but the main thing is to get other bloggers to link to you because that makes the people who link to them part of your down line. I make so much on my blog now I don't have to work but I am willing to share my secrets for a reasonable fee. Maybe I will hold a convention or sell CDs

    1. Well maybe you'll have more to say about Amway real soon! You did attract the attention of someone at Amway's Ada Michigan office. After they read your post they followed through to my blog.

      Absolutely you can blame the Amway jerk who accused you of being a murderer. That's how they operate in Amway always looking for dirt. I've been accused of being a porn star but that doesn't really bother me all that much. Those Amway assholes will have to come up with something much better than that!

      Ah yes, the blogging downline. I'm glad to hear you have found this way to make money so you don't have to work anymore. Selling CDs is a good idea.

      My blog is for sale to the right buyer. The type of buyer who doesn't want me sniping people looking for information on Amway because I'm so high up on the search engines. The price goes up $5 million every year. The new price will be $15 million late August. You'd think they could part with some of that $10 billion the ambots are always bragging about from last year's sales! But it would be pretty hard for me to quit working when that money rolls in because I haven't worked in years! Or maybe blogging about assholes I used to deal with in Amway is my work!

  2. I didn't know you were a porn star. How about some pictures ?

    1. I believe IBOFB posted them on one of his sites. You know in his neverending mission to search out dirt about Joecool aka Anna Banana!


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