Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Can Cancer Be Cured By Amway Products?

Oh shit. I get a searcher finding their way to my blog after Googling “can cancer be cured by Amway products”.

This is all part of the Amway bullshit propaganda machine that works full force to scam people out of their money and give them false hope.

I do not have evidence that anyone from Amway’s head office is making outrageous claims that their products cure cancer. I don’t know one way or the other. I swing towards not because otherwise they’d be slapped with lawsuits from the FDA and victims of false advertising that their products can cure cancer. I vaguely recall some half-assed memo from Amway head office requesting IBO’s do not make false claims about their products. Like that is really going to stop a money obsessed ambot because head office doesn’t take any action against their lying scamming IBO ambots. Can you imagine if they did! Their entire commissioned sales force also known as customers who shop from their own store would be GONE! So would all the company profits because less than 5% of Amway products are sold to customers who are not IBO’s.

The Amway propaganda machine are the Amway cult leaders and their followers who spout off lies and bullshit.

Amway ambots have no conscience or morals. They will scam and lie to anyone to make a buck to try to recover some of the tons of money they’ve thrown at the Amway pyramid scheme.

Of course an Amway ambot is going to lie and tell a potential customer that cancer can be cured with Amway products so they can make money. Lying little bastards that Amway assholes are!

Amway is all about selling the hope.

People who have incurable diseases or even diseases that aren’t life threatening but are painful or progress downhill are looking for hope. Any miracle cure. Amway assholes with their snake oil products are there to scam patients out of their money and lie to them about how they’ll be feeling better soon.  

When we were in Amway I observed all the lying ambots around me who didn’t give a flying fuck about nothing except their own greedy pursuit to become outrageously rich and retiring before everyone else they know.

Yeah dream on Amway assholes!

And what happens when someone suffering from cancer listens to a lying Amway asshole and buys overpriced shitty Amway products that are “guaranteed” to cure their cancer and it doesn’t cure them and they complain to the rotten Amway bastard that sold them the shit? Amway is a blame the victim scam. The Amway asshole will accuse the cancer patient that they must have done something wrong. They didn’t consumer the Amway product correctly. It’s the patient’s fault for not following the instructions.

Someone with cancer needs to listen to their doctor. Maybe get a 2nd or 3rd or 4th opinion and take traditional medical treatments. Sure some cancer patients try alternative holistic cures too but they can not abandon surgery or chemotherapy or prescription drugs just because some fucking Amway asshole convinces them if they drink a case of Perfect Water a week it will flush the cancer out of their body.

Amway of course turns the other way and refuses to take responsibility for the actions of their representatives which will probably end them up on the wrong side of a lawsuit anyway because they’re responsible for the actions of their sales force.

I watched our sack of shit Platinum instruct his cult followers to lie to people to get them to buy Amway products. Always speak positively of Amway products and tell customers want they want to hear. Fill them up with lies about the high quality that Amway products are. They will cure everything that ails you!

Snake oil salespeople!

The fact that people are searching the Internet looking for proof to back up claims that Amway products cure cancer is all the proof I need that somewhere out there are IBO’s who are Amway’s representatives spreading those lies.

And that’s the bottom line. Amway IBOs are the biggest assholes around and they will lie about anything step over everyone and do whatever it takes in their greed driven frenzy to get rich in Amway.

People - if you are suffering from cancer - DO NOT take medical advice from Amway salespeople.


  1. Correct Anna! My previous comment should have appeared on this post.

    Of course what the 'Amway' quacks have falsely-claimed to be able to cure everyone of, is the cancer of poverty. However, the proven financial death-rate for all poor people who have continued to buy and swallow their monthly-prescription of the valueless 'MLM' placebo during the previous 50+ years, has been effectively 100%.

    If any victims of the 'Amway' scam start to complain, they are immediately pointed in the direction of the closed-logic label which says 'this medicine only works for those who totally believe it works, and who never give up buying, and taking, it as prescribed.'

    In cults, you are damned if you continue and you are damned if you don't.

    All totalitarian brainwashing systems are founded on closed-logic. It's always the victims' fault.

    The most powerful weapon in the hands of the oppressor, is the mind of the oppressed; for when you load any vulnerable person with enough guilt, you can enslave them and eventually tip them into psychological illness.

    There are only a few countries in the world where there has been legislation enacted to try to identify this age-old problem.

    In France, there is a relatively new law which essentially makes it a criminal offence to take advantage of anyone in a state of psychological, and/or physical, vulnerabilty.

    Your readers might be interested to take a look at this French legislation (which, incidentally, the US government, under pressure from cultic groups like 'Scientology,' tried to obstruct).

    David Brear (copyright 2012)

    1. David - that's a good description. Amway is the cancer of poverty.

      The guilt thing is huge in the Amway cult. The assholes in our upline constantly used that against my husband and why he wasn't making money in this foolproof business.

      The guilt thing didn't work on me. Its really hard to guilt someone who doesn't like you and is just as likely to tell you to fuck off!

    2. All of you are correct about the effects of Amway's pyramid scheme. I am executive assistant for pyramid scheme expert, Dr. Jon M. Taylor, and have built websites for him on the topic of MLM scams. I am now working on (3 days from completion)

      You can check out: and Jon's main site:

    3. So says the lying scamming fucking Amway loser.

  2. Love this it coming!- Mesha

    1. Hi Mesha. Thanks for dropping by! Glad you're loving my blog! I was able to keep it coming a lot better when I first started writing the blog and stuff was still fresh in my mind. We were in the Amway cult about a year so theres only so many stories and I think I've covered most of them!

