Friday, July 27, 2012

Name List!

Our upline told Ambot and I to gather a name list of everyone we know. To help us out they gave us a prompt sheet to use to help jog our memory that we know more people than we think we know. The people we know that we don’t know that we already know. This prompt list consisted of friends, family, the cashier at the gas station, the mailman, the garbageman, etc. I don’t really remember the suggestions on the list. Our Platinum used to brag he had over 1000 people on his list at any time. He also suggested using Facebook to make new friends and then snipe the friends of Facebook friends and put them on your list. Within the first couple of weeks of signing up Ambot and I came up with a list of over 200 people that he showed to the Platinum. Ambot got more names on his list once he signed up on Facebook, joined various groups, and started signing up unknown friends left, right, and center. In fact Facebook froze his account because he’d gone ballistic on adding too many friends. He exceeded his daily limit of adding friends.

Now its one thing to come up with a list of a bunch of people that you might see during a month. Its another thing to actually have their phone numbers or know them well enough to ask for their number. I mean how many people snipe the water meter reader and ask for his phone number.

I think Ambot and I put down the names of every former co-worker we'd ever had. These were people we knew but not necessarily kept in touch over the years and we don't know if these people still work for the same place or how to get in contact with them if we had to.

So we had this list of names. I suppose these were people we were supposed to bug to come to Amway meetings and I suppose from time to time Ambot looked at it and called someone to harrass them into coming to an Amway meeting. For the most part the names on the list were people we run into from time to time but don’t know their phone numbers. The odd thing is even though we and other IBO’s were told to make the list and show it to the Platinum as proof we’d done it no one upline ever talked about the list afterwards or referred to that list again or asked if we were contacting any of the people on our name list.

In other words one of the first things the upline had us do was create a list of names of people we knew, then make notations if they were hot or cold as prospects, and then they didn’t particularly care if we were contacting these people to come to board plan meetings.

It seems more important for the upline to badger their downline to buy more products and buy more tools than it is to follow up on their name list and what exactly they're accomplishing with the name list. Or at least in our LOS.


  1. Anna...

    It is Amway that steals from those dreaming the Amway prosperity lies. It is to the shame of the U.S. Department of Justice for not recognizing how MLM recruitment fraud has literally swindled countless thousands and for allowing these criminals to continue their scheme unabated.

    Thank you for heralding the truths about how this all works in your blunt assessment of the Amway upline. Indeed, these people are scoundrels. They deserve to be 'outed'!

    1. Quixtarisacult - thanks for stopping by. It is a joint effort between Amway and upline assholes who steal money and emotional well being from the ambots. It's just flabbergasting that no law enforcement agency seems capable of shutting down this evil. The message needs to be outed more than the messenger in many cases. These brainwashed ambots are only capable of parroting and duplicating what they've already heard from someone further up in their cult. Perhaps they're not so evil any more once they reintegrate back into normal society.

  2. I only recently learned about Amway from an old friend who's fallen in to this trap. I went out to one of the meetings and I'll admit I was a little bit excited, but I'm not one to believe everything I hear, so after copious amounts of research I immediately had misgivings about Amway. Especially concerning the emphasis on recruitment volume. I've been out to the follow up meetings and get-togethers at the Upline's extravagant home. Even after all I learned, I still wanted to give it a shot to just to see for myself. Then today I decided that this is definitely not something I want to be involved in. I expressed my concerns to the ambot I followed up with and he promised I'll make money and I won't have to put that much time in. He also said that I wouldn't have to pay any startup costs and they would help me raise money to get started so I should just give it a shot. Now, mamma didn't raise no fool. Knowing their push for recruitment, I can totally see a scenario where I decide to do this and make little money, so the ambots tell me I just need to put in more work and recruit more people. In other words, they ease me into how much work is actually involved. Then to save myself embarrassment from all the friends and family that I suckered into buying products or joining, I strive for success because I've already put in so much effort. I can't stand underhanded tactics and deception, and those are the tools I would have to use to sell and recruit. With a company that has such a bad reputation, how else would I achieve any progress? I guess I'm just baffled at how so many people are still doing this. Are any of them actually making money? Or are they trying to save face after assuring everyone they know that they can make good money through Amway? I almost want to join, just so I can see it fail for myself and use my personal testimony to stop others from joining. But I'm just a broke college student....I have neither the time nor the resources to engage in such a venture.

    Thank you for this blog Anna. I plan to utilize it when attempting to save my friends from this corrupt company.

    1. Shane - thank you for stopping by with your well thought out assessment of the Amway business opportunity. You have nailed it except you neglected to mention the emotional and financial distress because you don't have the first hand experience of living through that. You're right. Your mama didn't raise no fool!

  3. Shane, "ease me into how much work is actually involved." That is spot on THE most accurate thing about Amway that has ever been said. I have been feeling that way for a couple years. At first, they try to sell this as the easiest thing in the world. As you go along, you get told you need to dedicate your LIFE to it to make anything out of it (cut out anything that doesn't have anything to do with building your biz). It's funny how it starts as a casual couple hours a day into selling your soul. At first, I thought it was great because I thought it was exactly how they presented it to me. Then as time went on, I realized it took WAAAAAAY more than what they say at the beginning.... Amway is another J-O-B. You can't just stop working it at any level, it will all break apart. It's just another job, and people need to see that.

    1. Actually I think Amway is much worse than a job, because a regular job is pretty much 9 to 5, no hounding your friends, no lying, no ripping others off, no evening meetings, no weekend 'events'. Plus with a job you actually get PAID for the hours you put in and if you're lucky you get benefits like health insurance and 401K contributions. Plus-you get to keep your own mind!


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