Saturday, April 7, 2012

Things to do in Minneapolis instead of WWDB Amway Spring Leadership

Here is the last in my series of posts on what to do in the cities were Amway World Wide Dream Builders are holding Spring Leadership 2012.

This year Amway WWDB is holding Spring Leadership in Minneapolis on May 5 and 6 2012 in the Minneapolis Convention Center.

Hmmm. Shows what I know. Never knew Minneapolis is known for holding conventions so that they’d actually have a center to hold them in! I always thought the only thing Minneapolis was known for was home to the Mary Tyler Moore Show!

No really. Practically everything I know about Minneapolis I know from watching the Mary Tyler Moore Show. Seeing as how its been many years since I last saw one of those reruns well that pretty much puts me as good as knowing nothing. I remember there were a lot of snow storms during the show. Anyway if you want to see the statue of Mary Tyler Moore tossing her hat in the air its in front of Macy’s at 700 Nicollet Mall. Here’s a page that has some photos of the statue. Doesn’t cost nothing to go over and look at the news girl who’s gonna make it on her own. Unlike the Amway ambot crowd! They will NEVER make it!

Segway Tours  A little pricey at $80 for a 2 or 3 hour tour around town on a Segway but at least it comes in well under wasting $125 to be brainwashed at an Amway convention.

I have discovered the much coveted zoo in town. The Minnesota Zoo. At $18 its nearly as pricey as that zoo up in Calgary! Seniors and children are $12.

Minneapolis Institute of Arts gets high marks on Trip Advisor. And its free!

Stone Arch Bridge Who wants to walk over the Mississippi River? Kodak moment!

OK. I found the perfect place for me in Minneapolis. Surly Beer! Free tour. Free beer. Not a lot I can say other than those schnooks up in Calgary with the big rock problem should be taking notes. FREE! Not rip off $25!!!!

If you’re really going to Minneapolis here’s a web page with free and cheap things to do there. A lot of it involves going to parks. Yup even Anna Banana could hang out at a park all day if the alternative was getting brainwashed at an Amway cult meeting called Spring Leadership!

Amway sucks!

WWDB sucks!

Amway WWDB Spring Leadership sucks!


  1. First, let me say that I was an Amway/Quixtar IBO in the WWDB organization. I closed my business because I wasn't building it.

    Secondly, Amway doesn't put on the training, WWDB does. Amway only sells the products. WWDB isn't the only organization that does training, research will reveal several larger ones. These organizations are very careful on what they say and promote, and are under constant legal review. They are not pyramid schemes; they couldn't legally operate if they were pyramids.

    Thirdly, I believe that the marketing plan works as taught - on paper. It makes perfect logical sense, and the math works out. However, putting the plan in practice is harder than it looks. Talking to people comes easier to some than most, and being an organized business professional comes easier than others also. Some have more disposable income than others, each person has their own scenario. Getting all of these to align and balance is very hard to do.

    Most businesses fail because people don't go and build it. This is why I didn't succeed. This has nothing to do with the company, it has more to do with my laziness.

    As for the products, well, everyone has their own tastes, as they do in the grocery store. There were some I liked and some I didn't, I didn't buy the ones I didn't like (which goes against the sustain yourself teaching).

    Going to meetings in Minnesota helped me get an appreciation for the city of Minneapolis. My experiences here going to meetings has come in handy, as it happens that my in-laws are in Minnesota (I am not from MN). So going up to visit family has been easier on me.

    I hope my experiences has helped some.

    1. Anonymous - you're still talking like a brainwashed Ambot. You didn't close your business. You chose to walk away from a lousy business opportunity with over 99% failure rate. The flawed plan has the odds stacked against you. Had nothing to do with you being lazy. That's what the fucking assholes in the upline say. It's really hard to find customers who want to buy overpriced substandard products. Likewise it's hard to recruit people willing to lose a lot of money in a shitty business opportunity. Nothing to do with being lazy. And yes as you said the plan looks good on paper, it's hard to execute. For the reasons I just mentioned. Stop thinking of yourself as a lazy Amway loser. There is something fucked up with the people who brainwashed you into thinking that about yourself. If you truly believe that about yourself rather than accepting that you were scammed, then get some professional counseling. And "counselling with upline" doesn't count. Good luck at finding a better business opportunity. All education comes with a price. Hopefully you'll be smarter next time.

  2. Anonymous- You can just do Amway, and have nothing to do with WWDB and have a much greater chance of making a net profit, if only small, still much greater than being involved with WWDB. My wife makes an actual net profit off of Amway. The problem is, WWDB takes it. WWDB is a vacuum to suck up your Amway profits, and they portray it as "training." They hype you up to make money with Amway, by running volume. Then you turn around and pay that profit to your WWDB membership, functions, tools etc. So your upline receives not only the pv generated by you, but a share of the profits you pay into WWDB with the money you earned yourself. It's a nasty little vicious cycle. It's a genius little design I will admit, but very unethical as it plays to people'e emotions, which is how I see it for what it is. I am stone cold for this kind of crap. I have stamped a deadline on this biz for my wife, and it's coming up soon! The plan is incredibly deceiving. So what if the numbers on the paper work out? WHo's biz has ever gone together like that?? Absolutely nobody's!!! You can put anything in the world on paper and present the numbers in a way that makes it look reasonable. I can talk to people all day long, I am a very personable and positive person, and that actually has nothing to do with really building it. Actually that is detrimental. Because I am personable and positive, I can NOT look honest good people straight in the eyes and tell them this is the best thing in the world and the answer to all their problems. Because it isn't. Flat out, this isn't a great thing. My conscious won't allow me to present this plan as something that is so simple and righteous, because in reality, it's horrendously painful, and deceptive... This is 100% sales and recruiting. I don't care how much emphasis they try to put out that it isn't.. It IS... They mask it as providing an opportunity.. Yeah, for themselves. You notice how anyone that has achieved ruby and up is some former corporate headhunter/salesman?

    1. Anonymous - thank you for stopping by! And thanks for sharing your story. I've been there too and it is so frustrating. I hope your wife gets out and stays out of Scamway.


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