Sunday, April 8, 2012

Put All Your Eggs In The Ambot Basket

Seeing as how its Easter I thought it makes sense to talk about putting all your eggs in one basket!

Now thats a saying I don’t recall hearing at any Amway meeting - not putting all of your eggs in one basket. But most people have heard that phrase plenty of times in their life from their parents, their teachers, their banker, etc.

The only time I remember that phrase being used was by our arrogant prick sponsor who said when he’s recruiting prospects that he starts putting fear into people about their job and how he hopes they don’t have all their eggs in one basket because they’ll be finished.

Well what else do you expect from a rotten little bastard like him?

Captain Fuck Up doesn’t have eggs to put in ANY basket!

Diversify! A word that shall never be spoken at an Amway meeting because the activities involved in diversifying take away time and dollars from the Amway cult leaders efforts to earn an income doing the Amway pyramid scheme thing. Instead the opposite is taught: put all your eggs in one basket. The one that belongs to the Amway hen house!

Basically diversifying means investing in a variety of assets and spreading the risk around in case one venture fails there are other assets on the go that might turn out better. Before diversifying its a good idea to figure out your own risk tolerance and how much money you can afford to lose should things not work out so good.

In Amway, be prepared to “invest” at least $10,000 a year on Amway products, attending functions, and buying tools.

If you’ve got a better use for that $10,000, I recommend that’s the road you take! Why? Because you ain’t gonna make back your investment! Thats why! Amway is a scam! Same as any other scam with promises of big riches on a small investment. Except that it turns out being a huge $$$ investment and no money back or maybe a few bucks a month after spending $500 to $700 to make that $10 or $15 commission check from Amway. Getting scammed like that turns ambots into really nasty people.

Say someone has $150 kicking around in a savings account and an IBO is trying to get them to “invest” in their own business as an Amway IBO. The person doesn’t want to risk all their $150 in Amway and in this case is probably ignorant of the hundreds of dollars on top of that each month to buy Amway products and attend Amway functions because you don't find that out until after you've been sucked into the lies. On the other hand that $150 is only getting half a percent interest in the savings account. But that person might be comfortable risking $100 of that $150 and buying 100 shares of a stock that’s currently selling for $1 a share. The worst thing that can happen is the stock takes a nosedive and they lose their $100 but not all is lost because they still have $50 sitting in the bank’s savings account. Or the stock might take off and at the end of the year is worth $25 a share.

When considering diversifying, a homeowner might decide to invest in a second house using the equity in their main residence as a down payment and renting out the other house - hopefully for a few bucks more than the mortgage. In twenty years the mortgage will be paid off. At this point the owner has the choice of continuing to rent the house and all the rental income is now profit with some deductions for city taxes and general maintenance as the house gets older and things like the roof and hot water tank need to be replaced. It now becomes residual income, more than most IBO’s will ever see! Or else the house can be sold and the equity is profit to the owner.

Some people who are incredibly talented and lucky make a living playing poker or gambling, investing in the stock market, or flipping houses.

Whatever they’re doing they’ve found a way to diversify. Words that never should be spoken at an Amway cult meeting! Probably because when people are looking at their investments and figuring out which ones they should cut loose, they start with whatever one is losing money.

Toss out Scamway! Losing money! Useless baggage!

Here’s a laugh. Our arrogant prick sponsor told us he’s always looking for ways to diversify his income, talking about investments. This son of a bitch who can't hold down a job, is always behind on his bills, is a renter always under the threat of eviction, drives old beater cars, and never has any money. Diversify what income! What disposable income does he have lying around? I think finding ways to invest would be an impossibility for him. Its always nice to dream though.

Oh wait. That’s what Amway’s all about. Dreams! Gotta suck in those cult followers somehow!

Don’t be stupid! Get your eggs out of the Amway basket!


  1. And a Happy Easter to you. Any Easter is a happy one as long as Amway is not a part of the equation.
    As for eggs, you are so right about not having many left in one's basket if that person is involved in Amway.
    Amway is like the Anti-Easter Bunny. Merrily hopping from one downline house to another. But he carries an empty basket used for TAKING all the eggs he finds at the homes of the brainwashed faithful. The Amway Bunny loves his downline followers as long as they have more and more eggs that he can snatch away from them. When they run out of eggs for him to take, the Amway Bunny doesn't love them anymore. He just hops on away in search of new victims to steal eggs from.
    Putting all one's eggs in the Amway basket is a sure way to lose them. Better use of eggs would be to throw them at your upline when he shows up with his phony smile and palm outstretched.


    1. Very true! I suppose that would be Ambot Cottontail - the Amway cult bunny!

  2. OMG, and Scamway products aren't even all that good. Case in point- one year for Christmas I bought my 1 year old daughter the cutest little pink and white outfit. We could barely afford to clothe our children during those lean WWDB years and it was on sale, but still, money is money. The second time she wore it, she dripped water on herself from her sippy cup like most toddlers do and then found a piece of ash from the fireplace which she got all over her new clothes. Like the good little Scamway wife I was, I naively thought, "no problem, the laundry products will get this clean". Not on your life. I washed that damn outfit 5 times in a row, spraying the stains with Prewash, using SA8, Tri-zyme and all-fabric bleach, resorting to soaking and almost bleaching it with the powdered chlorine stuff. The clothes were ruined. The funny thing is, since I've left Scamway and started buying national (and even some store) brands, I hardly ever have to even treat stains except grease spots. The non-Scamway brands get them clean every time.

    1. That'll teach you not to use Scamway useless detergent when Tide is so much better at getting stains out!


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