  3. Hi Anna, thanks for your blog! I had a friend a few years back on this thing, and he was trying to convince my family that my father going on some type of pills would simply do the trick for his prostate-cancer. Everyone was just annoyed by the fact he was inconsiderate enough to even try to make a sale of his ridiculous products at the expense of our suffering. We all continued with the decision for his surgery and he's doing great now. Just imagine if we'd been naive enough to believe a simple vitamin bottle could cure the prostate cancer my father had...he'd be dead right now!

    1. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for stopping by! If cancer could really be cured by a bottle of vitamins there'd be a lot less suffering in this world. All ambots are inconsiderate assholes who are driven by greed and don't care who they hurt as long as they make a buck selling Amway's shitty products. Glad to hear your father is feeling better. No thanks to Scamway!

  4. This kind of reminds me of how my brother in law said I was wasting my time by considering going to nursing school, because nurses were overworked and underpaid. Well, two years have passed. I've made it into school, he's still driving a shitty car and grown a grizzly adams beard, and sure ain't paying for anyone else's lunch. Oh and he tried to tell me that the XS drinks cured diabetes, but couldn't tell me how an energy drink would do that.

    In two more years, I'll be an RN. Here's hoping he'll have the sense he was raised with to walk away.

    1. Nancy - ambots discourage people from going to school. The money spent on tuition could be better spent according to them on tithing the great Amway god. Most ambots drive shitmobiles. I occasionally post about that.

      That's terrific that Amway ambots are getting the word out there that XS piss water cures diabetes. These people have no morals.

      Your brother in law will likely be out of Scamway by the time you graduate. Law of averages. 95% quit inside 2 years.

  5. Very true.

    For further study, please check;

    I am a cancer patient. I had 1st operation in January 2011. Second Operation in June 2012. And still today I am facing problem.

    After searching a lot, I have come to know that the person who is suffering from cancer should avoid sugar. Since last 5 months, I avoid it. Last month I went for my CT scan and got report that it is just increased at 0.01%.

    More over I am taking pills on daily basis since last 5 months. It's name is 'Gefitinib'.

    I think both, taking this pill and avoid sugar help me to stop increasing cancer in my body.

    Paras Jariwala, India
    +91 9428060923

    1. Paras - I hope you're feeling better soon! Sending good wishes your way!

  6. Dear all,
    i am not cursing amway but if you are interested with another usa product, we promised a cure for your cancer but we can try our best to help. But I have many testimonials that proves we can cure cancer stage 4, tks
    7Tradeglobal @ gmail dot com

    1. And this was the best place you could find to peddle your snake oil? Same bullshit different asshole.

  7. Anna Banana, what was the main purpose of your hubby joining hands with amway? To make Money? or To build Amway Business by helping people with facts? coz Amway never forces an IBO to do this or that Its policies are clear if you want to do business this is what you need to do if not you can very well return the business kit within 90 days & also return the products if not satisfied after using 30% of it? so where lies the problem? BSM are optional books & cds does help develop ones personality not only to do the Amway business but in other businesses too. I am just trying to know where the problem lies? you seem to be literally screwed up by your hubby's non performance in the business is what i could understand by your postings. I have witnessed people making good amount of money & also have helped other people in the their Amway business make money.

  8. Amway is a nice product.
    Don't say any negative with out any evidence.

    And Hope is Better medicine than any other Medicine. That is called (Motivation,Confidence..ETC)

    1. You're full of shit Maneesh. Don't show up at my blog and tell me what to do you fucking Amway loser. This blog is all about saying negative about Amway and fucking Ambots. And what do you mean I don't have evidence? First hand knowledge of buying and using shitty overpriced Amway products ain't evidence? Go fuck yourself Maneesh!

  9. To both Ravi and Maneesh --

    Your government in India seems to disagree with you. It has prosecuted Amway vigorously.

    To Ravi -- you say that you have witnessed people making money, and that you have helped people make money in Amway. But you haven't said a thing about making any money for yourself. How much are you losing?

    To Maneesh -- "Hope" is the best medicine? OK, then use it to cure yourself when you get bubonic plague.

    1. Anonymous - one can only hope the Indian police thrown these 2 lying scamming Amway motherfuckers into jail.

    2. I laughed where one said "don't say any negative without any evidence". There is ton of evidence (and math) that shows it's a scam.

      And funny that having no evidence doesn't stop them from saying positive things about Amway. Their "evidence" always consists of "testimonials" which anyone can make up. I can say "I knew a man named Bud who was dying of cancer and just before he died he drank an XS Energy drink. He sat up in bed and while the Popeye music played grew muscles and flew through the roof". Anyone can make up "testimonials" with non-existent people.

      And to Ravi Shankar... don't sully the name of the famous Indian sitar player and friend of George Harrison. He wasn't a lying, scamming Amway piece of shit. But you certainly are.


    3. Dave - these Amway losers are always going around screaming about evidence like people's first hand experiences don't count as evidence LOL!

      I agree. Ravi is a lying scamming Amway piece of shit! You tell that fucker what you think of him! LOL!


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