Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Married to an Ambot Site Maintenance

Just in case people have noticed fewer postings since June and behind on keeping up with the comments, the person who has been doing the blog administration for me let me know in June they were too busy to keep helping. So July has been a transition month and I have a new person who I email my blogs to so they can publish the posts and the comments.
Yup Anna Banana doesn’t do it all. The first person who did the blog admin from the beginning had to move on late 2011 and another supporter generously took over until recently.
The person who uploads my posts is in a different location than me and the blog administrator never does any of the writing but they’ve given me topic suggestions when I was drying out of new material. And even uploaded some of their own photos to accompany posts.
That’s the other thing. The last person taking care of uploading my blog posts says photos are a pain in the ass. I email the photos that they download to their computer, then they have to upload to the blog and put in the right place in the post so I haven’t been adding photos to any posts in a long time because its time consuming and I don’t want to abuse my helpers any more than I have to!
Everybody gets busy and I understand when they can’t help me out any more with blog publishing and my current person is also busy and can’t check the blog daily for comments. And Anna Banana is busy too helping out at the shop for vacation coverage. So like your favorite TV show for much of this summer I will be bringing you reruns.
I appreciate the enthusiasm but a week or so ago there were about 30 comments left in a one day period which freaked out my new administrator and unfortunately I can’t keep up with responding to that kind of volume.
So there you have it. My past and current blog administrators have a life. I want to say thank you to my helpers who believe in getting my message out there who have supported me and continue to do so. I am truly blessed to have others generously volunteer their time to publish my posts and comments.
Thanks to all my patient readers for enduring reruns this summer.


  1. Anna, been awhile since I wrote. Thanks gal. I still read your posts regularly. I just didn't really have anything to say. I've gotten past the relationship and have been told by my friends that the ex has contacted them. I can only assume she's run her family dry and is looking for greener pastures. I truly appreciate the message you are sending.


    1. Evan - I hope everything is moving forward for you now that you don't have to put up with 24/7 Amway because that is what it's like when someone gets involved in this cult. Nothing else is I,portent to them except Amway. Yes ambots must contact everyone they've ever met to prospect them into Scamway. It' gets more embarrassing the longer you stay with someone in this cult.


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